The Final Behind the Wheel with Kimi & Seb | Shell Motorsport

The Final Behind the Wheel with Kimi & Seb | Shell Motorsport

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  1. Ok i realized one problem why Seb is driving the alfa romeo and not Kimi? Maybe Kimi remains with Ferrari and Seb goes to Alfa?😂

  2. Vettel once in a helmet inside cam on abu dhabi 2012 or 2013 on a lap he didnt even blink thats how he concentrates on not even blinking 😂

  3. But I don't know if Kimi noticed. Who thinks he did? Only Kimi can answer that. Anyone else notice anything? Hint hint?

    I'll give you the answer…. Check the first letter of each sentence BWOAH!

  4. Tfuuu GREAT STARS, you are warm fajfus, weaklings, suckers and nepotic people! HAHAHA, YOU ARE LOST !!!

  5. would´ve won seb with going for some well known melody with a series of boachs, so that the melody is the thing that catches the attention rather than the boach. 😀

  6. I'm not 100% sad that Kimi is leaving Ferrari. The reason is simple: Ferrari it's not the team for him. On McL he was super aggressive and when he moved on Ferrari, everything changed. Then was Lotus and we've seen again on track the Kimi we love. Then Ferrari again, and again his driving style changed. I think that on Sauber we will see again that Kimi who doesn't care about anything else than racing. The only sad part is that he won't fight for the win.

  7. I love how seb said bwah twice in a row and Kimi was like "silence, then" hahaha. I love him so much. I legit require him happening in my life for always. <3
    Also he has the best smile in the world, it makes my heart so happy. :3

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