The Best Daily Driver – 2002 Toyota Crown or 2005 Volvo XC90

The Best Daily Driver – 2002 Toyota Crown or 2005 Volvo XC90

it’s time for car vs car contest, every
week two contestants will show off their car to compete to win $100 Amazon gift
card for me, and the winner will be chosen by you in a poll at the end of
this video, and here comes this week’s contestants, hey guys this is my 2005 Volvo xc90 v8
all-wheel drive it’s been in the family for 13 years and still runs like a champ,
it’s my daily driver it has a 4.4 liter 315 horsepower 325 foot pound torch v8
engine with an automatic 6-speed transmission and Haldex all-wheel drive
system, interior is comfortable and stylish with heated leather seating woodgrain
accents and steering wheel, pop-up in-dash navigation, climate control, and
my favorite this presidential phone little history, in 2002 after the
production of the xc90 Volvo realized that they needed a high-end SUV to
compete with some of the other luxurious SUVs out there, except go figure Volvo
cars are designed with key factor which is safety before anything, so they
couldn’t find a block small enough to fit in the reduce engine bay of the xc90,
so in comes Yamaha to the rescue with their b8 4 4 4 s at 4.4 v8, this all
aluminium block was mounted transversely in the xc90 and S80 the engine bay was
originally made to house a long narrow straight 5 engine, so Yamaha had to merge
the banks in a 60-degree angle, this meant that they had to add a balancing
shaft so it would run as smooth as common 90-degree banked v8s,
I love this car it’s a great daily driver and what makes it so special me
is its engine, Japanese built performance v8 engine in a Swedish metal car and
yeah it’s not the newest fastest car around, it kind of looks like your common
soccer-mom car but once you step on and believe me, it inspires an interesting
reaction, it’s fun drive safe comfortable and reliable, so that’s enough to earn my
respect, I hope you guys enjoyed this video and thanks so much for watching hi this is my 2002 Toyota Crown which belonged to my late father who
imported it from Japan used, and I decided to restore it as a memorial after his
passing the Toyota Crown has been produced in
Japan since 1955 it is currently a full-size luxury sedan, primarily aimed
at the Japanese market, VIP cars our typically large expensive rare wheel
drive sedans some models came with a refrigerator are kept in the back here, so this is the engine room,
it’s equipped with a 1jz FSE which is non turbo, I have added on some coil
overs and it’s inline 6, 2.5 inline six well that was this week’s videos, and
remember to have your car shown here and to compete to win, email me a picture of
your car and I’ll choose the best ones to show in next week’s episode, so if you
never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that

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  2. I'm a fan of Toyota, but I would take that Volvo any day. And of course Volvo has a steering wheel on the correct side of the road…?

  3. The toyota was cooler imo. But as a daily driver I'd pick the volvo. It's awd, much larger, and looks a little more luxurious. I already have a daily driver though so I'd take that toyota any day

  4. A V8 version of the Toyota Crown (the Majesta) would have been a fairer comparison. They had all the Lexus LS400 mechanicals, luxury and smoothness.

  5. Toyota Crowns were extremely popular luxurious vehicles back in the 80s. Nissan had the Bluebird and Cedric as Toyota´s competition. Elegant and classy cars.

  6. I have a 2004 XC-90. It is a joy to drive. It is suprisingly fast, handles beautifully and the ride is wonderul for a sedan, and its an SUV!! ZERO maintenance issues over the many years of ownership and the AWD is fantastic here in the snowy rust belt My kids have done their best to destroy the interior, to no avail! Hands down the XC-90 wins! (only downside is gas mileage….)

  7. One more XC-90 testimonial. Minivan doing 60 mph (running from the police) t-boned an XC-90 over my curb and into my front yard! The minivan was demolished, the XC-90 only had surface damage at the point of impact (to the body, the axels were bent and all of the tires had ruptured…), the frame and cage did not give up even 1/4 of an inch. Everyone inside the Volvo was OK, not so much for the mini-van…..

  8. If you crash them into each other, the Volvo wins. Otherwise I drive a 2002 Toyota so it's hard not to be biased here.

  9. I like the Toyota just cause no car company understands that a transverse v8 is to big to work on in that small of a engine bay.

  10. The Volvo is nice but the other car has history and he did a small mod to it. IT just slitghly edged him out

  11. If you can afford to run that Volvo I guess it's okay, I have been in a XC90 with the 3.2 litre V8 and it doesn't get much better than 16L -100km. One thing I did notice is the plastic parts in the cabin are subpar and break very easy. I would go with the Toyota myself as I know the cost of repairs for a Volvo.

  12. TOYOTA CROWN is one of the best sedans on this planet, period. My family owns an inline-6 3.0 Royal Saloon with 220K km on it, not a single repair, chassis is still nimble and smooth like new – not exaggerating at all. Toyota should do the world a favor by selling Japan built Crown to everywhere in the world.

  13. OMG!!! Im from Trinidad and Tobago!!! And I saw that car in Gasparillo!!! I was BLOWN AWAY by how awesome it looked!!! U got my vote bro!!!

  14. I'm from the U.S. and we don't have Crowns… Plus I like Toyotas because they "make sense" to work on… +1 for the Crown.

  15. This is freaking hard for me.
    For daily driving, I'd take an SUV any day over a car (especially one with a low ride height).
    However daily driving suggests frequent use and a low maintenance cost.
    I absolutely adore that Crown, but it seems like a better "on occasion" car than the Volvo rather than a daily driver. Trinidad is notorious for pot holes, bad roads and flooding.

  16. Japan hates us that's all I need to know. No Toyota Crown for example and other interesting cool cars. 25 year import law couldn't come faster.

  17. Crown is rolls royce of toyota in comfort combine with hardcore reliability just like corolla. I will chose Crown anytime.

  18. Vote for Toyota Crown. We need Toyota crown for the US market. The Asian market has all great vehicle from Toyota, but the US has not yet.

  19. used to have a 2008 xc90 since new and sold it last year. The 10 years we owned was very good. Maintenance was a bit costly that's about it and seeing this Volvo bought back some pleasant memories.

  20. We have new model Toyota Crown (Corona) still in Dominican Republic, Someting between Camry and Corolla but sportier looking than both.

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