The Best All-Natural Air Freshener For Your Car!

The Best All-Natural Air Freshener For Your Car!

>>Ez: Today I want to share with you guys
the best air freshener I have found. I’ve done thousands of trips between Uber, Lyft,
and Sidecar and tried many, many air fresheners in both my personal and my semi-professional
life as a driver and I wanted to share with you the bus when I found. Now, this air freshener,
I get comments on it all the time for my customers, they seem to really, really like it. I would
say probably like 30% of my passengers comment on the scent and I like it too and the reason
I like is because it smells great, it’s all natural, and it’s also really cheap.
So let’s go ahead and get into it, but before we do I wanted to show you some of the air
fresheners I’ve tried so you can know what I’m comparing it to. All right, so first up we have the classic,
the OG of car air fresheners, the little trees. Some of these smell okay in my opinion and
some of them smell absolutely disgusting. Here’s the best smelling little tree I’ve
ever found, it’s — the scent is called blackberry clove and I picked it up at an
auto parts store a while ago. I think it was AutoZone or O’Reilly, something like that.
After that I could never find in the store again so I actually ordered it on Amazon and
a lot of passengers commented on this one. They did like it, but at the end of the day
it’s a chemical smell. I almost feel like when you’re using these are fresheners you’re
inhaling fumes. I mean, you’re in a closed car and these are obviously unnaturally occurring
chemicals. Do we really want to be breathing them in? I mean, maybe they smell good for
a second but if you really think about it, it’s like breathing in fumes. So that’s
why I’m kind of against using these for now. Anyway, here’s another one that smells
terrible, in my opinion: Jasmine scent. And they actually spelled Jasmine wrong, I believe.
I think the actual like naturally occurring tree, Jasmine, has an E at the end that this
when they spelled it “Jasmin” like a stripper would spell her name: Jasmin. And I apologize
if anybody is actually named Jasmin and spell their name this way, that was just a joke. All right, next up we have an aerosol can.
This one is Ozium and it’s the vanilla scent there. It says “vanilla” there at the
bottom. Ozium. Ozium, it smells really good and the original scent will totally, like,
get rid of other smells in the car. Not totally, but it definitely helps. But still, it’s
an aerosol, it’s a chemical. You know what? I don’t want to be spraying this in my car. And another air freshener I’ve tried is
a spray and the one that I got, I got it online, maybe on Amazon, I don’t remember. The company’s
name is actually “Chemical Guys” and it’s a new car smell. They have like all these
different smells and I don’t know why I bought this, to be honest. I think it was
on sale or something, so I think that’s probably why, but it does have the new car
smell. But still, I mean the name of the company is “Chemical Guys,” so do I want to spray
that in my car where I’m going to be sitting for hours and inhaling that? No thank you. All right, so the great air freshener that
I promised to tell you guys about, it is lemongrass essential oil and that’s all there is to
it. Essential oils are oils that are extracted from plants or flowers, or fruits, they’re
all-natural. Some other popular ones are lavender, there’s peppermint oil, you can get that,
eucalyptus oil, people like to use that in steam rooms, rosemary oil. There’s tons
of essential oils. They come from all kinds of different plants, so they’re all-natural,
they’re super, super cheap. I actually got this — my friend just gave it to me like
probably two years ago and I still have the same bottle and almost half of it left. You
can get a lot of essential oils for just like three or four bucks a bottle. You can get
a nice lemongrass oil on Amazon for around six dollars. Now, if you want to find essential oils in
store, natural food stores are good place to look. They probably have a really wide
selection at Whole Foods though the prices are probably higher, but it’s a good place
if you want to check out a couple different scents. You know, lemongrass is by far my
favorite. I would describe it as it’s very fresh and has somewhat of a citrus scent as
well. You just have to smell it and experience it yourself, but it smells really, really
good. Other great scents are lavender, that one’s probably my second favorite essential
oil so that’s another one you might want to check out. All right, so essential oils generally come
in these bottles with little contraption at the top that allows you to get one drop at
a time because they’re super, super concentrated and really, really strong, so you only need
a few drops to make your car smell good. What I like to do is put it on a small cotton pad.
So I picked up some cotton pads from Walgreens. “Premium cotton ovals,” you see? They’re
just little cotton pads. You could get cotton balls as well. These were around $1 or $1.50,
I think, so very inexpensive. This is what it looks like. Like I said, you could probably
also just use cotton balls, you could use a paper towel, a piece of an old towel you
don’t want, a napkin, a tissue. Keep in mind that some essential oil to do
stain. Lemongrass would stain, so you don’t want to get that on your clothing. It’s
kind of a yellowish color. But anyway, it’s really simple: I just take the pad and take
my lemongrass oil, put — I usually put like 5 to 10 drops, so I think that was about 10
drops. Then I take the pad and I — for me, you could probably just put it on the floor
somewhere, tuck it out of sight. What I like to do is actually put it in my air vent and
there’s no way it can get stuck down there. So I take it and just fold it up and pop it
right in my air vent like that. So when the AC is on others any air blowing through the
event, the smell just kind of goes throughout the car. Like I said, that’s the best air freshener
I’ve found. It’s all natural, it super cheap. I mean, probably an investment of about
eight dollars would — should last you, I think, two years and you don’t have to worry
about air fresheners, you don’t have to worry about inhaling any fumes from these
chemicals that we’ve been accustomed to using in our cars, which if we stop and think
about it for a second, do we want to inhale that stuff? No, at least I don’t. I don’t
know about you guys, I’d imagine you’d agree. So hopefully this tip helps and at the end
of the day, I just think it’s a better smelling air freshener. So I hope you guys enjoy it.
I would love to hear what you think about it if you’ve tried using essential oils
in your car as well and I will see you guys soon with more videos. [Outro melody]

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Thank you for this video… Finally i can have a freshener with your great idea… Only all- natural products work for me…. Marshalls have good deals of essential oils… I found an orange oil and it smells so goood without hurting my lungs.

  2. Great video, love the ideas!
    I'll have to try that is my vibe. Speaking of vibes.. I happened to notice you drive one too! Check out the awesome group of car needs I'm in.
    Genvibe group on Facebook is more active then the forum. ✌️

  3. My advice is don't use any kind of scented product even these oils just use a moso bag and keep it neutral nobody wants to smell your preference every time they sit in your car

  4. A local company markets a bug repellant with lemongrass oil as the active ingredient. For me the smell of lemongrass is strongly associated with it. The repellant totally works, if you don't mind smelling like a lemon square.

  5. You said some oils stain? Do you also clean the car with essential oils diluted with water? Probably not for Windows?

  6. The wet pad made my AC plastic vent paint to peel off. It's a brand new car bought a week ago… This spoiled the bottom section of the vent… Is there any good DIY to fix the paint?

  7. I agree with you about the chemical air fresheners. However the essential oils are still creating chemical fumes. EO's may originate from a natural source, but they are concentrated beyond anything nature has to offer. Due to the confined environment of a car, the inhalation dose is very high. Also cars are in an ozone rich environment on a busy road. These oils are high in terpenes and react with ozone to form dangerous secondary aerosols. One is formaldehyde, a class 1 carcinogen. Another is acetaldehyde which is very toxic. The public may perceive essential oils as "Natural" and "Safe" but there are genuine risks. These oils are powerful biocides from their high content of aromatic benzene compounds. If you were to pick up a passenger with asthma, copd, or any respiratory condition, things could go bad real fast. Since you drive professionally, consider offering your passengers clean air. Since you spend more hours in your car than anybody else, you will be the biggest beneficiary of breathing clean air. – The Clean Air Guy.

  8. I love essential oils too. They also affect your mood too. Like lemon and orange and grapefruit are great for posting your energy, lavender is relaxing and rosemary keeps your mind sharp and focus. Natural is the way to go

  9. I like to drink a bottle of white grape juice and eat a pot of beans then sit and fart in the car for about 30 minutes. Then, close the doors, turn the air conditioner on recirculate and let it idle for about 10 minutes with the windows up, then shut er' down and let it simmer in the sun all day. It's all natural and eco friendly and smells great.

  10. I love to use my downy dryer sheets and stuff them in the seats. Under the seats. Nooks and crannies. And I usually have a box of 80 to 120 or so. Love it. Not too strong. Something to think about.

  11. I gave you a thumbs up just for Jasmin. As for the correct spelling, yes you are correct it is spelled with an (e). Even when I was typing this comment my phone spelled the name as Jasmine.

  12. All fragrances are fumes. And everything is a chemical. It's just either naturally occuring composition or man-made concentration.

  13. I watched your video for the first time early this morning and then this video popped up on my feed just now. This guy nearly copied your video word for word It's crazy how similar it is. πŸ˜‚ Also thank you I ordered some essential oils this morning because of you.

  14. No no no no no the best one is black ice😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  15. Dont be such a 🐈 inhale those chemicals….but yeah I discoved if you use this on a very hot sunny day the oil will actually evaporate itself in direct sunlight…a coupke drops ont the seat and they will strat smokeing alomost instantly

  16. You’re right about lemongrass. But the way I do it is drop few drops in a jar with baking soda. Then close the jar and make a few holes in the lid.

  17. I tried this and found that the smell didn't last longer than a couple days. In addition even on the first day the smell wasn't very strong no matter how much oil I applied.

  18. Some essential oils will dissolve some paints and some plastics, especially acrylic. It's best to dilute it and keep it in a container with a perforated top.

  19. You can reuse those glass bottle air fresheners that slot onto your air vents. Remove the wick(you can buy cut-to-size replacements online), rinse out the bottle with hot water. Pick your favourite essential oil and dilute it with PG(Propylene Glycol). Give it a good shake and fill up your empty glass bottle. You can also get creative and mix some of the oils together to create a familiar or new fragrance!! You can also do this with plug in fresheners in your home. You will have years worth of air freshener for a few pound.

  20. Awesome video Bro! If anyone is interested in watching, I reviewed a few Car Air Fresheners here 😎.

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