The First 5 Silverado Parts You Should Buy For Your 2019 Chevy Silverado – The Haul

The First 5 Silverado Parts You Should Buy For Your 2019 Chevy Silverado – The Haul

Hey, guys. It’s Sara with And in this episode of “THE HAUL” we’re gonna
check out the first five mods that I picked for the 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500. There’s been a lot of buzz about the 2019
Silverado and its new look that really stands out in the crowd of pickups. Now this new design looks and functions great
but good luck telling us not to modify our truck to make it even better. So without further ado, here are my pics for
the 2019 Silverado’s first five mods. Most trucks have a slight rake from the factory
which means the back of your truck is going to sit a bit higher than the front to aid
in towing. So those of you who don’t like this look or
don’t plan to tow on a daily basis, a leveling kit is a great solution to the factory rake. A leveling kit, as the name implies, brings
up the front of your truck so it sits level with the rear. Also if you’re looking to comfortably add
larger tires to your truck, a leveling kit will ensure you can run larger wheels and
tires by giving you that much needed suspension lift in the front. Now a lift kit will also remove the factory
rake and will allow you to run larger tires but they can get much higher price wise because
they require additional parts and a much more involved installation process. A leveling kit is a great entry-level and
much more budget-friendly solution. So with that in mind, I chose the Pro Comp
Suspension 2.25-Inch Leveling Kit because it’s a relatively simple and budget-friendly
way to prepare your truck for larger wheels and tires. This leveling kit allows for the addition
of up to 33-inch tires while still leaving plenty of room for clearance when driving
and eliminates that factory rake. This kit consists of two strut spacers for
each side that will increase the front of your truck 2.25 inches, giving your truck
a more level appearance. The spaces are constructed from billet aluminum
and the kit includes a top and bottom spacer simplifying the installation process. Because of the way this kit is designed with
two spacers instead of just one large top spacer, install can be completed without dropping
the lower control arm. Although this leveling kit is considerably
less complicated to install than a full lift kit, you’ll still need a professional alignment
afterwards. And because this kit features direct bolt-on
installation, there’s no permanent modification to your truck if you choose to go back to
stock or upgrade to a lift down the road. Lifts or leveling kits just beg for aftermarket
wheels and tires, so now that our truck is level, let’s move onto our next mod, wheels
and tires. I chose this 20×9 Fuel Maverick Wheel in Gloss
Black wrapped in this Nitto Terra Grappler G2 All-Terrain Tire. It’s a 275/60R20 which is equivalent to about
a 33-inch tire. I went with an all-terrain tire because it
really is the best of both worlds. You get the upgraded look and function over
an all-season like the ones that come factory. These are going to give you more grip in off-road
situations but the all-terrain isn’t going to be as noisy as a mud terrain so you can
still take your truck on the highway. If you’re looking to get the best of both
worlds and you’re planning to take your truck off-roading on occasion or you just want to
add some performance to your daily driver, these tires are an excellent choice. This 20×9 wheel features one-piece aluminum
construction with a gloss black milled finish. They have an offset of only plus one millimeter,
so they sit flush with your fenders similar to stock but the 20-inch Fuel wheel is a nice
appearance upgrade over the factory 18s. The wheel style really does come down to personal
preference and I like this particular set because it delivers that upgraded look without
being too over the top. This setup fills the wheel well nicely and
still leaves room for your suspension to travel without hitting or rubbing. A set of side steps is another popular first
mod for truck owners and for good reason. Side steps make it easier to get into your
truck especially if it’s lifted and allows you to add a bit of side protection and some
of your own style in the process. There are a ton of options out there for side
steps but I pick these Barricade HD Steps because of their unique drop step design and
the black powder coat that goes nicely with the look of our truck. The Barricade HD steps feature a drop step
which brings down the stepping surface and comes in handy especially if your truck is
lifted or leveled like ours. These Barricade steps feature a tubular steel
construction with a textured black powder coat finish and with the raised steel step
pads to provide easy access to your truck in all weather. These are a great option because they deliver
the aggressive look of a high-end drop step while still leaving some money in your pocket
for other modifications. Stock exhausts are almost always lacking soundwise. With large restrictive mufflers from the factory,
you can barely hear the 5.3-liter engine roar. One of the first modifications that most truck
owners do is swap out the stock exhaust for something that is sure to wake it up and make
the drive more enjoyable. I chose the Corsa sport system because of
its great fit, high-quality materials and it delivers an aggressive sound. I’m giving it a four out of five on the loudest
meter and here is a quick before and after sound click. This exhaust is designed for those who are
looking for not only an upgrade in sound overstock but also an upgrade in appearance. This Corsa exhaust features mandrel-bent 304-stainless
steel construction with twin 4-inch gloss black tips. The black tips are an upgrade when compared
to the factory slash exhaust that really is lacking any tip at all and they compliment
the wheels that I’ve chosen pretty nicely. Don’t let its sleek appearance fool you, though. This one packs a punch as one of the louder
options for the new Silverado. We had a lot of fun with this exhaust. Corsa really hit the nail on the head with
this system. It produces that aggressively loud growl on
the outside and you still get some dude exhaust sounds in the cabin with no drone when cruising. You want to be able to hear your exhaust without
being overpowered by it while driving, and this Corsa sports system delivers just that. Many truck owners choose to add a tonneau
cover to their truck to protect the contents of their bed from the elements and would-be
thieves but they also deliver the added bonus of a more sleek appearance. There are many different styles of tonneau
cover and they all have their pros and cons. I think the tri-fold styles combines all of
the best features we would want out of a tonneau. So let’s get into why I chose this Undercover
Ultra Flex Tonneau for our first five mods. Tri-fold tonneaus are one of the more popular
styles of tonneau because of their design. This folding hardcover not only provides protection
from the elements but because it is a hardcover, it provides more protection from would-be
thieves as well. This tonneau is constructed from heavy-duty
aluminum and features a textured black finish with a light that slides into the rail system
as an added bonus. In addition, the tri-fold style folds all
the way up to the back of the bed in seconds and locks in various positions so you can
still haul larger cargo. This undercover tonneau does all this while
adding a sleek appearance with its flush design that compliments your new Silverado. So that’s gonna do it for my first five mods. I want to hear what you guys think or what
you would pick in the comments below. Don’t forget to like and subscribe. And remember for all things Silverado, keep
it right here at

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  2. Ok now i will give you a #WorkingMan's list for starters if you want a offroad style just get the TrailBoss or AT4 already has sidesteps, aggressive tires, wheels & a lift kit that doesn't look stupid when towing (unless you just posing then go for the level)
    1. Cold Air intake
    2. Muffler insert whole lot more moneys worth
    3. Sports Bar with racks
    4. Side wall tool box in the wider space they have
    5. A custom Tune for sure

  3. Nitto g2s ride like crap! I don't recommend them for a 1500. They rode well on a duramax I had, probably because it was heavier. So I thought they'd be ok on a 1500 Sierra I bought later. Not the case. Those tires are just too stiff.

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