The Best (and Worst 😂 ) Show Moments of 2019

The Best (and Worst 😂 ) Show Moments of 2019

– From major life change
to Mickey Mouse ears, I can’t wait to recap this year. This is the best of the
The Rachel Cruze Show. (upbeat happy music) Hey guys, and welcome to
The Rachel Cruze Show. It’s Christmastime, and
2019 is coming to an end. And I really hope that my
show has helped you guys make progress toward your
money goals this year. We had a lot of great episodes and guests, and I wanted to share some of
my favorite moments with you. I also wanted to show you some of the things that you didn’t see that will for sure make you laugh. So, let’s get right to it. First up was one of my favorite
couples I had on the show. Rosanna and Jeremy were so much fun. Their gazelle intensity made me so proud. And they’re tackling
their debt with a passion. But that isn’t stopping them from having so much fun with their family. Check it out. – I was just living a life that was just— you could just feel the weight
of the world on my shoulders. I just started getting fed
up with the way things were. – We just didn’t feel
like we had any freedom, and I also didn’t really
know like, where was . . . We had this money, where is it going? – We were trying to get to a place in life where we can breathe. – Our church, they just
put up on the screens, hey we’re doing Financial
Peace University. – We just looked at each other and said, “Hey, we’ve just got to do it.” It was almost as a matter of fact. It was something about the
word “financial” and “peace” was just, it was perfectly named. It really was because
– Yeah. – I wasn’t having peace.
Our finances were— there was nothing peaceful about it. – And even though it was
hard coming to terms with, okay we need to make some
really big changes here, it felt hard but . . .
– But we were up for it. We were like, man.
– Yeah. – Because what we were
doing was just not working. So once we got through Financial Peace, we immediately, the BMW had to
go, the motorcycle had to go. – If we haven’t used it in the last month, – [Rosanna and Jeremy] We’re selling it. – [Jeremy] It’s out. – And we did! – We started just—
– Snowballing. – paying everything off. Snowballing. As that was happening you could just, you could feel the freedom. – Oh, it felt amazing.
– You could feel it. It was like ah! – It still feels amazing!
– It still feels pretty good. Watching Dave’s YouTube channel and constantly seeing people screaming their necks off, like “I’m out!” “I’m out!” “I’m free! Debt-free!” I’m like . . .
– Yeah. – I’m like, nah.
– You want to be those people! – You want to be those
people so desperately. There’s a sacrifice in the
beginning that you have to make. – But the thing was, is that our goal, we didn’t want to go back to where we were. So making that sacrifice
for that short amount of time was completely worth it. This is our new excitement in life. – [Jeremy] Mmm hmm. – The cars and the stuff,
and all that, that was fun. But this is more thrilling
– This is better than that. – because we’re achieving
– This is better than that. – something phenomenal. – Yeah, we’re in Baby Step Two, so there’s still a journey to go. But man, we’re not where we used to be. (gentle music) – They’re so fun! (Rachel sighs) I’m hoping to get them back on
for an update sometime soon. They’re just great. All right, up next is Mignon. Mignon’s story was
amazing and so inspiring. She hit rock bottom when she couldn’t even pay her electric bill, but she listened to God’s prompting and ended up turning a cupcake into a multimillion-dollar business. Here’s her story. (gentle music) – I remember feeling desperate
and broken and hopeless, and feeling like, why is it that everybody else can make it, and we can’t? (gentle music) I was a stay-at-home mom,
drowning in debt and brokenness, losing everything that we had. Figuring out how to make it was what my life was about to depend on. I was listening to The Dave Ramsey Show and I heard people screaming
on the show, “We’re debt-free!” And I wanted that. And I heard him telling people that they could have a
bake sale. And I thought, what if you had a bake
sale every single day? But I didn’t know how to bake. But I had a secret weapon—
it was my grandmother. And I said, “Grandma,
look, I need a recipe.” It was the first successful
thing that I ever baked. And it was when my
neighbor across the street, she said, “I want to order
cupcakes for all of my clients.” That was going to be like 600 cupcakes. All I had was $5 left, and I
hadn’t even fed the family, and we were a family of eight! But I wanted to do
something different, because you know, I was tired of being crazy,
expecting a different result. And I marched myself out that door, and I bought everything that I could buy with that $5 and I started baking. I turned that $5 into $60 that day. And I turned that $60 into
$600 by the end of the week. And I turned that $600 into
over $10 million in sales. I opened this bakery
with a KitchenAid mixer and a dorm-sized refrigerator because that’s what I could afford to do. And now the Cupcake Collection is over 5 million cupcakes sold. The journey of 1,000 miles
begins with one step. And it’s in that one step
forward that you begin to find that everything else
begins to take its shape. You just have to do what you can do. I’m going to live like it depends on God, but I’m going to work like it depends on me. – Oh, she’s so full of joy! (Rachel sighs) I love how she never gave up, and now she’s paying it forward. All right, we all know how
much I love The Bachelor. Yes! And this year I actually
brought someone on the show who was a
contestant on The Bachelor, and she ended up being The Bachelorette. Yes, Kaitlyn Bristowe gave me all of The Bachelor inside
scoop, and it was fantastic. Okay, so when it comes to the show, – Yes.
– I have so many questions. – Most people do. – I cannot wait to hear all this. Okay. – Okay. – Because when it comes to the
financial side, as a viewer, that’s somewhat of
the lens I look through, because I can’t help it. It’s just like part of how my mind works. So I’m watching it, and I’m like, okay, you were on the
side of the contestants of The Bachelor,
– Yeah. – and then you were The Bachelorette. – Right. – So you have two different perspectives. – Perspectives.
– Which are pretty different, right? – Very! – Okay. So when it comes to what
you pay for (chuckles), I’m going to be so nosy here, but what you pay for—
– Oh, it’s interesting stuff. – Yeah! So when you’re a contestant, what is provided for you and what do you have to pay for? – You pay for everything and
nothing is provided for you. Like, I was living
– Seriously? – in Vancouver, and to even get a flight to go down for one of my first auditions, I was taking care of it.
– Yeah. – I put myself up in the hotels. – No way!
– Yeah! Yeah, they’re just like, if
you want this come get it. – So, all your clothes that you’re wearing on one on ones
– Yes. – and all of that, or group dates, – It was crazy the amount
– all the things. – of money that I spent
just to go into the show because you don’t know
how long you’re going to last. You could either
– Yeah. – be home night one or you could be there for a solid nine weeks. And it’s like, you’ve got to think
of rose ceremony dresses, and heels, and jewelry.
– Yes. – And these things aren’t cheap. – Totally!
– It’s quite expensive. And everything! It’s crazy what goes into it. And yeah, you don’t get anything. – Yeah, do people go
into debt for this stuff? – Oh, I did! – Yeah.
– Yeah, I don’t know how you don’t. I mean, I was working at a restaurant. I taught spin classes
– Yeah. – on the side. I was living in Vancouver,
– Yeah. – paying ridiculous rent. But yeah, it’s a lot to think about when you’re going away for that long. – Yes!
– And national television, and what everybody puts
into it and the show. Yeah. No help. – Yes! Okay, so when you
are The Bachelorette, – [Kaitlyn] Mmm hmm? – is it the opposite? Like,
everything’s provided for you? – I think I brought my
pajamas and that was it. – Seriously? – Just a comfy pair of
PJs because everything is taken care of if you’re the lead. You just pick from—you have
wardrobe pick outs every week. And this is what I’m going to wear. And they can’t tell
you what the dates are. So they’ll be like, you might
be in a chilly helicopter. – Okay. (Rachel laughs)
(Kaitlyn laughs) Maybe, possibly, in the mountains.
– Hypothetically speaking, it’s a helicopter. So, they’ll give you ideas, but yeah, all wardrobe to choose from. There’s a stylist. There’s
a hair and makeup artist. – So it’s like polar opposites – Right.
– from being a contestant to being like the lead. – Yes! – So fascinating! Kaitlyn is awesome! Our conversation was so
much longer than that, so make sure to check out the podcast of The Rachel Cruze
Show to hear all of it. Okay, Ian Cron. Yes! He was so great. He is an Enneagram expert. And Enneagram is one of my favorite things ever. It’s all about your personality type. So, Ian came on to talk
about the money habits for different personality
types, and I loved it. So here’s Ian. I would love for you to
go through the numbers and how each personality
interacts with money. – Yeah!
– Because it’s how we all interact, and it’s interesting, when you put your personality
to it, what unfolds. – Yeah. And you know what? I’ve
thought about this topic a lot, and so I have been really excited about doing this show.
– Oh good, I’m so glad! – Because, no I have! I’ve been thinking to
myself, oh my gosh, like, understanding economics
or personal finance, your relationship with money through the lens of personality . . . – Yes.
– Like, actually, if you know your personality type, you can avoid a lot of problems. You can spot them before they undo you. – [Rachel] Yes. – Right? – It’s good.
– Yeah, it’s fantastic. – It’s true. It’s true, yes.
– Right. All right, let’s talk about Ones. All right. I have not met a
lot of Ones who are in debt. – Yes.
– They’re very concerned about budgeting.
– That’s good. – Now the trap for them could be moving from responsibility with
money to rigidity with money. – So good.
– All right, Twos. Generosity to the max. – [Rachel] Serve and give. – They want to serve. Now the problem with that
is overgiving, right? – Yes. – Okay, Threes. The upside is they are
goal-crushing machines. They get things done. Productive as heck.
– Yeah. – The downside is, they
could fall into the trap of using money as a way to
project an image of success. – Totally! Yes.
– Right? – Oh yeah. – So Fours are tricky. Fours might think that
budgeting is beneath them. I’m an artiste, and I’m
– Yes. – above such mundane topics like finances. – That’s so good. – [Ian] Right? – Yes, yes.
– Fives. A problem for a Five can
be that they can spend a lot of time researching
what to do with money. – Yes (laughs). – You know what I’m saying?
– Yes. – How to invest and how
to do all this stuff, and not actually execute on the plan.
– And go through with it. Uh-huh. – Sixes, these loyalists
are chronic worriers. – Okay. – And what a pitfall for them can be, they’re always looking
to outside authorities to make decisions for them. And that can be a problem
around finances, right? – Interesting, yeah.
– Because there’s some good people out there and there
are some not-so-good people out there, right?
– Yep, yep. – [Ian] Sevens. – [Rachel] Having fun. – [Ian] Ah, man. – [Rachel] Just (laughs)… – The impulsivity though,
it can get them into so much trouble with
money. And really, it can! – Yes, yes! – I have seen more credit card debt around Sevens, because it’s like, fun! Spontaneity!
– Oh. – Let’s go do this. Let’s go do that. Let’s take this trip! Let’s have that meal. Let’s . . .
– This is fun, we’ll do it. – [Ian] Yeah. – Yep. – [Ian] Now with Eights, they’re
all in or they’re all out. – Yes.
– They go big or they go home. – Yes.
– You know what I mean? – Oh yeah. – So they can gobble up life
and money can fly out the door. So, Nines . . . Wonderful sweethearts. They get easily distracted. Budgeting’s hard for Nines
because they’re easily distracted. They get going on a budget, and then they suffer mission drift. – Yes! So good. – So every type has it’s own lens through which I think it understands and sees money, and we’re just scratching
– Yep. – the surface of what
– Oh, totally. – we could talk about, – Totally.
– of finances and types. – Oh, it’s so good. I know
we’ll have to have you back. Oh the Enneagram. If you don’t know it, you should. Okay, you guys, I also love Costco, and they have some really
good quality generic products that are identical to
the name-brand version. Some of these really shocked me. So here they are. Kirkland Signature batteries,
you guys, are made by Duracell. That’s right! But you buy the generic and save money! Kirkland Signature Coffee— you won’t believe it, but it’s true— roasted by Starbucks. Mmm hmm. Kirkland’s pet food—which
I’m not going to pick up, because, you know, I don’t want to
show off how strong I am— is made by Diamond. And if you’ve ever bought Diamond dog food, you know it’s great quality but it’s really pricey. But Kirkland’s is 30% cheaper! And the last one that
absolutely shocked me, but rumor has it that Kirkland’s
Professional Salon Formula Moisturizer Shampoo and
Conditioner are made by Pureology. (Rachel gasps) Ladies, I use Pureology and I love it. And Costco’s products—
these, they’re like $9.99. And Pureology costs like $65! Okay! I will say, I couldn’t find definite proof anywhere on Pureology
or Costco to admit this, but the ingredients are exactly the same, and everywhere on the
Internet says that it’s true. So, it must be right, right? If you guys know of any
others, I’d love to hear them. All right, before we get
to my next favorite moment which may or may not
have to do with Disney, I want to talk to you about
something that you need to do for the new year for your family. And that is to get term life insurance. Listen, this is one of
the most simple things that you can do to make sure
your family is taken care of. The fact that people go on with
life without life insurance— it kind of drives me crazy.
Because I’m like, seriously, if something were to happen to you, and someone is dependent upon your income, what’s going to happen to them?
Like, do you think about that? It’s not fun to think about, no. We’re going to talk about
Disney, and get excited, and all that stuff happiness
later . . . But for real! This is something that is so inexpensive— it’s so easy to get—and
that is term life insurance. Zander Insurance is what I recommend. This is what Winston and I use, and I love it because I
know that if something were to happen to Winston or
myself, that our girls, our family, are going to be taken care of. And now, our little boy. Yes, our family’s growing,
which makes me more paranoid to make sure that
everything is good, right? It’s like my Mama Bear coming
out. Like, we’re all good. And that’s what term life insurance does: It gives you peace of mind.
And again, it’s super easy. We recommend getting 10 to
12 times your annual income. So, all you have to do is go to, get a quote today, because
they do all the shopping, all the hard work, everything for you. It is so easy. Don’t go into the new
year without making sure you have term life insurance. All right, I can’t do the
Best Of show without this one. (Rachel sighs) Disney. Yes. We did an entire episode on Disney! And it’d be just kind of
my dream if we just turned this whole show into a Disney show. What do you think? I mean, I’d be living my best life. I think it’d be great (laughs). Okay, here are a couple of my favorite moments from that episode. All right. Keep your hands and feet inside
the vehicle at all times because this mine train
is about to take off. Here’s the list. Number one: Bring your own stroller. Disney charges $15 a day. Listen, lug that stroller around. We did that with Amelia. It’s great. Number two: Don’t buy a ticket for every
single day that you’re there, especially if you’re there for a week. Your kids are going to get tired, and they’re going to want to enjoy
a day at the hotel’s pool. Number three: The best part
of the day to ride the rides is during the fireworks
because no one is in line. So, experience the fireworks—
they’re life changing— but then the next night,
go ride all the rides. It’s great. Number four: Buy Disney gift cards on a discount. So, check your local warehouse
clubs like Costco and Sam’s. Number five: Buy your mouse ears
beforehand on Etsy, like these, or online so you can wear them to the park, because the ones in the park are expensive. Number six: Arrive before the park opens, okay? The parks are way less
crowded in the morning, so make sure to book your Fast
Passes, those reservations, later in the day when
the lines are longer. Number seven: Use the envelope system for
your kids’ snacks and souvenirs. Studies show that you spend
up to 100% more when you use your card or your Disney
Magic Band versus cash. So, people, use cash while you’re there. You have to have reality. That just brings you back to reality, because you’re going to be
in this magical land. Reality is the cash. Use cash. Number eight: If you go before your kids are three, they actually get into the park for free. I love it. Number nine: Make sure to bring
sunscreen and Band-Aids, those kind of things, because you’re going to pay a premium for those in the park. Number 10: Skip the Park Hopper tickets and only go to one park per day. Next, you can use the
PhotoPass photographers so you don’t have to buy all the packages with their pictures. You can actually hand them
your camera or your phone and they’ll take the picture for you. They’re so great at that! Number 12: Use discounts if you’re
military, AARP, or AAA. Number 13: Don’t listen to the timeshare pitch to get the discounted tickets, people! Mmm mmm. No, no, no. You are there because you have
saved up for this Disney trip. Don’t sit through that stuff. No, no. Number 14: Disney has now tiered
their pricing by season, so travel in the off-seasons for lighter crowds and cheaper ticket prices. Oh, Disney! (Rachel sighs) It’s just one of the best. And if you guys are going, you should definitely
check out the full episode for some great money- and time-saving tips. I’ll put a link in the show notes. All right. Now you may
think I come in here, I put on my money-teaching hat, and I get these episodes
to you without any flaws, but that’s just not true. Sometimes I am not on my game. I’m going again. I’m starting from the top. Take three. Take three. Take four. Take four. Sorry. Okay, here we go. (upbeat music) Have you all seen the new Breaking Bad?
– All right! – I love Breaking Bad. We’re going back through
watching Friends. Pivot! Pivot! Pivot! Best episode ever. I want be home, in my
bed, watching Billions. That was a cold chicken. Chick-fil-A. Mmm mmm mmm. Uh oh! (crew member laughs) I mean, if she like, brought
in queso, I’d be like, yes! – [Woman] We got it Rachel! – Or a burger . . . (Rachel sigh) Like, a burger sounds like, so good. Praise hands emoji. (Rachel exhales) Oh my gosh, I can’t breathe. Are we rolling? It’s like a robot. (hands clapping) – Help me. Okay, here we go. I used to pray for Justin Bieber (laughs) because I loved him so much.
– Oh! – Hey, that was not a
joke. I’m being serious. I know I’m not crazy!
I know I’m not crazy! One . . . two . . . duhhhh! Wait, what? (Rachel stammering) ♪ As a believer, I believe ♪ Do do do-do do do do. And I figured this episode was super . . . Man. My earring. You are older than your parents. No, my gosh!
(crew members laughing) I’m just talking about my doctor. I’m just sitting here talking. That’s what they pay me to do. (Rachel swishing) Quiet on set. Quiet on set! Director Rachel (hand clapping)
(upbeat music) See, I told you. Listen, it’s not all business. We have fun around here. (laughs) Okay. Well, I’m so glad that you
guys tuned into this show to see some of the best
moments of the year. Now, to find all of these episodes and more, head over to Make sure to watch in the new year because we are going to
hit the ground running with some great money-saving
tips you can’t afford to miss. Like, next episode, we’re going to
talk all about budgeting. Well, Merry Christmas,
you guys! Happy New Year! And remember to take control of your money and create a life you love. (upbeat music)

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  1. Skittle Boys is in the comments!#muchlove from skittle nation #GoodVibesOnly Shoutout to: Rachel Cruz and your family Happy holidays Happy new year!!🎉🎁☃️🧁🥧🎂🍰🍪🍩🍨🍦🥳🎄

  2. Love watching your show. I am doing the baby steps but find it difficult to cut back on giving (I love giving to charity, animal shelters, food banks,angel trees, etc). I know that sounds crazy, but should I focus more on my debt and then go back to giving, or keep doing what I can as I pay off my debt? I did not go into debt because of the giving, I just have a car loan and small credit card debt. I have always been a giver and can't stop. Happy Holiday!🌻

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