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In this video we look at free sat nav apps
for smartphones. There are tonnes to choose from, but the very best offer real time traffic
information, they’re simple to use and they’re free to download as well. So what we are going
to do in this video is run through our favourite three on the market
now. We are going to show you some good points, some bad points and also how to use them,
but for more comprehensive rundown of these apps and many more visit “”
for our full review. “Here” is the company that provides the map information for around
80% of new in-car sat navs. They also have a smartphone app that provides sat nav called
“Here WeGo”. So they’re a very well established company for in-car stuff and the good news
is that all that experience translates across pretty nicely to the smartphone app. It’s
pretty simple to use, very functional layout – lets go to Bristol. It offers you a few
different options and also there is public transport and walking – I don’t think I am
going to walk to Bristol today. It also includes the traffic delay it expects as well. So a
real plus is that it is very easy to set up, but let’s see what it’s like on the move.
The directions are clearly laid out, gives you a nice view of the road and at the top
of the screen there it gives you a view of what your next direction will be. It’s a bit
obstructive to the view but I’d say it is better to have it there than not. At the bottom
of the screen you’ve got the speed you’re going, you’ve got the arrival time you’re
set to get there and also it shows you any traffic delays as well. so “Here WeGo” is
good, but it’s not anything particularly special. Second place in our free sat nav app test is probably
the one you’ve all heard of, “Google Maps”. So let’s have a look why it’s so popular.
Because it’s powered by Google you don’t have to be too specific with your destination so
it will use a Google search to find out where you mean, which is a really really
good addition, but obviously it will eat into your data. When you input your destination
very handily it gives you a layout of the different
routes available to you. You can put a stop in, so you can add somewhere you want to go
on the way or after one of your destinations. Again lets see how simple it is to use on
the move. Same as “Here WeGo” it’s a very very clear layout. The directions at the top
of the screen is a bit smaller so you see more and at the bottom of it it tells you
how long there is to go and it’s not distracting from the road at all. So I think one of the
reasons it is so popular is because it’s so simple to use. You can just pick it up, put
in a destination and go and you don’t have to be a tech wiz at all to operate it. So
it is brilliant and it’s reliable as well. But it doesn’t do anything particularly fancy
that some of the other apps can offer and points of interests aren’t that obvious as
well. So that just leaves top spot and for us the best free sat nav app that you can
get on your phone is “Waze”. It’s a brilliant sat nav app that enables users to report traffic
incidents that they see along the way. So the routes it suggests are based on real time
traffic updates sent in by people actually on the roads. Type in your destination. Like
the others you don’t have to be too specific and it will automatically bring up what the
best suggestion it thinks is, based on the real time traffic information provided. If
you want to look at some other routes that’s available as well and then it calculates some
alternatives. It’s all pretty quick and you either get the list view or a map view, which
is really good to interchange. On the move it’s brilliant. It’s really simple, clear
instructions and it also shows speed cameras very clearly. The other apps do that as well,
but if there’s a vehicle stopped on the hard shoulder, if there’s a police speed camera
out and about or if there’s even an object on the road you can report it on the app and
it lets other users know and because so many people use this app it’s really accurate and
it’s very simple to use. now it might sound like that’s quite a distraction from driving,
but actually once you put a couple in, it’s very very simple to work out how to use and
it’s not not a distraction at all. If you’re based in a city it could revolutionise your
journey to and from work. Another handy feature is remembering where your car’s actually parked
so that you can go and find your car without any problems. So there you have it “Waze”
gets top spot for our free sat nav app product test. To read our reviews of the apps you’ve
seen featured here and to see a few more that we haven’t mentioned, head to ””.
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