The End of Car Mechanics

The End of Car Mechanics

rev up your engines now this is a black
view Android phone but they work in conjunction with FLIR which is a big
instrument company it’s got an infrared camera built-in with all the software my
FLIR will turn it on it’s a full infrared camera as the reading I put it
in Fahrenheit let’s open the hood and check it out now to a normal human eye
looks like a regular engine but not when you look at it infrared check it out you
can see how hot the exhaust is a cool sign is this is a fascinating tool it
has various modes but me I like this iron mode it’s got the reading in the
middle what you’re pointing at and the brighter it is the hotter it is so the
blue is cooler the yellows the hottest and just cuz you move it around you can
easily see the temperature by the reading of that particular area that’s
right in the middle now you can move it around you can play around this forever
but I like Kevin the middle then I know the readings in the middle and I’ll
point the metal man you might take what good is infrared information to me well
working on a car heat has to do with everything on a vehicle let’s say you
think you got a bad radiator you can check it all up and down inside and out
see if it has hot spots meaning that parts of it clogged up parts of it
aren’t clogged up for example let’s say you think your radiators clogged up what
you will find us where the clogged area is that’s gonna show cooler because it’s
clogged and the coolant isn’t passing through to dissipate heat so you find
out one part is cooler other parts are hotter you know your radiator is clogged
up and it’s time to either replace it or flush it out you might think hey maybe
your brakes are dragging you can do the temperature readings on the brakes
compare them and if you find that one sides a lot hotter than the other you
know that side is dragging and you can check for restrictions any part of the cooling
system with these in the slap let’s say you think your thermostats been well
that would mean that the thermostat was not closed not opening making it overheat
so you just look at the thermostat with this
and if you see that the engine is a lot hotter than the thermostat housing and
the hose coming I’ll go into the radiator you’ll know it’s clogged right
there cuz it goes from heat a lot less heat and you just change the thermostat
it beats taking things apart and replacing parts just guessing now
say you got a misfiring engine you can look at the engine while it’s
running and if you find that temperature isn’t the same for all four cylinders
you know there’s a problem in the one that’s either hotter or colder than the
other ones since its color-coded hey you can see that fast and it’s also great
for electrical work sitting out an electrical short guess what you get a
short it puts out heat so you can take this look at the fuse box will pull
the top off take a look at it and what do we find we find one part it’s glowing
yellow hot check it out you can see right there that’s glowing yellow hot
that means that circuit has a problem infrared imaging has gone a long way
used to be you had to buy special gun or a special adapter for your phone but this
baby this black view has it built right in simple you have to plug something you
have to set something up here it is and of course not only is it an excellent
phone but it’s a great Android as you can see I put on diagnosis systems
plug-in you can use it to analyze your car too I have to say it’s a pretty good
phone it’s waterproof got a really nice indestructible cover built in you have
to buy a cover or anything the phone’s in here it’s all built together and has
a killer camera 48 megapixels so you’re working on a car you can’t see something
you can stick on there here then you can see if there’s a leak somewhere you can
see up wiring is shorted out inside just by using it as a camera cuz even old
Scotty here you’re working on a car you take it apart then you go oh where did
that go I don’t remember how all those parts go back on right take a picture of
it hey with 48 megapixels you can blow that up with your finger to heart’s
content you can refer back gee where did those wires go
you look at the picture oh they go right there take a picture before you work on
the area while you’re working on the area then you’ll know exactly where
everything goes not going back to the thermal camera aspect you can also check
catalytic converters watch this we’ll go under the car
there’s the catalytic converter oh wow look at it with the thermal camera we
can take temperature reading to make sure it’s working correctly as you can see it
is glowing a lot hotter especially in the back it should be hotter in the back
than in the front if you look the readings it definitely is if you had a
dead can’t be the same temperature the whole thing it wouldn’t be getting hot
or in the back cuz it’s not working it’s also great for finding leaks the fluid
is hotter than the air right so you run the engine and whatever’s leaking
transmission power steering just follow this and if you see little
streams a heat coming out you know it’s leaking right there and then you’ll find
where the leak is now if you would have told me years ago then I’d be using a
handheld phone to both analyze the car with software and to do thermal infrared
imaging to find faults I think you were reading a science fiction novel but not
anymore with this FLIR system if you want to do a lot of research research
the flare company FL IR I got FLIR equipment from years ago that cost
thousands of dollars well now they’re putting that real expensive technology
into these Android phones and nothing beats the instant-on you can immediately
put it to use you don’t have to have extension cables and a special battery
for the sensor it’s all built into the phone now the processes of these phones
used to be slow as heck years ago I got some of the add-on infrared sensors
that you plug in the bottom yet to charge the battery that’s separately
take a while to set itself up and it wants it dead the readings were not
instantaneous there was a big time lag between you pushing it and seeing it
then when you move the camera it had to reset itself and start doing the
readings this is pretty much instantaneous you see a temperature one
area you move it over see what the other is and like I said I like having a dot
in the middle thing because then I know the
temperature readings right in the middle I just have to Center the middle on what
I want to read I mean look at that you move it over here 216 it goes up this
is really quick reading it’s really good for taking fast readings I have to say
some of the early thermal imaging devices I tried out hey they were more
like fancy toys this is not a toy this is a serious instrument and of course
it’s use is limited only by your imagination I used it the other day in a
house traced on an electrical short in the 120 volt system anything that puts
out heat this is gonna pick it up maybe you’re looking for your cat and I can’t
find it well there’s kitty you can’t hide for me cats hotter than
the porches not so great for finding worn bearing noises let’s say you got
a bad bearing that’s making a noise but you can’t figure out which one it is
just start looking around a bad bearing is making noise because the bearing is
not wearing out the noise is one aspect of what comes out but it’s also going to
put out heat because the metal bearings are wearing a lot of times the grease is
gone they’re worn they’re spinning making howling noises they’re gonna put
out heat to when you go and look at this and you see gee the outside of the
alternator where the bearing is you see it’s really getting hot the bearings
gone on the alternator and of course it works with cool things too like your air
conditioning system you can just look at your air conditioning system quickly
scan all the parts you can see what the temperature is one part is cold and then
all of a sudden it stops and it’s not cold anymore you know right at that
point there’s some kind of restriction that’s keeping the refrigerant from
flowing and since this is mechanic money I’ll be giving away one of these
infrared phones have a chance to win place a clean non-offensive comment on
the youtube comments below to win an infrared phone so they can learn how to
fix their cars the fastest way possible and here’s some bonus question
the answers see it now says hey Scotty my friends I’ve gone through two sets
of wiper blades since May first I got
bosch from auto zone then I got another brand they just don’t last that long six
and a half months you’ve been through two sets of wiper blades maybe you live
in a really dirty area just so polluted all that friction of the dirt wears them
up what you want to do is two things one you want to clean your blades every once
in a while I got a video on how to clean them you can get a little alcohol mix of
50% alcohol 50% water and clean them every once awhile the other thing is
realize your windshield collects a lot of dust and crud and as your windshield
gets older they get pitted too and I found this out years ago man has it saved me a
lot of money from buying wiper blades polish your windshield three or four
times a year I use new finish people think it’s a car wax because it’s not
wax a car with new finish well new finish isn’t technically a wax
technically it’s a polish so you get it and just like wax in your car your
polish your windshield with it it gets rid of a lot of imperfections what sold
me on polishing one new finish was my wife’s Lexus yeah it’s an old car you
know it’s 18 years old now but for years I kept buying wiper blades and they
worked but after a short period of time and a light rain it would go and it drove
me nuts I kept buying wiper blades then after a few weeks or months they’d start
making that noise again and one of my fans says hey Scotty you should do like
I do polish your windshield with new finish so I did and guess what this was
years ago the thing doesn’t make any noise now and it doesn’t matter if those
blades have been on there for a year and a half it doesn’t make any noise the
very fact that I polished the windshield what’s that new finish
got rid of all that friction and not on any of the wipers laughs but they
stopped making that horrible noise so if I were you I would polish the windshield
with new finish and if they last do it three or four times a year you get a can
of the stuff it’ll last you a lifetime it’s the only thing you’re doing is
polished and your windshield and it takes like five minutes to do try that first
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell

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  1. I Told You About This Car But Nobody Listened:

    It’s a new phone not sold on Amazon yet, it’s called BV9800 Pro thermal imagery, sold on the blackview website: store.blackview. hk

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  2. Too bad I'm too late to win this 🤣

    Edit: so I wrong I'm lot late but probably won't win don't have the luck for it. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  3. Some day I could get an infrared adapter for my phone, but at the moment it isn't economicly viable to get one even used. If I'll have enough guess work to justify the price tag I would get one. After all I could rent it out as well.

  4. I don't know why people have a wiper blade obsession. I have been driving cars since like '76 and I've never changed a blade, though sometimes they weren't operating precisely at optimum. I hardly ever even bother with them when I wash the car either (I lift the blades and wash the window underneath, that's it), but, then again, I always garage my cars. I suspect with all that info, people with blade problems are those that leave them out in the sun, and the ol' sun heats the window, and the ol' blades start decomposing a bit. Even for the majority of my job parking, it was always garaged.

  5. I want it, Scotty! Our cat is grey toned and sometimes impossible to see! But she can't hide from this phone!! 😆😆😆😆😆😆

  6. Always entertaining Scotty! I want that flir phone please!!
    I’m currently reworking my 91 Toyota pickup. 280K and I believe the original windshield! Can’t wait to see what new finish will do!

  7. I could use this phone, my 2005 Volvo S60 2.4L sounds like the catalytic converter is starting to go out. Loud rattle for 10 seconds on startup and rattle at 1500 rpm.

  8. Hello Scotty, I love your car videos especially this one with an infra red cell camera. I would love to get this one from you to check out my car like my Catalyst Converter etc… U can reach me at 219-310-0508 Jim…

  9. Scotty, FLIR is not an instrument company (FLIR Systems, Inc is). FLIR is an acronym for Forward Looking Infra- Red. Otherwise, this is fabulous as a tool, even if it is to find a missing cat. 😁

  10. I Like the phone but am having trouble finding a cellphone carrier that supports WCDMA can anybody help with this???

  11. Flir has been making great equipment for years but it was always way over priced I always wanted to get a hunting scope for hunting hogs at night or a handheld unit to use on the water but price was always restrictive they work fantastic though it's awesome to see them putting it into telephones now that's incredible

  12. One of the coolest things ever for a phone! Android better than iPhone this is just one of many reasons why. Love the channel!

  13. Wow didn't know they made a phone with thermal built in. Looked into their cameras before but they are too expensive for me. The camera addon's I've looked at from them and others seemed to be not worth too much. From New England and it's real cold here now (too cold for soap water trick) and would use this to help case down an exhaust leak(s). Plus many other great uses thermal can do. Really is cool tech

  14. I work at a Toyota dealership, and man those inferred tools would be so dam helpful when working on the cars. Boss is too cheap to supply us with any tools, even basic sockets. Love the videos Scotty! you're helping millions of people.

  15. I've been watching the channel for a few months. Started with looking up info for some work I was doing. Now I watch your videos on the regular because of all the food info. Funny that you were talking about the IR camera. I recently got a P0420 code after my truck started misfiring. Fixed that issue, and the cat threshold code popped up. Watched some of your other videos to get tips on what to do. Saving up now to buy a new cat.

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