The First 5 F150 Parts You Should Buy Under $500 For Your 2015 – 2018 Ford F150 The Haul

On this episode of “The Haul”, we give budget-minded
F-150 owners my list of the first five mods you can do for under 500 bucks. If you just got your hands on a 2015 or newer
F-150 and if you’re like most enthusiasts out there you’re probably looking to do that
first modification. However, the problem is, if you spend a bunch
of money on the new truck you might not have all that much to spend on your round of mods. Well, if that’s the case, this video is gonna
be for you. We’re gonna show you our first five mods for
under 500 bucks ranging from suspension, functionality, and even performance. If you like what we’re doing here at AT, be
sure to subscribe for more. But in the meantime, let’s get to our first
mod. First up, let’s talk suspension. And honestly, in the world of suspension,
things get very expensive very quickly. However, there’s one mod that tends to peg
the bang for your buck meter, and that is a strut spacer leveling kit. Now the kit we went with for this video is
the Supreme Suspensions 2.5-inch leveling kit. And I like this because it’s made from 100%
Billet Aluminium, built right here in the USA, and they even throw in a bottle opener
for your favorite adult beverage. Now, leveling kit has its pros, right? It’s gonna give the truck a more leveled appearance,
which a lot of truck owners really dig. So it’s gonna make for a little bit more ground
clearance and allow for some bigger meets underneath your truck if you wanted to upgrade. Unfortunately, a new wheel entire combo doesn’t
fall in that $500 or under category, so we are sticking with the factory setup here,
the 20-inch STX wheels, which look great. And honestly guys, a 2.5-inch level is the
sweet spot for me. It’s just enough to perfectly level up the
truck, but if you get to the 3″-inch or above those CV angles tend to get a little bit gnarly. That’s not the case if you’re only stick to
2.5 inches. So getting that strut spacer design is gonna
be one of the most easy and affordable ways to change the altitude of that 2015 indoor
rig and make for some better appearance in the process. Our next modification might not be a necessity
in the eyes of some owners because let’s face it, most factory trucks do offer a factory
running board. However, it’s a very popular area to upgrade. So as such, I went with my personal favorite
option here for these rigs and that is the Barricade HD steel running board. Now, these things, besides being functional,
just look awesome. I think they take the popular, and let’s face
it, slightly tired design or recipe for running boards and just kind of kicks it up a notch
and adds a much more aggressive look to the truck, even though, it’s a pretty subtle modification. You’re getting a very burly carbon steel construction. Throughout guys, traction service is here
for both the front and rear passengers in addition to a textured black powder coat. So besides just adding a nice wide step for
you guys entering or exiting your truck, they look sharp and they fit the bill at right
around 373 bucks. All right, guys, we’ve talked suspension,
we’ve talked functionality with those running boards, let’s move into performance. And for that, I select the Roush cold air
intake system for our five leader rig. Now, cold air intakes, in general, are basically
moding 101, right? It’s a place where a lot of enthusiasts start
because they’re pretty affordable, and more importantly, they’re super easy to install. And on top of that, you can be picking up
some power in picking up a little bit more sound under the hood. The Roush in particular here, I’m a big fan. Why? Well, I’m a “Less is more” guy. And this is a very factory looking cold air,
and it’s gonna be packing some of the benefits of an aftermarket system. For one, 31% less restriction when compared
to your factory air box. Less restriction typically means more power
and that is the case here with the Roush. Secondly, this is a no tune required piece,
so you can bolt this thing up without the use of a tune and be good to go and make some
more power. It’s a dry filter and best of all, it doesn’t
need to be washed or cleaned for up to 100,000 miles. So a lot of you guys out there might not be
a big fan of changing up the factory air box, and that’s fine, there’s nothing wrong with
that. However, something like this, you gonna basically
install it and forget about it for 100,000. Sure you’ll wanna check it from time to time,
but Roush claims you’re not gonna need to clean this thing for up to 100,000 miles unless
you live in a really dirty or dusty area. And for right around $370, it falls right
in line for our five mods for under $500. We’ve got two more to go. We’re moving into the back for this next one,
so let’s go check it out. Next up, we have a must have modification
for truck owners out there at least in my opinion. And that is some sort of tonneau cover. Now, to keep in line with this particular
video, we did select the Truxedo Edge soft rolling cover here, which lends you right
around the mid $400 price level. Now, for covers like these, guys, let’s face
it, they tend to get very expensive very quickly, so to have something for south of $500 is
huge. And listen, it’s gonna do the job and it’s
gonna be a lot more user-friendly than say, one of those snap cover, which you can grab
also in the site, save yourself some money, but they’re not as user-friendly. Truxedo does a great job of keeping things
budget-friendly, but still kicking in some quality materials. There’s this thick leather-like green material
or vinyl material, they call it UV resistant. They throw in some horizontal supports here,
so it’s gonna keep the cover nice and taut even if they get some snow or water on this
thing. And it does have manual adjusters for the
tension as well. So guys like us here in the northeast, you
get those hot summers, the cover tends to loosen up a little bit, you can tighten things
up a little bit. Or in the winter time, when the material tends
to tighten up, you can loosen it up, just make it a lot easier to operate. And listen, if you’re a family man like myself,
you haul the family around, chances are you got the stroller on the back, luggage, whatever,
it’s just a great way to keep rain, whatever elements off of your stuff, in addition to
keeping prying eyes from grabbing whatever is in the back of your bed. Sure, they’re not gonna offer the level of
protection as a hardcover would, but it’s better than having nothing at all. And honestly, guys, very simple operation
here with the Truxedo edge. One finger, you can roll this puppy up and
out of the way, so if you do need to utilize your entire bed at a moment’s notice, roll
it up against the window, and best of all, it’s not gonna block the vision coming out
of your rear window like a trifold would. So all together guys, again, a must-have in
my opinion, I just think a tonneau cover is one of the first things truck owners should
do because they’re so damn useful especially if you haul a family around all the time. We have one more modification to show you,
guys. It’s underneath the trucks so we’re gonna
get this thing on the lift and check that thing out. And final modification might be more appealing
to some owners than others depending on your engine choice, of course, but it’s still a
very popular area to modify and, of course, I’m talking about an aftermarket exhaust system. Now, for the purposes of this video and keeping
things south of $500, we opted for the MBRP Installer Series system, and here’s what it
sounds like. [00:07:00]
[silence] [00:07:17] Now, if you have a 5-liter truck like our
lead foot gray option here in the shop, this could probably be the very first thing you
do because it just sounds so darn good here on this 5-liter power plant. However, that being said, Ecoboost, guys still
can get some kicks out of turning things up a little bit. And honestly, the MBRP is a great choice for,
again, looking to stick to a tight budget. The problem in the exhaust world is that things
get very expensive very quickly once you look into those very fancy materials like stainless
steel. Now, the Installer Series, it’s goal is to
be budget friendly. So you’re gonna be getting aluminized steel
in place of that stainless. Not a bad material, it just doesn’t carry
the long-term durability like the full stainless option would. And as such you’re not getting a long-term
warranty out of the Installer Series. But with that said, you are getting 3-inch
mandrel bent tubing throughout the straight through muffler aluminized steel tubing, but
you are also getting a stainless steel tip. And honestly, that’s the important thing,
right guys? Because this is the part you’re gonna be seeing
the most, so if the rest of the system gets a little surface corrosion over the years,
no biggy as long as that tip remains looking good. So if you’re looking to upgrade your exhaust
system for south of 500 bucks, check out the Installer Series stuff from MBRP. It’s a great bang for your buck option here
on the site. Well, guys, we hope you enjoyed our first
five mods for under 500 bucks. Again, this is just a great starting point
for owners out there who might not have a massive budget to blow on fancy new parts. But as always, guys, these are just merely
a few suggestions. So if you’re not in love with any of our picks
in this video, feel free to check out the rest of our selection here at AT. In the meantime, I’m Justin. Thanks for watching and for all things F-150,
keep it right here at

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