The Best Brake Pads in the World and Why

The Best Brake Pads in the World and Why

rev up your engines today I’m going to talk about what are
the best brake pads for your car, welcome to mechanic Monday, as usual I’m just
sponsored by the truth, I’m going to tell you the truth about brake pads, then you
can make a decision on which ones you want to buy, now to understand brake pads
you need a little history lesson, when I was young,
brake discs just came out as a new thing and they were all made out of asbestos
which worked fine, but asbestos dust causes lung cancer, so they made it
illegal to make brake pads out of that and they had to find other materials, so
in the 1980s that came out with ceramic pads but originally they had a lot of
problems with them making terrible noises and a lot of dust, so then they came up with
organic brake pads, that didn’t have the same problem, but they didn’t last as
long and didn’t work quite as well, and then came semi-metallic pads that had more
metal in them and they worked quite well but they did have a tendency of wearing
the brake rotors out a lot faster because if the brake pads had more metal
in them, that’s going to wear the metal rotors and they would wear out a lot
faster, but time marches on and the engineers got better, they finally
figured out how to make ceramic pads that don’t leave a lot of dust and don’t
make noise that we can hear as humans, now ceramic pads and actually do make noise,
but it’s a high frequency that we can’t hear, so maybe you’re going to be bothering
your neighborhood bats while you’re braking, but people don’t hear it at all,
now I personally been using these Akebono brake pads for a long time, the
company is very progressive, they actually work with the manufacturers, so
their pads equal or surpass the braking capacity of the ones that
originally come with the car, and I know you’re not supposed to do this, but I had
a customer, they were in a hurry the brake pads had worn down, they gouged the
rotors a little bit, but they said just put some pads on, but we don’t want
any noise, so I put on Akebono pads and even though the rotors were somewhat messed
up, it didn’t make any noise and they brake pretty smooth, now if you wonder
what’s in ceramic pads, well they’re composed of clay and porcelain that are
bonded to copper flakes and filaments and so they have a nice mixture if
they’re made correctly, so that they stop good and
don’t make any noise and can last really long time, but of course you have
to realize that braking is always a compromise between one thing or another,
the ceramic pads will not stop quite as fast as semi-metallic brake pads will, so
if you’re a racing fanatic, hey your better off with semi metallic brake
pads, they’re going to wear things out faster, or full metal brake pads, but the
full metal brake pads is what race cars use the pads themselves when they’re metal
they hardly wear at all, but the rotors get eaten up really quickly, so it’s not
something you’re going to use for everyday driving and if you want the ultimate in
stopping capability, if you want to spend a fortune and if you can even find them,
carbon fiber rotors and carbon fiber brake pads are the absolute best, because
the giant planes that we fly around with when we go places, those who have
carbon fiber discs and carbon fiber brakes, because carbon fiber actually
wears less the hotter it gets, so they work great under high pressure
situations, but if you don’t own a 747 hey, these Akebono ceramic pads are
probably the best pads you can use on your everyday driving car, and since this
is mechanic Monday, I’ll be giving away a set of Akebono brake pads, so just post a
clean non-offensive comment and YouTube comments below, but this time also put
your make, model, and year of car, so I can send you the correct pads if you win the
contest, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos,
remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. Tried Akebono once and they were great, but expensive. I now use NAPA Adaptive One pads exclusively. They are cheaper and actually work even better. Best brake pads I've ever used.

  3. Hi Scotty, what are your thoughts on the new Acura MDX SH-AWD and the MDX sport hybrid. I am thinking of buying one of them. What do you think, which would be better on the long term?

  4. SCOTTY I have used Akebono pads for years and have had very good results my brother told me about them i put them on my 1998 ford expedition loved them i now have 2007 FORD f150 fx4

  5. Wait. What if my comment is moderately offensive and it’s on google reviews? Does that count?

    Jk! Cool video! You’re an informative gentleman. 👍🏻☺️

  6. It seems the better the brake performance is the more money you'll need.

    I tried a tree lately- incredible stopping power but horrible on your wallet.

  7. I have 2 questions I have a 2001 Alpina B3 (BMW) was looking around and came across powerstop brakes. Set of pads said it’s made with carbon fiber. Is that worth it or I should stick to akebono. I have powerstop z23 drilled and slotted rotors currently on them. Pads are in the red… and should you resurface the rotors or it can’t be done… or just get new ones.. thanks Scotty!

  8. 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0. I can only get about 40,000 miles from anything. I need something better.

  9. @akebono are the best brake pads…almost no dust on your rims, no noise, long lasting, great braking…what more can you ask for? I use them on my cars, current BMW 2011 X3 35i

  10. I'm so sad I missed this show.
    I need some pads for my Beloved BadAss '08 IPL G37s with its beautiful yellow calipers, "14 front, "13 rear rotors dammit I Love my car. She deserves a rich owner.

  11. Do u have to have specific type rotors for the ceramic pads or can u recommend a type of rotor to use with them

  12. Mr. Scotty great videos great videos please let me know Scotty if you are still giving way theses brake pads I want to know can I be the winner to get a pair of those brake pads I have a 2013 Infiniti G37 coupe and it is a sports model so I do have the Brembo brakes in the front. My email address is [email protected] you again

  13. I know this is an old video but can someone please tell me if these brakes would be good for a 2005 GMC Yukon XL 1500 SLT?
    I can't find front and rear part numbers anywhere
    Also, would you recommend using those special slotted or holed rotors?
    Thanks so much

  14. Thanks for the helpful video, My 2001 Chevy S10 LS 4.3L working on the the weather stripping on all three doors. Truck needs a brake upgrade, I'm trying to do this every other week

  15. I have 2015 ram 1500. I baby it. Plus I owe $10,000 on it. Only 40000 miles. Brakes started seeking sometimes at only 20000 miles.sometimes it doesn't do it. Noise happens at slow stops. These brake pads sound just right for my 2015. 8' bed 2 door 4×4 ram bighorn.

  16. Hey Scottie, what is that metal shield on the back of my ACDelco ceramic 98 jeep grand Cherokee pads because I'm trying some Rustoleum 2000° paint and that shield is a water-salt trap, I live in Duluth mn. And the steep and tall banks that the glaciers carved lead down to the city. The salt here is a liquid that's poured on the roads and they are wet all winter, so I'm trying drastic expensive experiments to fight these demons, mobile home roofing tar, " KOOL SEAL" is the only way get the job done, sticky dries flexible never ever ever flakes off or falls off like every product in the stores. I enjoy watching you, thank you.

  17. I've never heard of that brand of brake pads. I don't remember ever seeing them offered for sale. Centric, Wagner, Raybestos are usually the grab and go's.

    How are they on availability for classic older vehicles? 76 Ford f250 4×4

  18. I been using akebono brake pads for year on my honda accord. Work great. What do you think about powerstop carbon ceramic brake pads?

  19. It's not carbon fiber, It's carbon, carbon fiber needs to be compounded with glues which won't last a second in high speed breaking temperatures

  20. Never liked ceramic break pads manufactured in India, makes a bad noise after approx 200 KM's of driving at high way speeds/
    (after getting hot).
    Only one nice thing about them is they cost very very less and they don't wear out very early.

  21. The expense of the aerospace-quality brake pads and rotors is well-justified by the expense of the aircraft involved AND what would be the consequence of FAILURE. For most of us, sticking to what the factory recommends as the "best quality" should more than suffice.

  22. Hi Scotty, I love your channel. always helpful and informative. I need to replace my brake pads on my 2009 Toyota Camry LE, how or where would you recommend I buy them from? I was thinking of buying all 4 pads and then go to a mechanic and have him put them in for me. your thoughts?

  23. So happy that you are from Houston, I’m so proud of your work and proud that you are in my home town Houston TX. Thank you so much for all your reviews. Specially about the one that you did about the automatic transmissions in what to do and not to do so they can last longer. Ford F-150 2010 seven lugs rims.

  24. I use Powerstop Z17 ceramic pads on my 2014 Accord, 35,000 miles 50% left still. OEM Honda brakes suck. Used new rotors with pads also.

  25. I went to local dealer for Akebono. They are not selling it anymore because they don’t wear out. They said instead of the pads the discs wear out. I think the real reason is that they can sell only one kit per customer for 2-3 years. Same with silicone wipers. Had to buy them on eBay.

  26. You have a great YouTube video I'm brake pads need to ask you a favor if you can tell me what brake pads can I use for a 2015 Honda Accord sport and rotors only for daily use thank you and I would appreciate it!!!!👍

  27. Akebono Proacts with cryo treated Centric blanks, been using this combo for years on my daily drivers. Good all around balance between wear/performance/dust/noise. No complaints.

  28. i really hope that people arent taking this guy seriously this dude is going to get someone hurt giving his "comical" mechanical tips

  29. And of course Akebono….is a Japanese trademark hahahahahaha what yo expect from Scotty
    i have a 2013 Corolla LE 1.8L which (front brake pad set) Akebono i need ??

  30. I've changed my brake pads a year later I have to do it again I'm going to try the patch that you suggested on my 99 Ford Taurus

  31. I have Mitsubishi Pajero brake pads in my Mercedes A class it needed the pads replacing i looked though to see if i had any but did not have any so thought i would trace the shape from the Merc pad to the Mitsubishi pads that were bigger got the stainless steel cutting disc out and bingo 1 new set of pads for the Merc ! /UK

  32. Great information Scotty. I am about to go back to work from summer break and drive about 35 miles each way with my 2014 Nissan Maxima S and was trying to decide which type of pads apply to my style of driving. I am not a speed demon but drive many back narrow country roads to work without a single Dunkin Doughnuts the entire way. I need breaks that can handle the occasional Deer, Possum, or in one case Bear that might jump out and attempt suicide by Maxima. Thanks for the information and I think I will go with Ceramic.

    On a side note my 2008 Pathfinder I paid over 400 dollars for brakes by a Nissan dealer and they squealed for years. They did everything, even changed everything out and still squealed. i am doing them myself this time so iI can only blame myself should I continue to annoy neighbors. Keep the videos coming!!

  33. Nice video, I'm thinking of buying a used Volvo v70 and I need to do some repairs. I want do some repairs myself and take it to a mechanic for the other repairs. Replacing breaks, rotors, and struts.

  34. Are you by chance hard of hearing by chance? Very Informative but felt like you were yelling and making yourself go out breath.

  35. You can take a grinder to smooth out wear on brake rotors from people not ever changing them of your in a pinch do that until it's fairly smooth then put on new pads and probably cylinders to

  36. I know I'm late but I love all of your video😁😁
    2016 BMW 535i xdrive Msport.
    I know I know endless money😂😂

  37. How do i know when its time to replace brakes and rotors,i hear squeaking now and then and a little shaking when i brake from 55mph at a light

  38. I no doubt missed the "contest" mentioned in this video, but I gotta say… This is one of the best, most informative videos I've seen on YouTube in a long, long time. Right to the point; no deadwood information; creative; humorous. Just a great communicator. I'd like to give this guy one of my sermons and have him preach for me on Sunday morning!

  39. Had these pads on my car for the last 4-5 years. They're great and I'm happy they have the scotty seal of approval, so when the time comes I'll buy them again.

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