The Best Engine Air Filter in the World and Why

The Best Engine Air Filter in the World and Why

rev up your engines, today I’m going to
talk about the best air filters in the world for your car and why they are, and
to explain it all correctly you’re gonna have a little history lesson, in the
early 1900’s to the early 1930s companies like Henry Ford, they had water
bath air filters where water was the filtration unit, the air would be sucked
into a giant filtration unit they had water in it, and it would also have
things like metal shavings any kind of rough material, and the air would come in
go through the water and the shaving materials, then be sucked into the engine,
needless to say you had to change the water all the time, if it ran dry it would be sucking
dirt into the engine, they were kind of a pain to clean, and they didn’t filter all
that well, and as old as I am that was before my time, when I was a young
mechanic in the 60s there were still some old cars that are what are called oil
bath air filters, it was the same thing only used oil instead of water as a
filtration, now these oil bath filtration units are pretty big, they take up a lot of
space, and the oil filtered a lot better than the water, but same thing goes, you
had to change the oil all the time and it was even worse to clean than the water
ones, because it’s based on oil, so it was a very messy thing to do, and it was
inconvenient, you had to keep taking it apart and cleaning them so, in the swing
of 1960s they started to put those round paper air filters in cars, now the reason
they were round is because most cars had carburetors that were round on the top
and the round would fit around to filter the air, and eventually they went to
rectangular inside boxes, cause they could get more surface area that way
rather than just a thin round circle, the idea is to get the most filtration area
to get the most dust out and dirt out for the longest period of time, now even
today some large off-road vehicles like huge construction equipment, it uses an
oil bath system because there’s so much dust, the oil is good at getting rid of
the dust, even a paper filter is gonna fill up with dust really fast, say if
you’re in a desert or lately here in Houston where we’ve had this African dust
clouds that have been covering the city for days, but most of
the time we don’t live in a dust storm and the paper filters are actually the
best, because even if it’s somewhat dusty you can always knock the dust off or get
a vacuum and suck the dust off, once they become impregnated with a lot of dirty
stuff you got to replace them, but for overall performance these paper filters
actually are the best of both worlds, so of course you’re gonna ask what are the
best paper filters, well unfortunately its OEM the Original Equipment
Manufacturer because they make them so that they
filter the best, get the best gas mileage and here’s a comparison to show you what
I’m talking about, this is a Toyota OEM air filter, see how many pleats there are
there’s a lot of filtration area and I’m now comparing it to an aftermarket
filter that fits the Toyota, but you can see there’s much less pleats, there’s not
as much surface area, it’s not gonna last as long, and it’s not gonna filter as
well they’re often a reason that the
cheaper air filters cost less, there’s less material on them, it’s often a
cheaper material, it doesn’t filter as well, so really for the best filter you
want to use OEM filters, now you don’t have to buy them at the dealer, there’s
lots of other places that sell them, but you want to make sure that they’re
quality and they’re not a cheaper filter so what if they cost less, if you have
to change them all the time or if you don’t change them they clog up faster,
you get worse gas mileage and you’re wasting money, I mean really look at
the difference, here’s the original equipment, here’s the aftermarket one you
can see, this is going to filter a lot more than this chintzy little thing it
hardly has any paper at all in it compared to the factory one, and I know
people are gonna ask, what about these aftermarket ones like K&N, and look what
it says, designed to increase horsepower and acceleration, washable, reusable,
lifetime product, now these K&N filters are good filters, they have cloth
based filtering and there’s oil in them so they filter really well, but since their oil impregnated, heavy dust will clog them up really fast, then you got to
clean them, now there’s a kit for that here it is, but you have to clean it, dry
it, oil it, and put it in, and if you put too much oil in it, it can actually ruin
your MAF sensor, the MAF sensor many cars have what’s called a hot MAF sensor,
and so this wire gets real hot to burn impurities, and if that oil gets on
it, it will burn the mass sensor out, so it’s something you’re really got to be
careful about in those cars, so really contrary to lots of claims, nothing beats
an OEM filter for a lot of filtration area, long life, and quality filtration,
really there’s nothing to beat it on an average car, and since its mechanic
Monday, I’m giving away in OEM air filter to one of the viewers, to have a chance
to win, place a clean non-offensive comment on the youtube comments below,
and the winner will be chosen randomly by computer to get an OEM air filter, so
their car can run smoothly and not be clogged up with dirt, so if you never
want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. I drive a 99 subaru impreza wagon and i just replaced the air filter a month ago, had bought it a few months prior. It turned out the old filter was the original filter! It had some rust o. The outside and had rusty hue on the folds. I also had to go to 3 different stores cuz no one had the right size, its a pretty large filter

  3. Thanks for the video!! I think I’ll go for a k&n filter but I’ll make sure to do a good maintenance!!

  4. Scotty I was a k&n junkie because like yourself I'm cheap
    But I got your point and will definitely go OEM starting today
    Thank you for all your genuine advise

  5. Have to disagree with you on this one Scotty. I have been a mechanic myself for 6 years now and there are really good aftermarket air filters these days like Mann and Purflux. When you compare these to the OEM part, you can even see that the materials used are sometimes even better than OEM. Not to mention that they cost a fraction of the price. My own vehicle, a Ford Mondeo 2009 diesel model has done 200000 miles with an aftermarket air filter and it runs like brand new.


  7. Tip Scotty, Be sure to drain out that morning coffee before you start filming, I'm not a K&N flat filter lover, but your statement " the K&N filter is oiled, and can clogg up really fast because of the oil, is not a good thing.. lol.. well what do you think would happen if it wasn't oiled… that dust that being collected on the filter would make it into you engine.

  8. Thanks for the heads up on the k&n filter maintenance. Going back to OEM with my Porsche 06’ cayman s 3.4 👍

  9. Mine is like that. I changed it myself after asking that it be done during an oil change then discovering I'd been charged for it, but it hadn't been done.

  10. How about removing the charcoal filter in the intake box lid that's mounted permanently, then use just a drop in filter……………….?

  11. AEM dry flow filters are the pretty good. They were designed by AEM and K&N to be a re-usable performance air filter. Clean, dry, re-install. Popular with the desert guys.

  12. I’ve learned a lot from u I have a 2011 GMC Acadia that’s got over 120,000 miles on it. Gas mileage in town is really bad high way I get about 19 mpg I’ve been able to work on my car more because of u. Thank you so much love your show and everything you do

  13. Scotty, one mechanic swears by instead of oil you spray the intake side of the air filter with silicon. What you think?

  14. i had some cars that had extra space under the hood, so what i did was to buy the largest air filter and box that i can jam in there. my old audi 80 1.6 D (no turbo) was able to take a semitruck filter with box. it realy made a difference to be honest. it had least 10 times bigger area, and for that reason the engine was realy happy. it ran better a bit, specially when climbing steep roads at higher revs. i think that was proper, realy proper tuning. it was a modification that had benefits.

  15. Hi Scotty I have two missing screws in my air filter box..well, a corner of the air filter box where the screw goes in broke and one screw is broken. The box feels tight with only two screws. Is this something to be working about?

  16. I recently bought a 2001 Toyota Camrybut it didn't come with the owner's manual where can I find an original manual that can tell me when to maintenance my car and what types of oil to use

  17. My oil based K&N air filter works better than Kia OEM paper filter. I purchased a second K&N thats already been cleaned and is dry so when it needs replaced…. Spray on a little oil and insert a clean filter then I can clean the dirty one in a few days or weeks later.

  18. Scotty I love your videos and you seriously rock for all your help. Glad to see you telling the truth about KN filters. Too many people don’t do that and end up trashing their MAP. Keep up the cool videos

  19. Yeah I saw this, I had a Wix and a Purolater and they had far fewer pleats, just not looking high quality at all, the employee at Advance offered me their "house brand" which is CarQuest there, not a house brand at all lol, and I saw it had the same number of pleats as OEM Hondas and looked really nice and high quality. The thing seems to be working great, it seems like the big brands aren't to the quality of OEM or even a quality "house brand".

  20. Please name five examples of OEM airfilters obtainable @ : O'Rileys. AutoZone, NAPA, Advance auto parts dealers {thank you}

  21. Thank you for the very helpful information on your phone. I did not know Williams for the best. Thank you also for your great sense of humor is your delivery information. My wife and I both really joy watching your videos, and have shared them with any friends. Great job!

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