The Bus Simulator Training Room

The Bus Simulator Training Room

(click) And then, there we go! And after the light turns green we’ll go ahead one more block and make a right turn. I’m Allen Morgan and I’m the Manager of Operations Training here at TriMet. And currently we’re in the bus simulator training room. TriMet purchased this bus training simulator in order to improve the skill level, knowledge and abilities of its operators. You might want to be just a little closer to the crosswalk. We can check that by just changing the view, and you can see now just how far back… This simulator has an actual TriMet bus seat It has a Gillig steering wheel and Gillig side console is there, all intact. It has a Gillig dashboard, however it is recreated through touch screens. Around the front of the bus we have five 90″ LCD high-definition monitors. Behind each mirror we have 50″ LCD high-definition monitors. And then for convex mirrors we have two convex mirrors that are recreated in a simulated view in a smaller monitor. Every view, every angle, that the operator looks, they are immersed in the simulation. So, as you go across the speed bump I’d like you to get just a little speed up so you get the feel for what it’s like. And what the full motion seat will do. (laughing) Pretty realistic, huh? Yeah. The interesting thing about a bus driving simulator is it’s not something you just jump in and drive. The purpose of it is to drive scenarios. We can put any number of cars, pedestrians, bicyclists, other buses into the scenario. The front windshield gives me a very clear view of my hazards ahead. Out on the road, every time we give a test to an operator, each operator may face different conditions. Such as different lighting, different traffic conditions. We can put the same driving conditions in front of every operator. We can challenge them with the same conditions. I feel icy conditions and I’m steering towards the lane I wanna maintain. We can create all kinds of weather condtions. We can have light rain, medium rain, heavy rain, rain with lightning and thunder. We can have it snow, we can have it snow lightly, heavily. It can be day or night. It’s a very realistic view of what an operator would be experiencing.

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  1. is there a way to get the dashboard, steering wheel, side console, and pedals? I emailed Gillig, but they haven't responded.

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