The Cops Busted My Car’s Taillight

The Cops Busted My Car’s Taillight

rev up your engines today I’m going to
show you how you can save money replacing broken lenses on your car that
evil swine’s have bumped into in the parking lot then water got inside it
started ruining it when I wipe it off you can see inside
check it out look close so you can see all the paint inside it’s bubbling up
because it got wet from a crack and sure that’s annoying but even more annoying
is there are almost $200 at the Toyota dealer so something I normally don’t do
I did I went online I bought a beautiful one instead of 200 bucks this one cost
50 bucks brand-new I’m gonna show you how easy it is on most cars to change
open the trunk the when we go to it we can see that’s not even part of the lens
here this is the lens there’s no nuts and bolts it’s all done
internally so it’s always good idea to have a new one first cuz then you can
just turn it back and say uh-huh one two three bolts nuts on the inside so we got
to get to them to unbolt them whatever you got to change any kind of part like
that you get a new one you can look at it and see exactly how it comes apart
any part can be done that way you have the new one in your hand even like a
starter you can see oh okay it’s got three bolts here that’s all I have to
think of always look at the new one to make sure you’re taking off the old one
right without wasting a lot of time now we gotta get in here so this is just a
cover now we can get in here you just pop this copper off we can actually
access the whole thing inside now knowing an access is first thing when
you just unplug this these stupid tangs there’s always a clip somewhere there it
is right here you put your finger on it easier with two hands with ones holding
the camera so we’ll try it this way ah now that’s off now as you can see here
are the bolts are long so you get a 10 millimeter deep socket to get on time
bolt them inside that way it fits over cuz there’s not much work that fits over
then you can easily unbolt you start on then you can use your finger if they’re
not rocket science but if you don’t have the long socket the short ones will not
fit you can see it’s long there goes now I lost it fell inside don’t
magnet on a stick comes in handy we can just stick it in there and fish it out
you can’t beat a magnet on a stick they come in handy then there’s just two more to
remove there’s a socket one and hand twist it like I say they’re long
threads takes a while a spinning to get them off sometimes they get a little bit
carried away here ah there’s the third one now you might think you didn’t get
them all off but there’s three on a new ones of this three here
you got a pull like mad sometimes they’ll stick you can hear it clicking
yeah we got an off transfer the parts sockets come out two and three out they come if you notice these are regular incandescent bulbs
that this is an LED that’s because these are backup light LEDs that are super
bright and I like it I’m getting old can’t see as well right so I put any
super-bright LED backup lights so not only can people see you backing up but
you can see better cuz it throws more light not a bad idea they don’t cost
that much money and of course they just go in and twist inside you gotta get
them at the right angle okay there’s one and there’s two twists and three now
they’re all in you can see bulbs are all in now before I put it back in you can
see the crud around here just blow it out of the way but the main thing is it
has to be clean here cuz that’s the seal the seal goes on you can see any old one
it’s kind of dirty and crunched up and this is a new seal here make sure it’s slid
on right make sure the gaskets are place line up oh yeah fits pretty good but
here’s a tip sometimes when people hit them they bounce stuff and that little
metal bends and they don’t fit right what you can do is you can get a drill
bit that’s bigger than this and make the holes a little bit wider so you got some
play room to slide it in on that model it doesn’t matter you can see how wide
the seal is so if you make these holes bigger there’s no water gonna get inside
it’ll still seal it but it would fit here better if some of that’s bent you
can just ream them out with a bigger drill bit but in this case hey as you can
see it’s been good by itself it didn’t bend
anything but before we bought it on let’s connect it make sure everything
works right turn on parking light that’s working right check the turn signal
that’s working fine and check the backup lights and that’s working fine on both
sides as you can see they’re super bright backup lights they’re really
great now we can bolt it back on don’t forget to do all three there we go nice
shiny new tail light we’ll just stick this back on the cover nice at the other
cuff some cars yes it’s a bigger pain you gotta take all this plastic crap but
tie in with smart and put a cover on now and you’ll snap the cover back on these
you’re getting them on and off y’all won’t have one of these covers because
then when you close the trunk the people walk inside it’s ten it but you still
can’t see the cover covers everything up so if you got stuff in there people
don’t see anything open and what people can’t see they won’t steal and so rather
than spending $200 the Toyota dealer I spent 50 bucks online and fixed it
myself you can see it’s not that big of a deal like I said even if it had been
hit further and bad in and bet those little metal tanks you can fix that
easier self by getting a drill making a little slot so you have more room to
maneuver to slide the thing back in I’ve done that a numeral times for customers
over the last 52 years rather than saying no you got to go to a body shop
yada yada yada you can always improvise if you only
have a brain and since this is mechanic monday I’m gonna give away an interesting product I’ve been testing out it’s called trusted crayon markers you
might think what Scotty doing those crayons I’m not good with crayons but
these are special crayons these crayons are working crayons they write on
anything you’re working in a car you want to mark parts where things go they
work on plastic as you can see I’m not any good at drawing they work on metal they work on just about any surface
junkyards use these things all the time they mark parts they generally get
totally wrecked cars they start taking an engine and transmission out and write
what year what size engine it is sometimes I’ll write the mileage but a
lot of times they lie on that it’s got 150 and they might say it’s got
$65 and when they write it up you can’t always trust them but you can trust
these little crayons hey they really work quite well if you need to mark
anything you forget which way something goes before you take it off put an arrow
marking that way in their really handy little crayons hey
even working a concrete and I’ll be giving away a case of these cool crayons you have a chance to win place a clean non offensive comment under YouTube comments below and a winner will be chosen randomly by computer to get these cool
colored crayons for when you’re working on your car or maybe your kids want to
play around with them they really do work quite well and here’s some bonus
questions and answers not as interesting questions 10:23 says Scotty hope
you’re having a great day I was wondering if some eyes are better made
than Toyotas okay well it’s actually kind of an interesting even though
you’re comparing apples and oranges it’s a very interesting question semi trucks
are well made because they’re commercial vehicles and Toyotas are well made
because Toyota generally makes good vehicles and that’s how they went from
making little puddle jumpers to taking over and some of them are cars that
routes to the world but make the quality vehicles the semis it’s a different
situation but same kind idea they have to make those things well built because
they’re commercial vehicles that companies are buying let’s say one
company made horrible trucks the other company makes better ones they’re gonna buy the other ones because these people are looking at the bottom line they want
to see how many million miles there last it actually analyzed everything a lot
more than an average person analyzing what they spend on their car they have
to be well made that’s one of the reasons that for ages in the United
States for quite some time especially recently the trucks pickup trucks are
better made now out of the cars because the pickup guys are particular a lot of
them use them for businesses we thought apart so say they had a ram truck and it fell apart they’re gonna say heck on that I’ll go buy a Ford truck right there’s a
lot of competition and they got to build them better cuz people use them for
commercial things so the semis yeah they’re well built because they’re
commercial vehicles and generally you get better built stuff done because the
companies that buy them are really ill eyes and a lot more than an average
person will Tommy John John says I got
a 2011 f250 again overheating message displayed every once in a while when it
does engine loses power intermittent generally means there’s some kind of
either computer or wiring fault there’s a switch for your engine oil temperature
and for some reason the wiring wasn’t made that well so what you want to do is
with it just idly go to the engine oil temperature sensor wiggle it and if you
wiggle it and then you start getting weird things and the light starts coming
on that means that wiring harness has got a problem inside cut the old one off
and splice in a new water it’s kind of a design flaw those things but you know
anytime you get any kind of intermittent problem like that the first thing you
want to do is go to all the sensors and start wiggle them and if you’re wiggling
then it starts acting up you know the problem is there and in this case the
sessions themselves are generally okay they’re both the side of the engine they
don’t do anything but the wiring harnesses were kind of weak to short out
you wiggle them then they do that and of course when you hit bumps and stuff
it’ll make it happen intermittently because then it’s getting the power it
isn’t getting power and it makes the engine light come on so check that oil
temperature sensor first it’s a known flaw in those, so if you never want to miss
another one of my new car repair videos remember to ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. Awesome! I replaced my back up lights with LEDs a couple weeks ago. Makes backing into the carport at night much easier!

  3. Thanks for pointing out the wiggle test. Most people don't realize how valuable a diagnostic tool it can be.

  4. Scotty I watch your you tube regularly and really appreciate your advice and tips. Keep going my friend you are making a great contribution to all of your subscribers.

  5. Would like a set of those crayons.Scotty..My N Z mother in law wants a mural on her electric scooter that says " this scooter is an endless Kiwi money saver "

  6. I’d like to wing tbh I work on cars a lot they will come in handy , by the way I love your videos man I’ve watched them all!!!!!!!

  7. Crayons are a really good tool when your working on your car engine I've experience it my self and boy it really makes a difference. Great Vlog Scott.

  8. I imagine those crayons work great if you're a novice who's trying to take their enhins apart. If you have a wire, hose, or certain bolt yada yada, it would make reconnecting stuff much easier.always thought about this myself, using different colored tape for things but this is probably better.

  9. "It's not rocket science, but if you don't have a long socket, the short ones will not fit. You can see it's long."

  10. Being able to replace easy parts can save a bundle. Thanks as also Scotty for the free advice and how to. Making cars less scary every day Scotty.

  11. My family has a gen 2 Prius and the lock button locks the car, and the hazards blink once, but it doesn't make the Toyota lock Chirp sound, our other gen 2 Prius does, but this one doesn't, anyone know how to troubleshoot it? Thanks.

  12. The junkyard Owners of America request that you please stop showing Chevrolet dealership pictures when you mentioned term junkyard! Junkyards have standards!

  13. Taillights have been known to have sneaky fees , driving fine officer pulls you over.
    Officer: I pulled u over for burnt out taillight.
    Me: Oh sorry, haha, I didn't know.
    Officer: too bad I'm giving u ticket
    Me: O_O

  14. After hitting a horse I bought two headlights because the second was half price and they match. Out of four screws to attach it I only had two undamaged on the wrecked side but it holds. I'll put on a new fender and hood later. F250 The bid was $7000. It doesn't look too bad with the new lights and it's legal. The body shop said you should consider whether to repair if the damage is over half of the purchase and I paid $14,000.

  15. Those crayons are sweet and this video is very helpful and I hope it helps when I go to change my leds in the future

  16. Boy do I wish that my Volvo (2003 xc70) was that easy to work on. I can’t even change the brake light on my own because my hand is too big. I know the older Volvo are supposed to be good cars, but man I tell you this one seems to be constant. From oil leaking to the transmission not shifting good.

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