The Decade in Review – This is Only a Test 530 – 12/19/19

The Decade in Review – This is Only a Test 530 – 12/19/19

for Thursday December 19th 2019 a
welcome to this is only a test the official podcast of tested dot hello and welcome to the podcast this
week as I adjust my headphone levels oh what a week it is it may I’m just go
out here and commit you guys to next week it’s not our final podcast of the
decade you don’t know that we have not committed I’m committing you guys right
now even if it means we’re gonna get a phone call it’s gonna be one more
podcast where I am doing this alone in my house with a camera on me with two
avatars of you guys that will not respond we’re gonna have one more up so
because there is so much to talk about that we can’t talk about right now
physically because like we haven’t seen the rise of Skywalker that’s where’s
morning that’s true one of us will see it today this being Wednesday yeah you
know I am very wary of these things I know you guys are smart and are muting
certain terms on Twitter but even the mention of like I’m gonna see something
I’m gonna see it soon I think unfortunately invites trolls to troll
you and so but this won’t be out until that I mean I’m comfortably been saying
yes right now yeah Jeremy I’m sorry I’ve already invited the trolls to troll you
please stay off Twitter that is your responsibility you know what octave do
you know what I’ve turned a new leaf I watched most of the red carpet what
time you usually on fortnight events I’m completely open to spoilers that I I say
give it to me no no this is no I all I’m done with trying to avoid this stuff and
keep this sacred because I’ve seen enough Star Wars films in adulthood to
realize that I don’t even care anymore nor my Wow just bring whatever you
thought this join the world in celebrating the movie nobody’s seen yet
look I’m looking forward to 2020 when Jeremy releases zen and the art of Star
Wars oh your book on how you’re handling this this of Jeremy Williams one that
Jeremy Williams do not reflect those of test calm nor the other members of this
is only a test we remain optimistic enthusiastic you’ll get there even
though even though at the point today we have not we see at least a rotten tomato
score no we haven’t somebody had to test it
off has ruined it for us none of us in this room know the person you at least
expect yeah I know it’s rather unfortunate but
how are you guys doing Jeremy Williams cash or Hari I the holiday spirit is
upon me I’m ready we’re we’re hosting Christmas this year I’m going full
tourist in San Francisco what does that mean how many people are you hosting
there we thirteen of us holy cannoli ma yeah goodness that includes myself I
mean I would hope so you would not be excluded to your own event Jeremy how
about you uh I am looking forward I am in a state of bliss having shipped all
of my Christmas presents oh wow like that is what the Christmas
holidays it stresses me out the most is just getting the presents out cuz I got
family all over the country yeah yeah yeah and I did that on Monday on
schedule and I wrapped everything myself I didn’t show you a single thing from
amaz so I’m sorry you like even if you bought something from Amazon another box
rewrapped it and then put it in a shipping box presumably so everything is
like box within box yes wrapped put into a box wrapped by myself with a note
handwritten and that itself is the gift under the shipping I would say I
wouldn’t be surprised there was nothing inside the then Christmas present and
except another note says the effort was put in for me – that’s exactly did you
use the the new rage from Twitter which is turning the box diagonally to get
extra coverage of your gift wrap yeah yeah I learned about that after I needed
that advice but that is good advice that is good I love going out into malls
during this time of year you know obviously very festive on decor
decorations and you know support the some local high school student who they
have the station’s set up that they will help wrap boxes for you and I remember
doing that back in high school and we’re at the mall at the mall they set up
kiosks and yes the tip base like you you pay and they will help and it was really
surprising better than the high school student who’s wrapped their you know
books in in in Safeway bags yeah usually like a store will donate the gift wrap
and stop and supplies and so it’s just all going to support some local charity
or local do you remember when Amazon used to
actually have wrapped gifts that were gift-wrapped and not just put him in a
bag yeah yeah yeah that this used to be what happened like they would take the
head the actual paper and tape not anymore
oh my god also we were also able to take Avery to the local mall and get his
first photos with Santa and I gotta say yeah I have a few thoughts about this
had one how did he handle it well I mean he was great okay he was a champ I mean
he actually did not deliver what we had hoped we’ve got three photos when we
would hope one of them would be crying screaming who wanted a happy and we
wanted a screaming you know and he was happy throughout so he held terrible I
know how could you do betrayus like that and a couple thoughts about the mall
Santa photography experience one I appreciate that it happens I don’t mind
the fee it’s expensive say 50 bucks what what yeah it’s 50 bucks because they
know they can they can get a letter I say enough no you get a couple print out
so they print off of a off-the-shelf photo printer from like Office Depot
right there and you get the digital prints as you
know relatively low res JPEGs that goes through some type of bad image
processing I don’t mind the price it’s very expensive but if it’s gonna be
somebody once a year it supports the employees there or sports this business
fine I wish they would actually get good
equipment I was sitting there and I was looking at that camera they were using
they were using like not even a aps-c sensor DSLR yeah I had an
interchangeable lens it was like a Micro Four Thirds sensor no the lighting was
flat it was frame improperly like I was just I was judgy about their photography
setup now I understand they go through hundreds of families a day yeah and they
really want to capture the moment that’s gonna be the important part you know
capturing the moment and it’s tough when you have unpredictability of families
and children I will say Santa himself a Pro Santa knew exactly how to hold the
baby this is his time of year man oh he knew exactly how to cheese it up and
get exactly the right moments Santa not blinking for these photos you’re not
gonna you know since a know it was and giving different type of smiles he was
it was wonderful Wow was this at Stone’s town was at Stone’s
town yeah I’ve seen their Santa setup it seems like a good Santa
yeah yeah I wonder if it’s the same one every year that they get what do you
like the same what are you implying it’s Santa it’s Santa the weather they
have this of the small is just your typical big Christmas tree with the
giant chair or some presents around I’ve seen other setups I you know traveling
around Middle America I like even the Thanksgiving we saw a Santa said of
where there was a little more diorama set up you know inside like I’m a head
to head it was more a living room set up and I wish we have that here but you
know for the first of hopefully many cent of photos they’ve got to take at
$50 dude I can’t believe it was the pricing back back when my kid was on I’d
be like Santa’s not real dude yeah I mean I guess you go to comic-con and you
pay 30 bucks to get you know brent Spiner ‘he’s yeah bordeaux right
Santa goes here you am in a comic-con for a while my friend it’s not $30 what
is it it’s like most pictures now are like 75
are you serious depends on the con I think the depends depends on the market
and what the market will sustain yeah but you’re looking at $50 or not my
friend for most people that I can’t stand it must have gone the comic-con
and learned and like part of me is like I wish I just brought my own camera
because they say no personal photos but I could just be like a tourist walking
around and like gorilla taking some some photos and then off to the side Pullen’s
family sigh hey for five bucks I’ll give you some yeah and hang out there all day
wonder how long would it take before they were just yeah uh sure me away one
photo I’m just I’m just getting some mall photos here it’s a free country I
have my rights so that was that was my past weekend
experience let’s cut through the chitchat oh and get to our top story this week was there any debate
about the top story the end of an era over well now we’ve said this before we
said this in 1983 right we said this whenever the the prequels the saga
concludes and now it’s the prequel early no way the trilogy of trilogies see but
we said it with different intonation like in 83 were like the saga is over
and we were sad yeah after the prequels we were like you know
relieved yeah I feel like I don’t know where I’m at with this I’ve had an
up-and-down relationship with with these two films and so I feel a little uneasy
going into this one it’s so interesting because this is definitely it feels is
JJ from scores coming back to two reckless and from the earlier reviews he
feels like a JJ Abrams film so as a trilogy itself it doesn’t feel like it’s
gonna be cohesive in the same way that it would be if it was like the Russo
brother was directing three Marvel films in a row well the original trilogy had
three different directors that’s that’s very and it also didn’t feel cokie’s and
the prequel trilogy had the same director turn of the Jedi as soon as the
talk show up it like that’s they loses cohesion and I’m the I think back to
when the prequel trilogy concluded Revenge of the Sith came out and how by
that point we were also beaten down and we were we were in we overall had some
form of PTSD that we all lived in like of reality distortion bubble I remember
coming out of her into the SIF and everyone’s like this is finally it oh my
god they finally got it right after two movies remember Kevin Smith saying that
before yeah yeah and of course that one opened with that incredible space battle
that long shot is a getting as Anakin’s flying his Starfighter and I wonder if
that will be the case for this time as well regardless of what you thought
about last Jedi and force awakens we feel like you know because it is the
conclusion of something they’re putting all the chips on the table and it is
that final relief that it’s out no more hiding from spoilers no more
anticipation the saga is done well that just the end of it lifts this movie
into a another reality distortion bubble I don’t I don’t understand the question
yeah I we’re gonna be wrong about our thoughts about this movie five years
later ah I I don’t think so and in a way this
is a weird engagement in the way I don’t think it’ll Adriel I have very low
expectations for this movie and I think that’s the right place to be but I think
part of the reason I feel a little like that a that the ending is what’s
happening in real life around is that Carrie Fisher died like Harrison Ford
like leaving the film like um marking like there’s a Peter Mayhew dying like
all of these things like there’s these the people behind those characters are
are leaving more than anything else so there’s a finality that I think is just
gonna happen that we’re gonna see it and it’s gonna be what it is and I don’t
think it’s going to age much differently it’s gonna be what it is is the saddest
thing the saddest perspective we could have it’s low expectations come come to
fruition III have perspective here I had an interesting experience over the
weekend where I showed my twelve-year-old son one of my favorite
movies of all time it’s one of the movies that I have called my favorite
movie in years past its Rushmore by Wes Anderson and one he didn’t love it
he’s 12 he’s never been in love like that’s you you gotta go through certain
things just to be in a certain phase of life
when you appreciate certain things yeah you haven’t sent him away from boarding
school yet like all of this things and and I am so far I’m decades past that
point in my life where I love that movie that it didn’t resonate with me as much
and so what I realized is this what everybody you know I think already knows
on some level which is that Star Wars is for kids and Star Wars appeals to I’m
not which is not to say that not you you can’t be an inner child not to say that
it can’t be you know adults and like the films but you have to be at a certain
point in life to get what you got out of it when
I was nine and I loved Jenny that doesn’t preclude the ability for a film
to have to mean something different and be meaningful for an older audience in
the way a Pixar film reads differently for kids and adults right and but I
think Pixar films intentionally resonate with with different demographics and I
intentionally you don’t think Star Wars I’m not I I think Star Wars has been
mishandled ever since you know 1983 i I mean I loved Mandalorian you know you
you think it’s it’s fallen short of its potential but I think that the last
episode in particular I haven’t seen it there’s no way that this new Star Wars
film can live up to that single really I think oh my Wow that’s why I’m gonna go
home and watch that right now I think the indictment of the new newest
two films and probably what I expect from the third film is it feels like the
fingerprints of a court mega-corporation on it like so many cooks in the kitchen
the creative direction kind of bouncing back and forth that you don’t get that
like singular vision that has weird moments like we’re not gonna get a
Porkins anymore like a character that just shows up unexplained dies and
becomes like a beloved whoa whoa whoa I think like you say that but like even in
solo film that was not as well regarded had the Jon Favreau character that I
think is exactly that part of the part of the problem with with Porkins it not
existing anymore is that Porkins was perfect was well cast like he was a dude
who was like in this movie nobody knew it was gonna be a special film they
thought they were hoping it would be a box office you know breakeven and he was
cast as the space pilot nobody knew is gonna be no one had the expectations for
it to be a special and nowadays everyone playing a Porkins role is somebody’s
friend or niece or nephew who wants to be in a Star Wars film they’re not even
actors and that comes across or they they are actors but you recognize as bit
players right exactly but they think it’s not going to matter they think they
think they can throw these you know fans into small bit parts and it won’t affect
the film and it probably doesn’t for kids but part of the problem with the
an adult is you start to recognize all the beats of storytelling and you you
see foreshadowing that’s you know if spoon-fed and you it just it’s not as
enjoyable you want to be surprised unless there is an adult you know
oriented like fabric woven into it like Pixar does so low expectations
perspective / cynicism aside I still think that’s gonna be an enjoyable film
I think the action sequences especially probably the what I anticipate some
major lightsaber duels between kylo and Ray are going to be spectacular I just
think there’s gonna be an element of cheese later on top that I worry about
but I think it’s gonna be a beautiful film and I think there’s gonna be
moments that are great Daisy Ridley has has nailed every part of these movies
that she’s been in she’s the best part of them and so I expect nothing less
from her in the in this movie I watched the force awakens last night where
yesterday in preparation I’ll watch the last Jedi probably Thursday night and
I’m try try so hard to like let go of my what I need that film to go of your fear
do you need Ben Kenobi hey let go just me you know I thought after what’s been
four years that I that I be able to approach it with fresh eyes and just let
and some of it I could and I really and I really do appreciate as you said the
action sequences and some of the some of the moments in the movie like where solo
dies these were well done and I liked them but so much of it is ham-fisted in
it oh man I feel even more the last Jedi did not resonate with me as I recall I
think it’s okay to take Star Wars off the pedestal the original trilogy will
still exist a I mean hopefully the original religion old trilogy pre
special editions will come out some point and we can love those films but
yeah I’m okay with the reality is we’re not gonna not have Star Wars new Star
Wars in our lifetimes and they have said that they’re treating it as a more
precious property not like a Marvel series or the MCU and they should be
and so after this is done they’ll take a break and and I’ll be excited to see
something that’s not the sky work or so any speculations of what that is no no
of what this movie will entail like whose ray like that’s a I don’t even
want to play that game I I’m actually I like not thinking about it I made that
mistake with Watchmen where I dove to much into the online discussion around
it and it took some of the surprises away mmm which decrease in some way my
potential enjoyment it’s all that pressure that they have to connect dots
that makes these films ham-fisted like I felt like having just watched force
awakens like when they stumble upon the Falcon like it’s on this random planet
what are the odds of that and then what are those so tell me the odds so low so
low and chewy like tractor beam they happen to see the Falcon in space no
they detect them they detected the ship do they yeah yeah I I think for me from
how far away I’ve been playing that speculation game in my head for a while
because I it’s hard to avoid it and I think the only thing that makes real
sense to me like I know the Ray lineages will finally be explained somehow
someway nothing in that area era makes sense to me so the only thing that I I
think is definitely gonna happen is we’re gonna get the redemption of Ben
solo I think I think the redemption is gonna happen I think yeah I think
they’ll be redemption for well that would follow the original trilogy arc
and and Leia said that she felt there was good in it oh and I think this is a
Leia story not a Luke story I think she’s gonna be a key this is a rib this
is a race story well for sure I think Leia is gonna be the Yoda figure of the
story yeah but my wild prediction I have a wild predicament I think Harrison Ford
is in this movie oh whoa that’s my wild yeah now I don’t even really want to
speculate because now I’m gonna be in the story
you’ve incepted an idea that I didn’t even consider and now an EQ any
foreshadowing of any of that became a surprise that would ruin my complete
shock because now you have taken that shock I’m sorry that potential surprise
like you said no sense I’m just gonna not think about
that and it’s like if ya don’t came back everybody likewise the adil here I don’t
you trying to make you a doll the thing I want to I’m envious of you guys for
because you’re the world of comic books has really taken over like the whole
Marvel Cinematic Universe is so successful and and great that they’re
good at what they do and they’re just nailing film after film I’m envious of
you guys that you have that and I’m glad to be on that train with you
last thing related to Star Wars Jeremy this also bleeds into technology and
video gaming you attended or watch the Star Wars fortnight ok fence I thought
you’re gonna say that the Rises sky walk at red carpet no I did watch some of
that but I did not attend it the yeah the fort night event was was fascinating
I guess they announced that during the game Awards that it would be happening
and so my twelve-year-old son who doesn’t even play for tonight anymore he
was curious enough to boot it up and Jenna and I got a say like that felt
like the future because at what was it like 10 8 p.m. I forget when it was
whenever it was Jeff Keeley came on the like the sound the speaker like
everybody in the game how many millions people planned for tonight everybody
heard on every server everybody heard him talk and he said testing one two one
two testing the voice have got it’s the end of Truman Show who are you and I am
the creator exactly that was exactly what it was like and and my son flipped
out he called me he’s like dad you won’t
believe what just happened Jeff just came on the loudspeaker and
then so I I go down cuz like I even can’t be bothered with Star Wars this
day so I had to be like enticed to go watch this thing and so I went down and
it’s ten minutes late so they get her everybody chance to get in there and
then at ten minutes after the deadline nobody can hurt each other anymore he
brought peace upon them this is like a watchman crossover and then I did it
thirty five minutes ago and then my son said what he saw something on the screen
instead focused and I guess he doesn’t do that that often but I said what is it
what is it focused and so he l22 focus and it moved the camera onto
the sky and then a beat later the Millennium Falcon warps in and all the
Star Wars music comes on and the Falcon swoops around the landscape so on each
server as people are playing let’s say you’re in the middle of a around where
the last three people are surviving and they’re like hunting each other oh and
this is actually there was only one game mode you could join and it was the
special event okay so wasn’t actual no combat no engagement where they’re like
peace will pause our conflict for 30 minutes this special message from our
sponsor it was though you could fight like there were teams but I don’t know
if one person’s like not interesting what are you guys looking at what do you
guys look at that up there he always want to play when people died they would
respawn so I don’t it must have been a special kind of like deathmatch of kind
of situation so Falcon trailed by Tie Fighters and Star Destroyers war bin and
they the Falcon does some pretty amazing flights would he call him like dogfight
moves and then destroys the TIE fighters and then lands on the platform actually
everybody who’s standing on platform gets blown off of it and then the Falcon
lands outcomes like a hologram that that is Geoff Keeley basically but it’s not
him like he’s just an avatar through the it’s not his avatar on some generic
hologram avatar he speaks through it and then a stormtrooper comes off and starts
talking to everybody I don’t know what the point of that was but apparently
like he says he’s in the next channel oh you know who that was no I don’t know
who that was it was Ben Schwartz from the from Parks and Rec ah because he did
sound very comfortable like he sounded like a celebrity and then of course JJ
runs down the ramp of the Falcon a character this is not video this is a 3d
avatar right custom this is Mission Bay J Abram do you think he’s like he did
performance capture he’s at held in game pattern fortunately he was fortunately
it looked like all of his animations for can’t and so even his walk in his his
emotes so how do people was a streamed or like did you download the animation
package and all their assets as a player luckily and this was rendered locally
yeah rendered locally so you had the assets queued up on your computer yes
you have JJ on your PC people did not know they had the Falcon and TIE
fighters right and then he’s like look how skinny I am I’ve never been so
skinny and he’s making shit yeah he’s the whole thing and then like
he does dancing and then like they turn him into something else and then oh he
turned him into like the default fortnight player which I guess it’s a
inside joke for fortnight players and then he changed back to JJ and yeah he
said anyway I’d like to show you a what do you think that this clips gonna be
about and then you could stand in any of four quadrants and you can guess you
could vote for what you thought the clip was gonna be about and then so players
were like running yeah into a quadrant and then so you voted which had no
effect and then you got to you got to watch the clip we don’t describe the
clip I won’t we came down on the big screen watch the clip which is like 30
seconds you could describe the clip and not spoil anything and then it put up
the Rotten Tomatoes score and then they say that’s it and we want to thank you
all for coming out and one more question what’s your favourite colour and then
everyone votes on their favourite colour and then they fly off in the Falcon and
then everybody has a lightsaber in the colour that they voted on yeah and the
red one is kylo so you get the the cool thing at the bottom the hell yeah
in the lightsabers cross pretty powerful right if you like deflect and so then
everybody goes jumps into this massive lightsaber battle and now everyone in
490 has lightsabers wait for the foreseeable future
yeah yeah yeah or is it permanent I think is the permanent no it’s a lewd
item though after that game like you have to go find it in the game it
doesn’t just like awesome everyone who was in the event got it and everyone
else has to find it is that how it works yeah I don’t think you get to keep it I
think it’s like every time you join a game now I hope you find it on the map
oh really okay they go wow what a what a technical achievement yes that’s it
that’s like some that’s a digital event yeah unlike anything in recent memory
because it crosses over it wasn’t just people who care about the game I mean of
course there’s really having very few games that have been played at the scale
marshmallow did a concert in fortnight and that was sort of the testbed for
this technology this makes me think of like ready player
one when when um when Holliday passed away and then the announcement the video
comes up in the beginning of the film yes the book and everyone in the Oasis
pauses and watches the video right like this is that type of let’s let’s our
differences don’t matter right now yeah let us consume yeah
yes marketing I mean I thought was I thought it was brilliant it really did
feel futuristic I don’t know and you watch it over the shoulder yeah okay you
know it’s fine did you feel like you missed out because
you weren’t like on the phone or on a you had your avatar running around and
voting and participating oh well only and from that sense that I didn’t
actually get something but you know whatever I was since I don’t have a dog
in the race and fortnight I am totally fine with that interesting I can’t wait
what what’s the next big of it didn’t I did a endgame event right and so this
week against the Infinity Gauntlet that’s right yeah yeah it’s definitely
it’s a yes it’s a cool futuristic thing I thought that was neat is that all
that’s it okay oh sure a real brief apology I know
people don’t want to hear people like Sutton being negative about Star Wars I
know that I know that and I apologize and we’re done because they’re done so
we’re done all right that’s it okay okay hey other movies we’re gonna get through
this relatively quickly we had a second trailer for Pixar’s upcoming film onward
this is a film on I’m excited I mixed on totally right I I’m not super jump I
just bring me soul like that’s how I hear right yeah it’s not even like that
it’s just like it’s not because it’s not like a sequel like of course I was very
hype for Incredibles 4 and Toy Story 4 virgin card was 2 and Toy Story 4 but
like it’s not that it’s not sequel I appreciate original stories but like I’m
looking more forward to to soul then then this see doctor this doesn’t feel
as universal it’s more of a sci-fi fan a fantasy epic kind of tale I mean like
it’s it’s from Pixar they have a good lineage it could be good but it just
seems to that’s the best lineage in terms of the trailer it didn’t represent
this like core thing though it is about kids trying to find their dad I mean I’m
not spoiling very much and probably that’s going to reveal a lot yeah I
guess they only seen the trailer they only are able to bring back their dad
for one day and they do bring back half of him so there’s gonna be some some
heartstrings to pull here or your relationships with families and lost
family members it’s a road trip movie they’re calling it it’s a quest so their
take on a road trip to the genre and it’s not that that’s not an exciting
John raah I I’m just I’m waiting for the one thing this film that kind of hooks
me in now you haven’t haven’t seen it yet from this trailer I’m gonna watch it
I just I did I I watched freaking Angry Birds dude okay
I will watch this for sure yeah like yeah I’m not I’m not worried about not
seeing it and with my expectations so low they can only be on the flit
exceeded though I am excited about this we got a first look Bill and Ted three
pictures from the villains head sequel bill Ted three will release you
have a shaven Keanu Reeves you have the first look at William Sadler is back as
death hopefully that’s not too big of a spoiler from bogus journey from boat
from the second film yeah that’d be bogus journey and then you also he looks
he looking a little old there Jeff and then it is of course about legacy so you
have Bill and Ted’s children she’s from a typical the the bill uh ken Reeves the
PC bill or Ted I never remember what her I know but she is she plays counter
Reeves daughter oh really yeah and and and the other one from the
movie the babysitter and um but her or not she plays what’s the name the other
guy’s daughter bill S Preston s how about that yeah so it’ll be about family
cool they’re excited for that I am also of mixed feelings for a
upcoming comic book movie it’s an animated adaptation of the elf’s world
story read son I’m ready to give you a history lesson here that’s Owen I read
sa yeah read some Superman read son have you heard about this no I’ve heard about
it I’m not watching the trailer so I don’t want to know Superman read son was
a miniseries story that was told an alternate reality and Superman of what
if what if Superman his ship from Krypton landed in Soviet Russia oh yeah
cool and was raised by Stalin and live grew up to be a communist how would the
world accept him or what would his how would the world have chains right you
are a product of where you grow up that’s right it’s the the nature versus
nurture of it all and there are familiar faces from the DC Universe ranging from
Wonder Woman Batman Lois Lane even Lex Luthor and some other surprises and it
was it’s well regarded by Mark Millar who was the writer behind kick-ass many
other high concept graphic novels and comic series
and this one is definitely high concept the miniseries is great and so now it’s
being adapted into a animated film part of that DC Animated universe jason
isaacs plays Superman does the voice of Superman with a definitely a Russian
accent this was kind of weird even though I can
expecting him to have it it’s a very heavy Russian accent and I think some of
the DC animated films have been good some I think are just like flipping an
adaptation they’ve been flipping recently it’s
tough to do these films and live up to what you’ve imagined in your head what
you’ve seen in the graphic novels one more trailer in the heights
this is Lagoon and well Miranda’s Tony Award winning musical when he did before
can i play then we cannot play the music but it is the film adaptation of that
this is more traditional film adaptation rather than what Leah what they did with
lemaise so this will have the music and it’s filmed traditionally you’re saying
that they didn’t live reliably or dated vocals yes yes which is too bad because
I do think that that that adds a lot to the live performance aspect they could
have done that I think assuming that they have all the
same people doing the acting instead you do yeah I don’t know
well the cast for this is like what they did for rent where they brought back the
original cast members well the guy playing the lead is it is yeah he played
the lead in okay and he played Philip Schuyler Oh any uh
no what does yes yes okay yeah yeah and yeah yeah and not if not Schuyler didn’t
know Philip Hamilton right yeah yes Hamilton’s son as well as John Lauren’s
right exactly yeah oh great yeah I liked him he was in the Lady gaga
so yes does this imply to you what it implies to me which is like if this is a
hit that live it they’ll do the same thing for Hamilton no Alan memo has said
that Hamilton will never be adapted to wife Trisha no film what they did they
film two performances no the original cast and that is being cut right now
now for theatrical release I mean that’ll be Lively just wait I mean he’s
been on this epic tear that’s not every everything he touches turns to gold and
then he’s gonna have a mess if you see Mary Poppins Oh fine
exactly it was just fine oh we’re Moana was fine yeah I will not have there’s no
frozen besmirching of Moana his podcast I went to a mo on a sing-along I was
like bawling for most of it have you seen frozen 2 by the way I have not I’m
really fed up with you two why what do we do things that annoy me
there are things we could talk about in that film and you guys are too macho to
go see some thing all right here you know I’m constrained you know it my kid
hated frozen and he’s like I was like you want to go see frozen – he’s too
mellow before there’s no question I’m not too much up for it okay
most of my watching is of cartoons in some form well we’ll talk about it when
you guys eventually see it okay probably in the new year all right yeah what will
probably not come and actually won’t come in the new year or any your
forthcoming after that is the akira film from techo by TT Warner Brothers has
removed the film from the schedule it’s rather unfortunate of course Tyga is now
doing a Thor what is it love and thunder and and so but we you know hard work I
thought what we were also really hoping that he’d be able to do the Cure
adaptation you know it’s gonna be in limbo for for a long time we are less
than one month is that correct lesson one month away from Star Trek
Picard Wow what how do you know that when does it come out its January
January 23rd okay so we’re just about a month away from Star Trek car and that’s
gonna be a weekly release cycle yes all right on CBS all access but CBS has
enough confidence in the show that they’ve renewed it for season two that’s
good man I don’t like that I like that I don’t I wanted to have at least the the
speculation that could be the mid limited series like the fact that
they’ve already announced season two tells me that you know Picard probably
does died at the end of s now that I wanted
him to I wanted to be worried that he would boy by the end of the series look
at you it gives away is that how you felt about next generation it’s like oh
man now I know there’s another season now a new book or doesn’t die
the stakes are a little bit lower don’t be so sure
well there’s another Picard it isn’t it Oh then they will they won’t they
wouldn’t renew a show without his involvement all I’m doing is just
planting ideas and norms head throughout the Christmas season that’s good
Harrison Ford is still alive so this is so different than you know not knowing
whether there’d be another season of expanse or next generation because this
is a revival this is built that’s something special as a limited
engagement to end that they had a good idea and they won’t execute it what not
just you know no of course I’m happy that all the crew and the cast and and
the people working on the shark and I hopefully come back and get a chance to
further the story by also I’m a fan of stories that have proper beginning
middles and ends and dude let’s try to try to be a little optimistic here this
is this tells you that they are so sure about this series like they have seen
the episodes and they’re like slam dunk they crunch the numbers they’re like
already people are subscribing to all access I’m with I’m wit Jeremy on this
this is nothing but good news yeah I’ll try to be optimistic with I’m a definite
optimistic about the show so very so but hold out no I hope that he’ll die
hold out hope that there’ll be tension that will make me wonder that whether or
not some of the characters won’t make it and knowing that there’ll be a second
season you’ve watched too much or that Game of Thrones I just I think I finally
realized norm is part of the Borg collective that’s why it’s reading
finally makes sense give me a cliffhanger if you’re gonna do
that give me a cliffhanger on the scale of Desa both worlds oh I make it me and
made us make us you wait a year for it something about we’re gonna get in 2020
theoretically on the platform chibi chibi kwibi
mm-hm chibi yep she bqu ibi this is that short form social network videos service
all the content is going to be real short is a return to legends of the
Hidden Temple this was of my generation and the 90s grown up very popular
Nickelodeon came show I was wish it was all the fantasy that that that kids of
my age wanted of climbing through you know and a obstacle course set decked to
be a South American temple and it was always the same obstacle course they
would read they could rearrange oh well it was a cross-section of obstacles
fourth course so you could see the the contestants going you know running
alongside but the room layouts would slightly change the place that would be
fine the objects okay every kid in my generation watches wanted to run through
that course Wow and the rock is bringing this show to adult in 2020 it’s a
revival where it will be adults who get to run through a new function of this
combination like Ninja Warrior and I hope some legends you know since you’re
watching the live stream you know one of the hosts of that live stream Anthony
Carboni was on this show as a kid just as a regular kid Wow you can watch his
episode caught the bug yeah that’s that’s right and last bit of pop culture
news weirdest story of the week the far side Gary Larson Gary Larson’s far side
is gonna be on line for the first time and well yeah do you can’t find far side
comics online okay he’s been notably resistant to it because of people
stealing his comics oh yeah everything them everywhere else image of the far
side you find through Google image is a pirated scanned image okay and there
will be new new comics well where’s it gonna be found on the far side comm it’s
like I remember this so fondly the comic yeah dude this you know the one frame
yes yes absolute brilliance I was promised that when I paid an exorbitant
of money for the complete far aside to book anthology compendium
that it would be complete that it would be complete how dare they release more
yeah and make my collection now obsolete Heidemann 101 all right that does it for
pop culture let’s move on wow this is great though cuz I can’t wait to see
what he has to say about the internet right that’s right it’s been offline
since the internet basically exists he’s got a lot going on there but yeah it
will work well the fuck I don’t know I don’t want to speculate well the far
side work today of course it’s gonna work your license a genius ok
technologies we really quickly Apple arcade now there’s an option as opposed
to paying $5 a month ok $60 a year you can get a whole annual subscription to
Apple arcade for $50 a year now save $10 ok off an annual subscription which
tells me one it’s not selling as well as they had hope a couple months into it or
that retention has been low and in fact reading this news reminded me to cancel
my subscription which I did after really loose I’m just not playing it anymore
really like we we talked about like what would the release cadence be and could
they sustain quality for this and I don’t think they have enough to justify
well five dollars a month I mean when your kids are playing Knight iPad games
you’ll think to otherwise yeah when that happens I will come back and subscribe
to it but I mean they know ads and no in-app purchases huge I think they still
have yet to prove that they can keep up the quality along with the quantity of
regular releases because that’s not easy games take a long time to be made yep
other quick news o DualShock for you know as we’re probably getting a new
PlayStation announced next year Sony has now a attachment for the DualShock for
the ads buttons the back of the controller kind of like
flipper buttons almost where you would use your middle finger to grab as
opposed to the trigger or the yeah the trigger buttons shoulder buttons and
it’s customization that you can then program you know and remap into the
buttons in the back yeah it’s just different type of comics hey we didn’t
even talk about the Game Awards Game Awards were last week we mentioned Jeff
Healey earlier and the fortnight event but they dropped a ton of news some of
which is were talked about in the the VR minute but also we saw the design for
the next Xbox the Xbox Series X series series X series X Xbox series at right
Xbox series X might as well be a PC gaming tower you know that’s what it
looked like consoles have been pcs for a while now yeah so there they are they’re
just it’s a PC yep and it’s looking I’m bet it’ll be a really good deal like to
build that PC cost a lot more span but you can only do Xbox games you’re not
not using it for that’s right and you voto processing you your rendering won’t
be playing your VR games on it no that’s that’s uh something that they have no
even though they mentioned with them one Xbox one X being able to do that’s not a
path that they’re pushing for calling Xbox series X of course the speculation
is that this is not the only Xbox that they were working on that it’ll be maybe
there’ll be a series Y or that there’ll be two models of this because this could
presumably be an expensive console and I think they have had success with Xbox
one doing the Xbox one X and Xbox one s as well as the diskless Edition and so
going forward I could see them doing different versions no and with a low
minimum viable product the baseline spec being able to run it at you know 4k
because this one can do 4k plus ray-tracing
120 Hertz and so it’s gonna be allowing developers to scale up the graphics as
people get more powerful Harper much like PC gaming the naming scheme is
absurd it is i if i weren’t involved or following the industry i would not be
able to tell you where they drew the line between generations you know it’s
very straight I don’t know what the deal is there
PlayStation much easier they like that letter X I guess so
no more number I mean they were basically screwed when they went to 360
yeah like at that point it was all over Xbox yeah
360 720 1080 they can go full 1080 1440 yeah I didn’t I don’t even know I what
they could call it if not for the numbers yes just Osby Xbox series X X
cloud okay and at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what the naming
convention is I think this is gonna be like they’re gonna push hard on
subscriptions here and that’s really going to be a game pass yeah that’s
gonna test you know where the appetite is for that kind of model the tower like
design also means that it’s probably not gonna fit underneath a lot of
entertainment centers that right will have their blu-ray players or Apple TVs
oriented the other way though can’t it yeah so they did say it could be yeah
and it does have a drive it has a slot for a blu-ray blu-ray disc that will
play blu-ray video right don’t know because the core-tex box does not cost
money oh no sorry the conex box does it’s the ps4 right that’s not so of
course I think they will they will license that out people will still be
buying blu-ray 4k blu-rays the tower design is something that also is in the
Mac Pro and I fixed it did a teardown on the Mac Pro they gave it or a pair
ability score of 9 out of 10 well that’s very high
they said the the Festivus miracle is upon us Apple released a map that is
very very repairable the only part and upgradable and the only part that’s
proprietary is the SSD that has the t2 Apple security chip on there weird
otherwise Ram you can spy by your ECC Ram you can swap things out and the you
know it’s been well reviewed so far with the airflow and the noise and so you’re
gonna get gone through one that’s right no Gunther you could get a mic and loops
if you’re lucky why don’t you just get him the wheels for it I’ll be like yeah
that’s like 400 bucks right there yeah it’s gonna be I I want a shout-out
I fix it for their review because they’re like hey it looks like it can
great cheese and so the grated cheese on that hurts my eyes
I love it that makes me so sad I don’t care for that either
take that off yeah no oh because I have a baby who makes a mess with cheese all
the time and I’m just kidding I like their fun
it was fun yeah in the world of electric vehicles there is rumor that Congress
the United States may be extending the evie credits or at least restructuring
the ebee credits right now because some electric car makers like Tesla has
lowered the prices because anticipation anticipation that the evie credits will
go away come next year they reached their number
of units sold where they now the credits get federal tax rebates get phased out
but there’s a chance that that will be restructured and extended for another
400,000 or up to 400,000 units cars which is good for not only test
potential Tesla nerves and you know what the market for cars the price of their
cars might go up after that but be good for existing car manufacturers who had
done kind of early v’s and get eaten into the allocation for tax credits to
then still compete and release things like their Eevee pickup trucks and have
let their customers benefit from I wonder if the tax credit I wonder if
part of the thinking here is that at least Tesla I know has used up all of
their tax credits and they didn’t really lower the price much and so I wonder if
Congress was waiting to see if the manufacturers were eating into that tax
credit themselves pricing their cars higher than necessary hmm and maybe now
that they’re seeing that the prices are sort of still saying up there maybe
that’s their saying okay but tax credits aren’t not designed to lower the price
of the vehicles they’re they’re more incentives for more manufacturers to get
in the space and then compete and that’ll lower the price and so I don’t
think the price of the Tesla is gonna really come down until a Ford and GM and
other show the sales that like eat into Tesla’s market share GM makes the bolt
brother well but like not at the same volume of sales it’s not I think there’s
one other piece that you you didn’t talk about that’s important they’re offering
a tax credit for used evie vehicles of twenty five hundred dollars if you make
less than a hundred thousand dollars a year or two hundred thousand dollars
really married which I really like because I think V’s are naturally
vehicles that that are out of the ability to to buy for low-income people
Wow and this is a a really important sort of that would revenue right that’s
a new thing and when would that take place after if they were to be passed
yeah if it would be passed and then they said like all subsidies would be gone by
2024 so we’ll see the bolt has just hit the three year end of life for a lot of
the first ones to drive off the lot and there so the leases are up in many cases
and so that’s interesting and I’m like I think there is going to be resistance to
this like buying a used Evy because the batteries are consumable in it but you
you can check that with the yeah whatever that it’s called the OCD device
or whatever I think people have to get over that that sort of hump that that
you know kind of perceptual barrier but it’s got it’s coming like as you said
like we’re in that sort of range where we’ll need ways to qualify the the
batteries refer and talk about how many charge cycles and how many miles like
that will be a thing that you know Carfax and other other
second-hand car resellers platforms have to build in well people are using these
what is that caller mileage may actually vary the thing you plug into the port
and the car it’s like it’s not OCD it’s something like that right you know I’m
talking about yeah so on the bottom of the steering wheel right exactly people
plug that in there’s an Android app that you can run and it will tell you to
actually cars have that yeah you have that they all have it and so at least I
don’t I’m only on the bulb before be deed onboard diagnostics I really nicely
done do you plug that in and use a Bluetooth
thing to an Android device you can actually see how healthy the battery is
and it will give you the kilowatt hours current capacity of it mm-hmm but it
still doesn’t tell you how many charge cycles it’s gone through well I don’t
think so but isn’t that indicative I mean all you really care about is how
healthy is it it’s not just charge cycles because you wanted if it does if
it’s all fast charging that’s gonna kill the battery mm um if it’s if you’re
doing you know 240 all the time it’s much better on the battery yeah again
these are things that people need to be educated about last bit of tech news
will cover on your Amazon smart assistant device now you can make it
sound like a be a m-f yes the Sam Jackson voice has come to the echo and
guess what this is not very good did you try it Jeremy it’s 99 cents I bought it
I tried it but you have to act it you have to go through like layers of act to
get Sam to say stuff to you I’m telling you somebody activated it my
household and no one’s owned up to it like we it’s activated and nobody will
say that they were the one that spent the $0.99 it’s not that it doesn’t
become the default voice you still have to be yeah I like you know echo a Sam
Jackson to set an alarm for you know whatever was the weather or stuff oh
yeah and it doesn’t do everything no only a few things it needs to be the new
voice it has to be the default thing and that like it’s totally possible they
just have to record him saying all the same sentences and do these machine
learning and turn him into the voice you know and if it was the case I would pay
more than ninety nine cents right yeah dude yeah like who would you want as
your voice I want like a British soothing voice Paul Bettany oh it’s a
vision vision that’s good one I was gonna say like a Benedict Cumberbatch
came to mind eh yeah or an Aussie of some sort yes
no before he was vision he was obviously that thing right yeah exactly that was
right that would be that that would be the voice although the guy who does KITT
would be great to carla Gugino was Karen from sperm and homecoming oh
yeah yeah yeah fantasy fulfillment and that does it oh
you know what we’re not done with tech yet but before we continue with the next
big technology thing we’re talking about I’ll let you know that this is only at
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way with Casa de Bie Lutron smart switches learn more about casa de at
Lutron comm slash test once again that’s Lutron comm slash test and thank them
for sponsoring this week’s episode so did Jeremy Williams original yes from
back in the day that’s from the PC game your podcast days Wow
so it’s the end of not Technic technically it’s not really the end of
the decade but it’s the end of the ten years in which we have the number one
after two zero right in our year in the way we counter two years it’s one of 20
19 so we will consider at the end of the decade for our purposes and it’s a good
time to do a little bit of looking back and thinking about what are the
technologies we are fundamentally a technology show that made the most
impact over these past 10 years I don’t know how you guys want to go over our
lists but I think we rotate rotate through as somebody you pick one norm
then Jeremy goes and well I go how do we do it in a way that are we gonna rank
them are we gonna say at the end that this was the one the most influential
acknowledge II we might not agree hack fall
I concur that we might not agree so let’s just go as a round trip a one at a
time well maybe we’ll get to ten maybe we will nine but let’s talk about the
the most impactful technologies I will start off with something very simple
I’m gonna go 3d printers consumer base 3d where were we ten years ago with them
ten years ago we had not even built the first cupcake Wow
2010 was the year we built the first cupcake it wasn’t made available maybe a
year before that would make her bought yea remind people what cupcake is of
cupcake was the first 3d printer kit released by MakerBot that was a split at
least at that point it was based off of the open source design repre RepRap for
3d printers and that was out of New York MakerBot and we had built the the first
cupcake CNC and then we did our first 30 print in 2010 and boy has the world
changed since then how was the print it was fine we don’t made a cube it was
okay yeah I mean by today’s standards was it okay no yeah
I mean I think the crazy thing that goes along with it is it the reason I didn’t
put that 3d printing on the list is the kind of rise and fall we’ve seen
anything and I think what’s important about the cupcake it debuted at world
Maker Faire mm-hmm Maker Faire also gone but I mean wait not that 3d printing is
gone but it’s gone through some pretty big changes in terms of its hype and the
landscape and how it’s used I think the trajectory of not just
consumer 3d printers with consumer CNC machines right
whether that’s laser cutter CNC mill or even something like a vinyl cutter that
has changed how people that has merged the digital processes with the physical
processes over the past 10 years in a way that’s changed making as a whole and
I think the 3d printer is the the best exemplar of that including it’s kind of
dips and valleys and over and then on the the trough of you know failed
expectations and all that stuff and I I gotta say more often than not I see
people in forums that are not 3d printing related saying oh I have a 3d
printer because because there’s something that comes out for the quest
or something that you need a 3d printed part in order
to you know do something and people just have them like more often than I would
expect not everybody obviously but there’s a lot of 3d printers out there
because they’ve gotten so affordable you have the quest on the list I’m just
gonna jump on that yeah it’s it’s not just quest like this was the decade of
virtual reality hitting you know the mass-market yeah there was the oculus
Kickstarter in 2013 and then it came to the first DK was the year later and then
decay too and then all the way to the quest this year 2019 and I feel like
that trajectory was the most exciting thing about the last 10 years for me and
I did not accept there were some things I expected to have come further yeah but
I did not expect to be experiencing the sixth off tether let’s see tether listen
AR for the price of a game console in an all-in-one device by the end of the
decade yeah that is cool I mean that’s exactly where I put it on the list it’s
the hands-free and affordable yeah and just like sort of consumer ready like
anyone can do it yep here here I’m gonna go weird with my
next one so obviously smartphone came out and like what eight to two thousand
seven doesn’t a phone came out two thousand seven um I put the Nexus 4 on
here which came out in 2013 and it was not my it’s not my favorite Android
phone but to me it was the one that marked the signaling of smart phones
going as commodity products because it was like three hundred fifty bucks when
it came out and it really signaled like google doubling down on Android and we
saw the pervasiveness of the Android store come out as essentially a real
competitor to the App Store and I it really signaled the price the
commoditization of smartphones so that everyone had a smartphone and in the
couple years that followed and so wasn’t the Nexus 4 in and of itself but it was
like it was the price reductions that started to come at that time so that
anyone could get one of course at the end of the decade we’re now going the
other way where all the prices are going up I’m gonna go next with drones which
drone are you gonna pick though I’m not talking about specific products I mean
obviously I think there’s a phantom two that really gave us the the first real
taste of the potential for stabilize the to be plus yeah yeah yeah yeah oh yeah
with extender yeah the Wi-Fi extender but the
potential of using drones as a cinematography tool the well it was
always really a stabilization to professionals but that brought it down
the consumer I mean the same same with VR and same with you know say a similar
engine and and in the rapid escalation of drone products you know in the five
years sense and now the stabilisation of the marketplace
you know you go from phantom to to now the Mavic and pro and the sky do with
autonomous flying and subject tracking and that is a huge home technologies and
then also just the consumer awareness of it and it being deployed in public
events whether it’s the Olympics or a few Disney parks like drone technology
also is one of those futuristic things that yeah change not the physical
landscape but the disguise I feel like VR has hit like this milestone with the
quest that I can now I visibility on the trajectory going
forward sky do two is the whole new thing and I feel like that makes me
really a drone entirely we may be at a hockey stick moment yeah
Jeremy uh echo man I mean it’s how my kids get information digital assistance
yes but in my life it is echo right and for a lot of people it’s apple’s device
right it’s it’s Siri for because that is in so many things as well yeah yeah but
the fact they’re always on and obviously they have their speaker but the
always-on aspect is key like it we have one in every room the kids basically you
know ask it for two set timers and set alarms for facts about history
you want to know something about John Carmack came up at dinner table my son
was like what what year was John Carmack born BAM he got the information it’s
just that is ubiquitous in our house in in their life going forward they will be
talking to computers because of echo I think you also can’t get away from a
couple other consequences of a mean first of all it was cheap that’s why I
think the echo is the one to talk about over the Google assistant and Siri and
others yeah but I think it was at the forefront of us talking about privacy in
the home because all of a sudden now people are faced with having microphones
in their house and they that I think lead was a piece of the surge against
against privacy we’ve seen in the back half of this decade for sure I totally
think the the echo is gonna like signal pretty big change in in what home
devices look like in our nation I will say home automation is the thing that I
was like ah that’s the thing that’s been most disappointing to me this decade I
feel like that hasn’t really progressed in the way I thought it would and what
do you mean by automation like everything from you know that promise of
like you pullin the car into the garage and the house lighting up and greeting
you with music and everything sort of machine starts alright I mean just like
you know the jazz starts playing as you walk up the stairs the kids just come
down and like oh dad’s home you know all of that stuff yeah you’re automating
your kids downstairs well because they’re getting a notification of the
coming into the garage right arms wide open no it’d be like there is that sort
of fanciful like it’ll make your life more efficient and that hasn’t been my
experience of home automation to this point that it’s still a brute force well
we’re still working on connecting the home yeah and I feel like there’s so
many standards that are fighting for you know supremacy there I feel like like
what you’re talking about really like that’s a byproduct of good AI you know
we want there we want Jarvis we want somebody at home who is an artificial
intelligence who can take care of all that stuff and anticipate our needs and
I feel like that’s that’s really decades off well well it’s speaking of me yeah
that’s what I’ll take I’m gonna take deep mind
yeah just for the unstuff not just for the concept but what it like represents
underneath in terms of the AI improvements because we can talk about
deep mind as being the really fantastical thing it like really push
the boundaries of computer science and artificial intelligence research in a
way that made it very tangible that we see artificial intelligence passing
humanity and really specific tasks you know this is also a decade that we saw
Watson play on Jeopardy right and but at the same time what I
think that tells it is the story underneath about the AI and the
algorithms that are being integrated into our daily life like you know the
2000s was like was like get on the internet like everyone be connected
mm-hmm the 2010s feels like the algorithmic internet we’re all seeing
different versions of the internet and so and I think that’s what deep mine
represents AI integration into our life so if we’re doing count that’s number
six in terms of how many we want to kind of for a number for me I will choose
next streaming video and the cord cutting as technology Netflix being you
know uh for the pioneers there but really the ramp up this decade with
streaming video options which coincide with broadband being more available but
do you remember when Netflix like said they would no longer be doing DVDs
people freaking out they think they like made that a separate business yeah and
now who uses them yeah who subscribes to that and you know
what what a how prescient for retai sings to call the company netflix which
works for nine and not like disc flicks and that works so well and of course no
there’s no other things really and also i guess that ties with a killer apps you
know netflix when the apps or launch was one of these things that people wanted
to have as an essential cap killer app for their whether it’s a set-top box
whether it was the what was that one not the roku but the cube one the green cube
one oh yeah to of course things like apple TV and
now it’s just they’re not killer apps there’s a part of the essential package
like you’d have to be on every you have to built in the tvs so i would coincide
streaming services with kind of this dislike the base line these standard
apps that we expect everywhere were we in the cloud ten years ago i’m
not obviously not to this extent but i feel like you have AWS explosion on here
and i think that’s absolutely true and I’m not
wait Dropbox educated enough that’s true that’s true that kind of replaced the
USB stick at the tail in the last decade yeah now it’s 22 2008 but yeah I mean
the fact that you can spin up at whatever PC power you need now is is
just immensely just democratic like everybody has access to what they need
and they don’t have to you know load up on hardware and fill up warehouses and
buy the space and overkill what you know their problem that’s massive and that is
great for small businesses and that idea of AWS just pervades the cloud like you
have all of your services now in the cloud you don’t to buy software anymore
you can you can rely on the cloud and the rise of youtubers like is that’s the
exact same solution they’re like they have relied on a cloud service and
Google to provide all of their distribution and ad revenue and their
interaction with their viewers same with twitch they took it in a different
direction that whole thing is real like I don’t know if I could have named
a single youtuber ten years ago now granted I can’t name it it today either
but but my son can have you met Norman Chan YouTube yeah it’s funny like you do
consider tested a YouTube channel but I oh I still go to the website I the part
of the reason I put a WS on there it’s like it is the backbone of the internet
now like and I know it it started before 2010 I think it started probably like oh
seven but now everything we run if AWS goes down like 75% of the Internet is
down yeah like it is the backbone architecture it is the reason Amazon is
the giant that it is today it isn’t because of Prime and delivery it’s like
they made their money on AWS they still make their money on AWS I’m gonna go
with the switch I’m gonna go totally different person Wow I think it’s the
console of the decade you think about what came out this decade Xbox one x360
one or ps4 ps3 came out this decade too but the switch is a mobile mobile gaming
done right on in terms of a console system it has two of the best games of
the decade of all time Oh in Odyssey and breadth of the wild yeah and it I think
it has it taken the the whimsy that we’ve known Nintendo for that we saw
integrated in the Wii and brought it forward
it is like my kids favorite console it’s my favorite console and when I look
through the list of all the consoles of this decade it is the gaming console you
would say that over like gaming on iPad yeah so I mean the iPad came out in 2010
so that was gonna be on a list but I think that’s gonna be on the list for
something different like I don’t think it’s because of the iPad should be on
the list because of gaming I think it’s just the ubiquitous tool it sounds right
I gotta say it about computing the lavvo stuff is some of the best gaming
experiences I’ve had this year it had nothing to do with the video games like
it was all about making an interface to play a video game it was fun I’m gonna
go with aren’t 10 now I’m gonna go with Eevee’s okay electric vehicles you know
what I mean you should just say it you should save the Tesla it’s the Tesla
it’s the model three why do you say that because it’s the one that made Evie’s
part of of culture yeah there were Evie he’s like going
back to the leaf and we can go back a lot farther than that well I think it
made it sexy and the ironic thing about the early EB is was they were fun to
drive but they didn’t look fun the drive like Tesla made a sexy car and also the
range the range made a viable yeah and that’s not and that’s not even talking
about the technology platform that they’ve built in only the charging
stations that everyone’s kind of mimicking now and building their own
kind of charging network but also their autonomous driving which I still think
is unparalleled I think even some of the backbone stuff like the battery
manufacturing which is like not as visible but they invested so much money
into that space they forced other car manufacturers to
get in you know elec years ahead of where they had planned to get in and you
in the model 3 was the reason why I mean you can talk about like the Roadster and
the other ones that came before but it was really the model 3 that that
solidified it I feel like we’re wrapping it up yeah I’m like if honorable
mentions or just like well I have like that’s a topic I want to insert here ok
pinball because you guys don’t understand well we have tilt war what I
want you to wonder but the whole you don’t understand this because you guys
come from technology world Kimble had 10 years ago the community
was on Usenet yeah that’s where every conversation happened rec games pinball
that’s how backwards it is to this day they haven’t embraced the internet or
Wi-Fi but over the past 10 years we’ve moved to the web so that’s good from the
community standpoint but competitive pinball has blown up the number of
registered players has more than quintupled there are there’s now stereo
sound in the games right the the lights have moved from incandescent to LEDs all
these things that you guys take for granted from like you know we would have
had 10 years ago in any other industry pinball’s finally caught up and there’s
a new machine lots and machine zoom release the there’s been
like 28 major releases from stern over the past ten years and I think I counted
the best player in the world has become a designer women have been embraced by
the community and have their own leagues and have their own competitive circuits
it’s been a fantastic just putting in of course in in you know gender neutral the
competitive competitions it’s been a phenomenal 10 years for
pinball ten years ago I swear to you we thought pinball was dying
everybody was collecting old games like 90s games because Stern was uninspired
and we just had a game called tilt the battle to say pinball come out wherein
Steve Ritchie world-famous designer said pinball slowly dying boom 2010 to now
has been the most exciting decade for pinball I think ever that was a
documentary in 2008 yeah my only honorable mention is raspberry pipe
which I think goes hand in hand with Arduino I just put there as berry pie on
there because it was the first time that I saw Wi-Fi on a board like that yeah it
was easy and cheap yeah other missions you know obviously drive sharing an app
the the app based sharing economy is technology that it were in the mix of
its later half of this decade but has has changed the way people get around
and connect with each other in in a commercial way in tractors a
transactional way and then also you know iPad obviously as at the tablet form
factor mm-hmm which is derivative of the phone form factor but we realize now
it’s not just a big phone which it was when it first came out 2010 it is a
completely viable standalone complete computer platform that lives alongside
laptop desktop as well as the phone you know one of the art screen arguments I
heard four biggest you know tech products of the decade was Instagram and
I was like Instagram like I get it has a ton of users it’s because they associate
Instagram with like two real innovations like it’s where endless scroll came
about which is like now just a function of almost every app we
and also and probably more importantly it drove the smartphone as a camera and
connected real world to tech and actually drove it the other way where
tech was driving real-world interactions and I would even go one step further and
say Instagram was the app that turned everyone into not just a photographer
like the way a smartphone said but also a photo editor and it through the power
of networking and social connection encourage people to learn these
previously very complicated skillsets like photo editing and tweaking photos
just using this layer of filters and now everyone understands photo editing in a
way everyone’s a professional photo editor that was standing well the the
democratization of editing photos can be applied to web design websites as well
over the past 10 years you got Facebook now every nobody makes websites anymore
it’s Facebook groups pages yeah you just create a new group and you’ve got your
the admin and you invite people is it private is it public is it you want a
header graphic it’s all done right there’s it’s not even like install your
own WordPress anymore which used to be the easy thing Squarespace
drag and drop yeah that one’s yes we’re missing anything wearables lectronimo
Bulls are still kind of on the edge of that right little some kind of fail
notable failures of course with Google glass I don’t know the watch it I don’t
know if anyone thought it’s gonna be all about fitness like and that once now
that they figured that out I think that they’re progressing I guess when I say
it failed I think there’s a lot of promise and hype around health and that
hasn’t come to fruition yet I thought you were you were heralding the iPhone
though I watch for yeah but I do Harold I think the tech is there I think the
societal adoption the gradual valuing of that isn’t there well maybe the
acceptance of things like air pods and and of course at Apple watch yeah is a
sign of things to come wearable technology that the 20s will be
the era of the accessory the digital accessory if we’re happy we’ve there any
other notable missions let us know in the comments what were your biggest
technology product trends ideas even failures to have this
past decade and we’d love to hear from you about that now it’s a crew moment okay I’ll admit
I’m the person on the show that really liked the list format so I’m doing
another list I’m doing top five moments of science this decade and we’re gonna
start with one that Jeremy is gonna play for are you ready for it
this was September 14 2015 when this happens do you know what this is this is
the sound of two black holes circling each other yeah halfway across the
universe I’m gonna put up on the screen this is the actual detection that
happened that day in Louisiana in Washington these are the graphs that
were actually recorded and then they ran it through an algorithm that actually
produced that sound September 14th was the day they actually
made the detection we didn’t hear about it till February the year following
because they were trying to confirm it this is the detection of the most
powerful event ever observed in the universe and yep and this this happened
when they announced it in 2016 it was a hundred ninety one hundred years after
Einstein first theorized that that we would have gravitational waves as a
consequence of black holes so it was just sort of amazing serendipity around
that but kind of timing but I think that sound rippled across culture as much as
it did I can use anymore that’s just a different algorithm where they change
the octave up higher for that there’s been multiple there’s been two other
observations of black holes spinning around each other since in terms of the
gravitational wave oh so now it’s old news
yeah and now it’s like whatever that show me something new to show me three
black holes 22 I’m gonna go forward to go backwards to 2012 do you you know
what this picture is this is from July 5th 2012 I know you know because you’ve
been there I’ve been in that room exactly that’s why we
Jeremy I’m guessing it’s NASA but I have no idea no this is in Switzerland this
is the day they announced the detection of the Higgs boson oh well turn okay and
this is a monumental achievement because even though it confirmed a lot of the
standard Theory standard model for particles this is the first time we saw
and observed the Higgs boson through the decay of muons through this
billion-dollar detector multibillion-dollar detector machine
well yeah where they smashed two protons together and in the decay of the muons
have formed they’re able to observe the signature of the Higgs boson or the god
particle and Peter Higgs was actually there
the person who theorized it he was in the room that day and it was a I mean
those huge right everyone heard about the Higgs boson yeah the god particle
all right number three thanks Dan Brown was two moments in 2017
one was April 22nd 2017 then the other was August 21st 2017 and is when people
actually went out and did something about science so the first was I the
march for science which I was obviously involved in where more than a million
people around the world marched in protest around science and then obvious
policies science policies and August 21st was the great American solar
eclipse where four million Americans participated around the country by going
out and viewing the solar eclipse we hadn’t in the previous decade had
moments remotely close to this where there was such mass participation in
events centered around science so I think they’ll resonate for years to come
in the sense of like yeah science can be an engine of people
actually coming together as much as the discoveries themselves all right – oh
we’re doing this in order I’m doing kind of an order is exciting – was the
publishing of this paper so the title is you want to read the title a
programmable dual RNA guided DNA endo nucleus in adaptive bacterial
immunity do you know what this is CRISPR this is the paper that launched CRISPR
this is what August 17 2012 so this is started the DNA editing revolution in
this paper it’s only been seven years since this paper came out we’re now at
the point where we have human trials going on where we’re changing their DNA
to completely change the outcomes of deadly diseases we’re using this
technology to essentially neuter mosquitoes and wipe out whole
populations to prevent disease transmission this is seen as one of the
Holy Grails of biology right now because of the potential it has to deal with
genetic causes of disease and it’s only seven years ago that the first paper on
this came out do if this gene is edited out say a deadly disease is it
inheritable do they still pass that gene on so there’s two different ways to do
CRISPR editing you could do it in a somatic cell or you could do it and sell
that actually is as heritable – so like the idea is like yes you can edit it in
a cell like your skin cell that doesn’t pass on to any other generation it just
affects you but if we do it in a cell that does pass along like an egg or
inside the sperm zone well now you’re changing generations there’s a huge
argument about the ethics of making those moves because any future traits
first of all we don’t know the consequences of that but more important
those people to have the generations that come they have no consent a way of
giving any consent to that change well what about the trauma they’ve no
consented the genes that comes from natural selection either yeah but that’s
the argument right you just said the word natural selection yeah right like
we are making a choice here I hear you so but we make choices in natural
selection as well we do right but that’s why there’s an ethics argument around
this this isn’t a a decision that only scientists can make I think we can
decide right here can you edit out the trauma the trauma
of what just trauma of 11:2 warns need air the deal
oh no he’s quoting Watchmen now um but I think the if I can find my cursor the
number one thing from this decade drumroll and is this you have the paper
this is May 17 2013 an observation that happened at the Mauna Kea Observatory
this is the first time in a in human times that the carbon dioxide level on
the earth passed 400 parts per million as a regular measurement we’re now on at
about 408 parts per million this line was a kind of arbitrarily set but set by
scientists as like this is a no coming back moment for climate change
climate change has been the science story of the decade it’s going to be the
science story of the next decade – this is the point when I think it broke the
hearts and minds of a lot of scientists that we’re in trouble I mean most of the
active like well the one of the largest activist groups around climate change is which is about 350 parts per million but when this came out May 7
2013 it was a weekly average that week at that Observatory this is the first
time we crossed that and we’ve stayed above it and I think it will continue to
be the biggest science story going forward I hate to end on a downer but I
think it is the most important science story that happened are you ready to
announce you’re gonna get an electric vehicle uh-oh I want to get an electric
vehicle for my next car it’s just that I want to do I want to wait till the end
of my current cars life cycle to get an electric vehicle I’m not in a rush –
there you go the earth is destroyed the VR minute
virtual-reality this week Oh a bunch of stuff happened in VR this week let’s
start with some some big stuff well I think last week we talked about hand
tracking being released has it pushed to your headset your requests yeah Jeremy
it did your experiences it did you know what I feel like it’s been like lambast
conservatively tweaked since we tried it a kinect kinect where i felt like we
could do a little bit of inclusion but thank you of occlusion at kinect and now
it just stops if you bring your hands close to one another it just fades it
fades out it doesn’t show you the errors it just fades it out but you know it’s I
can’t wait to see what developers do with it that’s gonna be that that’s the
whole point yes yes I mean I want to see this in big screen ASAP
or just for Josh was not for UI navigation not at all for just for
communication like that’s the kind of app where it would where it would really
thrive like right out of the gate it’s that you don’t have to interact with
some sort of spatial interface you’re just interacting with other people and
being able to emote with your hands and fingers I think would do a world of
difference for communicating body language you know we actually haven’t
seen that because even with the horizon demo we saw it connect in with social
interaction but we were still using the touch controllers I don’t know whether
the data points that they’re analyzing through the DSP head room of a valve in
the quest can you know can be efficiently transferred in low latency
over network so that you can tap into that as a multiplayer experience I
wonder if it’s just if it’s obviously more efficient to just render it locally
but how much more work would it be to send that extra positional data for a
multiplayer because you handle the entire skeletal structure exactly I’m
sure that and on some level it’s going to be possible if they send like you
know every few frames new updates if they send like an aggregate of all of
the positions at once that kind of thing they’ll fund they’ll figure it out yeah
it’s an essential part of social VR yeah for me that’s gonna be huge it makes me
almost want to try podcasting in big screen again once if they yeah yeah so
ever dumb question because I’ve tried I get the push yeah
what is it active in any games and that’s just at home and eject the SDK
wasn’t even available when they released it it became available this week I think
so really you can only try it out at home and at this point you can browse
the web you can yeah you can’t do much we have a couple of updates for apps big
screen cinema so the big speaking this big screen this is something they had
kind of teased and tested with the group viewing of movies of Top Gun a year ago
now all gun 3d and now they have announced a partnership with Paramount
to do movie screenings that you can buy at regular intervals and watch with
other people in VR yeah I gather this has been their agenda like this has been
what there’s they’ve been shooting for all along for movies a week will be you
know in the theater you can go and watch any of them the 2d ones will be $4 the
3d ones will be $5 and you the show times are every person per person the
show times are every 30 minutes and you have 48 hours to watch the film you can
go back and watch it again if you want to as long as it’s been the 40 hour
window and the films are still in the movies because they do change every
Friday to a new batch they releasing in 10 countries although not all movies are
available in all 10 countries it’s definitely interesting I feel like this
is the beginning of something that could be really really cool I’m not sure how
popular it will be because there aren’t like events yet like it not they’re not
new releases these are well that’s library that’s that’s actually that’s a
better first point to start on is that they’re they’re not doing new releases
their library releases as you said and apparently paramount is just their first
partner but paramount wants to see this succeed before they’re willing to dive
in with the new releases so if they if they can get enough people in there to
show that it can generate revenue they’ll be able to bring new releases
and I think that would be a much more compelling argument for this type of
experience so like they don’t they didn’t announce this but the movie I
want to see the I think is like in two weeks is Top Gun
yeah talk in 3d give me that yeah that’s what we did we got the free viewing of
Top Gun as their test but you guys watch that yeah yeah well that was a while ago
this that was yeah but aren’t they doing it again yeah yes I’ll be part of the
library yeah I mean it’s a I think it’s gonna be a little bit of a tough sell
because $5.00 is you know it surprise its comparable to a price for rental in
fact it is contractually comfortable to it to rental they have to charge the
same as iTunes doesn’t everybody else interesting so it’s a matter of does the
value of it being 3d and in VR is that gonna be compelling enough for quests
and rift owners or is it the social aspect of people to watch with other
people in VR which encourages big screen to develop more of those social tools
yeah I I feel like that’s where the real appeal of this is like if you can do a
live event with a director Q&A yeah before or after the show right with the
director as an avatar JJ Abrams sweeping swooping down and uh I don’t know you
know let even Falcon exactly JJ this is not for tonight of course this is big
screen and it’s a small user base compared to fortnight but so if you can
get a b-list actor somebody who is in the film to come and share their
experiences every day there’s a fathom event thing at a movie theater where
that’s happening right no we’re just talking about the same thing in dr my
personal dream would be to get the RiffTrax guys to do a live show not on
screen but in person in VR get the three guys to stand up there at their podiums
and do perform it for it everybody who wants to show up they already do fathom
events in the movie you got to build tools for those performers essentially
to have a different UI so they can have notes yes reference and things I asked
them after I asked darshan after this was announced if they have those tools
and he said yes and that these type of live events are a part of their roadmap
so that’s what I’m most excited about give people a reason to go to a specific
showing at a specific time making an event and I think they’ll have no
problem you know like live showing like how much would you pay if like Hamilton
did this we’re talking about like where you could
watch a live performance I thought you liked doing ID avatars performing him no
no no wow that would be bad yeah uh no but like you could watch like the
Broadway performance of Hamill absolutely at night
well venues does that all the time there’s all kinds of live events in the
oculus app and that’s like that is this those ideas need to mesh you’re exactly
right like mesh live events with this big screen experience and the other
question that I had when I heard about this was well you can kind of already do
that if you go stream if you own these movies already or if you have an account
on something that can stream it you can open up your own room do you have a
handful of friends and stream it privately or to a public room but
there’s a small cap of users and that’s the borderline legalities are borderline
there right but but big screen has figured that out by the maxing out the
number of players that can be in there and high bitrate streaming well Aaron
that’s the problem is that you can only do a three megabit uploads on your
videos that you stream mmm they’re doing 10 megabit in a 3d video and their have
access to the raw you know files from Paramount yeah so especially when it
comes to the 3d stuff that’s gonna look far better with their streams plus it’s
gonna you know everyone’s gonna be in sync there’s not gonna be dropouts
so there’s definitely gonna be a quality advantage to using their system what I
just like to see live events I’d like to see more of a reason for people to join
in like live events but also maybe you know things you can do in that space
before and after the movie together there’s an arcade let’s make the arcade
real add a void you know style VR game that people can play as an coop group
for the first VR meet-cute the what meet-cute what’s that you know people
happen to find find find love in VR at a movie theater VR experience yeah I’ll be
a story to tell yeah and with show times every 30
minutes what are the odds you’re gonna have a packed theater of actual people
like it’s pretty low I mean that’s that’s like even like spacing them out
makes it convenient but it also decreases that yeah that’s that’s a
trade-off they want a lot of users yeah yeah scale so it’s mark it’s a heart
it’s it’s it’s super cool and I think it’s a sign of things to come like if I
long distance relationship with somebody no doubt we would be watching movies
together in big screen that’s a great solution but I don’t know I’ll be very
curious to see how without new releases and without like real carats for people
to like dive into something for an event hmm I wonder how it’s successful this
would be I wish them the best we have on the oculus quest side a little bit of
news there was a surprise drop from Ubisoft bridge crew is now on quest
there is kind of cross by with rift if you bought it in the oculus store you
bought the DLC it’s free for you if unity not buy DLC it’s $10 have you own
the original bridge crew I have I had a chance to try it on question so I don’t
know how performance is I was just very surprised
everyone says it’s great the only problem is you do have to still use what
does it you play yeah your login yes do you have to sync up your account and
some people were having trouble right with that sync initially and I think
they’re starting to get over it another surprise on the quest side Skybound
interactive they I previewed the walking dead saints and sinners at New York
Comic Con that’s coming out early next year and they had a roadmap that ps4
will have a release for that next year as well as well as on oculus quest by q3
2020 and it was not a game that I expected could be ported to quest since
the the graphics are pretty good amount of zombies have on screen so maybe
they’ll scale that down you know people who’ve played Arizona sunshine on quests
know that it’s it’s a different flavor of that game on the mobile hardware but
I’m glad that developers are able to build high-end games and then also then
go that direction PC first and then quest second as opposed to quest first
with a PC version which some game developers have done oculus link is
still in beta it’s working well for people and now people have found that
you can actually adjust the rendering resolution on your host PC it does
require quite a bit of tuning and hacking yet to go you know into
developer mode actually edits some some code and there are some variables that
you can can tweak and alter you can increase actually bit rate but the
render resolution you and you can bump up to various degrees
of success for people who kind of have those powerful computers I wish it’s
something that oculus would make transparent in the oculus setting even
if it’s a toggle between you know a base level rendering and something that’s
pushes max bitrate max resolution but right now it’s something that you just
have to dig around to find there’s also a new version of side quest this is the
front end that lets you easily sideload apks for a third-party developer and
developed apps and super easy to install you know we’re not gonna go through our
list of favorite side quest things but I will concede Jeremy man quake to get in
VR you played it yes like that this is so much fun I love it yeah since since
you played it they updated the engine this now it comes with HD textures oh
you got a resize load it and okay your states won’t work but it’s worth it
because it really a lot of the elements look much but two-handed controls the
fury I tried that I did yes you handed a machine gun yeah yeah the fact that just
works when you first loaded up it actually is in a windowed mode and you
gotta press the toggle and they does the full full field of view yeah but a
muncher in the full field of view it’s comfortably anyone who’s comfortable
with free locomotion on a VR shooter this is perfect for them it’s exactly I
want quick sorry yeah I want deathmatch it really feels native like it feels
like a like a made for VR game it’s yeah but you’re right it’s intense yeah but I
don’t think we’ll see it quake 3 on this gen I think we’ll probably have to wait
on that he’s working on doom next and I saw some some videos of that that looks
good too so the new version of sidequest does some cool things you can now
install remotely and you can also stream from your quest to your PC for use with
OBS using screen copy and I think that’s relatively it we talked about bomb works
last week they did announce that there would be quick saves in bone works and
not just chapter based saves cuz people are spending a lot more time new levels
and they anticipated that’s what I would recommend if you’re on the fence about
one works wait till early next year when they release the quicksaves before you
start playing or else you might get frustrated because some of the stuff you
don’t want to lose progress and get stuck on a level for four hour
on end what was the race a game that came out yesterday the racing yeah on
quest it’s the old school used to play but on the on the rift the original riff
with a gamepad remember project cars no no it’s mmm where’s the you know I
did play a little bit of that twisted metal style racing game yeah what do you
think death lap death lap it makes me really want a GTA style game oh my god
well that’s not a small request you know anything like that that’s you mean like
open-world not even need to open world can be low
res graphics I like the idea but the best thing I like about death lap is
that one hand can be you know tight can be latched to a steering wheel
using that as your driver can you do that I do do that actually but did not I
did not like their implementation of it because theirs was not positionally done
it was just the hand rotation that’s interests because I actually thought it
was smart because I thought this would get tiring
whereas this wasn’t like I mean you can also people drive different ways all the
time I wish they kind of mapped a virtual steering wheel for you like even
snap on to write as a way to do like big turns slow turns and I’ve always wanted
a type of kind of a hunting game like like the the ship where you’re in a map
in cars with NPCs and two people are trying to find each other and in sussy
you out from the npcs and then grab a you know a blaster and shoot you and
fight and hunt each other okay I’ve always wanted radial-g oh my god that is
the most intense racing game I’ve ever played in VR I would highly caution
anybody who’s sensitive to against this game if you want an intense experience
check it out it’s a it’s a racing game and what what it has it’s there aren’t
many racing games if def lap in this one and VR carts I mean those are the really
the only ones and I want racing games when I feel like these games that that
all those games sort of have in common is they’re they’re not straight racing
games you know their weapon base racing games and and I want
I enjoy death lap just from a racing perspective like I wish I could turn off
the weapons I want to be able to power slide and hit
ramps and race against other players without having to worry about you know
someone hitting me and go in the last place like that’s that’s what I want I I
want someone to remake stunts or you know test drive like the classic games
or Virtua racing like that would be my dream is if somebody were to remake
those in VR please do it there’s been a lot of other releases we haven’t talked
about vacation simulator gives that on question yes where thoughts go is that
on quest that is have you played that no you guys should check that out where
thoughts go it won awards on PC it is absolutely sublime you get into these
spaces and they’re surrounded by orbs and you touch them and you hear you
there’s a question that the hovers in front of you and all of the orbs that
are surrounding you are people’s responses to those questions they’ve
launched the app they have played the game and in order to progress from one
level to the next you have to answer the question huh with your voice all of the
orbs are people’s answers so it’s like what did you want to be when you grow up
when you work yeah yeah and it’s just like the most intimate experience you’ve
had in being really very yourself out there it’s awesome and so they’re like
you you’re surprised because you expect them to be flip answers or people joking
around or saying aw you’re right they must be right after the some sort of
filtering probably but it they’re great and then it’s just really it’s super
close once you hear them you now want to give an authentic answer huh and it
keeps you from trolling so that’s well though but that’s what’s your time but I
even more than that first of all waltz of the wizard is out climb as how I’m
not sure we mentioned that but the waltz wizard Norman Chan yes you have to play
before anything else the under presents oh yeah this is from the folks who did
virtual virtual reality yeah I’ve been waiting for a good chunk of time in the
holiday break but that is 100% on my list do you know what this is no I don’t
want to know I’ve know it’s been highly recommended
but I wanna coming I want going cold then can I tell you the Lord I really
like what for I won’t spoil the mood vibe but is it okay I just want to tell
you this it’s interactive theater that’s all I need dun-dun-dun that’s why I want
between now and March mid-march yeah there are our live actors
who are in the game who aren’t not other players although there are other players
uh-huh but you’ll see live performances by
people who are hired to work in the game yeah for the next three months
they’re us-based so you can’t play too late u.s. time you have to sort of join
the game when people are working in the US but it you will love this all right
but it’s sold you do have to have a chunk of time set aside yes that’s
exactly why I’m waiting it is a game that’s comfortable in VR does not rush
you through things great guy great there’s also game called hello puppets
that’s out on rift and it’s kind of inspired by five nights at Freddy’s
really shares a lot of that kind of like horror comedy lineage and this is
interesting because one of your hands is a sock puppet and it comes alive it’s
becomes an NPC that has scripted dialogue and that but you kind of are
holding it and and it is talking to you look that that design
so hello puppets as well but yeah I 101 percent want to play another game the
under percent the under presents thank you that does it for the not final
episode this year of this is only a test so you say hey so I say just in case oh
so y’all norm can’t get us back together for a final episode this year I want to
shout out mohawk Justin aka speed all the people
that submitted outros for us I’m generally like the people that have been
nice throughout you know my run period this is only a test I always say nice
things even the ones that created like the bots that like tracked who at 100
times time bot guy so good that’s awful you were saying this having not even
read the alt rows thread aren’t you do you remember what norm said at the
end of last week’s show no he said what I hope there’s a good one at the end of
the year right and I said that was a good one right yeah well there’s a note
from Jesse in our forum in the mohawk yeah from walk instead of a new outro oh
no is he putting sorry guys you were right norm my outros have not
been as good as they can be of late no they’ve been great I’m going to step
back for a while and only post a track if I feel it is really good oh I’ve
scared on my way why have you done so don’t worry
oh man what have you done those are the highlight of the show for me we’ll hug
so whenever you feel so inspired I will be eternally grateful we gotta give them
give them the material yeah well I you know I don’t know how that’s done I’m
sure those plane to mind in this episode thanks for listening we’ll use not a new
outro this week let’s go with the classic whoa ha go for like a super old
one I’m going to years back oh my good from something from Justin aka speed
probably a classic let’s see here it’s called Jeremy Jones walk around the house like this like
holding your team glasses yeah I made everyone call me Steve hey out of
context that was great we didn’t do a tilt warning but I want you guys to know
you’ll probably be more excited than I am
there is going to be a Rick and Morty pinball machine wow yeah
it sold out in a matter of hours their voices are you done yeah no no yeah
total involvement only 750 made I believe what so few yeah yeah and they
sold out extremely for – that’s gonna be a moneymaker whatever if you operate
yeah yeah definitely and also if you bought one to sell it but I just like
that transporter gun that’s gonna be awesome it’s on there it’s part of the
regarder the plunger yeah there’s a pickle Rick yeah it looks good it’s
designed in part by a guy who made this game called total nuclear annihilation
of people like but Bowen Caryn’s is doing the rules he’s like a
world champion pinball player so it’s as highly highly anticipated thought you
guys don’t like that alright alright see you next week will ya

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Heads up! We know that there are a lot of Rise of Skywalker spoilers floating around the internet right now, so be careful if reading the comments. Thanks for not posting spoilers, and we'll be doing a spoilercast discussion on the film in the next week!

  2. Intro 0:19
    Top Story 9:42
    Pop Culture News 28:46
    Technology News 42:44
    Moment of Science 1:19:21
    VR Minute 1:28:00
    Outro 1:48:49

  3. The ODBII port on the Nissan Leaf gives capacity, number of charges, number of fast charges, cell voltage of each cell, overall state of health, and more. I'd be surprised if other EVs don't give similar detail.

  4. The folks at Bigscreen mentioned in Reddit that they have plans for VOD and Offline Viewing next year. I hope they become the Netflix of VR!

  5. Norm smokes crack. It wasn't Carla Gugino as Peter's suit voice in Homecoming, it was Jennifer Connelly , wife of Paul Bettany, hence why it was funny. Pop culture, bruh, get on it.

  6. If you can still enjoy a James Bond movie you can't say anything bad about the star wars movies. Both have gone on far past their shelf life.

  7. 53:30 I just bought used EV, leaf, 338 000 km on the clock, original battery. You can see quick and normal charge counts too on leaf, probably all EV's. BMS (battery managment system) counts these things. Mine is at 69% capacity and whopping ~6900 quickcharges, it was a taxy.

  8. They talk about the ODB port…but it is NOT required for EV's so Tesla does NOT have an easily user accessible one. It can be done, but it requires a harness(which is another $29, some removal of panels) and then you need the software to understand how to use it.

  9. The point of subsidizing EVs is to increase adoption via price drops… Outside of the USA, they are structured so that the subsidies are applied to the purchases directly, e.g. purchase taxes.

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