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  1. I love my AWD Subaru Outback, I just hate the poor fuel performance in suburb driving. it has been fully serviced recently, carbon clean, oil, filters, plugs etc. just cannot seem to get better than 350-375 klms per 60 Ltr tank.

  2. Hi, This is only on cars that are capable of having an all-wheel on all the time, such as your Subaru and some other cars out there, But all other all-wheel drive cars such as Ford Escapes, Hyundai Santa Fe Rav-4 the Nissan Rogue so on and so forth can not have the all-wheel-drive on all the time, this can only be done up to a certain speed.. Am I wrong??

  3. I have a 2016 Subaru STI and a 2007 Honda Ridgline. AWD on a Subaru keeps one of the wheels in the front and back moving at all times. When one of the driving wheels slips power is transferred to the opposite wheel.
    My Ridgeline is almost like front wheel drive until one of the front's slip then power through the transfer case goes to the back wheels and drives. Cool thing is I can always use VTM-lock 4 to act as 4 wheel drive from 1st – 2 speed. It's amazing how the different car manufactures design their drive trains.

  4. otherwise known as Perment 4×4 rather then part time 4×4 . Actually the best Subaru waere the L series, they were noemanl 4X2 ,front wheel drive, then push a button 4×4 OR an Auto 4×4. On this if the brakes were applied the vehicle went to 4×4 or if the wipers came on, auto 4×4. If you have wheel slip on wet roads, you're driving badly! To much power. Drive to the conditions, and remember- Four wheels will drive you into twice as much trouble as two wheels.

  5. Spend a few decades learning how to drive in snow and ice in a 2WD car. Then and with that learned proficiency, buy an AWD car and drive it in exactly the same manner as you drove that old 2WD. Your safety, and the safety of your passengers, has now increased significantly. Thank you.

  6. AWD – Stated that most of the power is sent to the rear wheels, is incorrect.
    Even subaru have a more fwd biased torque split. It's just that on surbarus, it's closer to 50/50 (example, about 60/40) so it seems like it behaves like rwd.
    A majority of AWD cars are fwd biased. The easy way to tell is to see how thick the propeller shaft is. FWD biased AWD makes sense for fuel economy, because the further distance you have to send power, the more mechanical power loss there is

  7. I bought Subaru Legacy's every 2 years for a total of 22 years and gave two Subarus as presents. The WORST Subaru I ever bought was the 2013 Outback and I traded it in less than 4 months after buying it . I now own a Lexus LS 460 L AWD and a BMW 750IL XDRIVE . Sorry Subaru BUT once you put the underpowered out back on the road you lost me as a client

  8. discovery is 4-wheel drive that's all the time in 4w traction and good 4×4 can be driven on any surface in 4wd. Most all wheel drives are more hobby projects and some extra safety on the tarmac and really good in snow but nothing word OffRoad, that’s when 4×4 kick in, standard higher than the more tarmac oriented AWD cars. The concept is completely different and when you compare you AWD with a 4×4 in 2wd… that’s stupid, the 2wd possibility is to keep wear and tear from axels down as well as fuel consumption…

    Except for Subaru, the AWD cars are tarmac and soft roaders, you won’t do heavy trails with them, just not tough enough.

    4×4’s are built for off-road adventures to go from Spane to Kazakhstan, ed

  9. My AWD Honda CR-V gets 1mpg less than the front-wheel-drive version with 28mpg and it is ranked 2nd best gas mileage in the 2019 Compact SUV Challange by Cars.com 2019 Honda CR-V MPG: Our Real-World Testing Results By Joe Wiesenfelde written April 1, 2019

  10. This was put together well. I only have a couple comments.
    At the very end of the video, you compared a mid-sized sedan to a full fat suv. Lets clarify this first.
    That said, a 1994 mitsubichi gallant and a 2006 Outback get basically the exact same mpg, give or take 1 mpg. Not even kidding, look it up. So, what I'm wondering is how your driving habits are on the outback.

  11. how about the AWD system in RAV4,Dose it advanced or intelligent enough during the bad weather conditions?

  12. I’m driving Jeeps since 1978 and I’m currently driving my 8th one – a 2018 JLU 4 door Wrangler Rubicon. I’ve NEVER spun my wheels on a wet surface or going around turns in 2 wheel drive and if you do your driving too fast in those conditions. This video might explain the differences between 4 wheel drive and all wheel drive but that’s it. The rest of the information is BS .

  13. The "AWD" in my 2019 Equinox isn't on all the time. There's a button on the console to turn it on and turn it off.

  14. to understand awd in all its parts, do we have to get algorithm of the vehicle 🙂 how can i know in which case the computer decide which power distribution? i want to know which parameters computer collects.
    and for 4wd, i guess it is easy. if i see any risk, i go to 4H. if no risk i go to 2H (for fuel economy). is this correct as basically?

  15. Hello good day Friends support and subscribe now okay bye 👌🙂🇮🇳🙏 good information u share with us in this video ok

  16. Land Rover Discovery Unlike many pickups are permanent 4×4 always and not 2wd then 4wd when it suits. Also 4×4 will normally have low range to.

  17. You can Absolutely leave your 4×4 in 4 high for long periods of time without ANY damage whatsoever. Clearly you bias to Subaru and their AWD systems…lol ok on demand AWD at best because a subarus transmission and drive componets are poorly made and cannot withstand constant pressure. If the AWD system is put under long durations of active service they will ALWAYS FAIL period whereas a 4×4 system will not. A true locking 4×4 system will continue pushing forward as long as the driver has the peddle down as opposed to weak AWD system's that will either give out or up when forced to actually work. 4×4 system's are always best choice in exstreem weather and or road conditions period. By the way if your slipping in the rain then get better tires and learn how to drive correctly.

  18. To much electronic mean soon problems .are rule in electronic world .and the real off road conditions are a hostile environment many times . Think your car to be impossible to move on the meddle of a desert or a forest …dunno . From other hand ,cars with axis 4×4 and manual transmission are old . Back to 2000 like panjero or Vitara . 🙁

  19. I was wondering how you made this into a 5 minute video oh and btw a lot of newer awd cars are front wheel bias and send traction to back wheels if needed

  20. Subaru cars, like other AWD cars, can drive only on AWD. Real 4×4 cars can switch between 2WD, 4WD auto, 4WD HIGH range, 4 wheel LOW range or 4 wheel lock. A 4×4 vehicle with a
    locking transmission is far more versatile than AWD vehicles. Subaru is plugging a far inferior vehicle compared to one with a real 4×4 transmission with locking gears and alow range.

  21. Jeep Quadra Trac FTW!! Best of both worlds. 2 speed transfer case, locking diffs and electronic traction management. Everything the Subaru has and then some… Kicking ass since 1941.. 🙂

  22. Errr…. most Landrovers etc.. etc.. are permanent 4 wheel drive and to infer they are not designed for this??? The defender is over 70 years old. Some more fact checking next time.

  23. 4wd- 4 wheels are driven
    Awd- all wheels are driven
    4×4- out of 4 wheels,4 wheels are driven
    If veichle has 4 wheels,and all 4 are driven,that means 4wd=awd=4×4..
    If it has 6 wheels and 4 are driven,than it is not awd.it is 4wd or 4×6..
    If it has 6 wheels and all are driven,than is awd,6wd or 6×6.
    What you are explaining in your video is different power transfering, between FULL TIME awd,4wd or 4×4,whatever you want to call it , and PERMANENT time awd,4wd 4×4..
    Different car manufacturers put different designations…awd ,4wd, 4×4…
    As i guy who drives Patrol,you should know this…and also it is more fun to drive permanent 4×4,4wd,awd,(whatever),as i also drive Patrol,waiting for snow to have a fun with back end 😉

  24. Subaru are terrible in snow n mud computer recaculates too much and put you in the ditch. Rather have a convention 4×4 pickup always reliable and even if you drive in ditch most likely drive out.

  25. Let’s be honest gwagons, RR classics, Defenders, series and all trackers are the best 4×4. Jeep’s and these types of cars are for noobs

  26. Quick question you said four-wheel drive cannot be driven on the road in 4-wheel drive all the time because of the axles aren't designed for it will what about like many Chevys full-time 4 wheel drive same Drive axles is the regular four-wheel drive it just was on all the time and you can never turn it off?

  27. 2 points, 1 your subie is fwd most of the time, rears are only engaged if necessary. 2, if you have never had your wheels slip under acceleration, you aren't driving it! I had AWD golf R and it had no problem spinning tires on dry pavement.

  28. Having been driving lots of different cars last few years. Here is my experience, FWD is the worst in handling but cheap on running costs and maintenance. RWD is my favourite, most fun to drive, handles very well in hot and dry environment. AWD/4WD is safer on wet and slippery roads but it’s too boring to drive and the running costs are more expensive.

  29. Very well said about AWD systems "Wonder World". Common explanation of both systems with main advantages / disadvantages. About 4WD full-time ( as Land Rover for example ) – fuel efficiency there is also not a pros :). As bottom line, everything is a matter of personal taste and way of view. Thank you again.

  30. Just sold my 2wd Ranger truck for an AWD vehicle.Glad I did. First winter I don't have to worry about getting stuck in a snow bank.

  31. Si tu Subaru , fuese diésel , yo tengo un Subaru XV , 2017 , turbo diésel y con 60 litros , realizo de 750 A 825 Kms …….dependiendo de la velocidad a la que vaya .

  32. thanks but I already own a Subaru, Great car and all. Mostly plastic surfaces. Kind of cheaply built for 30K. I guess they are weighting on this add for sales. What about 4W Auto? just bought a 2019 Lariat special edition. ALSO your Subaru IS NOT LESS fuel efficient then a 2 wheel drive. Look at the 1994 v6 8.9L/100KM to 2019 Subaru WRX at 8.4L/100KM. Also the 1994 had a 64 Liter tank. The Impreza has a 49.96 Liter tank.

  33. Well, that didn't say much about The Difference Between AWD vs 4WD, What about differentials etc. I know exactly how the Selectrac 4WD works on my 2005 Jeep Cherokee Automatic in UK. It has 2WD (normal), 4WD Part Time which locks the front and rear and left right diffs. This mode shares the torque between all wheels and none can spin and it will get me through anything that the UK can throw at me. But it would tear the rubber off the tyres and make turning a corner difficult on a dry road. There is a particularly long steep hill that accesses the motorway in my town. One winter the road surface was ice covered by thick snow and 2WD drive cars had zero chance of getting even a few yards up it but kept trying till the police closed it to all but Jeeps and Land Rovers. I have another mode called 4WD Full Time. This locks only the front to rear diff and shares the torque between front and rear but doesn't prevent left and right wheels turning at different rates so traction is poorer, though still good (it also worked that day) and you can drive it on wet and muddy roads. There is also a 4WD Lo Range which quadruples torque (a very low gear effectively) and shares it to all wheels. You can traverse pretty much anything with that. It takes a very heavy pull lever to change these modes. Now that I want a new car the Cherokee is not available in UK. So I guess I'll get a Jeep Compass Trailhawk which has all that but computer controlled with dozens of options. So How is AWD different to what I described? It cannot be so good because I saw a test of 7 or so AWDs and all failed to get over some large wet and slippery logs that would have caused my Cherokee no difficulty. (And hopefully my Compass too). Late Edit: No, the rear diff cannot be locked on the Compass. It's more like how AWDs work where the brakes stop wheels spinning.The Cherokee Trailhawk DOES have a locking diff and a real Lo range and it shows on a video. But we Brits cannot have it. I will NOT be buying a Compass. But then Jeep is no longer owned by Jeep so I should have guessed.

  34. There is no difference. The terms AWD and 4WD are interchangeable on any vehicle that has 4 wheels. There are many subtypes of this system, but only a fool would want to oversimplify it like this.

  35. but now thanks to bmw you can have your cake and eat with their advanced AWD ,the user can choose with where the power should go either 50/50 100/0 or 0/100 or any other.

  36. Not true. Plenty of 4WD are full time 4WD and not 2WD changeable. These subaru people are always bogged and clearly know nothing about cars.

  37. Guess it also depends where you live here in Canada I can justify the added fuel cost of an AWD system. If an AWD system saves me one accident it's paid for the added fuel costs. Just a reminder here that AWD / 4WD systems alone without proper tires or mismatched tires voids any gains. Blew out a tire on Legacy and had replaced with mismatched set which caused fishtailing in slippery conditions. Replaced with complete matching set the difference was night to day. No drive system can make up for poor tire condition, type of mismatch don't skimp on what meets the road.

  38. Correction, most of AWD are FWD and the rear traction usually like 30% to the rear, activated by the computer or a button.
    This is why Toyota is also better and the most efficient, My Toyota Venza 4cyl 2.7lts is AWD and I only have traction is all wheels when I need it, and it is less than 20% of the time living in Canada, I get real 24 to 25MPG combined, and 22 to 23MPG on the hard Canadian winter.
    My Venza, bigger and heavier than the outback, consume Gas as a 4cyl fusion, or less than the Sub SUVs that I tried like Tucson, Renegade, the Kia Sportage or Forester. I haven't seen any Brand more Gas efficient than Toyota, I've had more than 45 cars and I use to rent cars twice a month.

  39. I like Subaru, but I use to buy used cars, Toyota engines live forever but unfortunately, Subaru engine use to die between 250Km and 350Km. NOT even counting the price of both in long terms. Toyota and Honda are the leaders.
    I love Japanese cars, and Subaru and Mitsubishi and Nissan consume between 20 to 50% more gas then Toyota and Honda. Additionally CVT sucks. The AC in Mitsubishi and Nissan die after 5 to 10 years. You die first than your Toyota HAHAHA

  40. Difference between 4WD and AWD? In fact that's quite simple: 4WD drives only four wheels even if you vehicle is fitted with more than 4 wheels. AWD drives all wheels mounted on the vehicle. 😉

  41. I had a 4 wheel drive Jeep Charokkee and it was pretty awesome except for the fact I could literally see my gas gauge lower in real time as I drove it in 4×4. It would drain a full tank of gas in 40 minutes in four wheel drive. If your spinning out in the rain in two wheel drive cars then your just a terrible driver. I'd hate to see you drive a truck in wet conditions. I have drive my Corolla during monsoons, pouring rain and flooding and have never had a problem spinning the wheels. A 4 cylinder getting worse gas mileage than a 6 or eight isn't uncommon. A four cylindar can burn as much gas getting up to speed as a 6 or eight cylindar because it's working harder. Beefed up rice burner four bangers like hondas or Toyotas get terrible gas mileage if you drive them hard and the engine parts wear down extremely fast. You can get better gas mileage out of a 6 six cylinder if your not driving it too hard than driving a four cylindar hard.

  42. The main differnece we call 4wd from AWD is having two speed transfer case. Partial and constant doesnt mean anything. some 4wd have constant 4wd and some have on demand 4wd.

  43. Maybe he should learn how to drive better if he cant make a turn on a wet road without spinnig out thats not the vehicle thats the driver

  44. It's also because of the 4 speed transmissions (gearboxes). If they had over-drive, they would be more fuel efficient

  45. Well I don't know where or how the information here came about.
    AWD cars/suv The power – grip is normally transfer to the front wheels unless the computer detects
    poor gripping surface. This system allows quick acceleration and better fuel economy, the AWD system
    is engage as needed it, snow/icy roads, etc….
    Now 4WD generally means the all wheel drive is engage all the time (all 4 tires turning) needed or not.
    It can feel more sporty, it will use more petrol.
    When it comes to Subaru, they may have a different approach.
    OCT. 2019

  46. Awd is great for off roading to. I use mine driving trough the river no issues. Just make sure you habe good tires with correct traction.

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