The Fatal Flaw of Subaru Cars

The Fatal Flaw of Subaru Cars

rev up your engines,
Camden, Scotty thoughts on newer Subarus and CVT reliability if you heard their
cars not of the 90s I’m looking to buy a Forester okay, Subarus one main big flaw
was their automatic transmissions were garbage over time and they cost a
fortune to rebuild, their CV transmissions are no different, they
still have problems and they cost a fortune to rebuild, you want something
that you’re gonna drive forever do not buy one, if you want a Subaru and
you want it to last a really long time get a standard transmission and they
are well-built, there are actually standard transmissions, but do not buy an
automatic transmission Subaru and think it’s gonna last forever, if you have to
buy an automatic transmission go Toyota they make the best ones, there’s no if
ands or buts about it, but if you like Subarus and you can drive a standard, go
ahead and get one at standard but never by any of the Subarus with automatics or
CVT s, because they have lots of problems I rented a Subaru with a CVT and it had
like 8,000 miles and the transmission was already shifting crappy, so there’s no
way that I’d ever buy one of those things, I’ll run them because if it breaks
it’s not my problem it’s the rental cars company, and I always do rent different cars
when I go on a business trip or vacation because I like trying out all the
different cars to tell people what I think about them, Kevin
rank says, my parents bought me a 2006 Nissan Altima in October with over
with over 150 thousand miles they bought it for $2,800 did they pay too much, yes
they did that’s a 13 year old Nissan Altima with 150,000 miles on it, now $2,800
doesn’t buy what it used to buy, but I wouldn’t have paid that much for it for
sure because Nissan’s are notorious for having problems, now let’s say it doesn’t
burn much oil and the transmission shifts good, if it does, then at least
it’s still a decent car but those engines are notorious for burning oil
and blowing head gaskets for having bad automatic transmissions, so baby that car
now I know you can drive them fast but don’t take off Jackrabbits and don’t do
burnouts on that thing, because then you’re pushing your luck, it’s like
playing with fire, they have weak engines and
weak automatic transmissions, so baby it change the oil every four or 5,000
miles and you never know, you know $2,800 these days for car isn’t that
much money, but they did pay a little bit too much for it with that mileage
knowing those, if it had been a Toyota no but for the Nissan yes that’s a bit too
much, Shatty says is high mileage full synthetic beneficial or is
continuing full synthetic fine if you have no leaks or burning off, oh yeah
you can just stick with full synthetic if you’ve been using that, the high mileage
stuff you know, they claim oh it’s gonna do this, it’s gonna do that, there’s
no miracle additives, if an engine is worn an engine is worn, and if you’re
not burning or leaking oil and you’re using full synthetic just stick to what
you’re using, the reason people go to these, Oh for an older engine and it
helps them out high mileage is because maybe they got bad seals and it’s
leaking oil, it can maybe rejuvenate them a little, and it might have additives that can try to lubricate the engine a little bit better, but if you’re not
leaking or burning oil my advice is stick with the oil that
you’ve been using and it’s working why change something it works,
Greg D says, I got a 2013 Honda with a CVT transmission it went out at 125,000
miles, we want to replace it what do you think is the most reliable car out there,
you had a Honda you didn’t say what kind of Honda you had, let’s say you had a Civic
well then go get a Toyota Corolla they’re much more reliable or are you
saying you’ve had an accord get a Camry the Toyota Camrys costs more but they’re
very reliable cars and they’re much more luxurious, depends on what kind of money
you want to spend you know, I mean sometimes people ask me, should I buy
this car or that car, sometimes they’re completely different cars, I say it
depends what you want, do you want a luxury ride a lot of acceleration or do
you want a car that’s gonna last forever and get better gas mileage, you got to
decide what kind of car you want and then go from there, but regardless of
what type of car you want look for it in a Toyota, because their still the most
dependable cars out there, and I’m not being paid by Toyota, I wish I was you
know, they probably got a lot of money because they make really good cars but, fool
proof eske says, Scotty I bought a 1993 Honda
Accord with a manual transmission when I’m shifting gears it
takes a while for the RPMs to drop and the lag in RPMs can be noticed, car
has two hundred sixty eight thousand miles on it, okay if you shift and
that takes too long for the RPMs to drop odds are you need a new clutch and it’s
just slipping, any mechanic let them road test it they’ll tell you if the clutch is
slipping, the clutch could just be slipping and wearing out, it winches inside
the disc and as it’s worn, the pressure isn’t enough that the disc gets too thin and
it’ll start to slip and then the RPMs won’t go down, so odds are you just need
a new clutch in it, it’s you know two hundred sixty eight thousand miles, the
thing is just flat worn out, so if you never want to miss another one of my new
car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. The CVT trans is weird. when going into drive from reverse, it does this pause and rev. thing. It sounds like you're driving a stick and are not sure where the catch point is, over rev it a bit, put the clutch in, try again but you started off nice and smooth the second try. Don't know how else to describe it. also if you are driving and floor it, it will pause, rev up and then down again as it's pulling. it's like driving a wah-wah pedal.

  3. I worked at a car dealership for years and only the manual subarus had transmission problems (from driver misuse)

  4. Sigh, this video is so disappointing!!! Had a 2011 Subaru Outback, that I purchased in 2012 with 34,600 miles. It had a CVT Transmission. I use to drive 200 miles a day in that car, from Southampton NY, to Staten Island NY and back DAILY!!!! I drove in the pouring rain at 60 mph, and in the snow at 40 mph and that car NEVER FAILED ME!! In the 4 year that I owned it I put 260,000 miles on that car. The dealership that I got the car from didn't want to replace a solenoid that controlled the all wheel drive system, the traction control system and cruise control system. They wanted to sell me a new car like dealerships do. I traded my car in to a leasing company and got a new 2016 Subaru Outback with a CVT Transmission!!! And this car had 110 ,000 miles. My old 2011 Subaru ended up on a used car lot in Ststen Island and stayed 8 days before it way sold. Can you imagine someone purchased that car with 260,000 miles on it!!!!!

  5. Lol! I guess 300+k on 3 different Subies isn't technically forever…but close. No tranny issues, all auto's. Weird!lol!

  6. They consistently have among the highest owner loyalty ratings in the industry because they suck, explaine THAT to me Scotty, I guess people are just stupid.

  7. It was the 2002-2004 altima with the 2.5 four cylinder that had a pre catalytic converter issue. The screen would break and blow dirt back into the engine causing the failure. It was repaired for the 2005-2006 model year. Those are much more solid cars

  8. Used to enjoy your rants, but am getting tired of the FUD you are spreading. Every Suburu model except the WRX is rated average or above for reliability by Consumer Reports.

  9. Anyone who remembers the Subaru Justy would never buy anything with a CVT. Rubberband transmissions belong in snowmobiles and ATVs, not cars.

  10. I got a 96 legacy wagon with almost 300,000 on it. With a auto transmission. And there are a lot of them from the 90s running around where I live. No major problems at all. I think the the ones made in the 2000s aren't that great.

  11. Been driving Subaru with CVT's since 2010. Never had a single problem with them. Ever.
    They've all gone over 100K miles and stay in the family. Still no problems.

  12. Got a 2018 outback. Like the car. They made some serious corrections between 17 and 18. The engine coorelates with the trans very well I did not like the 17. The 18 has several corrections. Good turn radius. Good trans good mileage. 30!to a gal. Very good brakes I have the 2.5 boxer. By the way Toyota owns 27 percent of Subaru. It's built in Lafayette Indiana. Very modern plant. I would buy another. 30000 miles on it.

  13. not true… i rented escape for 1 week BUT pperwotk refused at ARMY base (MP change at gate) 3-days in, so switched to comparable Subaru and in every way you'd care to compare, Forester was superior. That was an apples2apples comparison & believe me – there was ZERO comparison – Subaru much MUCH better in: drivability, comfort, even the welds on back the rear hatch gate, SUBARU smoked the escape. And yes, I bought my pretty Legacy less than 1 year later. !

  14. We have serviced hundreds of automatic transmission equipped Subarus over the past 20 years at our shop and only replace 2 on very old, high mileage models. The automatic transmission models of these cars is among the most reliable components on a Subaru. Many other issues but not the automatic transmission.

  15. I think you have the problem I’ve had Subaru’s for the last 25 yrs and never had a problem with their automatic s. Get a life

  16. When I bought my first Outback a fellow who seemed really knowledgeable told me that if I changed the automatic transmission fluid every year I would never have a problem.  I now own a 2007 that has 251,000 miles on it.  Transmission still works great.  Lost both of my previous Subarus to hitting deer, not to any mechanical problems.

  17. Does Scotty realize that CVTs don’t shift? Kind of makes his “Subaru with 8,000 miles shifted terribly” comment a joke. Subaru’s CVTs are also some of the better ones in the industry, and the new ones learn your driving habits. So if you drive like a grandma, it’ll adjust so there isn’t any lunge upon acceleration, and if you love flooring it, it’ll compensate for that too. Scotty thinking his day or two in a vehicle he doesn’t own and isn’t used to driving is undeniable proof that an entire manufacture has poor transmissions is comically bad evidence.

  18. I want an Impreza, but It defeats the purpose by having an automatic. I will Always buy Manual transmission cars. Especially over here in UK. Great video asper Scottie 👌

  19. It’s funny because the Subaru CVT varies on driver. Everyone I’ve know who’s bought one love it’s, maybe it’s not the transmission

  20. Hey Scotty, our 2011 Outback with CVT has "only" 200,000 miles and ZERO problems with the transmission. We like it so much we bought a 2018 last year.

  21. There is not a car made that does not have recalls. THEY CANNOT ENGINEER A CAR OR TRUCK TODAY. It was said that people are more unhappy with new cars than since they have been in existence.

  22. Yeah all ive heard and read on subarus says the auto 5eats are more reliable then the 5mt. That sti 6 speed is bulletproof though.

  23. Thinking of buying a 2002 Buick lesabre what should I look for power steering makes noise.he's asking $3.000.00

  24. I have a 1998 acura 2.5 tl slant 5 cylinder its a good running car but millage is getting up there 230.000.00 trans shifts hard into 2nd gear some times I've changed the transmission oil and filter seemed like it helped but it still happen sometimes.what could it be?

  25. Mean no hate, but our 2002 Outback is still kicking with 300,000 miles with no major repairs. Subi also was the first with CVT's and currently (arguably) she the best in the market right now. They dont use a belt, they use a special chain now, much longer lasting.

  26. I can agree to disagree between Honda and Toyota ive had 4 Honda civics , i rented an echo once and it was just that you closed the door and the tin sound just echoed lol. but Apples to Apples the fit is about the same. but im sticking with the Hondas. I do agree wholeheartedly anything with an automatic CVT transmission is junk i dont trust them at all.. Love your vids thanks

  27. You know Scotty. Your the only one I've heard who hates subies autos. Most people I talk to say that the autos in subies are one of the better autos out there.

  28. You must have had a bad time with them. Most subaru’s Ive seen including my own with an automatic transmission can go well over 200,000 miles with the biggest issue being replacing the timing belt.

  29. I’ve got the 2017 Impreza 2.0 I’ve put 20,000 miles on it in the past 8 months and the transmission holds up/ and shifts fast, insanely well, i would’ve thought the transmission would be trash too but hey man, they’re not all bad, however I might not know yet, it only has 27,000 miles 🤷‍♂️

  30. Scotty, all transmission NOT as reliable as manual trans years a go!. I got 1998 VW Golf busted trans, 2000 Lexus LX470 busted trans, 2006 Mazda 3 busted trans, 2011 Toyota FJ Cruiser busted trans.

  31. I’m thinking of buying a 2003 Subaru Forester with 44k miles, what should I look for also what should I replace ASAP if I get it? Thanks again guys

  32. "Subaru's old automatic transmissions were garbage and cost a fortune to rebuild." Haha. Right. Seen tons of 4EATs over 300k miles. Oh, and a full master rebuilt kit is $350. A fortune for sure.

  33. Everyone I know mostly has had nothing but problems with Subaru vehicles. Head gaskets, transmissions, differentials, on and on and all high dollar problems and most before 100,000 miles.

    I think the old Subaru cars were good, but not the newer ones.

  34. Funny I have 3 subarus with over 200,000 on the automatic transmissions with the original head gaskets that i drive hard and dont have any issues, and if i ever do need parts they cost the about the same as toyota and honda parts, also have a 93 turbo legacy that is flogged all the time and doesnt have issues either you just seem to have a unreasonable bias towards subarus. Good example is saying they are all slow. they have plenty of turbo setups. Also really confused as to how a v or inline engine has any more technology into them then a boxer engine. they put the same advances in technology into all engines. You make youself sound really ignorant when you say things like a flat engine is a dinosaur. Have you checked out the 2.4 turbo 4 cylinder that out tows most of the "superior" v6 engines you like so much while getting better mileage and using 87 octane fuel

  35. Subaru dealer tech here

    It wasn't Subarus old automatics that were soft. It was all their transmissions. They couldn't handle any amount of power increase or stress. The new transmissions are more expensive to fix and harder to fix, but I've also only ever seen 4 come into the shop compared to 13 old transmissions. (This is over the year and a half at my current dealership). By old transmissions I mean the ones they used before 2004-2008 depending on model. The WRX and STI were a bit of an exception because theyre performance models but even they got better as time went on.

  36. My experienced Subaru mechanic said the auto trans never come back unless they've been abused. 07 Forester XT auto trans has a notched tree gear shifter so u can drive it like a standard and always know what gear it's in. Sorry Scotty it works better and shifts faster than manual trans.

  37. I’ve never heard mention of the newer Tacoma’s issues with gear searching and such from you and you’ve talked tacomas a lot. And Toyota is putting many CVTs into their cars as well and I haven’t heard any comment on that either. Maybe I just haven’t watched the right videos from you as I don’t watch all of them, but I am starting to agree with a lot of commenters that state you are biased towards Toyota

  38. Subaru is ranked number one manufacture in consumer reports for 2019, they have more federally safety rates vehicles than Toyota and Honda combined, they have the highest resale value, and they are priced more conservatively.

    Now…I love the heck out of my Toyota’s..but Subaru has come a very long way in the last 4 years. A very long way.

    Informative review as usual!

  39. Wait a minute, if your problem with Subaru is the CVT, then why do you like Toyota? Many of their new cars have CVT as well.

  40. Damnation Scotty, you just fell on your face from my view point. 10 years working on Subaru proffesionnally and NO automatic transmission failures without customer error. You must be speaking of pre-1995 models. You are completely incorrect otherwise, no way around it. By the way, could you detail how a CVT transmission "shifts?"

  41. Yeah, I guess my daughter won't be buying the Subaru/Toyota Boxer 86 vehicle. The Toyota dealer tried to sell us this car six ways to Sunday. Toyota 86 2019. Gorgeous car but…nah I want her to have the Lexus engine. He says he'll give her a great deal on the car. Yeah, thanks but no thanks. Don't even want to know the deal. I opened the door and the inside door sticker says right on the door made by Subaru. Wth? Tried to tell me it was a partnership and because the Toyota name is on the car it's better. Hahahahahahaha! I need a picture of a laughing donkey.

  42. 2016 Subaru Forester, not a single problem.  Subaru just extended the transmission warranty to 10 years.  That's really bad and looks bad on Subaru.  If all Subaru's transmissions were so bad and were falling apart, would Subaru be in business and retain their value better than most cars?  The more I listen to you the more I realize that you're full of it.

  43. I purchased a 2013 Subaru outback 3.6 limited new and after only a month I started noticing a clunking sound whenever I put the vehicle in reverse. I Bring it to Service lthree times but they had it for weeks and failed ultimately had to contact their national services hotline for days finally decided to replace the transmission. What really pissed me off was they replaced it with a refurbished in my car had lesson 3000 miles on it. I would never buy a Subaru ever again horrible service

  44. I bet you guys didn't know this, but those sunglasses he wears are actually a tattoo.
    He got the tat done at, you guessed it, the Toyota dealership.

  45. Its a lie. Here in Iceland it never breaks (talking autmatics) on Subaru. I even asked the used parts suplier ( specialist)for Sub. They never move. Keep one there just in case. Im starting to doubt you Scotty

  46. Scotty is ripping on every car brand, talk about cars for like 2000$ meanwhile livening in Sweden looking for second hand cars for 20000$. I get the feeling this guy hates everything newer then 2010. 😛

  47. My 98 legacy outback wagon has 221k miles and drives like a dream. Of course I did a few transmission fluid exchanges. And the engine needed headgaskets when I bought it. I put them in and haven't had one problem from the engine or trans

  48. After reading the comments here, I see that lots of old Subaru models' CVT work pretty much well. However, I do not see comments saying recent Subaru CVT is doing well. Anyone wanna put input on recent years Subaru's CVT?? and any comments from wrx cvt owners??

  49. all my automatic subarus have lasted fine… it's the headgasket thats the weak spot (on the older model engines).

  50. I just started renting a 2019 Subaru Outback today with about 8500 miles on it, and honestly, it's one of the worst rental cars I've had in a long time. The CVT whines like crazy, not enough power to safely pass slower drivers, and the Eye Sight is abysmal, and cruise control is completely inop with the Eye Sight not working, in both adaptive and conventional modes. The Infotainment is actually quite good though, but since I'm going to be renting a vehicle for a 1 month trip, I'll be swapping it out tomorrow. I've read the owners manual and went to forums to see about getting the eye sight to work, and no joy. Seems like a common issue. I really would like to have an operating cruise control since I'll be driving on a military base (Edwards AFB) in which the very strictly enforce the speed limit. I travel often, and have exposure to many different rental cars, and I'm very disappointed in Subaru. Even the Nissan Rogue I had on a trip last year was far better than this Subaru I have now.

  51. Subaru is almost as overrated as Harley. They are high maintenance with a lot of common problems but some people think think they are the best.

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