The Best Nissan Ever Made

rev up your engines it’s time for show off Sunday where
everyone has a chance to show off their own car and here’s this week’s winner,
what’s going on guys my name is Mike Valencia and this is my 2001 nissan
skyline r34 and also my 1990 r32 skyline you can see it has a lot of exterior
stuff done to it it’s got these z-tune hood on it and Nismo front-mount
intercooler smoked lenses 18-inch wheels with the Brembos on it and there’s most
sites Kurtis tensions that the aftermarket LED tail lights the Nissan
Skyline was always a car that you could never have that was only made in Japan
their right-hand drive but they were cool cars man they were always like the
forbidden fruit I never thought I’d ever be able to have one of these cars in
real life and Here I am today I actually sell these cars this is my third job
date time job is the professional land surveyor second job is O’Reilly’s night
manager their job is selling these so if you are
interested in picking up one of these cars whether it be 32 33 or 34 this is
my Instagram or Facebook Mike Valencia it’s a built 2.6 RB 26 that’s what came in
the GTR models and it’s a still a two point six liter and CP Pistons equal
rods a CL bearings we’ve got the n1 oil pump and it’s on a big single Garrett GT
40-yard dual ball bearing and it’s got a custom catch-can aluminum radiator
there’s a nismo front-mount intercooler and it’s on am series one stand-alone
ECU car is currently running on e85 and it made uh 646 to the wheels it’s pretty
healthy like 20 pounds of boosts it was on it’s got a all bro 525 in the tank
with the rewire kit boss 1600 CC injectors, fuel pressure
regulator kit, HKS 60 millimeter wastegate with the external
dump and tuned by jason herrera of stupid fest here in houston texas so
yall need someone to tune yells car and dial it in go see that man that a cool knowledge about the r32 GTR
these are the ones that properly earn the nickname Godzilla as so you might
hear you know people refer these cars as Godzilla the 32 GTR was the one that got
the true name it was given to us by the Aussies back in you know the late 80s
early 90s it was a on the cover of wheels magazine it was called Japan they
gave that name to these cars because back when they had Group a these cars
had dominated the Japanese Grand Touring Championship 29 at 29 the they won every
single race they had to change the rules because of these cars that’s why they’re
kind of special you know they have more of the Motorsports history behind them
as opposed to the 33 and 34 s it’s the real man GTR right there the 32 GTRs
were also the light the lightest of the trio of all three of them they were
smaller and almost everywhere so now we’re gonna talk about some things in
the inside of the car here this this one here is the headlight leveling system
it’s pretty cool future it’s got three different heights and you just turn it
when the headlights are on it makes the the cutoff on the xenon headlights go
lower higher by those adjustments they’re pretty cool but I’m gonna show
y’all the headlight adjustability now on this car with the xenon high-intensity
discharge headlight system there’s three levels and I currently have it on its
lowest setting okay I’m gonna zoom in so y’all can see the very very faint
adjustment so now I’m gonna go over here and this is the highest setting right
here it’s a small you know little cool little feature I like it this right here
is called the multifunction display and turn the key and it does this little
thing there and it started up so you can see the different settings we’ll go to
new so you can see yeah so this it shows you boost pressure and then the oil
temperature this is pretty cool it shows the salt
live stuff here water temp wall temp injector
percentage shares 5% I got your clock right there glove box opens just like
any other glove box horn fuel gauge speedometers and kilometers
as opposed to our miles per hour here in the States
tachometer 10,000 rpm temp gauge the lights are like right here
high beams you just pull it on the right-hand side as opposed to American
cars so everything would be here so on the Japanese cars it’s convenient
because when you’re in driving it’s like you can just use your right hand we
don’t have to take your hand off the shifter this is a pretty cool up here
sunroof you pull this back this has got like two different functions on it you
could tilt it and I’m just like any other car that goes tilts come back down
this one here you pull it back sunroof it’s pretty standard here you know it’s
not like a Bugatti or anything here it’s plastic and a couple of nice finishes
that’s it standard buttons for the the window
a shop called tase automotive or they’re now called dynasty
performance they built this exhaust on this car here this is a four inch
straight be been statement it’s a big turbo so it’s gonna have a
little bit of turbo lag but it’s not too bad it’s not bad for what she is
especially a little 2.6 inline-6 again the person who tuned this car is Jason Rivera
of stupid fast he’s here in Houston Texas another shout-out to James Ward from
Ward auto racing out in Texas he’s the one who did like he does all
the work to all my cars if you need anything done whether it be like build
or maintenance wise James Ward man it’s
not like perfect it’s on some really old school og bosch 1600 CC injectors this is like these are the injectors
they used back in the day when they’re trying to get big power from you know
some injectors that just were big but they weren’t
that’s what these are so eventually we’re going to you know put some better fuel injector dynamic
injectors into it go back for a retune and really turn up yeah it’s good thanks again Scotty for
letting me have me on your channel and if you’re interested in purchasing one
of these cars I am the one to contact for that so send me a message on the
Instagram or Facebook page you see me around say hi, see you, well that
was this week’s video and remember to have your car video highlighted here on
my channel check this out so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos remember to ring that Bell

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