The Best Cheap Used Truck to Buy, Period.

The Best Cheap Used Truck to Buy, Period.

rev up your engines
I’ll tell you the truth about the Mazda be 3000 pickup here’s the Mazda emblem
but let’s open a driver’s door and look inside what does it say here
manufactured by Ford Motor Company for Mazda Motor Company so in other words
this Mazda be 3000 isn’t reality a Ford Ranger pickup truck check under
the hood someone put one of these dumb cold air
intakes on it but it goes to a v6 engine which is a Ford Vulcan v6 3.0 liter
engine that’s why it’s called the B 3000 just a three liter engine not a very
conventional engine its v6 got cast-iron block cast-iron head push rods and two
valves per cylinder puts out 140 horsepower which is enough to move this
little pickup truck around especially since it’s got a standard transmission
behind the eight ball here that’s a pretty basic pickup truck got a decent
pad on it you can haul reasonable amount of stuff with it this one has a decent
spray-on liner so even though it’s getting older it’s solid you can see the
bolts are rusty but the bad still in good shape now Ford and Mazda been
collaborating for decades some like these is the p3000 it’s a ford ranger
with the ford engine a Ford transmission they just had deals going back and forth
no basically being a Ford Ranger this is manufactured in the United States if you
were buying this and thinking you were getting a Japanese vehicle no you work
you get a Ford Ranger and they can be decent trucks like this one that served
its owners well it’s 17 years old and truth be told on this one the
differential here starting to wear out it’s starting to growl it’s just typical
when they get that kind of mileage on them and the owners probably gonna just
drive it until the drops it might still go quite some time before it finally
goes out now you could have a full differential rebuild done which might
run you anywhere between eight and nine hundred dollars if you want to fix it or
if you’re more of a gambling man or have luck in junkyards I had a customer a
couple years ago buy a used rear end whole thing for 250 bucks from a
junkyard and the truck came out of he said at 15,000 miles will smashed it and
it worked perfectly fine even though it says miles it’s a Ford product so
getting parts there’s a lot of them out there and you got a lot of choices of
what you can do now as a used vehicle these things can be decent you can get
them cheap enough and it can last a while but when they were brand new
really they weren’t that much of a deal to give you an example the list price of
this vehicle was sixteen thousand five hundred dollars when it was new and at
that same time 2003 you’re gonna picked up a comparable
Toyota Tacoma for about eight hundred dollars less and yes the Toyota Tacoma
is a much better overall truck in terms of longevity needing less repairs little
bit higher technology but just try finding a good used Toyota Tacoma cheap
that’s not an easy thing to do if you only have a few grand to spend getting
one of these use might be a better idea because you can find them it’s gonna
cost a lot less than a comparable to koma that draw these are pretty basic
vehicles v6 cast iron block cast iron head push rod simple technology they’re
not bad vehicles and if you can get one for a cheap enough price use it can be a
great secondary truck for running around with after all small pickup truck is a
small pickup truck they all look the same they look like small pickup trucks
and you can see 17 years later bodies still in excellent shape even a fancy
rims that it originally came with are still looking pretty good for all that
age of course having a v6 engine even though it’s a standard transmission
these aren’t gas misers this particular one gets about 17 in the city and 21 on
a highway you don’t get great gas mileage of pickup trucks specially when
they’re a little bit old but that’s not what you buy pickup trucks for you
buying the haul stops got a decent sized bed with a standard transmission it’s
pretty easy to all reasonably heavy loads and with that v6 engine and a
standard transmission you can tow four thousand pounds so it’s got towing
capability following all it’s a decent little pickup truck especially if you
find a good one used at a decent price realize it’s not a Mazda it’s a Ford
it’s made by Ford in the United States so if you are looking at one of these
Mazdas and a Ford Ranger pickup truck realize it’s the same thing you could
buy either one you’d be getting the same vehicle and I got a myth this one in red
it’s a sharp-looking a little pickup truck you know it’s 17 years old so now
you know the truth about a Mazda be 3000 pickup truck oh it’s really a Ford
Ranger you’re not a bad little pickup truck if you can find one that isn’t all
worn out yet, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair
videos, remember to ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. I put a cold air intake on my 03 Ranger only because I don’t drive it often and mice would always make a nest in the air filter box. I got tired of cleaning the nasty mess out. I really don’t notice any difference with it.

  3. And then there was the A4LD transmission fiasco ! Worked good for the four bangers, but went down in flames with a V6 in front of it ! Ford never publicly admitted it was a problem, but knowledgeable service managers secretly told people to go t AAMCO and get the upgrade !

  4. The 3.0 is nicknamed the 3.slow for a reason. If your looking for a ranger or b series Mazda get the 4.0, you will thank yourself later.

  5. I'v got a Mazda B2300 made in japan 2010 half of the parts are ford ,but the 2300 engine and auto transmission is all japanies .190k on it.the red tranny oil is leaking a drop a day at the drive shaft yoke.its still a daily driven truck.

  6. Mazda people: Buy a Mazda B3000 when they didn't know that they actually bought a Ford ranger.

  7. My friend bought my late step dads old 2004 ranger with the 4.0 when it had about 89k miles in 2014 and now its 2019 and has about 190k and still runs and looks like new I'm not a ford fan but these are one ford I would own

  8. Got a ‘99 Ford Ranger with the 3.0V6 and over 224k miles. It has been a pain at times but then again, what vehicle isn’t?

  9. I bought a ranger with 150k miles and that thing broke on the way home. No thank you. My BMW has been more reliable not even joking.

  10. Picked up one of this up 2 years ago drove 17 miles to work 17 Back 2 years no problem still have it has 138000 miles on it now

  11. My daily driver is a 1984 Ford Ranger 2.3L 4spd 4×4 that has 312,058 miles on it, and it's never needed drivetrain work done to it….not once not never….as of a few days ago though, it's started idlin really rough, sounds and smells like the choke is stuck, like it's runnin real lean….

  12. I have a '99 Ranger with the same engine, 200k miles in and it runs like a clock and doesn't leak a drop of fluid, and I have a white driveway so I'd know. Great little trucks and they're easy to work on.

  13. My 2008 Ford Ranger has had one part go bad, the AC air blend door. Other than that, oil, filters, tires and brakes. That's it.

  14. I always thought those were good little trucks but I've got family so I have a full size for those purposes. Good video scotty

  15. Hey Scotty, I just picked up a 2001 ford explorer sport trac 4×4.. any know issues with these that you are aware of?

  16. Hey Scotty, I just bought a 1997 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer w/4WD with the 2V 5.4L Triton V8. It had 303,457 miles on it and I spent $1,000. It has a brand new set of )1,200 20’ rims and tires, original motor and transmission that run great but the front end needs new control arms and ball joints. There’s a couple small things in the cabin I want to fix and the passenger side view mirror/blinker is old and doesn’t work and is slightly transparent in some lighting. Would it be better to get a cheap parts truck with a rod knock to get what I need and could use or to just buy the parts brand new? I know the miles are high but it’s very straight and clean.

  17. I drive a Ford ranger it sat for 10 years replaced the oil in the engin transmission and diff and replaced coolant and it runs like it did in 2001

  18. No way. Choose the Toyota Tacoma/Pickup and the Nissan Frontier/Hardbody every time.

    None of that Ford-Mazda rubbish 🤡

  19. Hey scotty i figured youd know more about this than me. My friend lives near someone with a 1967 or 68 pontiac firebird that hasnt moved in years. How much do you think i could get it for? Im looking for a project car to drive a couple times a week and ive always thought they were beautiful muscle cars. Thanks and have a great day!

  20. I wouldn't buy an Toyota tacoma 1995 to 2004 cause of the frame recall. The frames would rust out fast. My opinion for an good work truck woud be chevy 90s ck with the 350

  21. If it has any connection with FORD…IT IS CRAP. FORD Cured me to Toyota. My Tacoma is way better than the Ford car I owned. Ford is sh💩t.

  22. them shits aint cheap. Either way put your price in the search field and get what you get, if you cant fix it youre lazy

  23. Hurry up with the video, your customers are taking up the whole street. Every stain in Scotty's driveway has a story.

  24. I was going to sell my 2001 Tundra 240000 mi . Still runs great A/C works great. Oh no. I was going to regret it. I you have a good dependable vehicle, keep it.

  25. Man…..I loved my Ranger!!! I had a 2000 Ford Ranger and I loved it!! My truck served me well, I had 200,000 miles when i got rid of it.

  26. Ok, so I'm not crazy for thinking that most Toyota Tacoma'a are overpriced?
    I've seen them going for over 5k when you can find a Chevy or Ford starting at 2k.

  27. I have a 1997 Ford ranger with 54k I think. It was my grand fathers. Sat 2 yrs not used and took alittle time but started right up never had one issue with it. Been to Ohio and back twice . Ac is still cold and everything

  28. I picked up a 99 Ranger for $1000 from my friend trading it in for Camero. It had only 66K miles. Now 6 years later it still runs great at 125K miles. No major repairs. 👍🇺🇸 My best car deal yet.

  29. Had one with over 200k on it that had transmission issues in the end and got rid of it. Seen one with 500k miles on it. They are definitely stout

  30. Every butthurt person happy now? Lol
    Ya’ll were talking about how scotty was talking trash about chrisfix’s hummer
    Scotty spits the truth, no one can stop him.

  31. And Scotty don’t forget, the Rangers/Mazda’s have a fully boxed frame and won’t break in half like the junky, rusty overrated Tacoma’s. 😉👏🏻

  32. Hey Scotty. I hear you on these pickups. I own a 1996 Mazda B2300 standard transmission pickup with 169,000 miles..can't kill it. It still runs great The shackles had to be replaced. Transmission is all original. Tuned up at 100,000 miles. And only 3rd set of tires on her. The original starter lasted 21 years, yes that is right 21 years! Alternator lasted 18 years. Not bad for a 2.3 liter motor. Rev up your Mazda/Ford pickup trucks!

  33. I have a 2003 Ford ranger xlt 2wd and the thing is bulletproof. I've owned it since 2008 and other than a some suspension work a new alternator and battery and some brake and coolant hoses it really has not given me any problems

  34. I've had 5 Rangers over the years and they are some of the best trucks made. They were cheap, reliable and tough. I still have an 01 that I bought when I was 19 years old. Great little trucks

  35. Remember the transmission on these ford rangers are the weakest point.. but if its manual it can be a good choice.

  36. This is great. I’m actually in the market for a used truck. Tired of putting lots of pointless miles on my car lol. This upload was perfect timing . Keep up the amazing videos sir 👍🏼👍🏼

  37. The real reason why Scotty praises the pick-up is at 1:07. Because it is not a Ford nor a Mazda. It is a TOYOTA MOMENTUM!

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