The 4 Best Jeep Wrangler Cat-Back Exhausts For 2007-2018 JK 4 Door

The 4 Best Jeep Wrangler Cat-Back Exhausts For 2007-2018 JK 4 Door

I’m Ryan from and in this
video, I’m gonna tell you all about my picks for a cat-back exhaust system fitting your
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products that we’re gonna talk about today. So a cat-back exhaust system is going to be
for those of you that are looking to get more exhaust volume, as well as a lower exhaust
note out of your Jeep. Now, you can always go with an axle-back system,
but if you need to replace more of your system because it’s rotted, rusted, dented, or whatever
the case may be, or, in the case of some of these systems, they’re going to eliminate
your factory-style muffler, and replace it with a bullet-style muffler further up the
exhaust system, then of course, you’re gonna have to go with a full cat-back. So, if you’re looking up the difference between
axle-back and cat-back, axle-back is going to pretty much leave the system as a factory
system, just changing out the muffler, still giving you a little bit more attitude if you
go with a dual exist or black system. It’s definitely giving you a little bit more
volume and a lower exhaust note, but if you’re looking for even more, then you’re gonna wanna
go with a cat-back system. The systems we’re going to talk about today
for the most part are going to fit on the 2007 all the way up to the latest model year
JK, so they are going to span the 3.6 liter and the 3.8 liter engine. Some of them are going to be engine-specific,
so depending on the system that you choose, make sure you pick the right one for your
Jeep. In that same vain, most, if not all of these
systems are going to work with both a two-door and a four-door JK. Some of them will have an extension pipe that
you’ll use on a four-door and not use on a two-door. Others will require you to do a little bit
of cutting if you’re installing the system on a two-door versus a four-door, but, for
the most part, all of these systems will work on both Jeeps, just a little bit of a different
install. Speaking of the install, most of these are
going to be more or less a completely bolt-on system. I just said you might have to do a little
bit of cutting if you’re installing this on a two-door, but if your system doesn’t require
cutting, there’s going to be no other serious modification to the Jeep. You’re not cutting anything up, you’re not
welding anything on. These are going to be bolt-on systems, again,
with that one little asterisk of possibly a little trimming if you’re installing a system
on your two-door, but the product page will be very clear on exactly what’s necessary
to get your installation done. Now, are you gonna say that if we’re talking
about muscle cars, if we’re talking about trucks, even some times an exhaust system
would be more of a performance part. You would be opening up the exhaust, letting
the engine breathe a little bit easier, which will give you a little bit more power, and
the same can be said for a cat-back system on a Jeep. However, any power gains that you’re going
to see are most likely at the top of art hammering where we don’t spend a lot of time in our
Jeeps. Of course, these things aren’t sports cars
so I wouldn’t expect to get a huge gain in power. Maybe a little bit of a gain in MPG, but not
a huge gain in power that you’re really gonna feel when you’re driving down the road by
installing a cat-back exhaust system like the ones we’re gonna talk about today. What you are going to gain is a different
look to your Jeep, you’re going to gain some additional clearance if you are running one
of those high-clearance, rock-crawler style systems that we’re gonna talk about, and of
course, you’re going to get that lower exhaust note and that louder exhaust as well. So, the four systems that I wanna talk about
today are the Magnaflow Performance Series dual-exit cat-back system. That’s going to be a very high-quality system
that is very much a factory-like system for your JK. It’s going to include all of the same components
that the factory system includes, just higher quality, and of course, giving you a little
bit more volume. Then we’re gonna talk about the Flowmaster
American Thunder series that’s going to be a little bit less piping. It’s going to eliminate that factory muffler
location for those of you that need a little bit more clearance off-road, but is still
going to dump after that rear axle. Then we’re going to talk about the Pypes High
Clearance exhaust system that’s going to dump in the same location right after the rear
axle, again, still eliminating that factory muffler location for those of you that are
doing some off-roading, and that system is going to be a little less expensive than the
others, but is still made of a very high-quality material, so I think it’s definitely worth
speaking about. And the last system we’re gonna talk about
is the Magnaflow Off-road Pro series cat-back system. That’s going to be the shortest system that
we’re gonna talk about today that actually dumps in front of the rear axle. It’s going to be the most simplistic, the
shortest system, the least amount of piping to get bend up on the trail, and, because
it is so short, it’s also going to give you one of the more aggressive sounds of all four
of the systems we’re going to talk about. So, let’s get into them. The first system I wanna talk about is this
Magnaflow Performance Series dual-exist cat-back exhaust system. This is going to be the most expensive system
that we’re going to talk about today and the reason for that is one, it’ high-quality material,
two, it’s high-build quality, but three, this is the system that is most similar to a factory
system at least on a 2012 and up JK, and the fact that it has both a resonator and a muffler
in the factory location, so when you add all of those things together, this is going to
be a pricier system than the other ones that we’re going to talk about. Their’s is gonna be a little bit more strip-down
and a few less pieces included. But, if you are somebody who doesn’t have
the need for a really high-clearance system, maybe you do a little bit of off-roading,
but you’re not doing anything real serious on the rocks, maybe your Jeep stays on the
street, so you’re okay having this additional piping, having still the resonator and the
muffler in place, but you want something that is going to be very high-quality 409 stainless
material. So, yeah, you’ll get a little bit of surface
rust on it, but it’s not gonna rot out like aluminized steel. You’re also going to get more flow through
the system, a lot more exhaust volume, also a lower exhaust note that we were talking
about before. This system is the polished version of the
system. It’s also available in black, but as you can
see here, it is the dual-exit system, so you’re going to have two tips out the back, definitely
giving your Jeep a little bit more attitude than it had with that factory set up. This is one of those systems that will fit
on the four-door and the two-door. This is the extension pipe. You just don’t use this piece when you’re
installing this system on a two-door. Of course, if you’re going for the four-door
to give you the additional length that you need so no cutting necessary with this system. Overall, you know for Magnaflow, you’re getting
something that is very high-quality from a build quality perspective, and you can really
tell that when you take this out of the box, and you look at the welds, and how well-manufactured
this whole system is as you combine that with the fact that it’s a high-quality 409 stainless,
and that it is going to give you a very rich and well-rounded sound. I think this is definitely a win if you want
a factory style system that’s just going to be a little deeper and a little bit louder
and also very high-quality. The next system is the Flowmaster American
Thunder system and this is going to be different from the Magnaflow we just talked about in
pretty much every way. So, this is not going to include a factory
muffler in the factory location. If you have a newer JK that has a resonator,
this is not going to include a resonator that goes in the factory location either. What this system is going to include is the
piping to get you from your catalytic converter through this bullet-style muffler that sits
pretty much where that factory resonator would have sat, and then over the axle and out to
the rear of the Jeep. So, this is still going to be a rear exit
behind the rear axle, but you’re eliminating a lot of the other stuff that’s in the way
that can usually get banged up on the trail. Again, not having a big, bulky muffler right
by the rear bumper is definitely going to be a good thing if you’re crawling on the
rocks. Because, the system is using a smaller bullet-style
muffler, and again, eliminating the resonator. If your Jeep had one from the factory, this
is definitely going to be a louder sound than you would get from that Magnaflow and a little
bit less refined as well. I’m not talking about drone, I’m not talking
about anything crazy loud, but it is going to have some more volume than the other system
that we talked about. Now, again, you’re getting something from
Flowmaster, which is a really well-known name. They build a very high-quality product. This is also going to be 409 stainless, so
again, maybe a little bit of surface rust on this, a little bit of surface oxidation,
but you’re not going to end up with a complete rot through like you would with some of the
much less expensive aluminized steel systems. This is going to be a little bit less expensive
than the Magnaflow that we talked about, again, that had a lot more components, a lot more
expensive. This one is going to still be a little on
the pricier side because you’re paying for the quality of the materials and also the
build quality, but I do think you’re getting a lot for your money. The next system is the Pypes high-clearance
exhaust system and this is going to be pretty similar to the American Thunder that we just
talked about with a few differences. So, this is going to be the same in the fact
that it eliminates that factory muffler, it eliminates the factor resonator if you have
one and it replaces that whole muffling system with a bullet-style muffler that resides where
that factory resonator would right up next to the frame opening up that area in the back
of the Jeep, so you don’t have that big can to crush. This is still going to exit over the axle
at the rear of the vehicle, but that’s where one of the differences are. This doesn’t have a fancy polished tip on
it like the Flowmaster does. This is going to just be the regular 2.5-inch
tubing bent down at the end with a bologne cut on it. Now, that tubing on this system is a 304 stainless,
which is the higher grade stainless that you’re going to find in exhaust systems for your
vehicle. So, this is going to even more resistant to
any sort of surface rust especially if you live where we do up here in the rust belt. A system like this is not going to rot away
on you. It’s going to have the most resistance against
any source of oxidation or corrosion. So, if that’s what you’re looking for, this
is going to be an excellent system for you. This one just like that Flowmaster American
Thunder is going to require a little bit of cutting if you’re installing this on a two-door,
but pretty standard, pretty straightforward, not a big deal for most of you guys to do
on your own. And of course, the muffler itself is going
to be a flow-through design. It’s going to be a little bit more raspy,
a little bit louder than that Flowmaster that we had just talked about, maybe a little bit
less refined. Overall, I think this is a very well-built
system. It’s a very simple system, but it’s very high-quality
materials. The build quality is there. In fact, there’s really not much here that
you can mess up from the build quality perspective. You have a couple of welds on the actual pipe
for the hangers itself, and then of course, in the muffler, but there isn’t a lot that
you can really mess up with this system that’s as simple as this one is, and you’re getting
very high-quality materials all for about $200 less than that Flowmaster system that
we had just talked about. So, if you’re okay not having a polished tip,
I think this is going to be an excellent choice for those of you that are on a little bit
of a budget, but still want a very high-quality build material in your exhaust system. This system is the Magnaflow Off-road Pro
cat-back exhaust system, and this is the shortest system that we’re going to talk about today,
and thereby, is going to be one of the loudest systems that we’re going to talk about. Where the last two systems did eliminate that
factory muffler, replacing that factory resonator location with a bullet-style muffler, which
this system does as well, those systems still dump after the axle at the back of the Jeep. This system is going to dump in front of the
axle, so you have less pipe. Less piping is going to have less of an opportunity
to mellow out that sound, so you’re definitely going to get a louder, more raspy, more raw
sound out of this system. Now, the benefit to this system is that you
have even less pipe underneath the Jeep to bang and bend up when you’re off-road. So, if you’re doing some really serious wheeling,
and you really wanna have the least amount of piping to get damage, this is going to
be the way to do that. So, the most sound, the lower, raspiest, most
raw exhaust note through the least amount of piping that you can bend, and still having
a very high-quality well-built system from a company like Magnaflow. This is still stainless steel. We’re not stepping back into aluminized. You are getting a lot of this system. Now, because this is Magnaflow, because you’re
getting high-quality of build, high-quality of materials, this is going to be more expensive
than the pipe system that we talked about even though it is less material, and a slightly
lower grade stainless. So, it really comes down to what you’re looking
for. What’s most important to you? Is it sound? Is it quality? Is it how short the system is and how much
that leads you to damage on the trail? For my money, if I do a lot of wheeling, if
I really want the most aggressive, loud, lowest raspy exhaust note that I can find, this is
going to be an excellent option. So, those are my picks for cat-back exhaust
systems fitting your ’07 and up JK. Today, we talked about the Magnaflow Performance
Series dual-exit cat-back system, the Flowmaster American Thunder system, the Pypes high-clearance
system, and, finally, another Magnaflow system, the Off-Road Pro system by Magnaflow. Again, these are just my picks for four systems. There are a lot of exhaust systems out there
for your JK. So make sure you comment below. Let me know what you think about my picks,
which system you’re running on your Jeep and how you like it, or which one you wanna install
on your Jeep because we all have those parts that we’re looking forward to getting for
our Wranglers. Also make sure you subscribe to our YouTube
channel, that way, you’re gonna be able to check out more comparison systems like this
and you’ll also be able to find the full review videos for all the parts we talked about today.

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