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Hey guys, Adam here with
and on this episode of “The Haul” we pulled in our 2014 5.3 Silverado into the shop for
a cool utility build and I personally handpicked a bunch of parts for this build related to,
you know, using your truck for work-related tasks, maybe on and off-roading so we’ve got
a lot of suspension enhancements off-road and on-road protection, lighting and bed storage,
things of that nature. Now, before we get into the build, make sure
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news and product reviews. Now without further ado we’re gonna start
up here on the front with the bull bar, so let’s get to it. All right, guys, so we got the Black Horse
Off Road 3-inch Beacon LED Bull Bar attached to our front end here, everything is secured
in place. In order to get the tow hooks out the front
grill, the radiator shroud, and the front bumper all had to come off in order to remove
those tow hooks and then it all goes back on and then the brackets for the bull bar
go on to the tow hook positions. It’s really not that hard of a job at all,
anybody can do it at home. And if you’re running a truck that you use
for your work site a bull bar is a great choice for protection not to mention it’s just a
really aggressive look. This particular one from Black Horse is one
of the thicker more durable options, it’s a 3-inch fully welded steel so it is a little
bit more suitable for those work-related tasks to kind of protect that lower front end from
brush, trail hazards, rocks, cinder blocks, whatever you might be tackling. Now, what makes this one really cool is that
it does come with a bottom skid play which adds so much more protection that’s kind of
the big selling point to this bull bar option from Black Horse. And then the other selling point here is gonna
be that integrated light bar. Now, a lot of guys pick up a bull bar for
on and off-road and really want that additional lighting output, this one you don’t have to
pick up something separate. There’s no drilling required, you don’t have
to make your own modifications. The bull bar already comes with a 3-inch Beacon
LED here. It’s a really, really bright option that comes
with some switch. So you actually just wire it into your battery,
run it through your firewall, and you can switch this up to your cabin and just flip
it on from the driver’s side position. Now, if you find yourself wanting a lot more
protection for extreme off-roading you’d probably want to go with a full brush guard. This doesn’t protect the top upper portion
or the headlights, it’s really just good for those smaller work-related tasks. Now that we’ve tackled the bull bar at the
front end let’s spin the truck around and we’ve got some suspension to do. So now that we’ve got the truck turned around
we put it up in the air to show you exactly what we’re throwing on for the suspension
for the utility build. This is the Timbren Suspension Enhancement
System. Now, obviously, this is just one. We’ve got two, one for each side. But this is essentially gonna replace your
factory jounce stops which you can see up here. And as you can see it is a pretty significant
difference in not only materials and durability but also just size all around. Now what this is gonna do is essentially cushion
a lot of the sagging that your truck will have when you throw on added weight into the
bed which is really gonna come in handy when we throw on the bed rack we have later on. Now, with that bed rack you’ll be throwing
on all kinds of lumber, maybe an ATV or a motorcycle, a kayak, whatever you’re doing
with the family, or for work. This is not only gonna prevent the sagging
but it’s also gonna prevent unwanted oscillation from your bed. It’s gonna give you a better suspension feel
and handling giving you a lot better ride comfort. And now, the really good thing about this
as you can see from the jounce stop is when weight is not applied to the bed it’s essentially
just gonna feel like a stock ride, nothing is gonna change, it’s only until there’s enough
weight on the bed to have this come in contact with the axle that you’re really gonna feel
the difference. So what we’re gonna do to demonstrate this
is we’re gonna put this truck on the ground and we have a bunch of 33-inch and 35-inch
tires, we’re gonna throw in the bed. So that should be a pretty significant amount
of weight to show how much sagging you’d get without the Timbren System and then we’re
gonna install this, throw it back on the ground and throw the same amount of weight back in
the bed and see the difference. So we got the truck back on the ground and
as you can see we added a ton of weight into the bed of our ’14 Silverado. Now, I know a lot of you guys might not be
hauling around 10 individual 33-inch tires, which all of these weight combined is about
a thousand pounds, maybe just a little over a thousand pounds of weight in the bed. Now, we’re still working with the factory
setup right now, the stock jounce stops are still in place above the rear axles. And as you can see from our cameras here this
thousand-pound added weight to the truck is not an off-weight to have the factory jounce
stops contact the axle and support that weight. So right now it’s kind of just free weight
sitting on the rear end making your truck sag down which you’ll see in the driver seat
when you’re driving along. It definitely feels like it’s not supported. So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna throw
this exact weight setup back up in the air, uninstall the factory jounce stops, throw
the Timbren suspension system in their place and we’ll show you that it is gonna support
this thousand pounds of weight whereas the factory setup would not. We got our 2014 Silverado back on the ground. Timbren System installed for the suspension
enhancement qualities, thousand pounds of weight still back here, about a thousand pounds
with our 33-inch tires, and this is really gonna be the difference between your rear
end sagging down too much and keeping your truck leveled out and really supported with
that added cargo. Now, as you saw here, the Timbren system is
a lot different in size and quality of materials as opposed to the factory jounce stops. There’s a really a couple of inches difference
as far as height goes and that’s the difference between having this weight supported and the
factory setup just not cutting it. Now, since that’s on there, it does support
up to 8,600 pounds of added weight which I know we don’t have back here but with our
next mod which is the Leitner Cargo Rack if you’re gonna add that much storage space you’re
gonna have the opportunities to load up to about 8,600 pounds of cargo. You can throw a motorcycle back there with
some added things above the rack which we’re gonna show you later on minus the motorcycle. So while we have this truck back here with
the rear end facing us let’s get this tires off here and get started on that bed rack. Now, guys, we talked about the suspension
and added weight and when it comes to added weight you’re gonna have a lot of storage
opportunity with some of the new mods out there for Silverados. The Leitner Designs active bed cargo rack
system is a great way to add some extreme functionality and practicality to your truck. If you find yourself using this truck to its
fullest potential or you’re hauling around a lot of cargo moving stuff from the work
site or the campsite you’re probably running out of room in hauling around things that
are just a little too big for a basic 5.5-foot bed. Now, this is a great way to add some more
cargo space, a lot of them at a tie-down points, you have quad slot support beams all around,
all of these is rated to just about 70-pounds of extra weight on top of your bed really
not that much in the grand scheme of things. Now, as far as how much weight this can hold
on-road you’re looking at about up to 500 pounds, off-road, 250 pounds or weight capacity,
and then a static weight of a thousand pounds, definitely a lot of opportunities for putting
stuff in your bed here that you otherwise would not be able to fit. Now, this cross beam here and the cross beam
in the back clear the top of your roof so if you were looking to fit maybe a 12-foot
ladder, 12-foot 4x4s or 2x4s you can definitely do that here with this bed rack and still
have access to your full bed. In addition to that, if you find yourself
hauling around maybe something taller like a refrigerator or an ATV or a motorcycle,
these beams right here have twist knobs on the front. You can untwist both sides all the way and
push this all the way back to your windshield and have full access to the bed for taller
items. In addition to all of this, you actually have
tied opportunities on the outside as well for additional storage bins that Leitner actually
sells separately and we have here today. There’s a couple of things we have to finish
up with this and tighten up a couple of bolts. This is some drilling into the side of the
bed here for these support beams. In my personal opinion, if you find yourself
needing a bed rack system like this and you’d use it to its fullest potential definitely
worthwhile. The whole rack here is about 1,500 bucks. It is the most expensive thing on our utility
build but, again, if it’s something that you’re looking to get for additional storage and
really want to clear up your bed space and haul around different things with a better
tie down and security point this is definitely gonna be worthwhile. So let’s finish this up, we’re gonna load
up a couple of things on top of the bed rack to kind of demonstrate what it looks like,
the functionalities of it, throw a couple of things in the bed to show you the added
space we’ve got here, and then we’ve got some attachments we want to put on the side. So let’s get to it. All right, guys, so the Leitner Designs cargo
system for the bedrock comes with a bunch of additional things that you can buy separately
to kind of utilize and maximize the space that you have here. One of the things is this lockable storage
boxes which are waterproof, rated for up 60 pounds each, we’ve got two of them so that’s
another, a 120 pounds you can add on to this bed. Now, these being waterproof and ABS plastic
they’re pretty resistant to a lot of the elements outside. That in combination with a bunch of the other
add-ons you can really use this thing to its fullest potential and get the most out of
it. Now with all these added weight and the Timbren
suspension system in place, they’re really gonna work hand and hand here. Working with that system there is gonna come
in contact with the axle and just utilize the truck making it more comfortable and capable,
really using it to its best performance. And we have a couple of things left to do
for this build not as big as this one per se but we’ve got side steps and mud flaps
and that’ll kind of wrap up this utility build, so let’s just keep things moving along. Just a couple of little things I want to touch
on before we go that we just got finished up on. One of them is the Barricade 4-inch Oval Body
Mount Side Steps. Now, as you can see they are pretty bad ass
looking so styling is definitely an aspect here but most importantly and most obviously
it’s gonna help you get in and out of your truck safely and securely at the same time. So it has that functionality to it as well
especially for work truck guys. A lot of guys hopping in and out from the
passenger side and the driver side, of course, front and rear, the slip-resistant pad is
an ABS plastic so that’s pretty durable over time it’s also got that tire tread-like patterns
so it keeps your grip on your boots when you’re hopping in and out. That’s also good for guys in the wintry weather
areas seeing a little bit of road salt, some icy conditions that’ll make sure you get in
and out safely. The black powder coated finish matches that
bedrock that we have up there with the Glock boxes so it all kind of flows together as
well. Now, the body mounts for those mount right
up to preexisting holes under the rocker panel so no drilling required it’s a really easy
kit from Barricade so I’ really recommend it for any truck owner out there, utility
or not, even if you’re using your truck as a daily driver they’re definitely a must. Now, finally, to wrap up the exterior here,
we’ve got the WeatherTech No-Drill Mud Flaps. Keyword is being “no-drill.” A lot of guys don’t want to drill into the
wheel well liners like that, so this one will just pop out your end cap screws and replace
them right into their factory locations with the WeatherTech installed. So this is good for guys hitting the off-road
trails, kicking up mud to their paint, that will protect that in a long-term and it also
keeps your sidesteps pretty clean and mud-free as well making sure they’re as slip resistant
as possible. Moving on to one more thing from WeatherTech. This is the Over The Hump WeatherTech Front
Floor Liner. This is also a black to kind of keep with
the theme here today, but also when you’re hopping in and out of your truck from that
muddy terrain you’re tracking in stuff inside here. This is gonna make sure your carpet stays
factory fresh. The good thing here is it’s got that tire
tread-like pattern also to keep that slip resistant, also keeping all the spills and
messes in their confined to the floor mats. They’ve got the tie down points or the lockdown
points here to make sure they don’t shift around in your car or your truck while you’re
driving around, so that’s really a no-brainer. Over the Hump gives it total floor coverage
to cap that one off. All right, guys, that just about wraps up
this utility build for the Chevy Silverado. Now if you’re using your truck to its fullest
potential, all of the mods on this build are gonna be super useful, very functional, very
practical. The bed rack in the back obviously helping
with hauling different kind of storage, suspension mods for the added weight, bull bar up front
for protection, sidesteps to get you in and out, and WeatherTech floor liners to help
with keeping your truck clean as well as those mud flaps. If you like this build and you want to see
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