The Best Camera Settings for PCARS 2 (Non VR) | Project Cars 2

The Best Camera Settings for PCARS 2 (Non VR) | Project Cars 2

hey what’s going on everybody Red Rhino
Music here bringing you another video today I just wanted to do a quick video
on project cars two of my camera settings all my friends use these
settings and I want to do a video to see if anybody else will like them they’re a little dramatic and I’m going
to show a clip of what they look like before you invest time into watching the
rest of the video or before you ruin your own camera settings and don’t like
of these before I get started if you guys could please hit that subscribe
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Wednesdays and Fridays and let’s get into these settings here’s the clip all right so my camera is obviously
dramatic it turns into the turns or it looks into the turns pretty like heavily
alright so what we’re focusing on is the helmet cam and if you have your cockpit
cam set up to how you like it adjusting the helmet cam won’t affect
that this is purely the second cockpit basically so start off I have the field
of view at 120 which is the max so you’re basically as stretched out as
possible so you can see as much of the car as you can you’re gonna want to set
that to 120 next we have field of view speed sensitivity on so you want to
check this – yes I’ve been playing with these a lot you might want to adjust
them a little bit to your own preference because the type of cars you drive make
a huge difference if you’re into like the Ford Escort stock and not the rally
ones or anything like that you’re probably gonna want to change the
maximum speed because I don’t even think they can hit 120 but for minimum speed I
have 75 maximum speed sensitivity I have 95 minimum speed sensitive speed so it’s
basically the minimum speed where your camera will start to react that’s 70
miles per hour or you just want to put 70 and maximum speed sensitive speed is
120 for me I used to use 150 but I’ve been driving slower things lately so I
put it down to 120 and then in movement if you press your bumper or shift over
to the next menu we want a high speed shake on that makes the car shake during
speed obviously it makes it more dramatic
world movement I have on 100% and that’s like how much the car will shake from
like a bump or anything like that g-force effect you can change this to
your liking I have it on 50 basically when you get to gas or the brake your
guy will like rock back and forth of this effects of that so helmet I have no
because after 85 field-of-view the helmet disappears anyway so there’s
no point the helmet depth of field this is up to you I like having the screen
clear and not blurry so I could see the gauges cuz I like to play off the in-car
ones not what’s on the screen so if you like that as well put no depth of field
is just gonna make everything blurry that’s not in front of the car now
helmet look to apex this is important and this is what I like about this game
over any other racing game pretty much it gives you a little bit of a VR feel
if you don’t have VR like myself I wish I did but I don’t so I have to
compromise with that and use helmet look to apex so basically it is what it is
and your guy will look into turns I want to start approaching them and then he
will straighten back out as you leave them so this is that setting I have it
on 100 because I like it like this the other benefit that comes with this
is that when your guy looks into the turns he’ll also like reveal the mirror
so you can see it if it’s a car that the mirror is a little bit out and it helps
to see if somebody’s like dive-bombing you in the turn to get out of the way or
just to see if anybody by you helmet leaning this also it’s similar to
the looking to apex but it’s more or less like the yaw or whatever they call it
it’s the tilt so you gotta lean into the turns as well as a look into the turns I
like this because it just adds more camera movement and it’s more immersive
gameplay and camera leaning is basically the same thing but this is just for all
of the camera modes it doesn’t it’s not exclusive to helmet cam or like cockpit
view or anything all the cameras will tilt with it
and that’s about it if you like this video in these settings hit the like
button below to let me know that comment if you have any other
suggestions or if you have a camera setting that you’d like other people to
try as well as myself I’m always open to new cameras it’s like in rocket League I
changed my camera settings like once a month anyways guys thanks for watching
see y’all next time peace

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  1. Minimum & Maximum SPEED SENSITIVITY settings are a %, not a figure as it seems. They should make this clearer. So basically, you are getting between 75-95% of your 120 degree FOV. Switch it off and your FOV will increase dramatically, to 120!
    I would never argue with someone over their preference of FOV but that's what those figures mean. I use 55-60 myself and the calculator says 40! fuck that.

  2. Actually lower FOV appears zoomed but its more realistic. Just notice how cars in front of you block your vision (like in real life)And with high FOV you see arround the car.

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