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boom let’s do this welcome to the ideal
cars YouTube channel yeah this is what ideal car should I buy it is and today
we’re helping out amber now this is Paul fix and I’m Brad danger perfect the one
and only now what is what is everybody from the bonus room yeah Brad’s mom’s
basement the studio amber has a 2013 be 8 Audi s4 which is that’s an awesome car
I had a I had a 2012 s4 now is that that’s the B eight-and-a-half isn’t it
no 2013 in the first year yeah unfortunately yeah so choose what you
want but it knows it could be a b8 be it in half you never know okay so it’s
becoming impractical for her in the Big Apple New York City mmm she wants
something fun she wants it to be smaller though cuz she needs something that’s
easier to park and sounds like she’s on a dating app Yeah right
but easier to park yeah long walks on the swipe right
with four doors and a manual transmission yeah okay yes tell me more
so she wants to sell her out es4 and get a project car okay wait so she’s gonna
sell the s4 and get a project cars yes so she’s gonna use that money towards
getting her next car okay but then also get a project car on top of that I know
that that car is her project car so she’s so whatever we offer that’s gonna
be she’s gonna put some money into that she’s gonna modify that okay cool yeah
so that’s gonna be her daily drivers gonna be a project car cool that’s good
for her I like it I love it so her budgets around $18,000 pretty pretty
reasonable for the resale value on an s4 yeah so what ideal car should she buy
but before we start if you want to know what ideal car you should buy check the
link down in the description or have a friend that needs to know what car they
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takes like two minutes to fill out yep and you could be featured on a future
episode all right so let’s do that and Amber’s ideal facts are all about her
budgets $18,000 it’s a daily driver she lives in New York New York she wants it
to be sporty manual small four doors and single at the last part just kidding and
she doesn’t want an automatic or anything too large and so I’m gonna give
the first swing and hopefully at this ideal car I have always loved
the Ford Fiesta ST I thought it’s a great package they started getting built
in 2014 and this year 2019 is the last year that they will be around now it has
the 1.6 liter EcoBoost turbo inline 4 and it’s the younger brother of the Ford
Focus RS or at least I like to think so so anyway why would I think that this is
the ideal car for her well the first thing is that the last time I was in New
York it was extremely expensive and the only thing I can think of is that
insurance is just as expensive and so I looked at our guess what insurance is
extremely expensive shock so you get a small car with four doors and a small
engine it’s gonna be easier on the wallet you’ll thank me later when you go
out on all those dates now she’s coming from an Audi right that has the Recaros
which I really like and the ST they’re not full Recaros they are bolstered like
really nice bolstered seats though well the ST comes with Recaros even but that
or manual which if you’re an enthusiast you know what I’m talking about oh yeah
and you will feel right at home having those hug you really nicely ring here
but you’ll still you single also its offered in any transmission that you’d
like as long as it’s a manual which there’s no cars out there I can kick
that you can only get in a manual these days no that’s two thousand you want to
wait like five minutes right and also she wants something sporty and this card
is gonna feel extremely light compared to that out es4 which is kind of is
heavy and also it’s a pint-sized performance party I mean what more can I
say Paul give me a pint of what’s alright what what do you think is the
ideal car okay I’m gonna go with the 2012 Mark 6 VW Golf R because oddly
enough you can actually get one in this price range Wow about 18 pillar deals oh
yeah so it’s it’s it was originally meant as a replacement for the 2008 r32
and based on the enthusiasts market everybody loves them so it’s it’s
pretty solid 19 in the city mpg 27 mpg on the highway and that’s pretty hard to
beat for a hot hatch yeah I think the fiestas probably just a little bit
better than that but I mean you get 256 horsepower Wow
four-wheel drive beautiful horsepower yes yes tunable horsepower very easily
and there’s a lot of options out there and you can get any drivetrain you want
as long as it’s all-wheel drive and manual taking price out of my playbook
buddy but that I think that’s the best part of it is that it only comes one way
so you’re gonna find one that’s that’s when did they start coming with a DSG do
you know like I think that was like they did come with DSG yeah but I don’t think
that was for the first couple of years I don’t think that was until the mark 7 ok
I want to double check on that but either way it has a whole bunch of
upgrades over the GTI now the GTI is actually quite a bit cheaper on the
resale market and just just go for the Golf R yeah it’s just going to be a
better choice all around so it has the revised fifth fifth generation Haldex
4motion all-wheel drive system okay which is just better
it’s just they just make really good all-wheel drive systems because they’re
kind of like cousins to the Quattro system
mm-hmm so you know they’re gonna be great plus that means that when it snows
in New York City or if you decide to go upstate into like Westchester Hudson
Valley area then I mean that’s where I’m from you your car’s gonna be solid
you’re not gonna be a problem now it’s the tires or user error yeah exactly
now it has the same engine the TFS ie a 113 that shared with the Audi s3 the SE
out Leon Cupra the GTI 30 the VW Scirocco R the Audi TTS which I actually
had a 2013 TTS take imagine take a breath and it was great so the Golf R is
always gonna be worth something in the enthusiast community yeah and there
happens to be a lot of options in the aftermarket space to modify that car
that GTI’s and golfers are really popular there so I would say take all
that extra money and go find whatever the most popular mods are and just go at
it yeah can’t go wrong whoa while we’re talking about money let’s
talk about the depreciation schedule of the Ford Fiesta now
the Ford Fiesta I could only pull the actual Fiesta up not the ST iteration
because they don’t have enough trim yeah so essentially the last two years as you
can see here it’s been depreciating for the first year or so and then it
actually starts to bump up and then back down now the ebbs and flows actually
make me think that this is a more normalizing market which if this is the
last year of the Fiesta ST which I think it is it is last year and that means
that this car is actually gonna probably bottom out rather soon especially if you
buy a couple year old one and it’s a hoot to drive so I think that this is a
killer deal to buy right now that’s not your Golf R so the Gulf are actually has
come down about fifteen percent over the last two years so that’s what looks like
seven ish eight ish percent per year and it seems to be starting to bottom out so
if you get in now then this seems like the markets gonna be pretty even it
might drop down a little bit more but this seems like the kind of car that you
would own for a while so it’s either you know get a bunch of Bolton parts so that
you can take it off and try to get your money back out of it yeah in like two
years or so you can probably get close to even you might lose a little bit but
you’re really gonna enjoy the experience of having it especially if it’s a
project car so at the end of the day you know it’s just up to what you want to do
with it at the end awesome well if you’re gonna get your ideal spec
well this would at least be my ideal spec for a fee SST I would definitely go
with the orange spice with the black 17-inch wheels and the red calipers I
mean this is a stunning looking little eco commuter hatchback thingy majiggy oh
yeah also you can get the heated manual Recaro seat seats which are awesome as
well as a power sunroof and navigation now that is one hell of a package for
eighteen thousand dollars and it’s surprisingly fast and as far as
modifications I would honestly recommend you go to driver education amber
think that you first invest in the nut behind the wheel and then you can start
investing in modifications like brakes you’ll you’ll be spending money on tires
already but the SST is already such a good little package learn how to drive a
front-wheel drive car fast or quickly and then all of a sudden you can start
throwing some money at the modifications but first grow money at you and also if
you’re still single your dating life I’ll agree with that actually with my
ideal spec you would agree you’ve got to get 100% you got to get rising blue
it’s a Golf R exclusive color and it looks amazing and and we probably seen
like the really rare golf ours it were like the r32 is like they all got that
that shade of blue it’s immaculate mm-hmm
it’ll also help with resale value just because that’s the more desirable color
so get the five-door because you want that extra space you get the four doors
with the hatch and there is one option get the tech get the tech package it
comes with a sunroof and navigation system and it comes with an upgraded
speaker system as well so get that because actually most of the cars on the
market have that option anyway because it was like the only option mm-hmm so
just get that and you should be pretty solid get a really good deal and then go
to go to driver school don’t use my lines you’re playing all these plays are
out of my playbook dude I mean what mod should she get pull these tuners I do
that whistle deco whoo bigger turbo uh truck horn there we go straight pipe
wide body kit I’m gonna stop you while you’re ahead
guys what about both of these cars is that they both fit perfectly into the
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always keep living that ideal lifestyle

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