THE B18 Engine SWAP FITS!!! – Honda Civic Rebuild and Restoration Project

THE B18 Engine SWAP FITS!!! – Honda Civic Rebuild and Restoration Project

so it’s time to work on the wiring guys I have a few things I need to convert over a few pieces of a harness that i have to add to it but there’s a few things that I need to immediately you and the one is the ck f sensor on the integra is a two-wire the one on the civic harnesses a three wire so i need to bust off that connector put on a civic connector and rewire it so I’m gonna do that now get this done you have to switch the sikh area power wire to with you essentially they’re all color matches gotta swap them so your connector matches up with your d16 harness which is essentially what i’m going to be using to adapt onto the 18 so here’s the d16 have to pull out the white clip and then there’s two tabs at all be able to undo to pop out these wires let’s go to the same 2z type of sensor swap on this connector look at your d16 hard as your blue wires on the outside and then your whites over here on your harness all you have is something the White Sea just need to make sure those correspondence each so you plug in your connector you’ll see that on the outside here little blue and outside here you’ll be white going to take all the shell off that won’t connect up underneath the integra but just start disconnecting stuff sorry just start doing stuff and combine the harnesses that way to put together travel alright guys so what I’m gonna be doing today is I’m going to put the training mount back in that goes on the driver’s side lower i got my new mount here and I’m gonna be reusing the actual nuts they go in the frame rail then i have the 40 millimeter bolts that go in from the integra that’ll fit that same position so I’m gonna put those in and then it is hopefully going to finish button up the wiring harness and then we’ll be able to get the engine and today demanded a minute remaining minutes minutes minutes minutes minutes I ok several things left to do but they’re big item some hope I can fly them quickly but I mean it’s coming along nicely acs hooked a radiator nice afraid our family all the mountain all the Holy Quran alright guys so here’s a swap to delist i have left Gonzalez donegon for the fan on Axl shift linkage exhaust o2 sensors started for 10 seconds to make sure electricals good little tranny clutch fluid filled coolant still remain an exhaust system start angeletta come up to temperature for the real test so electricals like the biggest thing that I’m worried about I think everything’s fine i double-checked it several times it’s just one of those things that it’s so much more difficulty handling it inside the car then when it’s out so like I said cross my fingers on this one this is there to extension harness the only other hoes i love to hook up is here for the valve cover to the intake and then for the evap purge solenoid I gotta run hose from the can back here to here and from here to the back of the manifold so I’m gonna try to hook it up so at least that’s in there so students are just sitting in the engine bay but other than that i’m almost done with up here everything else is underneath chief ladies and i just got the o2 sensors on all the wires hooked up now I just gotta hook up the battery all systems are go the one thing that I’ll have to do is I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to get the exhaust system to work properly because the chakra system does not have a bung 4026 reports so i have to figure out how that’s going to work because it doesn’t have that bung i’m not going to be able to hook up an o2 sensor into the exact shoe exhaust stream even without a cat so i’m probably gonna fill fault because of that so we’ll probably running really really shitty so this being the flange area i’m probably gonna have to take it to mining hear something get a hole drilled and then I know to bond welded onto it moment of truth guys it’s time to do an electrical check so i hook up the battery we go well I can at least put on the shifter to make it like semi-official yeah it’s going to be so sad if i start this thing is it’s no exhaust do it alright guys initial key on everything look good no lights no fuel leaks a little too late to start today so i’m going to start tomorrow but thank you guys for watching it’s in it’s official we’re almost there so i will see you guys next time thank you for watching be sure to subscribe and soap

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  1. Ugh…..roll on next episode! I am curious of your exhaust setup to see if the stock EK exhaust will bolt up to the B series manifold.

  2. Hey i want to do exactly what you did with an EK GSR swap.. can i get into contact with you? your knowledge is greatly appreciated

  3. why didn't you just use the em1 engine harness and step down to ECU would have been better and vtec would then be already wired for you!? unless you have a ex and you were just adding extra wiring needed

  4. if you ever get the cash grab yourself a type r b16b or b16a2 head and you'll be good to go that thing will move the gsr does not pop vtec like a b16 at all that's why i don't use them only for there blocks

  5. I notice that u left the t bracket on when u installed the motor. my question is did u leave the back mount on the car or did u install the back mount after? thanks

  6. I don't know anything about doing the swaps or anything, but since you had a full interga to work with couldn't you have just swapped all the electronics over to witouth have to repin or even having to get adapters just from one car to the other car with it all?

  7. Hey, awesome videos. Clear and easy to follow.

    I'm planning to put in my motor in this weekend. I have two questions for you that will hopefully address two of my concerns when putting in the motor.

    1. What method did you use to install the shift pin that connects the shift linkage to the transmission?

    2. By the looks of your video, you already had the rear T-Bracket mounted on the engine/trans. My questions is how difficult was it to get the rear T-Bracket lined up to the rear chassis mount to be able to get the bolt through? Do you have any suggestions before I get started? Thanks in advance.

  8. I'm trying to swap a engine in my Honda 2000 Civic coupe DX but i can't find Em1 shift link Em1 T-bracket Em1 post mount and swap mount i get a b20 but I don't have the other parts and I don't know what car I have to get them from can anybody help me thanks

  9. Hey, I'm planning to swap a B18 into my civic coupe during the next few weeks. First of all: THANK YOU for your videos, they have been pretty helpful so far! 🙂
    But I have 1 more question: Which belt did you use for the AC Compressor? 😀

  10. I think this is prob the most informative group of videos for a B18C swap which is a JDM motor and most people dont realize the issues with that. I have a question. My buddy has a 98 civic LX and just dropped a B18C JDM in and hes not getting spark also the scan tool will not read the ecu its a P72 ecu that is jdm and came with the motor. Any ideas what could be up? Were about to swap the distributor but just wanted your thoughts as you've done this before.

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