The electric Porsche Taycan is ready to take on Tesla

The electric Porsche Taycan is ready to take on Tesla

(energetic music) – Hey, everybody. This is Sean from the Verge, and I’m standing in
front of Porsche’s first eclectic car, the Taycan. Now, we’ve known about
this car for a few years, but today, we’re actually gonna’ spend about five hours taking it on a road trip outside of Los Angeles
to really get a sense of what it’s all about. So, let’s go. (energetic music) – [Sean] So, one of the
first things you notice when you sit down in the Taycan, is that it’s just full of screens. The sort of crown jewel of all of that is this big boomerang-shaped display up behind the steering wheel. I actually really, really like it. It’s probably my favorite
thing about the car so far. Everything is crisp and sharp. Then we have the main
information touch screen in the center of the dashboard, and that’s where all the
infotainment stuff happens this is where CarPlay happens, there’s no Android auto on
the Taycan, just so you know. And, then there’s this touch
screen in the center console which is for climate, settings,
and some other car settings and things like that. What’s interesting about this
center console touch screen is that it has haptic feedback. It has also a little bit more give to it, so there’s a sort of
funking that’s happening, like a little buzz that’s happening to give you some
feedback, and let you know that your taps are being registered. So, all the haptic feedback
on this center console is nice in theory, it’s not really doing a lot to help me solve the problem of not really knowing
exactly where I’m tapping. It also doesn’t help that
I’m still not familiar with the infotainment
system and everything and I’m sure you could
get more used to it. (energetic music) So, electric cars are relatively quiet. But, what Porsche did,
it created this thing called the Electric Sport Sound. It is a $500 add-on to the Taycan. So, a 150,000 or 180
some thousand, plus $500, and this is the result. I actually kinda like it. It’s louder than I expected. Ready? (car accelerating) It’s this very futuristic, smooth, (car accelerating) almost like sing-songy sound. It’s kinda wild. For 500 bucks it better be. All right, so we are at
about the half-way point. We’ve driven for about two hours now. The car’s down to 52% battery, 121 miles. We actually don’t have the
full EPA estimate for range, so, it’s you know,
mid-to-high 200’s right now based on the European model. Maybe a little bit less when
the EPA finally releases its range figure. The best part about this drive is that the rest of it is going to be almost completely through this
really twisty, mountain road with lots of elevation changes which is wonderful because
everything we’ve talked about up until now, is really all about like, the (mumbles) of the car, and the technology that
you’d use every day. But, this is ultimately a performance car, a sports car with how fast it is, and that’s what a lot of the people who are gonna’ be buying this car are really going to be buying it for. And, this is gonna’ be
a good chance for us to put some of that
performance to the test. All right, ready? Zero to 60 in three seconds. – Oh!
(laughing) (car accelerating) (laughing)
– Oh, man. – Yeah, that’ll move ya’. – [Sean] Tesla’s similar,
like launch mode, definitely is as powerful as this. There is something about this one though. What Porsche did is it put a
two-speed gearbox in this one, almost specifically for those moments where you’re taking off from zero, so that there’s one gear
dedicated to getting you off the line as quick as possible. I have not felt something
that snaps like that, even in another electric car. That was really wild. (upbeat music) Porsche has spent a lot of time, actually, working with electric motors. This may be its first electric car, but, Porsche has spent years putting electric motor technology into its motor sports division and then transferring that to the road with some of its hybrid cars like the Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid. And, so, all of that is
really coming together here in the Taycan, as the first electric car from Porsche built to perform like crazy. So, this car has got the
lowest center of gravity out of any Porsche ever
made which is great because that means that
it’s a little bit easier to make it through these turns than it normally would be in a car that weighs over 5,000 pounds. The battery being all
across the floor, like, is the case in a lot of E-V’s means that it’s just gonna’ settle right wherever you wanna’ put it. You have to be a little
careful on the breaks because the breaking isn’t rock-solid like you would expect in a super car, or something built for the track. But, the weight kind of
helps you out with that. But, breaking is not
what’s fun about this car. What’s fun is hitting the
accelerator and going fast, and that works pretty well. (playful music) So, we’ve made it to nearly
our final destination. We are clearly in a big-box parking lot getting some charge from the
electrify America chargers which is the network being
built out by Volkswagen, which is Porsche’s pairing company. We came out of the mountains
with about 24-ish percent of the battery left after a good solid four plus hours of driving and in just under 20
minutes we’ve just added 50% of the battery back to it and that’s not even reaching the full, sort of charge rate this thing can take. For whatever reason, we’re not getting it from the charger right now. In the mountains I was
working the car pretty hard and at one point, got the battery down to about low 70 miles and
low 20% battery capacity but the good thing is that we were coming down
out of the mountains so the car was regenerating
a bunch of energy back into the battery, and for a good 45 minutes
we didn’t lose any range. Everything we were using to go fast, we were making right back up
by going right back downhill. Big picture, a lot of people
aren’t going to own this car. It’s a very expensive car. This wasn’t even the most expensive spec by any stretch of the imagination. And, even the cheaper version
that’s going to be coming out, that is slightly under the
performance capabilities of this, is still gonna’ cost around $100,000. So, we’re talking about cars that are at, or even in some cases, more expensive than the other best performing
electric cars on the market. A lot of people have asked me
who I think this car is for, and you know, it’s for people
who want to own a Porsche and maybe wanna’ change up
how that Porsche is powered. That’s basically the
simplest way to put it. This is not necessarily
something people are gonna’ run out and buy because they
wanna’ feel a little bit better about the environment. This is something that
people with the money to buy a top-tiered Porsche are going to buy, and the good thing is
that it feels very much like a car that makes no sacrifices, compared to other Porsche’s. As for the really big questions, like, is this better than a Tesla? I can’t really answer those after just five hours in the car. What I can tell you for sure
after driving this car today, is that we’re gonna’ be
asking those questions for a very long time. Thanks everybody for watching. Make sure you like and subscribe. If you’re really curious about Tesla, and you haven’t seen our video about the Gigafactory last year, we had a whole big feature
on what they’re doing out in Reno, Nevada. The batteries, the electric cars, and the future of the company. Go check it out.

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  1. Obviously not a car guy. The response to his right foot isn't discussed until 2:51. Does this guy usually review headphones?

  2. I'm glad I am extremely wealthy and that I also watch the verge. I will purchase this fine electric vehicle now, no longer considering the Tesla.

  3. This is exciting! With Volkswagen behind this we can see more variations of this car from Volkswagen,Audi,skoda and the like. Plus a single charging network for multiple brands. Tesla cannot do that.

  4. Porsche has made a strong case for itself. Tesla had the field all to itself for quite a while and was able to present certain aspects in their favor. For example, I never cared for the Tesla interior and now Porsche is showing a better way in that respect. That ginormous iPad like screen in the middle of the dash was okay initially because of it’s novelty but the Taycan presents a more modern look and layout in it’s dash design. Competition is good in the electric car business and things should start improving and evolving as we move forward.

  5. Look up the price and you will know this car is for 1 percenters who want a new toy. All the power to them coz you're not gonna pry those dollars from their hands through taxes. This is one of the very few ways, so I think we normal people should all be happy and wish for more overpriced luxury toys like this exist in the world.

  6. I feel sorry for all you americans, who not have the possibility to drive the most popular electric car in europe, the Renault ZOE.
    Renault should try again in america!

  7. Here we go. Another channel that thinks the taycan is going to “destroy Tesla.” Ima give you a hint, this is the whole reason Tesla was created. To encourage more vehicle manufacturers to move electric.

  8. Dont try and compete with Tesla they are so far ahead you will never catch them. Just be happy and make YOUR car as best you can. People will like the Porsche its a good EV, but yeah trying to compete directly with the top dog is just going to end up showing all your weaknesses.

  9. It's not a Tesla killer because Tesla can be bought for as low as $35k. For the price of this you can buy 4 x Model 3. This is just a Porsche with electric motor. I actually hate the look because a true Porsche comes in 2 doors not all these 4 door and fugly looking tail and weird head lights.

  10. Honestly I don't like when tech companies review cars, they omit a lot of information, like basic things: how does the car steers, how the suspension feels, or what does that car offers in terms of performance.

  11. I totally would have bought it if not for the fact that it doesn't support Android auto. Oh well I guess I'll just settle for my Civic

  12. The big problem with this lovely ev is it is worse in every single way or measure to a Tesla. Apart from always buying. Porche it does not make sense. Ionity charge 88p per kWh, more than Petrol! Porche missed the goal with this by a fair margin.
    It looks nice though.

  13. To take Tesla I guess you have to be better price, same o better tech, most advanced Autopilot system big Superchargers network, and have netflix! take that sir….!

  14. It's the best CAR over Tesla. that $100k buy's you quality over software updates. And fully agree with others: stop doing car reviews like it's an iPhone, do them with someone who actually likes Cars or don't do them at all.

  15. So cool. This is very formidable alternative to even the Plaid Model S (though that Plaid may be faster and may have a better battery). But what's Porsche's offering against the 2020 Tesla Roadster, by the way?

    Thank you.
    God bless, Proverbs 31

  16. STOP comparing Porsche to Tesla!
    Porsche made a hybrid electric car back in 1908.
    Porche did it before Tesla were created, before Elon Musk was born, before Tweeter and even the Internet were invented.
    Porsche already did it !!!

  17. Let answer that question for you; yes it is better than a Telsa. The interior, fit & finish and driving dynamics are in a different league.

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