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  1. He said “tried doors and windows, both locked” well you have a frickn bat break the window/windows and run for your life!

  2. how to avoid the creepy bus
    1.sledge hammer
    3.keanu reeves
    4.Z U C C(i think its the same spelling)
    5.Big chungus

  3. I sometimes walk home..
    When I was walking school the other day this man was following me and until I reached my school gates and walked in he walked away.
    That’s why I always tell my mum to get me in a car 😏

  4. do u know wut u should do if smoke fills a bus

    take ur backpack empty it out and put it over ur head and zip it up on both sides

    ur welcome

  5. Are the messages real? I know there was a kidnapper using a bus, but that was in 1976, and kids didn't have phones yet. If it is true, when was this and where? I want to read the stories on it.

  6. Kids should not be like body builders in school if they get kidnapped they could die like others 😵😵1 like = save all those kids.

  7. I'm not being racist or nothing but is it just me or does nearly every black person play Baseball or Atleast have a baseball bat.

  8. How many people want don’t turn around to make a live action video that is the whole creepy school story S1 and S2

    Filipinos:Lol we dont use buses we use "Jeeps"
    Comment if ur filipino and like

  10. If jamie was my friend: Call 911
    Me: 911 my crazy ass friend wanted to get kidnapped by a bus to find out about the kids, can you help them?
    911: Uh.. We'll get back to you..
    10000000 hours later

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