The Best Car Mods Anyone Can Do

rev up your engines,
today I’m going to talk about three of the best car modifications you can do to
your car yourself, now I’m not going to be talking about super expensive stuff, like
putting on a turbocharger, where you got to spend a whole bunch of money, then
you have to have a mechanic reprogram the computer to make it fit, I’m talking
about stuff that you can do yourself that really makes a difference, now the
first thing I’m going to talk about is brakes, so I’m using motorcycle brakes as
an example, now when you’re driving your car around, your entire car all that
weight is kinetic energy in motion and when you have to stop the vehicle, all
that kinetic energy is turned to heat by the brakes and that he has to be
dissipated, and on motorcycle since you only have two wheels and they’re really
fast, it’s very important to dissipate it as fast as possible, hence you have
drilled rotors so they dissipate heat better, so if you really want to put an
upgraded modification on your car, you can get drilled or slotted discs to put
on your car and it will stop much better plus it’s an easy job you can do
yourself, now the second really good mod you can
do in your car, are your tires, you want to have the right tires for how you want to
ride, drive and corner, now I’m not talking about foolish modifications, like
if you have 16 inch wheels putting 20 inch wheels and stuff, that ruins the
vehicle really, I’m talking about using quality tires that are the right ones
for your driving experience, realize that a large part of the shock absorbing
system of your car is actually your tire the rubber sidewalls come and go, they
give and your car’s going to ride a lot better if you have the correct tires for
your car and let’s say you live in a rainy place like Seattle, you want to get
good rain tires, they actually have tires that have treads that are deliberately
designed so that they expel the water off to the sides and work much better
in rainy environments, and if you have a really fast car, you have to get speed
rated tires that can take the speed and will be able to take all the power of
the engine without the tire slipping, and here of course you got to decide how far
do you want the notifications to go because you can get really grippy tires
that are super soft, but then it’s like an eraser, as you go down the road you’re
going to wear those tires out fast and really soft ones, they can wear out
in five six hundred miles, so you don’t want to go that far, just realize that tires have a lot to do with how your car rides, I’ve had
many customers in the past say, Oh Scotty thanks for telling me I need new tires
because boy when I put on the ones you suggested, the car rode so much better,
didn’t skid anymore, and it handles like a dream now, and all they did was change the
tires, the last good car modification has to do with the cooling system, the
radiator in your car, now for a long time radiators have been made out of plastic
and aluminum, this car is 26 years old and it’s still got a plastic aluminum
one in, but when I was a kid radiators were better, they were all solid metal
construction like on my motorcycle here the radiator is all made out of metal, even the
tanks are made out of metal everything’s metal guess what, metal
dissipates heat better than plastic and it lasts a lot longer, and modern radiators are
thinner, they have less surface area some of them are one row, some of them are two row,
but most of them are just one row, look at this radiator it was a four row,
they work a lot better, so if you want a modify your cooling system,
put on a better metal radiator and one that’s got more rows, it’s going to
last longer and cool your engine better realize when they’re building modern
vehicles, they’re often not building them to last as long as possible, you can
reverse the trend yourself by modifying your own car, just make sure you use the
right modifications like I’m talking about and not goofy things like raising
them way up in the air, putting on huge tires, or anything that is claiming it’s
going to make your car work better but actually it makes it work worse,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair video,s remember to
ring that Bell!

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