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[Music] welcome to Miami friends and well also welcome to I would say a very special used-car lot but it’s not let’s say standard used-car lot that you know of next door but a used-car lot with cars that are worth millions of dollars which ones yeah let’s check them out look at this that’s a used car lot every one of us is dreaming of who rockin spider very nice black with black wheels very nice another Horicon black again but this time matte black I really like it I have to say I like it what do you think about it then we go from matte black to white white with a contrasting red roof and also some red details in the interior also very cool I would say Horicon well I have to say some more horror cards to come especially this one I like the color somehow I would say most of the Ferraris for example are always red but as a lot more Guinea driver I think you could normally always choose the color and well if it’s a green like this I don’t really think it’s cool what do you think oh we go who our card another Horicon okay several horror cats also again the nice color for rock on again Horicon oh and rhetoric on as well nice there we go another white one very nice I think this is a really cool picture here because you can compare the old Aventador here to the new Aventador s now you see the difference in style at the front for example I like these big openings on the old one but I also have to say the new design here is really really cool it makes the car look even lower and I don’t know some some more dynamic from the brand new Aventador s we go on here’s another Aventador in a bright yellow with contrasting black parts on it and it’s also an SV so that makes it even more interesting as it’s not the standard Aventador okay Aventador Aventador Aventador there we go with so many crazy crazy supercars and here we go something older it’s a gr doe I have to say I really liked the Lamborghini Gallardo currently the prices are going down that’s good for the guys like me you trying who are trying to save their money to buy a gory auto within the next years but I’m sure that also these prices will go up within the next years maybe it takes a bit longer because they produce so many cars by the way this color is really cool ask Stratman one of the YouTube guys he has one of these in exactly this color I think this is a 2006 very nice another guy yard oh and here’s another guy auto in the Stratman color but this time as convertible as you can see as a spider I like how they did the roof on this car because I like it when it folds in like this it looks really really nice so this was just one roll here let’s go to the other rows of cool cool cars what really caught my attention is this hammer h1 so the very first generation that was made famous through arnold schwarzenegger because in the beginning it was a military vehicle and honor Schwarzenegger then Governor of California wants to have a car for his personal collection so they build a car in true as a street version let’s call it like this and after that so many people were interested that they said ok why not build more of these cars so here we have several jeep wranglers then it’s Mercedes g-class of course 63 AMG lowered a lot I have to say as for the fact we’re talking about an SUV this cars well pretty low Oh check out also the side exhaust here pretty impressive another g63 AMG and of course another one and another one and another one [Applause] [Music] remember I said it’s not the standard used-car lot you will find the next door yes where do you see a gt3 RS of the current generation parked outside pretty impressive I like the design as well the martini stripes on the car and also I don’t know if you’ve seen this yet it’s not a bright white but it’s some kind of set and finish really really nice gt3 in the same styling standard 911 Targa 4s nine at seven generation convertible nothing too special too fancy about it but fancy again 997 gt3 RS really cool I like the color combo as well with the black and the orange stuff on it as well and especially look at the rear spoiler carbon fiber very very nice howdy r8 i think it’s really really cool car Corvette c7 and well it’s my personal favorite I have to say Dodge Viper srt-10 really nice car I love the coupe styling look at this especially when you see how cool they designed the rear you see how it floats really nice cool very cool now the Corvette c7 Corvette c6 the standard one I was getting at 2:06 but it’s just the standard c6 so sixth generation of the Chevrolet Corvette the McLaren mp4 – 12c BMW i8 I think it’s a very futuristic alee design car I really like it what do you think about it SLS AMG unfortunately it’s the convertible so it doesn’t have the gold wing doors just has standard doors but of course he and Miami convertible can also be nice now friends that’s the rolls-royce and Bentley row here a nice convertible when we go with the Bentley it’s afford a limousine so pretty pretty cool car this one is nice I love it it’s the coupe I’ll show to you in a second let me walk around the car see this this is a crazy coupe styling especially keep in mind that this car is really really big and of course this car is suicide doors as well you see it here because the door handles are here on the front another rolls-royce of course another one a nice big convertible and here we go next up here with a nice fatality four five eight guys another four five eighths this one is black as you can see this one is in lighter gray I personally would go for the lighter gray Porsche of course turbo current generation very nice jayati California a car that not too many people really loved but well it’s a nice car still it in my opinion it doesn’t feel like a real Ferrari another SLS AMG next to it is a Jaguar XK of course the RS version very very sweet here is one of the few BMWs on the lot but it’s not the standard m4 you would guess but m4 GTS so a pretty rare car I think there were about 500 cars built worldwide but if you’re sure just write it down below in the comments please and let me know if you are looking for a crazy limousine to drive from work to home and back I would say that’s the way to go so that’s that the standard SUV and especially not the standard limousine you know I would say here we have a nice finale for eight eight but this car is not standard as you can see this one the rear spoiler is new and I think the car is owned by someone from Boston wheels use a lot of carbon fiber that’s not coming from the factory and they’re also brand new Boston wheels on it very very nice very sweet design I like it we have a lot of federales here at prestige imports in North Miami Beach but especially one caught my attention and f12 TDF one of 799 cars built worldwide styling what do you think a lot of carbon fiber here like these openings here over the rear wheels where’s our nice very nice what do you think there we have another Hummer h1 so first sinner generation Hummer this time as a pickup what do you prefer the station wing let’s call it like this that I showed you a few minutes before or this pickup truck so guys what do you think about this crazy supercar used-car Lots let me know your thoughts below and give the video a thumbs up if you liked it and we’ll see each other again in a few days for another video so take care and ChaCha [Music]

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