The all-new BMW X6: All you need to know.

The all-new BMW X6: All you need to know.

The BMW X6 is probably
the most eye-catching BMW on the road. On the market for six years now,
over 200,000 units have been sold, so there are many of you who like this car. Now let’s witness the next step. In the next minutes you’ll be among the first
to explore the all-new BMW X6 in detail. So let’s take a look at the design,
the performance, and compare it to the first generation. The real eye-catcher here
is the coupé-like roofline, conveying dynamics and elegance. This impact is supported by its dynamic
proportions due to its long wheelbase, a short overhang
and the dynamic engine hood. Another striking feature
is the Sicke line. The second generation of the BMW X6 introduces an entirely new interpretation
of this BMW key design element. The Sicke line
is split into two separated lines, with the second emerging
over the rear wheel arch. Below them another character line slightly rises
from the arch of the air breather. The air breather is a new feature,
which adds sportiness to the design while it improves ventilation and efficiency. All in all, the elegant lines of the new BMW X6
generate a recognizable wedge shape, and make it look highly dynamic
even in standstill. Now, let’s have a look at the front. The kidney grille and the double headlamps
form a visual unit. For the first time,
this grille comes in cerium grey color as a distinguishing mark of the optional
Design Pure Extravagance package. Compared to its predecessor,
this grille is flatter and wider. A setup that resumes
throughout the front section and gives the BMW X6
its athletic presence. The new air curtains,
just like the air breathers we just saw, are more than just a gadget for coolness. They are part
of BMW’s EfficientDynamics strategy and contribute
to a best-in-segment efficiency. The rear with the light greenhouse
above a sturdy vehicle body underscores the sound stand on the road,
characteristic of the BMW X6. The new full LED tail lights
come in the BMW typical L-shape which have increased in length. This optical very stylish looking
underbody protection, made of brushed steel, is another feature of the striking
Design Pure Extravagance package. Luxury has always been spelled with an X,
so they say. Let’s put that claim to the test. First impression: the elevated seating position
for a good traffic overview, a feature hallmark of the BMW X Series. A further hallmark: space. I am fairly tall, about 1.85 meters,
or six foot one, and as you can see, it’s very comfortable
and spacious to sit inside. Even on the back seats,
I still have enough headroom. Regardless its size,
this spacious car is really easy to handle, thanks to the multi-camera system
and Park Assistant. This is luxury of a perfect fit. And this sense of luxury resumes throughout. Exclusive materials,
like the bi-color nappa leather and a high level of craftsmanship,
evoke an exquisite feel. Numerous new storage solutions allow for
an optimal use of the interior space, making the all-new BMW X6
a sporty car with surprising functionality. BMW is the innovation leader
in vehicle connectivity and has pioneered several technologies. As a matter of course
this next generation car comes with a whole new set
of connectivity systems and services, some of which are unique in class, all of which improve
driver’s safety and convenience. For instance,
the new full color Head-Up Display. It provides a range
of significant information, such as displaying
current speed and speed limits or the navigation system
and entertainment information. So you can keep your eyes on the road. The optional BMW Driving Assistant Plus
includes a great variety of features. Another selectable function:
the traffic jam assistant. It maintains a defined following distance
to the vehicle ahead and controls speed down to a standstill. It also provides active steering, even in curves,
and keeps the driver on course up to 60 km/h. A popular feature is
the BMW Concierge Service, which has BMW call center agents
act as your personal assistants. Let’s say for instance,
you are looking for a specific destination your call center agent will offer advice, and, if necessary, send the address details
straight to your navigation system. As long as I have my key in my pocket the tailgate opens
upon touching the trunk handle without having to unlock the vehicle first. Another standard feature
is the second seat row with a 40-20-40 partition. Folded down, the 580 liter trunk transforms into an enormous
1,525 liter trunk. You are listening to the pinnacle
of the all-new BMW X6’s petrol engine range, the xDrive 50i, boosting 450 horsepower
and a massive 650 newton meters of torque, good enough for a sprint from 0 to 100 km/h
in just 4.8 seconds. Following BMW’s EfficientDynamics philosophy, all engines come with BMW’s TwinPower Turbo
technology and 8-speed automatic. At BMW
performance is not just an end in itself. While the acceleration of all models
has been improved over their predecessors, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions
have been lowered. Naturally, performance goes hand in hand
with drivers’ comfort and safety. Optional adaptive suspension settings
allow for the ideal relation between sportiness and comfort. The optional BMW Dynamic Performance Control
provides greater dynamics and optimum tracking stability,
even at high speeds. Overall, with the all-new BMW X6 you get an expressive and unique
Sports Activity Coupé design, the luxury of perfect fit
and exhilarating power and dynamics. For more information visit Hey! You’re still here watching this video?
Thank you for your endurance. That’s why you now get the chance
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  1. wich one is better the BMW x7 or the BMW x6 can you tell me because they are really cool 😄😃😄😎🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😁😁😁😁👍👌👍👌👌👍

  2. This model impresses me big time. You need to stand next to one and feel how impressive of a machine this one is.
    Nice inside, man, let me tell you you can sense power, confort and generate visual contact with the outside.
    When you drive it, u either feel the easiness of it potent engine or simply acelérate to punch the road like no other or if you like, like a sport car.
    Once in the garage, well, you just want to keep eye contact from time to time. Already at work, you just think when the next encounter is going to be.👀💫

  3. I saw one of these in real life once and started laughing because it looks like a normal car but just fucking absolute unit

  4. This vedio is about this BLACK BMW not the BLACK MAN although he is giving a superb description of the car.. I said that because some people feal so threaten and inferior that it cuts to the core of their nervous system. I have met people of all nationalities in my long life time and some was articulant and some were not. ALL PEOPLE DESERVE RESPECT. Get over it.

  5. WTF with your watch, if he wants to see the hour he must turn his entire wrist, does nobody on the cast notice that?

  6. Design isn’t very pleasing like the previous model. Too many sharp lines on the exterior design, rear looks un proportional

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  8. the predecessor tail lights looks better than those X3 tail lights.. doh! Plus the over all design is wayy too long.. Looks like a wiener dog. Then I noticed you dropped the entire design in 2019. If I wanted a car, I would buy a car.

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