The Cheapest Way To Get A Rolex | Watchfinder & Co.

The Cheapest Way To Get A Rolex | Watchfinder & Co.

[Music] if you’re into your watches chances are there’s a Rolex which you’ve just got to scratch ten years ago that would have been fine with the Submariner setting you back around 2,500 pounds but with today’s prices that same Submariner now starts at over double that and Rolex ownership is becoming more and more of a pipe dream or so it seems because all is not lost not yet here are three ways to get into Rolex ownership without breaking the bank it’s ironic a watch powered by the technology that could well have destroyed the brand it dwells within and the industry as a whole but by now it’s been long enough to let bygones be bygones and take a different view the Rolex Oyster Court is after all heading towards vintage status at this point on the very brink of collectible but even so it’s still held back by that amalgamation of silicon and oxygen that when combined forms a word that leaves a bad taste in most watch enthusiasts mouths quartz for the collector looking to strike a bargain and buy a Rolex for a sensible amount however quartz is music to the ears this mistrust of this let’s face it pretty outdated by now technology is understandable but Rolex didn’t just throw a cheap plastic circuit board in the back of the oyster quartz the brand really went to town on the caliber five zero three five decorating it to a higher standard than its contemporary mechanical engines it may only be 36 millimeters in diameter but the integrated bracelet vary in at the time and severe angles give it a prominence that feels very modern it is and will continue to be one of the most eccentric Rolex designs ever and that alone is worthy of interest when you can purchase one for less than 3,500 pounds though it becomes even more interesting still the most popular Rolex is and always will be anything that fulfills the following criteria stainless steel sports 40 millimeter diameter popularity comes at a price however with submariners fetching in excess of six thousand pounds GMT masters 7,000 pounds even the previously derided mil Gauss is hard to find for less than five thousand pounds it seems that Rolex stainless steel sports watch at 40 millimeter ownership is one for the if only I was a bit older pile alongside buying property in getting a skilled job without any qualifications but there’s still hope in the shape of the Explorer two one six five seven zero for some reason in the white dial variants at least it’s always being the most unloved of the Rolex stainless steel sports watch at forty millimeter family perhaps because of the fixed brushed bezel or the skinny twin lock crown or the unusual black markers and hands who knows in any case it’s now one of the most affordable stainless steel sports at forty millimeter rolex watches around and with whatever the reason for his ostracism seemingly lost within the pages of time offers a very appealing prospect at four thousand pounds seriously there’s no other reason for the severe price differential between it and its siblings than that perhaps when rolex watches were more affordable people were more particular with their tastes but now everything else has skyrocketed whatever gripes people had with it seemed insignificant by comparison after all let’s not forget this watch is the follow-up to the hideously unsuccessful explorer to 165 v which now fetches over fifteen thousand pounds the two previous examples offer sizeable savings for someone looking to sit a Rolex on their wrist but nothing like this we’ve got stainless steel we’ve got sports for less than 3,000 pounds what’s the catch you ask and of course there is one but it may not be a catch for long first I’ll tell you what the catch is and then I’ll tell you why so here it is this watch is 34 millimeters in diameter despite the big fuss about wristwatches being much smaller than pocket watches at the turn of the 19th century by the 1950s the average wristwatch size for men was somewhere between 32 and 34 millimeters with wristwatches being the size they are now 40 millimeters being somewhere towards the lower end 34 millimeters seems positively minut but with the big watch trend dying down and the vintage trend building up we’re seeing more and more of a turn towards sub 36 millimeter watches remember when nobody would wear and explore a one because it was too small now some of the biggest news from this year’s Baselworld is the release of a 36 millimeter date just these older watches are only a few millimeters smaller than that and once on the wrist start to feel more than adequately sized in fact it’s refreshing to wear a watch that doesn’t catch or dig in it’s all a matter of what you’re used to when it comes to getting accustomed to things a vintage stainless steel Rolex for less than three thousand pounds shouldn’t be too hard Rolex prices may seem to be rising faster than a SpaceX Falcon 9 but there’s still a chance to grab a hold before they disappear from sight completely sure the choices may not be what you’d go for if money was no object but that doesn’t mean these watches can’t be fantastic ownership experiences in their own right if you’ve got the budget now’s the time to get onboard what do you think is there a budget Rolex you’d rather have or would you rather spend your money elsewhere let us know in the comments below discover more exceptional watches and watch fine decoder UK if you enjoyed this video please like and subscribe if there are any other watches you’d like to see reviewed please let us know in the comments below

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  1. Hi! I've always enjoyed your videos. A lot of research was done and quality of the videos are of movie quality. I have an Oris big crown and a Raymond Weil. Both served its purpose and I could not complain. For a middle class person I could not afford a Rolex or a Patek. Will my two watches be a very good brand to pass on to my children? Or can you recommend an alternative brand worth considering. Thanks and more power to you guys!

  2. The cheapest way is to buy either a vintage Air King or a vintage Precision. Both will cost you between £1500 – £2000. But of course neither of those will be available through Watchfinders ha. They'll sell you a Datejust they paid £2000 for for around £4000.

  3. I think that style is important but I dont see that in these Rolex watches. They look like the same kind of dime store block of stainless steel. I own several watches and I prefer a distinctive style such as the Krieger Gingantum, or the Poljot Basilika Chronograph. I used to own a Corum Bridge but got tired of it. My pride and joy is a Bovet Tourbillon. When I see the design of a Rolex it disgust me

  4. Not sure if the trend is different across the pond but the price of datejust oysterquartz isn't entry level at all. The average price that I observed is around $4k USD. That's well above the price for a used perpetual Date which can be had at around USD $2600. And $3000 for the datejust. For a few hundos more you can find datejust with mop And diamonds on dial. The price of the explorer 2 isn't entry level affordable either… you'd be better off getting a explorer 1… imo the explorer 1 is a much better all purpose watch the bezel on the Exp2 makes it hard to wear for more formal events. The best entry level is the Air King/oyster perpetual. If you shop around you can find pretty nice barely used recent year models for around the same price as the perpetual date but newer.

  5. Go to a casino after business hours and look for someone having an absolute fit when they've exhausted all available funds and are willing to do just about anything to try and win back their losses. I once saw someone sell their Jeep in the parking lot for 6k, about a third of what it was worth. Cocaine and gambling is a hell of addiction.

  6. The white dial explorer ii is my favorite Rolex. I wear mine so much more than my ceramic sub that I’m probably going to sell the sub to my buddy 😂

  7. Unfortunately my dad sold all his rolexes to pay for my tuition fees during college so I would never have a chance to inherit them instead.

  8. Men, I know that its easier said than done, but 36mm and down…please let the females have them. I know I know, they dont hardly appreciate them, but we as men aren't that small anymore and it doesn't look good. Maybe on these mini men and soy boys of today's generation, but real sized men cant pull off these smaller watches, I've tried.

  9. To answer your question, once I have the budget required, I'll certainly get my hands on a nice Rolex watch.

    Attracted by the features the Breitling Navitimer range offers, I am currently considering having one: just to make certain I can do calculations should I happen to land a spaceship unassisted:)

    Thanks for the videos you produce. I really enjoy and appreciate the story behind each timepiece you demonstrate; the videomaking, sound, word choice, intonations, pauses, grace, and just everything are pure joy. The channel content resembles classical music a lot:)

    Best regards,
    Rafael Daulet

  10. To the commenters, yes, a £4 – 7k budget is ridiculously cheap. It's just that the channel audience, for the most part, never needed a watch for over a mil. In certain circumstances, you simply cannot wear one valued less than that.

  11. I've never really been into watches more than $100 I think I'd rather by 80 different variances of vostoks

  12. He was right about Explorer II. The price is 6000 USD for ideal one…Was under 5k less than a year ago…

  13. Spend your money elsewhere, unless you’re a nouveau riche , a rapper or a drug dealer, then a Rolex will definitely look good on your wrist (any Rolex, they all look the same since forever)

  14. It's now 2019 and Rolex have got to the point where almost all models are becoming unattainable. A Submariner "No Date" was £2,500 around the year 2008/09. Then around 2014/15 they were around £4,500. Now in 2019, they're almost £6,000. I do not think the manufactured price inflation is justified. The demand is obviously high, but the prices are slowly falling out of reach for many prospective buyers. Rolex are good watches, but they're not good enough to warrant their current price increases when there are alot of watchmakers who offer more for less these days with current technology.

  15. 0:51 it’s ironic

    I had the brew she had the chronic
    The lakers beat the supersonic

    Only OGs will know this song

  16. I think the cheapest way is still a Tudor. I wear a Black Bay in Red and it is my daily driver eversince I bought it! 🙂

  17. Sorry, if you want a Rolex, don't waste your money on quartz. That's like getting a Harley Davidson by buying one of the Italian versions made in the 70s.

  18. Cheapest way is buy a fake one. Nobody really notices. I have an invicta that looks like a Rolex and people ask me if it is and I just say yeah ok bye

  19. Great video. I liked the unique brushed look and angular links of the quartz model but I don't think I could get past the ticking second hand. As far as the Explorer 2 it's always been the one I wanted. I like the clean look and white face.

  20. as much as id like me a Rolex i just don't want to support the Swiss. this thievish mountain state launders money for the wealthy and channels the financial support for terrorists worldwide. they make everything more expensive for non-swiss citizen and yet they are safe and sound living of the European infrastructure and military save haven

  21. The older EXP2 shot up in price, soooo. No. Also, 34mm AK? LOL. There's a bunch of straws that need grasping on aisle 2.

  22. First of all don't go to Watchfinder they used to be good but are a victim of there own success
    have bought 3 from them but now they are to expensive and full of bull.
    Second the first Rolex he was talking about must be the uglyest one they have ever made
    and no one believes it's a Rolex with a battery movement unless they are in the no.
    Third the Rolex air king is a classic don't worry about the size as long as it's got a nice
    dial and PLEASE all ways get the certificate card or paperwork with the box from Rolex
    Forth try watch buyer from Southampton he got me a £600.00 discount on Watchfinder
    and the watch went up by £500.00 on the waiting time all in all a saving of £1150.00.
    Best of luck on your journey for a Rolex .

  23. Instead of buying a Rolex, buy jewelry a proper one, Rolex is too expensive and not even durable as a G-Shocks watches.

  24. My wife has a Rolex Lady Date just, Oyster 28 in Oyster Steel and Everose Gold, with Fluted Bezel and Sundust Dial, re 279171 and I
    have a Rolex GMT Master II, Oyster 40 in Oyster Steel and Everose Gold with Oyster Bracelet and Black Dial, re 126711 CHNR and we love them so ….

  25. How can one buy Rolex without paying taxes in the USA? Maybe buying in a different state of residence? Can this be possible?

  26. Buying a rolex is like buying a Gibson guitar. Everyone says fuck that and gets the same exact thing from a cheaper company. Get a clue Rolex… you'd make more money offering cheaper timepieces

  27. This video is a self defeating prophecy.
    This will drive up the price and popularity of those scares cheaper options. :/

    Entertaining none the less.

  28. I think you may very well take out the “cheapest” word out of your title, because all we care at the moment is to get a Rolex. 😄 The ADs are not keeping a waiting list anymore with no deliveries in the horizon!

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