The Dangers of Secondhand Glitter

The Dangers of Secondhand Glitter

I got it from a birthday party. I got it from a Christmas card. I got mine on Mother’s Day. Hi. I’m Talia Lin. Every year, millions of Americans are needlessly subjected to the dangers… …of secondhand glitter. These shiny, reflective particles – manufactured in the pits of hell… …infiltrate our children’s schools, sneak into our workplaces, and embed themselves deep into our homes. Forcing us to use the most extreme cleaning methods available. They seem harmless at first. Riding into our lives through costumes, decorations, or greeting cards. But those are never good enough for the shimmering parasites. They want us. They want our skin. And once they get a hold of it, they never let go. So this Christmas, or Valentine’s, or Easter, or whatever holiday you feel the need to make shiny, if you really love someone, you’ll give them the greatest gift of all: which is literally ANYTHING without glitter! It doesn’t matter what it is, just please, for the love of all that is holy, stop using glitter! You know, or maybe just keep it to yourself! If you want your house to look like a unicorn exploded in the middle of it, that’s fine! But we don’t! It gets everywhere and we don’t know how to get it off! We can’t keep living like this! And if we all work together… …and stop using this unnecessary evil, We won’t have to imagine a world without glitter! We can actually live in it. Oh no… It’s… He’s got it on him! Oh! Is it on my face?? Did I get it?? This episode of “So True, Y’all” is brought to you by Sevierville, TN. Your Smokies start here. Is it gone??

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  1. Glitter on children's clothing should be illegal you can never get it out of your washer and it gets on everyone's clothes

  2. This is soooo Hilarious!🤣😂🤣
    Once you open just 1 bottle of glitter say Good Bye to a glitter free home!
    I'm still finding glitter from our Christmas Tree decorations in July!

  3. My sister and her friend were playing with glitter one day. It snuck through their crocs and got on their feet. I had to use baby wipes all over the floor.

  4. Glitter is okay when you actually know how to get it off

    First get a mr clean magic eraser and wipe

    Next throw out the mr clean magic eraser.

  5. When I was in elementary school, one year for Halloween my mother painted my face with one of those glitter face paint kits. The next day in school my eye started to hurt very bad. I went to the nurse and there was a piece of glitter in my eye. My mom took me to the doctor after school and it turns out that the glitter was metal and it had scratched my eye and was millimeters from doing permanent damage to my eye. Glitter is dangerous. Eradicate all glitter.

  6. Lol! Before 9/11, my friends called me the Mad Glitter Bomber. I could pack 5 large packages in a letter and make it lay flat…just waiting to be opened!

  7. This information came too late to help me.
    We purchased my great-niece a pair of fairy wings at Dollar Tree a few weeks ago. She was having a big old time running around the house playing fairy princess.
    Then, I noticed the glitter.
    On my office chair, on the recliners and couch in the living room, on the antique chair you're not allowed to use. It was everywhere. And we couldn't get rid of it! Now it's on all of our clothing, furnishings, carpeting, towels, beds and pillows. A First World problem created by Third World companies. Damn you, Dollar Tree.
    … Damn… you. =(

  8. My friends and I have glitter fights sometimes. Just buy a few bottles and chase each other with them. One time my mom accidentally bought some glitter wrapping paper (she thought the paper just looked like it was covered in glitter) and tape does not stick to glitter wrapping paper (what idiot manufacturer didn't test that?). So she was throwing it away. I took it and used it to wrap my friends in a shroud of glitter hell during a battle.

  9. Easter grass is worse than glitter. I banned Easter grass from my home 15 years ago. We moved last year. I vacuumed up so much Easter grass, I nearly burned out the motor on the vacuum. I wish I was joking.

  10. We had a project in math and my teacher said we couldn’t use any glitter or we would get an F then continued to tell us a story about a student who had glitter on their project 2 years ago and how it was still on her carpet

  11. I glitter bombed my husband’s high school graduation card when we were dating. So did his roommate who saw me doing it and thought it was funny. Only problem was, I didn’t know we’d be celebrating in a restaurant 😬 🎉✨

  12. I don’t know how Americans clean their home, but I work with glitter almost every day. I once spill a container of glitter in my house and just got a wet cloth put it on top of the glitter then I got a broom if you know what that is because apparently Americans only use vacuums which is much easier to use and guess what the glitter was gone. Don’t see the problem 💆🏻‍♀️

  13. I used to work as a church custodian. Every year for VBS the kids would make at least one craft with glitter and bring it into the sanctuary for the ending assembly, the stuff was insidious. I vacuumed the sanctuary twice a week, one year, the week before VBS I was still finding glitter from the previous years' VBS.

  14. be at ease younglings, there IS  a way to remove glitter from SOME  things WD-40 yes good old WD-40 will easily remove glitter from non porous surfaces, like hands, plastics and other things, but sadly we already saw the only way to remove it from rugs and furniture.

  15. Sadly glitter is a massive environmental problem since it’s made of plastic that is rarely, if ever, recycled. No one should be using glitter!

  16. The moment when you realize… It just happened to you…
    It was on my Christmas card… And all I did was just that the cookie down on the back of the card… Instantly… The snickerdoodle is now glitterfied!

  17. But,but,but I thought Southern men like glitter, I mean their bass boats have shiny glitters on'em oh what what about hot rods, and us bikers with glitters in the bajillion dollar paint jobs of the loves of our lives- cars and motorcycles? Lol

  18. LOL… I immediately thought of the Glitter Bomb decoy package set out to entrap Porch Pirates… Fitting reward for them…

  19. I somehow found glitter on my trustworthy Bama cap…I was horrified, being a southern manly man and all…

  20. I am a country singer princess at heart every single day with my family friends teachers and coaches who care about everyone who everyone in TML and life

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