The Best Used Cars In The World — /ROAD TESTAMENT

The Best Used Cars In The World — /ROAD TESTAMENT

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, welcome to Road
Testament. It’s a holiday week here in the
States, so it’s time for something a little different. It’s Drive’s The Best Used
Cars In The World. That’s right. Why drive a crappy car, when
you can get an awesome car that’s in your budget? So for the whole month of
July, we’re going to be rounding up the coolest, most
drive-worthy cars that you can get for five grand, 10
grand, and 20 grand. That’s dollars, pounds, euros,
whatever currency your country uses to buy things. Cars don’t know the difference,
and in market prices turn out pretty
much similar. Anyway, next week, right here on
Road Testament, we’re going to be talking about your five
grand picks, and the picks of the drive hosts and
all of us here. And the week after that, we’ll
be doing 10 grand and 20 grand the week after that, all through
the month of July. So here’s what we
want you to do. Follow us on Drive, like us on
Facebook, and of course, leave a comment below. Tell us your favorite three
used cars going for around five grand. That’s for an average example. We’re not talking museum
cars or show cars and all that stuff. So anyway, you show us your
list, and we’ll show you ours. Or not. Anyway, but you get us your
favorite three cars going for five grand, and that’s
your homework assignment for next week. And check out Road Testament
next week, where we will argue the crap out of that list. That’s Drive’s The Best Used
Cars In The World, all month of July. I will see you next week on Road
Testament with your list. You better have it. We’ll have ours.

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  1. Budget under 5,000£
    1.Toyota Celica GT-Four ST205 WRC(1994-1999) only 300 models where exported from japan to europe.
    2.Toyota Yaris T sport first generation.
    3.Subaru Impreza coupe wrx typeR STI 1999

  2. craigslist…ive seen them with 4AGE's turbo for 5k….i see them sock every once in a while for around 3-4k

  3. Under $5000 has to be a VW GTI or Nissan Sentra SE-R. I would say old BMW's but how people drive them around here in the West they are pretty much all trashed as second hand cars.

  4. First of all a Honda accord cb7 turbo is not boring…And ive own many Hondas with 250000 miles or more.I currently own a Accord that has 336000 miles and running like new..Reliable is way more worth than just "Cool" Toyotas are the same and The nissan maxima is defenately boring or even slow…So i really dont know wtf are you talking about…What are your Three cars???

  5. £5k will get you a hell of a lot of car. for example a mk5 golf gti, a Mercedes S600. a Honda S2000. try £1000 and then you are talking about a challenge.

  6. $5000 List
    2003 VW Jetta GLI VR6
    2001 Acura CL Type-S
    1980 Chevy Corvette

    E39 BMW 540 M 6spd
    2004 Mazda 6 (4 or 6 cylinder)

    1990 Mazda Miata

  7. My list is:
    71' Ford Pinto
    85' Yugo GV
    01' Pontiac Astek
    All jokes aside, here's my list for under 5k:
    Porshe 944
    2001 S4 (according to autotrader there are a few high milage ones under 5k)
    Late 90's Bmw 328i, or high milage M3

  8. E36 M3…..all price points….just depends on condition mods and enthusiast owned or regular Joe owned.

  9. 3 Series BMW
    99+ Crown Vic (its cheap to fix, doesnt break that offen, and they just keep running and the ex cop cars are fun to drive because people get out of your way and drive more respectfully, they handle decently and are fairly quick)
    05-09 Mustang GT

  10. Hah! 5 Grand in Singapore Gets you pretty much zilch, thanks to our insane taxes. Just an example, a brand new VW Golf GTI will set you back more than $200,000 here. Two Hundred Thousand. It's a wonder anyone here can even afford a car.

    I'd love to properly take part in a discussion like this, but the country that I live in is just too messed up, car ownership-wise

  11. Why does it have to be fast? I found a 1999 Jaguar XJR for £4,500. Sporty option: Found a 2006 Mazda RX8 PZ (Prodrive edition) for £4,750. Last choice is a 98 Porsche Boxter 2.5 going for £4,750. These are all dream cars though, Wouldn't like to try and insure/service the Jag.

  12. BMW e30 all the way. I have 2 of them, both 5 speed cabriolets. Together I have maybe 7k into them, they still feel like a go-kart, and are AK-47 tough. Even though my show is about body modification, strangely the e30 winds up on there all the time 😉

  13. 5k – 2000 (lift at 6k and rev limit at 8.3k)toyota celica GT-S (not the GT)
    10k – Honda S2000 – amazing light weight rear wheel drive hoon-monster
    20k – toyota supra mk4 can be found in this price range. its rare, unique, and a blast to drive.

  14. This is very close to my list! The only thing I might change is $20k = 2007 (E90/E92) BMW 335i. Just as fast on the streets as the M3 (and faster in straight line) but much more liveable day-to-day and more reliable.

  15. 5K – 1998 Lexus IS 200 Sport/Toyota GTS (AE86)
    10K – Mazda RX8/Honda S2000
    20 – 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX STi/BMW E46 M3/ Porsche 964 C2

  16. 5K –> 1995 Volvo 850 T5-R
    10K –> 1988 Lancia Delta HF Integrale Turbo
    20K –> 2003 Subaru Impreza WRX STI with some turbointercoolercarbonfibertitaniumexhaust-bits

  17. I'm in the market for a sub 5k car, and the Protege5 is on the top of my list. I'm just worried I'm going to have a hard time getting used to the step down in power (I currently have a 1995 Trans Am).

  18. the protege 5 is extremely fun to drive, i owned one. if it is an automatic you will be crying over the lack of power… take a manual, the engine loves to be pushed, sadly it needs a 6th gear at 120 km/h the rpms reach 3500!!! the car is noisy on the highway and consumes too much gas due to the lack of a 6th gear… also make sure it has no rust, because once it has started the car will be rusting quicker than your nails grow!

  19. 5k 240sx whatever generation in good shape, or miata in good shape, nice fox body.
    10k 944 s2, good quality new edge mustang, e36 m3
    20k b5 s4, e46 m3, r33 or r32 skyline gtr (canadian market), e39 m5, volvo s60r, volvo v70r.

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