The all-new BMW 7 Series. All you need to know.

The all-new BMW 7 Series. All you need to know.

Introducing the all-new BMW 7 Series, the flagship of BMW. It embodies everything BMW stands for and features a great deal of innovations
you’ve never seen before. You might be thinking of
some kind of special agent Hollywood movie, but this is BMW technology available today. The all-new BMW 7 series can automatically
pull in and out of your garage and a narrow parking space. All you need to do
is press this button on the Display Key. A number of sensors ensure
that your BMW 7 Series can securely pull in and out
of the parking space by automatically supervising
braking, acceleration and steering. Once settled in,
there’s no need to sit inside the car. The engine turns off automatically. Starting and killing the engine is of course
done remotely with the Display Key. This is how luxury should look like today. High quality materials,
craftsmanship, beautifully designed, you immediately feel comfortable. BMW designed it
as a place of comfort and well-being, but it will also set the pace
when it comes to innovations. Just sitting here in the driver’s seat lets you realize the car’s driving qualities
will be outstanding, both in comfort and dynamics. Very impressive is also the way to interact
with the all-new BMW 7 Series. A never-seen-before feature. You can operate the system
via simple hand gestures. So you can keep your eyes on the road.
There are four predefined gestures. And an additional fifth one for customizing.
Take a phone call, or decline it. Raise the volume, or lower it. This gesture is the customized gesture. So no more pushing buttons from now on. Alternatively,
you can use the new touch screen. You can zoom in on your map,
for example, for a better orientation. Or dial a phone number. You can even talk to the car. The intelligent voice command
recognizes everyday phrasing. “Show me the next gas station on my way.” There have never been
so many options to operate the car. The all-new BMW 7 Series comes with
the next generation head-up display, increased in size by 75%,
and with new graphics. Before I show you the next level of comfort, this is the wireless charging function. No more cables necessary. The executive lounge
is the perfect place to work and to relax. If you still have some work to do,
use the integrated table and enjoy the silence of the car. Another new and innovative feature
is BMW Touch Command. This tablet computer performs all usual tasks
you would expect from a tablet, but it is also your remote control
to a great number of comfort, entertainment
and navigation functions. And after a hard day’s work, use the tablet
to kick in the vitality program or to use the massage seats. You wish to relax?
Change the seat position, the interior lights,
or operate the air conditioning. You can operate entertainment options. And check your messages. All in all, you have
24 different functions at your command, with BMW Touch Command. By using the BMW Touch Command tablet, you can change the seating position
of the Executive Lounge. The perfect position
to enjoy another stunning novelty. The Sky Lounge underlines the luxurious
atmosphere during nighttime driving. More than 15,000 light patterns in the glass create an exceptional
interior light ambience. The light patterns
match to the six different colors of the magnificent Ambient light. The Ambient highlight
further enhances the lounge character. To complete this luxurious experience
for all of your senses, the all-new BMW 7 Series
features the Ambient Air package, with eight different fragrances
to choose from. To give you an impressive entrance and exit, the all-new BMW 7 Series is equipped with
the new Welcome Light Carpet. It elegantly illuminates the collateral areas
of the car with white-light patterns. Speaking of light… this is the next generation
of headlight technology. BMW Laserlight improves
visibility and light distribution by a considerable margin. Compared to a standard LED high beam, the beam range doubles
from 300 up to 600 meters. Improved visibility
even extends to curvy roads thanks to Curvelight, while, at the same time, the selective beam
doesn’t dazzle upcoming traffic. You know it’s a BMW 7 Series with Laserlight when you see the blue line in the headlights. The kidney grille not only underlines
the strong presence of the front, it also contributes to lower consumption
and CO2 emissions. Now, depending on the engine temperature, the additional flaps with chrome bars open
or close to improve the drag coefficient. BMW was the first one
to put carbon fiber into a production car. Just think of BMW i or BMW M. Now carbon fiber
comes to the all-new BMW 7 Series. Selected sections of the body structure
have been fitted with carbon fiber parts. As part of
the Efficient Lightweight strategy, they contribute
to an overall weight reduction of up to 130 kilograms over the predecessor. And they make the structure extremely rigid. As a result,
the effortless feeling of driving is unmatched in this segment. It goes without saying
that the all-new BMW 7 Series is equipped with the latest driver
assistance functions by BMW ConnectedDrive. For one there is the lane keeping assistant with the active side collision protection,
for improved safety. And there are also the traffic jam assistant
and the steering and lane control assistant, which automatically keeps you in your lane
for speeds up to 210 km/h. Now that’s a huge step
towards autonomous driving. A further new feature
that elevates comfort and driving dynamics to another level is Executive Drive Pro. Active chassis components
keep the car in perfect balance. In curves, the car stays nearly horizontal, and longitudinal body movement
can be minimized. This stereo camera delivers
information of the road condition to the car, so it can react
to road bumps at lower speeds. It’s needless to say
that the driver of the all-new BMW 7 series has access
to a multitude of ConnectedDrive services. Established and proven ones,
such as internet access, real-time traffic information
and the favorable concierge service. But also new ones, like gesture command
and remote-control parking. And just a few months
after the all-new BMW 7 Series’ launch, an eDrive version will set
a new benchmark for efficiency in its class. You can expect no more than
49 grams of CO2 emissions per kilometer. For more information,
especially about the packages M Sport and Design Pure Excellence, please visit

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. If you are a high level business person, how the hell will you draw time to run your business with all these distractions!?!

  2. what a car! can i afford it now? nah! not in a life time or maybe i won in a lottery😆😆😆 then therea a new bmw series😄😄😄

  3. BMW Car's Price 20 lakhs to And More Costliest and their YouTube subscribers just 9lakhs haha Lol just for fun

  4. YouTube be like…
    2015: No
    2016: Don't think so..
    2017: just no.
    2018: NOPE
    2019: Here you go…. Oh wait, you still can't buy it?

  5. Man, what a car. Can't even find a fault in it. Great styling. Best technologies and innovations. Luxury at its finest. Obviously the best out of its German and English rivals

  6. If you are not worth at least 1 million dollars, you should not buy this car, do not invest money on things that go down in value.

  7. Wow I've always been a huge fan of BMW. the technology in this car is so advanced. One day I'll own bmw

  8. Alright, I just checked out the 2020 BMW 7 series and I must say, I think this one, specifically this one in this review has some other cooler features than the 2020.
    Also the front grills are much reasonable than the 2020 7 series only the headlights on the 2020 are dope!

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  10. This guy is one slick presenter. Awaiting my 745e plug-in after two 640ds. Just wish they had updated the switchgear and dash with TFT screens ala Audi A8, then BMW would have delivered the full package on the seven.

  11. That's not all you need to know. You also need to know, you better have a big check book when that warranty expires!! You'll also be customizing a special gesture when warranty runs out. These are such beautiful cars, I only wish they were dependable.

  12. That's not all you need to know.
    Because you better have a big check book when that warranty expires! These are such beautiful cars. I only wish they were dependable.

  13. Amazing how a high-end ad like this can't write English so the grammar is correct. It's about half-way through, and so far 3 pretty obvious errors. I'd be embarrassed if I were a copywriter for BMW. I guess it could be the German to English translation. Maybe.

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