The 5 MYTHS About Wheel Spacers

The 5 MYTHS About Wheel Spacers

– Oh hey, didn’t see you there, Fuller again with Custom Offsets, Custom Offsets TV on the YouTube. These are the five myths about spacers. So the first myth about spacers, is people say they’re gonna help fitment, and some people say
they’re gonna hurt fitment. Well, both people are right,
depending on your situation. So if you have a Toyota with a really high positive offset, you put a larger tire on there, now it’s rubbing on your control arm, you do need a spacer,
that’s going to help push that wheel outta there
and then it won’t rub. Now you’ve got a Chevy
with square wheel wells, put a two inch spacer on your 12 wide, and now your tire’s gonna
smash in to your fender on the outside. So depending on your application, a spacer could help or hurt your fitment. So myth number two is
that eBay is just fine. Well, let me show you,
this is an eBay spacer, that is not hub centric, and all the lug studs got sheared off. This is a bore spacer, it is hub centric, and it’s made of T-60-61 aluminum, so it’s really high quality and your wheels won’t fall off. The third myth about spacers is that you can just slap
these bad boys on and run, well, that’s not always the case, because in some situations, if your stud is longer than the
spacer you’re putting on, you won’t be able to get that
wheel to seat flush in there. Now, in a lot of cases
that means you’re gonna have to trim the studs on your stock vehicles,
so you can get this on, bury the first nut in here,
and then bolt your wheel up. So if you want to know what size spacer you can get away with, without doing any trimming, all you have to do is measure. So if you measure your studs
and they’re an inch and a half, just order inch and 3/4 spacer, and then you don’t have
to do any trimming. The myth number four is that math is hard, and what do I mean by that, is people write in and they ask, if my front tires stick
out two inches further than my back tires, what
size spacer do I need? The answer’s really simple,
it’s only two inches. Now to find out how far
that is sticking out, you need to just take a straight edge, go to your fender and then measure out to where the edge of your wheel is. If it sticks out two inches
further than the back, like I said, just put yourself
a two inch spacer in the rear and then you’re all flushed up. So myth number five is
that you’re going to die, which I guess is true,
eventually you will, but it won’t be from spacers
if you do it the right way. So again, it’s all about the quality. We only sell bora spacers for a reason. The eBay spacers are not
going to work for you. The other thing is, you have
to install them properly, which means on a 1500, you’re
gonna torque the spacer to the hub at 120 foot pounds, and then the wheel to
the spacer at 105 to 110, then come back and re-torque
that at about 500 miles, to 120 foot pounds. On the 2500s, you’re
gonna torque that spacer to the hub at 140 foot pounds, the wheel to the spacer at 120, and re-torque again at 500
miles to 140 foot pounds. I know that’s a lot of numbers, but trust me, it’s worth it,
replay it, watch it again. Stay safe, don’t let your wheels fall off. Buy quality spacers. So that about wraps up
our five things we do. Thanks very much you guys for watching. Make sure to like us, whether you’re on Facebook or YouTube, and subscribe on YouTube, we’re just about outta here, but if you wanna see something
else, let me know, peace! (heavy rock music) (beep) – Hey ready, Cobb? Are you ready Jarrod? – [Male Off-Camera] Two, one, action. – Oh hey, didn’t see you there. Today’s video is the five things, no, no, Wheel me back. (beep) You’re gonna want spacers
to put those wheels out, so it doesn’t rub like that, and we have run out of
space for this video. – Yeah.

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  1. To address a bunch of the comments, when we say "eBay Spacers" we don't mean to classify ALL spacers on eBay in the same category. There are good brands out there, but this is just common terminology for cheaply made spacers that are often found on eBay or Amazon and made overseas. Bora spacers are made in the USA!

  2. You mention the quality of the aluminium when comparing your spacer to the ‘ebay’ spacer but the aluminium wasn’t the problem the studs were, so maybe they provided lower grade studs which I doubt or what actually looked to be the case is that they were the studs on the car and someone over torqued them hoping they wouldn’t come off

  3. I’ve had eBay spacers on my 2001 Lexus IS00 for almost 4 years and I’ve had no issues at all. Just like you said make sure they put them on tight and you shouldn’t have any issues.

  4. Word of advice from someone who installs spacers on a regular basis. Use blue locktite on your lugs from the spacer to the hub. This will keep the lugs from coming loose over time.

  5. I actually have never tied down by trq per pound, I’ve always tied down stuff as much as possible or when i feel them really tight and never had any problem on all the vehicle I’ve installed stuff or simply taken off the tire..but i guess everything works with common sense

  6. Anyone have experience with setgroupusa? they have a 4 set of 6×135 hubcentric 2" spacers for my f150 for like 140….seems like a really good price especially with their discount going on i got it for 132

  7. Hub centric spacers are of no value with aftermarket wheels which don't maintain the factory bore diameter. Rendering your "Bore Spacers" exactly the same as every other "Ebay Spacer".

  8. Not sure why when highlighting "ebay" spacers, everyone uses non hubcentric examples. Ok, yeah, you can buy those on ebay, but you can also buy much less expensive hubcentric wheel spacers on ebay that share the same exact specs as the more expensive ones. How about comparing apples to apples in these examples? The fact that you're not really makes me question your intentions.

  9. Would doubling up 25mm to make them 50mm be safe enough…..?
    I got 25mm and don't want to buy 50mm because then what am i going to do with my 25mm lol

  10. Spacers of any thickness have been outlawed in Ontario Canada. It only takes a couple of accidents for this to happen.

  11. Idk how wheel spacers should be torqued to higher than wheel specs which is only about 83 ft lbs. Is it torque to wheel specs or these outrageous 120-140 ft lbs?

  12. I have a 5th wheel toy hauler about 9000 lbs empty 12000 loaded. I've heard putting spacers on my truck is a bad idea with that kind of weight.. what do ya think?

  13. There is so much wrong with this video! Never use wheel spacers in the first place and never "trim" your studs. This is why dumb kids should not be driving trucks or even worse pretending they are some kind of off road vehicle.

  14. gonna buy 3inch spacer and loctite that crap on so i dont have to re tight it every 500 miles. 1 inch and 2 inch spacer is O.K. Now do a video if 3 inch is safe or not. Inches matters.

  15. Just took off 15mm spacers off the front of my G37. You wouldn't think a little over a inch total would make a difference but it does. The steering became noticeably heavier and the car didn't handle as well.

  16. Maybe explain to folks what "hub centric" means. Yes, I already know, but others may not, and buy the wrong spacers.

  17. In Pennsylvania it is illegal to use spacers on any vehicle that is on the road. Your vehicle will fail a Pa state inspection.

  18. Hi mate quick question she spacer will be nice for a jeep liberty kj 2002? I am just looking for something to bring out the wheels a little

  19. eBay has good quality. I appreciate your concern but don't knock spacers that clearly work just to upsell us on spacers you profit from

  20. man no offsense, but you need some diction exercises, its a bit hard to understand your english

  21. Custom Offsets, Ebay, Amazon, your favorite app or whatever….
    Just make sure is a hubcentric spacer that fits or matches your hub and wheel specifications…if not, don't buy it !

  22. Y'all could make a killing selling 15mm to 19mm thick, 5 x100 to 5×114.3 conversion spacers in 56.1mm bore for all of us subaru guys tired of running old wheel styles and wanting to run 07 or newer STI wheels, or 2011 and newer WRX wheels on our 5×100 hubs.

  23. I have a 2004 super duty that I tow a travel trailer a lot with. I just wanted to know that it'll be just as safe pulling with the spacers as it is without.

  24. What would I torque the spacer on a 97 Ford F-350 to cause I been thinking of putting some on but I want to make sure I do it right ?

  25. when adding 1.5inch spacers….is a 4 wheel alignment required or needed? vehicle was recently aligned before the spacers were added

  26. I am just trying to find spacers that allow bigger tires on dually wheels. What should I be searching for specifically different than these kinds of spacers?

  27. Lifting your truck and putting big wheels on your truck is a blatant sign of insecurity.
    Just be yourself guys!

  28. #1. Cutting studs with a grinder is a bad idea you should never advise people to do as the heat changes the structure and strength of the steel

    #2 your “straight” edge skills were horrific.

    #3 your steps in re torquing is incorrect and misleading at 500miles you should pull your wheels off an re torque the spacer studs then torque the wheels back on and again re torque the wheels in 500 miles.

  29. Hey man I got a 85 bronco with five lug ttb an wanna change my rig to a six lug what's best idea to also be able to keep the ttb

  30. I want to run spacers on the rear wheels on my srt 4 because I got big nitto’s on the front because I have 600hp getting put down, now it looks janky because the front is wider than the back, anything wrong with just getting spacers and slapping them on the back?

    Need a little help because I’m putting flares on soon and want everything flush but a wider stance

  31. Just replaced hubs on a Jeep that had spacers before I got it. Had to force every hubs bolt through, with great difficulty and none of them had threads left . The torque/moment changes substantial withe the distance.
    Now I'm about to add 1" spacers. Cause they're awesome

  32. the best thing to do is buy wheels and tire that will fit your vehicle. & if you want to change the offset you can order wheels with different back spacing.

  33. I have a 2008 Chevy trailblazer with a 6×5 bolt pattern. Can't find Bora offering a spacer adapter. Really looking for a 2 inch spacer with a 6×5.5 bolt pattern. Does this exist, and where?

  34. Hello. great Video as usual. I have a 2018 GMC 2500 and have 18" x 8" Stock Chrome 6 Spoke All Terrain Edition Rims. I installed a SuspensionMAXX Max Cam 7 1"-3" Adjustable leveling kit (came with front diff spacers, longer shock studs and shock spacers as well) and a set of Kryptonite UCA's..

    Well I put a set of 290/70 R18 Nitto Ridge Graplers on them. At full lock I rub the back part (right by the upper ball joint) of the UCA's. So I'm thinking that I could install some 1/4" – 5/16" Spacers and be able to full lock and not rub the tire on the UCA's. Would that be a safe way to go?


  35. I’ve been having problems with my hubcentric amazon spacers 🙁 my car continues to vibrate after 60 MPH and the spacers seem to be good quality, hubcentric spacers that fit my car perfectly. I have hub rings on my wheels as well but the vibration continues. What can I do to fix this problem? Could it be that the specific spacers I have are crap or all spacers cause vibration regardless? Help

  36. instructions that came with my Bora spacers said to use factory wheel torque….on a 2018 Silverado that number read in the manual 140ft lbs

  37. So, do I retorq wheel spacer every 500 miles or is that after the first 500 miles after installing them the first time?

  38. Nice try to brainwash people into thinking ALL spacers on ebay are junk. I seen some nice stainless steel ones that are waay stronger than aluminum.

  39. At the race track only run slide on spacers with extended wheel studs. Unless you're going to take all your wheels off after every session and check the torque on your spacers. Otherwise myth #5 might not be a myth.

  40. You’re not kidding man, cheap spacers are not your friend!!!!!!!!! I had a wheel fall off getting off the freeway. 3 of 5 lug bolts sheered off completely and the other 2 the threads were just rubbed smooth…scary shit, DON’T BUY CHEAP CAR PARTS!!!!!

  41. So if someone has been running slavers&adapters on a set of rims if I don’t need either one of them does that affect the usage of the rim or what would be the reason that the person would of needed both?? He was running 20×10 fuel Mavericks New to the offsets

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