The Best Used Cars In The World for 10 Grand — /ROAD TESTAMENT

The Best Used Cars In The World for 10 Grand — /ROAD TESTAMENT

to Road Testament. I’m Mike Spinelli. And we are at best used cars in
the world, $10,000 edition. JF MUSIAL: 10 euro. MIKE SPINELLI: 10 euro,
10 pound, 10 grand. JF MUSIAL: 10 grand. MIKE SPINELLI: That’s
how they say it. JF MUSIAL: Yeah. MIKE SPINELLI: JF
Musial is here. JF MUSIAL: Hi. MIKE SPINELLI: We’re going
to be counting down the hits in a second. @Drive on Twitter is where
you’re going to Like us. Nah, you don’t like people– JF MUSIAL: No, no, no. That’s where you communicate
with us in under 146 characters. MIKE SPINELLI: Thank
you very much. I kind of forgot. MALE SPEAKER: Did they
add six characters? JF MUSIAL: Oh, was it 140? MALE SPEAKER: Yeah. MIKE SPINELLI: They added
some characters. It’s all right. JF MUSIAL: I don’t
know Twitter. I know YouTube. That’s the best social
media you can get. MIKE SPINELLI: Yes. Also on Facebook– we’re going
to be probably doing a little more on Facebook
coming up soon. JF MUSIAL: MIKE SPINELLI: Yes. Exactly. JF MUSIAL: I want to know
what the first car is on your list, Mike. MIKE SPINELLI: Yes. So this is a combination
of our lists– or, well, mine and yours. So everybody’s been leaving
the comments below. Obviously, last week,
we were preempted by the Ken Block interview. But before, when we did the 5
grand show, people left a lot of 10 grand comments. And a lot of cool–you know,
we are all in agreement. That’s a good thing about
this around here. Because the cars that are 10
grand, I think we can all pretty much agree that
these cars on this list are all awesome. JF MUSIAL: Yeah. MIKE SPINELLI: And some of them
are harder to fix and maybe have a higher level of difficulty to keep and maintain. But they are all awesome. And they will all be
worth your while if you drop the 10 grand. JF MUSIAL: I haven’t seen
this list, so I don’t know if it’s true. MIKE SPINELLI: Yeah,
that’s right. You haven’t. But you have a couple
of your own. JF MUSIAL: Yes. MIKE SPINELLI: So let’s
just start with BMW. Because everybody seems
to love the E36. First six-cylinder. JF MUSIAL: On an E36
3 series, or– MIKE SPINELLI: E36 M3. First six-cylinder M3. Came in many different
flavors. Came in a sedan or a– JF MUSIAL: Convertible, yeah. MIKE SPINELLI: And the
coupe, of course. JF MUSIAL: Yeah, this was
my car of my high school generation. MIKE SPINELLI: I know. JF MUSIAL: Everyone
aspired to be– you knew? You were stalking me
in high school? MIKE SPINELLI: I was stalking
you in high school. I knew we would be here,
sitting here, all these years later. JF MUSIAL: Yes. After our radio show. MIKE SPINELLI: [INAUDIBLE] in the gym. JF MUSIAL: I think that
the M3 is actually a great choice for this. E36, those were great cars. Actually, they were
simple interiors. Nothing much to go wrong. And they were still the
generation where you can work on them in your own shop and
not have to have three computers to do diagnostics. MIKE SPINELLI: Right. And still pre-traction
control. JF MUSIAL: Oh, really? Yeah. Holy cow. MIKE SPINELLI: Awesome. I mean, probably one of the
best chassis ever built outside the 30. But a different car. A very different feel– much more substantial-feeling
car. Doesn’t have that little
car, throw it around. JF MUSIAL: No, it was
more planted. MIKE SPINELLI: It’s
more planted. JF MUSIAL: Better
planted, rather. And I think the suspension
setup– MIKE SPINELLI: Well, it is just
a brilliant car to drive. And talk about communicative
steering. I mean, still awesome
BMW steering. JF MUSIAL: Great choice. MIKE SPINELLI: Oh, also,
little-known fact. First M car with SMG, but
not in the States. It had SMG– JF MUSIAL: Not a car you
would want to buy. Because if the E46 SMG was
crap, I’m assuming the E36 SMG was crap. Even though I didn’t even
know that there was an SMG back then. MIKE SPINELLI: Yeah,
you don’t want– I mean, SMG didn’t– JF MUSIAL: Was it like an
automatic craptastic– doesn’t matter. MIKE SPINELLI: I didn’t
even know it was here, so I don’t know– I know it’s probably the same,
similar to the first-gen SMG in the E46. JF MUSIAL: Which was crap. MIKE SPINELLI: Probably
made some software differences and stuff. Anyway. So that’s cool. JF MUSIAL: You have
alternatives. MIKE SPINELLI: Right. So we have the top 10 list,
or the top list, and the alternatives. Alternative to that, E39
540i sport suspension. JF MUSIAL: I can’t believe
you can get the cars for that cheap. That’s a great car. MIKE SPINELLI: I mean,
it’s a tough one. You’re going to have to go
maybe 100,000 miles. It’s a little harder to– JF MUSIAL: The maintenance
would be mainstream. MIKE SPINELLI: Yes. JF MUSIAL: But it’s a
fantastic choice. MIKE SPINELLI: You get
the sport pack. And you get the six speed. And you have got the budget
M3 because it is awesome. JF MUSIAL: Except for the fact
that it weighs more and– MIKE SPINELLI: All right. JF MUSIAL: Budget M5. MIKE SPINELLI: Budget M5. Sorry. The budget M5. JF MUSIAL: E39 M5s are
still around 20 G’s. MIKE SPINELLI: Exactly. JF MUSIAL: Which is the
best sedan to this day in terms of design. MIKE SPINELLI: That
is a chassis– design and chassis execution
that you cannot touch. JF MUSIAL: Because it’s
not too big like the sedans of today. It was bigger than the
coupes back then. It’s like the perfect balance. I drive Alex’s M5. Even with all the crap in it
and how much more weight it has because of the fuel
cell, it’s a fricking great car to drive. MIKE SPINELLI: I just
want to point out that we did two takes. And I said M3 wrong twice. So just a little
behind-the-scenes crap. I had to point that out because
I’m self-deprecating. Anyway, next car. Absolutely not German. Not at all German. Not at the least bit German. JF MUSIAL: Come on,
you’re an idiot. What? No. MIKE SPINELLI: Yes. JF MUSIAL: No. MIKE SPINELLI: No, because
I’ve got– JF MUSIAL: You haven’t even
said what it is yet. MIKE SPINELLI: We haven’t. But I have viewers
to back me up. It’s a 2002 Pontiac
Trans Am WS6. Oh, what? Problem? Is there a problem? JF MUSIAL: What’s that? Oh what, what? MIKE SPINELLI: Why, you’ve got
a problem with American cars? JF MUSIAL: You want
to throw down? OK. Anyway, I’ve never driven one. MIKE SPINELLI: You
hate America? JF MUSIAL: No, I just don’t
like the way it looks. I’ve never driven one. But I will say, Big Muscle, Mike
Musto from Big Muscle, says that is a fantastic
car to drive. MIKE SPINELLI: It’s
an amazing car. JF MUSIAL: And I believe
everything he says about muscle cars and about
those breed of cars. So I trust him. But I don’t like the
way it looks. It’s like– MIKE SPINELLI: All right. It looks like a circus wagon. But here’s one thing about
GM performance cars. You want to buy the last one
before they canceled it, they got rid of it. It always is the one– they got all of the little
things that they had to fix. They fixed them all. And then it was gone. It’s the same thing
that happened– JF MUSIAL: We got too good. Must move on. MIKE SPINELLI: Oh, good. We finally got it. Time to get rid of it. It was the same thing that
happened with the Fiero. Because everybody dogs
on the Fiero. The ’88, or the ’87
GT is a great car. I mean, maybe great is too
much of a stretch. JF MUSIAL: Next. MIKE SPINELLI: Oh, by the way. Alternate for that one? Obviously, Camaro SS. Camaro Z28. All right. We don’t have to go
deeper into that. OK. What about the 1998 Acura
Integra Type R? JF MUSIAL: Good choice. MIKE SPINELLI: Yes. Yes. OK. So granted, they only
brought 1,000– JF MUSIAL: 12? MIKE SPINELLI: They brought
700 one year, 800 the next year, or whatever. JF MUSIAL: And neither of us can
still do math, because 700 plus 800 doesn’t equal– MIKE SPINELLI: It’s not 1,000. It’s more than 1,000. There are enough out there
that if you dug and you really, really scour the
boards, you could probably find one. JF MUSIAL: That’s a hard
one to find, but that’s a good choice. I like that car. MIKE SPINELLI: Probably– I mean, first of
all– maybe the best-handling car of its era. Front-wheel drive. JF MUSIAL: Front-wheel drive? MIKE SPINELLI: Yeah. JF MUSIAL: Yeah. MIKE SPINELLI: I mean, what
else can you say? It’s an Acura, right? So it revved to what,
8,200, 8,100. Or actually, it revved to
9,000 and then they just red-lined it at 8,000. JF MUSIAL: What’s the
alternative to that, though? Because that’s a very hard one
to find, so I don’t know– MIKE SPINELLI: So if you can’t
find that one, Acura RSX Type S, of course. Because it’s like the baby
version, a little bit of the baby version. JF MUSIAL: Good choice. MIKE SPINELLI: I mean, honestly,
it’s about the shifter and the engine. But probably one of the best– JF MUSIAL: Well, it’s the
driving experience. MIKE SPINELLI: Driving
experience, right? Yes. JF MUSIAL: Seat, steering
wheel, shifter. MIKE SPINELLI: It’s a car a lot
like the BMW, in that it just is a car that communicates
so well. It’s an amazing car that when
you shift it, the way the shifter feels in your hand. You know, there’s all these
automotive cliches. But that’s what builds
up the experience of driving that car. You feel everything about
it while you’re driving. And that’s just something that
if you drive a new Honda– JF MUSIAL: You can’t. MIKE SPINELLI: You just
don’t feel that. Everything is padded behind a
lot of the new systems for whatever reasons. That’s another show. But also, there’s an alternative
to that one. JF MUSIAL: What? MIKE SPINELLI: And I’m only
saying this because they’re really hard to find. Late ’90s, early
2000s Civic Si. JF MUSIAL: That’s actually the
best choice out of all those. You’re a fool for choosing the
other two ahead of it. MIKE SPINELLI: I only add it
as an alternative because– and at the $10,000 level– right, because you could
probably get them cheaper. JF MUSIAL: Well, you’ve got
to find a clean one. MIKE SPINELLI: Yes. It’s so hard to find one that
hasn’t been modded to within an inch of its life. JF MUSIAL: Yes. The clean one’s the best
one, the one that has nothing done to it. A clean interior,
clean exterior, no aftermarket parts. That’s the one you
want to own. MIKE SPINELLI: If you could
find one, I would pay 10 grand for it. Even though you can probably
get one cheaper. JF MUSIAL: Do you
swear by that? MIKE SPINELLI: No. I won’t swear. JF MUSIAL: Next. MIKE SPINELLI: OK, then we’re
down to a Porsche 944 Turbo, which is a very risky– JF MUSIAL: Brilliant choice. MIKE SPINELLI: Brilliant
but risky choice. JF MUSIAL: I saw a lot of people
commenting about that. That was probably one of the
largest commented car [INAUDIBLE] to get. Of course, with our very
European audience and demographic, and of
course, with our– I guess you can say car
enthusiast audience that necessarily doesn’t have
$100,000 to buy a car– that’s actually a
great choice. MIKE SPINELLI: That’s a great
choice if you’ve got giant brass nuts and a really
awesome set of tools. JF MUSIAL: Yes. Yes. MIKE SPINELLI: Because
if you can fix that– honestly, in all these cars, the
more skills you have, the better you’re going to be. JF MUSIAL: The better
off you are. MIKE SPINELLI: But that
one specifically. That could cost you what you
bought it for every year to maintain it. Alternate, in case you don’t
want to go for the full monty on that one– you want to know what it is? JF MUSIAL: I’m looking. MIKE SPINELLI: Take a guess. JF MUSIAL: Say it. MIKE SPINELLI: You
want to guess? JF MUSIAL: Say it. MIKE SPINELLI: Screw it. You don’t care. JF MUSIAL: The misses. MIKE SPINELLI: Toyota
MR2 Mark II turbo. Fixed roof. JF MUSIAL: You have
the non-turbo. MIKE SPINELLI: I have
the non-turbo. But the turbo one with the
fixed roof is the one. JF MUSIAL: Cool car. MIKE SPINELLI: It’s great. JF MUSIAL: Lotus Elise
type territory. MIKE SPINELLI: Yes. Yes. But it feels a little bit
more substantial. They used to call
it Bambi on ice. JF MUSIAL: Why? MIKE SPINELLI: Because
it’s a little snappy. JF MUSIAL: Got it. MIKE SPINELLI: The rear can
come around on you really quickly because it’s a
mid-engine car and it– JF MUSIAL: That’s the thing. Everyone says that
mid-engine cars– I’m going to fault you here. MIKE SPINELLI: Go ahead. JF MUSIAL: Everyone says that
mid-engine cars are better-handling cars. They are, until you get to the
limit, where you can’t feel it, because it will snap. MIKE SPINELLI: The
limit is so high. JF MUSIAL: Yeah. So, like a Boxster– you take a Boxster out on some
good mountain, Malibu Canyon roads, and it’s right there. It feels like a hot knife
cutting through butter. It just feels so right. But then as soon as you get
it wrong, it’s wrong. You’re not catching it. MIKE SPINELLI: You
may not catch it. Honestly, that’s the thing. But you’re not going to go
around that corner quicker in any other car. JF MUSIAL: Yes. MIKE SPINELLI: Once you get
to where the limit is. JF MUSIAL: Yes. MIKE SPINELLI: Yeah, it’s
a tough car to catch. But awesome nonetheless. And again, also another tough
one to find one that’s still in great condition and still
hasn’t been modded tremendously. But if you do– JF MUSIAL: I have my items I
want to add to this list. But we’ll finish with those. MIKE SPINELLI: All right. Another one that was mentioned
in the comments a lot– the ’90 to ’96 Nissan 300ZX. That’s the S32 generation. JF MUSIAL: [INAUDIBLE]. MIKE SPINELLI: Awesome car. I mean, I’ll never forget
the Super Bowl ad. I’m of advanced age, right? So the Super Bowl ad, the
1990 Super Bowl, was the Ridley Scott ad. Look it up on eBay. Not eBay. JF MUSIAL: On eBay? MIKE SPINELLI: On yeah,
whatever that other internet thing is. JF MUSIAL: You mean
the one that– MIKE SPINELLI: On
YouTube, right? JF MUSIAL: –foots the bill? YouTube? MIKE SPINELLI: EBay,
yeah, that’s right. Look it up on eBay. Find it on YouTube– the Ridley
Scott ad for the 300ZX. And that’s why– 300ZX, 300 horsepower,
just total spaghetti under the hood. You don’t know what the
hell is under there. So you’ve got to have a strong
stomach for fixing shit if you like that one. But just was a spectacular
car in the era. And the alternate, if you don’t
want to go with the complexity and you can
drive a Corvette– JF MUSIAL: Just say it. MIKE SPINELLI: You can
drive a Corvette with a straight face– C4. ’92 C4 LT1 Corvette. Because it was the– JF MUSIAL: Only if you’re from
Long Island and have no– MIKE SPINELLI: No. Well, that would be it’s white
on white on white. You don’t want the
white on white on white Long Island edition. JF MUSIAL: It was a
joke, but yeah. I couldn’t own one
because of that. MIKE SPINELLI: Or the
Brits would know as the Essex edition. JF MUSIAL: Couldn’t own one. MIKE SPINELLI: No. The thing about– JF MUSIAL: No. That’s off the list. Don’t ever buy that. Do not ever buy a C4 Corvette. MIKE SPINELLI: 300 horsepower. No. By the way, if you’re going to
buy a C4 Vette, that’s the only one you can buy. And it’s under 10 grand. You can have one. So if you’re going
to do that– JF MUSIAL: It’s a
horrible car. MIKE SPINELLI: That one’s
not a horrible car. Again, the LT1 changed
everything when they got that motor. JF MUSIAL: OK. All right. MIKE SPINELLI: So it went from
what, 110 horsepower to 300. JF MUSIAL: I want to add
my cars to the list. MIKE SPINELLI: OK. Go ahead. Oh, wait a minute. There was the last one. But let’s get that at the end. JF MUSIAL: That’s the kicker. MIKE SPINELLI: Yeah, kicker. JF MUSIAL: S2000. MIKE SPINELLI: No,
not for 10 grand. MALE SPEAKER: 350Z. MIKE SPINELLI: Absolutely. Neither of those. 10 grand? JF MUSIAL: I think you
can find them. I think you can find a 350Z
or S2000 for 10 grand. MIKE SPINELLI: Maybe 10,000
pounds, if you convert, if you use that crazy strong UK
currency in America. JF MUSIAL: There you go. This show is not $10,000. It’s 10 grand. MIKE SPINELLI: All right. So if the Brits want to come
here and use their Herculean currency to buy our cars, then
they can definitely do that. JF MUSIAL: S2000, 350Z. MIKE SPINELLI: OK. JF MUSIAL: Two great cars. MIKE SPINELLI: Did
I go like this? JF MUSIAL: Yeah. What the hell was that? MIKE SPINELLI: I was Hercules
with the thing. All right, whatever. JF MUSIAL: With the thing? MIKE SPINELLI: With the
world, or whatever. OK. But I don’t think they’re
$10,000 yet, so if you’re an American– JF MUSIAL: You can find them on
AutoTrader or eBay Motors for 10 grand. MIKE SPINELLI: I don’t think
that’s possible. JF MUSIAL: You can. MIKE SPINELLI: Why don’t
you look it up? JF MUSIAL: I will. So if I go to AutoTrader– OK, S2000 or what? What do you want? MIKE SPINELLI: Look
up the S2000. Sure. JF MUSIAL: What’s
the bet, Mike? MIKE SPINELLI: The bet? JF MUSIAL: Yeah, if I’m right. Can you buy one for under– MIKE SPINELLI: I’ll
bet you a falafel. JF MUSIAL: $10,000. Falafel. MIKE SPINELLI: Yeah, at Maoz. JF MUSIAL: OK. MIKE SPINELLI: They’re
delicious. Delicious. JF MUSIAL: And I’m not going to
just say– it’s got to be a proper S2000. MIKE SPINELLI: And you’ve
got to have hummus– JF MUSIAL: Not like
200,000 miles. MIKE SPINELLI: Hummus
and feta cheese. JF MUSIAL: OK. Why is this not working? All right, let’s try eBay
Motors, Honda S2000. 15. 10. MIKE SPINELLI: Wait
a minute, 15? The buy on that was $19,500. JF MUSIAL: OK. All right. That’s for an idiot. Trying to sell his with
24,000 miles. MIKE SPINELLI: Well,
wait a minute. What year is that? Hold on. What year was that one on top? JF MUSIAL: That’s a 2004. MIKE SPINELLI: OK. All right. JF MUSIAL: So here we have– MIKE SPINELLI: 13, 15. JF MUSIAL: We have a
2004 for $10,100. MIKE SPINELLI: Whoa,
whoa, whoa. OK, click on it and see if
there’s a reserve bid. I’m telling you, you’re
not there yet. You’re not there yet
on this one. JF MUSIAL: $10,100. Oh, oh! $6,000. MIKE SPINELLI: $6,000. Check the– oh, reserve
not met. Oh, wait a minute. Dude, it’s not going
to happen. Check– JF MUSIAL: $1. MIKE SPINELLI: Oh, $1. You’re right, actually. Cars for $1. JF MUSIAL: What about
a Nissan– MIKE SPINELLI: Nissan 350Z. All right. JF MUSIAL: I spelled it wrong. MIKE SPINELLI: Or the
250Z, which was only available in Malaysia. JF MUSIAL: Oh, $10,000. $9,000. Buy It Now. I’m looking for Buy
It Now, Mike. MIKE SPINELLI: I’m
telling you– JF MUSIAL: Buy It Now. $5,900. MIKE SPINELLI: Oh, come on. That thing flipped over. JF MUSIAL: No, it didn’t
flip over. MIKE SPINELLI: Oh, come on. That thing is destroyed. Get out of here. Roadster damaged. It’s a salvage title. What are you? Out of your mind? Look, 17, 19. There’s one for 13. All right, almost. Almost. How many miles? How many miles on it? 75 or less. Show me 75 or less. Oh, 80. All right, 82. JF MUSIAL: 82,000 miles. MIKE SPINELLI: All right, you’re
not quite at $10,000. Maybe– uh-oh, there was an 11. Man, all right. So I might owe you that
falafel a little. JF MUSIAL: You can haggle
these guys down. MIKE SPINELLI: Yeah, you want
to drop them 8 grand, but– JF MUSIAL: $1. MIKE SPINELLI: Well,
that watch is nice. How much is that watch? So what does that say? Do I– JF MUSIAL: What’s the last
car on this list? MIKE SPINELLI: Whoa,
whoa, whoa! JF MUSIAL: What’s the last– MIKE SPINELLI: No, no, no. You owe me a falafel. You definitely owe
me the falafel. JF MUSIAL: What’s the last
car on the list? MIKE SPINELLI: All right. Last car on the list. And so if you want to consider
this one our top pick– it’s a 2002 Subaru WRX. JF MUSIAL: Yep. MIKE SPINELLI: Sport wagon. I don’t know about you, but I’m
going for the sport wagon. JF MUSIAL: I do agree
with you. I think that is the best car
you can buy for $10,000. I would take it one
notch further. MIKE SPINELLI: OK. JF MUSIAL: Saab 9-2X. Same vehicle, for
the most part. MIKE SPINELLI: OK. JF MUSIAL: And I think– MIKE SPINELLI: Can you get
those for 10 grand? JF MUSIAL: I think
it looks better. MIKE SPINELLI: Ian, can you
get those for 10 grand? IAN: Probably. MIKE SPINELLI: Wow. JF MUSIAL: Mr. Saab. MIKE SPINELLI: Mr. Saab. Saabaru. Mr. Saabaru over there. IAN: Nicer interior, too. JF MUSIAL: Yes, exactly. MIKE SPINELLI: No,
that’s true. JF MUSIAL: 9-2X looks better. MIKE SPINELLI: OK. JF MUSIAL: Better interior. And I would love to own a car
from a car company that does not exist anymore. MIKE SPINELLI: There is
some cachet to that. And you can take it to another
place to get it fixed. JF MUSIAL: It’s my Saab. In 10 years, when you have a kid
and they grow up and I’m like, it’s a Saab. What’s a Saab? Don’t worry about it. MIKE SPINELLI: Don’t
worry about it. Don’t worry about it, kid. JF MUSIAL: Born from jets. MIKE SPINELLI: Born from jets. JF MUSIAL: Died by GM. MIKE SPINELLI: Well. All right, no, it’s good. I’m particular loyal to the WRX
because before, America really didn’t have the
cool Subarus until that one came out. JF MUSIAL: We didn’t pick up on
the cool trait until a few years later. MIKE SPINELLI: So there were
some cool Subarus before that, but there wasn’t the
turbo action. The Subaru that could beat a
muscle car at a stoplight. That was the one. That was the one that just woke
everybody in America up to the Subaru cult. JF MUSIAL: You can do
a lot with a Subaru. MIKE SPINELLI: Yeah. That one– and that’s why, for
10 grand right now, again, it’s a hunt. Because there’s a lot
of modded ones. But you really want
one that’s good. What do you think? JF MUSIAL: I agree. MIKE SPINELLI: What
are you making? Paper airplanes? JF MUSIAL: That’s exactly what
I’m doing right now. MIKE SPINELLI: Well,
that’s Road Testament, or Road Testament. JF MUSIAL: Road Test-a-ment? MIKE SPINELLI: A-ment. Best used cars in the
world $10,000. Get your $20,000 picks. This is fun, because we will not
have the money to do this. But some people would. JF MUSIAL: And if you want to
tell us, you go to this thing right here. MIKE SPINELLI: Yeah. Go to @Drive on Twitter. JF MUSIAL: And that’s
actually where you got most of the comments. And also the comments
from YouTube. There’s actually good
choices there. MIKE SPINELLI: Exactly. And also leave those comments
below $20,000 or 20 grand picks, if you want to use
another currency. That’s fine by us. JF MUSIAL: Facebook as well. MIKE SPINELLI: Facebook
as well. And we will see you guys next
week for 20 grand best used cars in the world. JF MUSIAL: First paper airplane
I’ve made in years. Ready? MIKE SPINELLI: All
right, go ahead. Oh. Just absolutely terrible. JF MUSIAL: Yeah, I know. MIKE SPINELLI: Well, bye, JF. JF MUSIAL: Bye, Mike. MIKE SPINELLI: See ya. [THEME MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. i dont know about you guys but where im from in pennsylvania s2000 and 350z's go for under 10k ive seen s2000s go for 7-9k clean. and 350z you can get anywhere from 5-10k a add another 5k for the nismo. but it is very possible as ive seen many s2000s go for under 10 grand

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  7. 3:59 I totally had no idea about the 540i sport susp! I want one so bad now!!! How much you think I'd be looking at for maintenance costs if I bought one with 100k ? Im driving a RSX type S now and would love to jump into a fun German Car ps just stated watching this show last week and my life is now changed for the better : )

  8. owned a 2002 ws6, great car, bought my 1972 datsun 510 for under 10k, and I like it more, datsun 510 is the best car under 10k

  9. This "show" if you can call it like that is the lamest car-show ever. Why do these guys even bother making it?!

  10. Lolololol this guy is commenting on used cars and he thinks you can get a decent S2k or 350 for 10k that isn't a sketchy private sale, even then he failed 😅😅😅

  11. these guys just don't like American cars. you really can't hate the trans am/firebird because they were very good cars for their time considering the restrictions of the 80s and carrying into the 90s

  12. "I never drove a ws6.".  Dude, you need to seriously GTFO and never make another car video for the rest of your life.

  13. I'm not usually a fact nazi, but Mike, your mistaking Hercules for Atlas, he held the world and whatnot. In any case, GERAT SHOW! keep up the great work! huge fan

  14. ws6/ss deserves more hype. and technically more of a project car. Mine.. not happy with handling and power so… im building it in a few years got a few grand to save up before i get a new 370ci forged motor (lq9 based) 4l80e trans and fab 9in rear along with complete suspension replacement with strange/bilstein parts. lt1 are crap motors. As for the ls1 you can build them and make em fast with a big cam, intake, and some good heads and the supporting modifications you can hit low 11s quick.

  15. In my opinion, looking for cars worth like 12 grands for 10 is risky. You see, people aren't eager to sell their cars for a half price- they are not Wal-Mart! You are more likely to buy Lemon.

  16. why do you guys pick all this import crap .. 1 north american car.. anyone who loves bmw i question there morals and life choices… they are usually superficial degenerate thieves..then i watched the rest of your choices.. you 2 are going to make pretty wives in jail..these choices are made by someone who has never turned a wrench. don't take these men's advice. do your OWN research and go look at the car!!!(pictures are only a small part of buying a car)..then take it to a mechanic…the headlights on that honda 2000 are $1000.00 each side, with the ballast and wiring and they usually have to be changed all at once . with the bulb,,.

  17. JF likes the look of the Integra Type R and Civic Sii but doesn't like the look of an 02 Trans AM? Zero confidence in this guy's sense of aesthetics. He must get aroused by a hard boiled egg.

  18. If you are watching this video in 2016, like I am, you can pick up most of these cars now for about Four Grand.  I was 10 minutes into this before I saw it was posted in 2012….

  19. why do these modern car shows act like driving around a car with over 100k miles is gonna be crazy unreliable and expensive.. This isn't the 1960s cars can easily last 3 times that long now days.

  20. Wtf? You can't find a 350z or s2000 for under 10kUSD? I can find multiple for under 10k canadian which is like 8 grand american.

  21. Hands down the best car for under 10k is the ford fiesta trio s (the sports edition). this car was years ahead of the curve with its hot hatch charicteristics and is just classic. its got a stylish look but a sporty body that lets you know it can JUST GO. The trio s even though its pushing 20 years outperforms the flagships of today such as the nissan GTR and with a whole lot more style. although the car can become hairy and loose traction above 200mph fitted with an aftermarket racetek spoiler for $500 that gives you 300 newton pounds of down force at 200mph it will scrap any car on the market, and youll have plenty of cash to spare for some pecky upgrades.

  22. You guys are hard to follow…Just sayin.
    Maybe throw up some more illustrative pix to go along with the bullshit you're slinging.
    …Food for thought.

  23. Anyone know what aftermarket traction control system is in this car?   I don't believe Racelogic is selling their system anymore…

  24. WISH YOU WOULD GIVE THE YEARS FOR THE CARS you choose !! You mention some but not all !! Thanks…………….

  25. so quick question … would anyone venture to say that most if not all the cars listed in this video would be future collectables? Provided you kept them stock.

  26. When VTech kicks in ricer 4 banger pos Honda Civic si… Really… Fucking pathetic junk ass Civic worst car on all lists by far. Lmfao

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