The Best Car I’ve Ever Owned and Why

rev up your engines, bonus says what is the
best car you’ve ever owned, best regards BMW addicts Swedish girl, okay personally
the best car that I ever owned I still own, it’s a 94 Toyota Celica,
it’s got 240,000 miles on it, it still runs like a clock, the air conditioning
still blows cold and other than that it was an 81 Toyota Corolla sr5 that I
had that was a nice hatchback, had a five-speed standard transmission a 1.8
bullet-proof pushrod engine, I mean the things can run for ever, their not speed demons
by any stretch of the imagination, but in terms of the best car and how long it
would run and still not give you too many problems, I’d have to say it was a
Celica by far, first car I ever owned was an Opel
I had a dream about it last night that I got it back and it was all fixed up, I
guess my mind is thinking strange things who knows, but that was nothing compared
to the Toyotas I mean absolutely nothing, horse says a 2002 Audi a4 1.8 turbo with
140,000 and a standard transmission, think it’s worth $1,000 for a project
rally rig, it runs and drives, yeah you know I mean, hey if you get a rally car
for $1000, realize those are endless money pit cars, it’s just the way that
they are, but if it runs and goes down the road and you want to make a cute
little rally car out of the thing and use it on weekends, go ahead you’re only
throwing $1,000 out, something big goes wrong just junk it, it’s not that much of
the loss for a rally car, but don’t put a
whole bunch of money in it don’t think, oh I’m gonna soup it up, I’m gonna upgrade
the suspension, I’m gonna do this and that, do not put a ton of money into it,
because the thing is basically worthless nobody wants to give any money for those
cars anyways, but at least it’s got a standard transmission now, so you don’t
have to deal with all the garbage of the Volkswagen, and Volkswagen owns Audi and
Porsche, horrible automatic transmission disease that they all generally get as
they age so, for a thousand bucks if it runs good now, it could be a fun toy for
rallying around in, Noah MRV says I just bought a manual transmission front wheel
drive 2009 Volvo v50 tr5 r design for 7500 Canadian with 145
thousand kilometers, what are your thoughts nothing’s wrong with the car,
seventy something thousand miles which is much, and 7500 Canadian which is
probably like what five grand us or something like that, it’s a decent deal,
with a standard transmission, they are pretty good on Swedish cars, they’re
automatics on those their pretty much garbage and as they age all of my
customers with those things the trannys always went out and cost them a fortune, a
few of them would spend four or five grand and fix them and most of them just
junked the cars, but you got a standard transmission Volvo, and they’re a lot
stronger so hey, take care of it and drive it, who
knows some fool paid a lot more money than that when it was brand new and you got
it at that price with that low mileage, hey baby it, it could be a fun car to drive
around in and the Volvos are really good in the snow, it snows in Canada so, Miso
Romero says, what are your thoughts on a 05 Scion tC for 3 grand with 150,000 miles,
those are good vehicles, now they don’t make them anymore but they really do, I don’t
know what Toyota had in their mind, they decided to call their cars scions and
sell them to youngsters, the Millennials and even younger people, and around us they
would go to events and they give free road tests with good looking 20 year old
giving the road test, either male or female depending on who they were going
for, then after a while I guess they decided it cost them too much money to have
separate scion dealers even though they were really Toyota’s you know, and
now they’re selling them as Toyota but they’re well made vehicles there’s nothing wrong
with them, you can get it and it still runs good with that kind of mileage, I
mean I’ve seen them with 300,000 miles on them
you know their nice-looking cars there’s nothing wrong with it, normally I tell
people, don’t buy a car that they don’t make anymore, but really they still make
them they’re just going back to calling them Toyota’s again, I don’t know why
they got a weird set in their mind, I can understand them making Lexus
separate from Toyotas, because back when they started doing that, most people
weren’t gonna spend 40 grand back then for a Toyota, but they weren’t for a
luxury Lexus, even though it’s the same company, well that was the opposite, they
thought, well the cool hipsters they want a scion, they don’t want to Toyota like
mom has a toyota camry, they want a Scion, but that kind of failed so now they
call them all Toyota’s, Waseem Giotto says Scotty can I install traction control
for my 2003 GMC Envoy that doesn’t have it, well of course you can
whatever you want, but it’s gonna cost you a fortune, because you’re gonna have
to install all the sensors, the wiring, the computer software, that’s expensive
stuff, it just really is and the money you’d spend for an older vehicle, you
know 16 year old vehicle, I don’t think it’s really worth it, truthfully the GM
traction control doesn’t work that well anyways, I rented one a few years
back, we went to Lake Tahoe and we were riding around all this frozen wasteland, so I
got in it and I started doing donuts on the ice, and the track control is
supposed to keep it from slipping and sliding it’s still slipping, slid like
mad on ice, so it doesn’t impress me I wouldn’t spend
the money trying to do something like that myself, cuz it really doesn’t work
all that well, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair
videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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