The 3 Best Jeep Wrangler Bumpers For 2007-2017 JK Unlimited Rubicon Sahara Sport

The 3 Best Jeep Wrangler Bumpers For 2007-2017 JK Unlimited Rubicon Sahara Sport

I’m Ryan from, and today
we’re gonna be going through my top picks for an upgraded front bumper on your 2007
and up JK. We’re gonna be doing a couple different videos
like this with different categories of parts for your Wrangler, so make sure you subscribe
to check those out as well. Today, we’re gonna be talking about a full-width,
mid-width, and stubby option for the front bumper on your Jeep. For the full-width, I really like the ARB
Front Bumper with the Bullbar. My favorite mid-width bumper is gonna be the
Barricade Trail Force HD Front Bumper. And for a stubby, I really like the Rugged
Ridge Modular Front Bumper with those stubby ends. Now, there are a couple of different reasons
to wanna upgrade that front bumper on your JK. One is just for the looks, because an aftermarket
front bumper will make your Jeep look a lot more rugged and more like an off-road Jeep. Of course, those bumpers can offer a lot more
features than your factory bumper. An aftermarket bumper will often have recovery
points for D-rings. It’ll have winch mounts, additional light
mounts, maybe a bumper hoop to provide some additional protection. And, of course, an aftermarket bumper you
can get in those different widths for varying amounts of protection. That factory front bumper is going to be just
plastic, and if you plan on going off-road and getting into a situation where you might
bang up that bumper, an aftermarket steel bumper is going to hold up a lot better than
that plastic would. In the full-width front bumper category, I
really like the ARB Front Bumper with Bullbar that we have here. Now, this bumper is going to be one of the
best-built bumpers on the market. It has a ton of features, pretty much anything
that you would want on a front bumper. However, it is also going to be one of the
most expensive front bumpers that you can get for your JK. So if you’re looking for a front bumper that
has all the bells and whistles and you have the budget for it, I would definitely recommend
taking a look at this one here. As far as features go, this is one of the
only aftermarket front bumpers that I know of that will keep the airbag compatibility
on your JK. You actually cut out the factory crush cans
from that factory front bumper and reuse them with this bumper, so all of the crash testing
that happened with your JK before you purchased it, all that is going to stay 100% intact
with this bumper. Now, that’s not to say, with an aftermarket
front bumper that bolts directly onto your frame, that your airbag is going to be useless. In fact, that’s not the case at all. However, with this bumper, this was designed
specifically so that you can use those factory crush cans, and the bumper will remain compatible
with those airbags. Some of the other features that this bumper
has, even though this is a full-width front bumper, it was designed specifically to allow
you to run a 37-inch set of tires without having any clearance issues on the front bumper. This does have the recovery points that we
talked about before. Of course, this is the version with the bullbar
that has a couple of light mount tabs up top. In the center, you can see that this does
have a winch mount built right into it. And something that makes the ARB bumper a
little bit different from some of the others is that it almost gives you a sunken winch
style. As you can see, the fairlead mount is very
low in the bumper. The winch mount itself is set down very low,
so it gives a very clean and sleek look that I like a lot. This will also accept your factory fog lights,
of course, and it also has a call to turn signal in the wings of the bumper, which,
again, is just something that makes this a little bit unique. That’s not something you see on a lot of the
other bumpers out there. So you are gonna get a ton of features as
well as a very high build quality and a really, really high quality of finish, but you are
going to have to pay a little bit more for this bumper than some of the other full-widths
out there. One of my favorite choices for a mid-width
bumper is the Barricade Trail Force HD Front Bumper. This bumper here does come with a spot for
your factory fog lights, but this is also available with LED light built right into
it if you’re interested in that option. The reason I like this bumper so much is it’s
still packed full of features. It’s a mid-width bumper, so it’s gonna be
a little bit shorter than that full-width, giving you a little bit more of an aggressive
style, and this is very affordably priced for a bumper that has this many features and
is as well-built as this one is. Barricade uses a slightly lower-gauge material,
so that this bumper is going to be a little bit lighter weight than some of the other
front bumpers of a similar size. And that’s gonna be a benefit for those of
you that are worried about front-end sag when you go to a steel bumper like this, especially
if you’re gonna be running a winch. Speaking of a winch, this bumper does have
a built-in winch plate, so you can bolt up to a 12,000-pound winch directly onto this
bumper without the need to purchase any additional hardware. And, of course, you have your fairlead mount
built right in as well. This bumper also has a couple of D-ring mounts
that bolt directly through the bumper into your frame horns, giving you a really strong
connection. And it comes with a couple of D-rings as well,
which not a big deal if you have to purchase them yourself, but it is nice that they come
in the box, so you don’t have to buy anything additional. Now, even if you are running a winch, I really
like the idea of having a D-ring mount. It’ll allow you to do snatch strap recoveries
in the event that a winch isn’t the best recovery option for you. Or if you are using your winch, you can always
go to a snatch block at a tree and back to your bumper, essentially doubling the pulling
power of your winch. It just gives you a lot more options. Of course, up top here, you do have a bullbar
that’s built right into the bumper with a couple of light mount tabs welded on top of
it to give you some space for auxiliary lighting if you choose to go that direction. And, as I said before, this does accept your
factory fog lights, which is a feature I always look for. You already have those factory fog light housings,
the Jeep’s wired for it, you have the switch. Why not be able to use them? And this bumper allows you to do that. In the stubby bumper category, my top pick
is this Rugged Ridge XHD Modular Front Bumper Kit with Stubby Ends and the Striker Bar. Now, I really like a modular bumper like this
one, because you can always change it around if you choose to. If you’re running the stubby ends right now
and you decide you want a wider bumper for more protection or just for the look, you
can always swap out the ends. If you get tired of the striker bar, you can
go with a more traditional, smaller bumper hoop. But either way, you’re still going to end
up with a bumper that’s really well-built and has a lot of features in it. This bumper, set up as it is, of course, is
a stubby bumper, so even if you’re running a 37-inch tire, you’re not gonna have to worry
about any tire clearance issues between those front tires and your front bumper. You, of course, have a couple of D-ring mounts
here that are going to be bolted directly onto the bumper, through the bumper, and into
the frame rails, again, giving you that really strong and solid connection. You have a winch mount that’s built into this
bumper. The bumper’s also available without the winch,
but this one has the winch mount, which, of course, is a great feature to have when you’re
off-road. A self-recovery winch is going to allow you
to rescue yourself or your buddies from the sticky situations you find yourselves on when
we’re out wheeling. And this has the striker bar up front. Now, generally, I’m not a big fan of a stinger
bumper or a big stinger sticking off the front of the Jeep, and this does have a little bit
of that feel to it. But because it is their striker bar, it connects
to the Jeep in a couple of different locations. It looks a little bit cleaner. It’s a little bit smaller. Up here, you have a hoop that you can hook
your winch line to when it’s not in use. Now, this bar up here does not have any auxiliary
lighting mounts on it, which is something that might be a nice feature to have, but
this bumper does accept your factory fog lights, and as we’ve said before, that’s always a
feature I look for. You already have everything set up for them. Why not be able to use them? So all in all, this is going to be a very
well-rounded bumper. Has a lot of features, has the ability to
change the bumper and have it grow with your build as you’re build grows. However, for all those features and for that
flexibility of being able to change it down the line, you are gonna pay a couple more
dollars. So those are my picks for a full-width, mid-width,
and stubby bumper for your 2007 and up JK. For a full-width, I really like that ARB Front
Bumper with the Bullbar. The mid-width, one of my favorites is the
Barricade Trail Force HD Front Bumper. And for a stubby, I really, really like that
Rugged Ridge Modular Front Bumper with the Stubby Bumper Ends. Let us know in the comments below which bumper
you’re gonna choose for your bumper and why, and, of course, if you have any questions,
make sure you throw ’em in down there as well, so we can help you out. But, for now, I’m Ryan from Thanks for watching.

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  1. I have the ARB full width bumper. This is a very high quality, well engineered bumper that I am very pleased with. The winch mount is the strongest I've seen and is fully welded/integrated into the bumper. The whole unit attaches to the frame with 10 fasteners. I chose the full width design for better integration with the stock fender flares and improved aerodynamics on road trips.

  2. 1st. ARB Front Bumper W/Bull Bar $953.80

    2nd. Barricade Trail Force HD Front Bumper $299.99

    3rd. Rugged Ridge XHD Front Bumper Kit w/ Striker Bar & Stubby Bumper Ends $816.99

  3. Hello, (sorry for my bad english ) is it possible for me to avoid to change the shoks if I change the original bumper with a metalic bumper (just for the esthetic ) including single bull bar ? thanks in a shop : they told me i have to change the shoks because of the weight of the bumper …)

  4. Will be selecting the ARB Modular front bumper. Have looked extensively for a front replace bumper. An also looking at the Ranch Hand BTJ071BLR Sport Series Front Bumper for Wrangler JK

  5. I readily enjoy your videos they're very informative, it'll be very hateful if you mention prices or am idea on price ranges on the products also a link to them in the notes. Thanks keep 'em coming.

  6. Rugged Ridge Modular with bull bar and winch… although I wouldn’t mind a 10th anniversary either, although seems like putting a winch in those is a pain. AEV rear.

  7. I have to have a front license plate in my state So with the winch installed where do I attach license plate ?

  8. I call em yuppie bumpers nothin wrong with good old factory bumpers, they’re very strong n I’ve never had ne problems used em for years

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