The Good and Bad of the Volkswagen Ameo | CarWale

The Good and Bad of the Volkswagen Ameo | CarWale

The Volkswagen Ameo is one of the most underrated cars on sale currently. It is a Compact sedan, which means it goes up against the likes of the MARUTI Dzire and the Honda Amaze which in itself is tough competition. No wonder, it doesn’t exact fly off the shelves. Now but is that reason enough to avoid or not consider the Volkswagen Ameo ? We don’t think so. In fact, it might have a few aces up its sleeve… So, here’s a quick run down on what’s good and what’s not, about the Volkswagen Ameo, because we feel it does belong in your consideration set. All you have to do is close the doors of the Ameo to realise how solidly built it is. And even on the inside, the fit and finish everywhere, the way the dials and buttons operate, and the look and feel of the plastic specially the steering area just makes you feel that this car is going to last a very very long time. But We won’t exactly call the interiors plush. Now Volkswagen also got the seating position, particularly for the driver, absolutely spot on. so you got seat that adjust for movement here and then you got back rest that you can adjust and then you got height adjust as well but that’s not all you can then adjust the stearing for reach and for rake. So what it does it gives you the perfect driving position, no matter whether its you a taller person or shorter person. it just helps a different type of driver particular type of driver to get the right driving position. And then the visibility on the Ameo is also very good. So you have got thin A pillars, you have got a dash that’s not very high so you have good visibility at the front and then you got this glass areas in the C pillar which helps to look through specially when you coming and joining in to a main road it helps good visibility. Now the Ameo Diesel is the most powerful Diesel engines in its class. No wonder it does 0 to 100kmph in just a little over 10 seconds. and yes if you were wondering that is significantly quicker than the Dzire. The engine is a 1.5-litre diesel. Makes around 110bhp and 250Nm of torque. And that torque comes in and at as early at 1500rpm. So you have got really flat torque. so if you are at 1500rpm or above the Ameo it just pulls like a train and every time you get on the gas and even though it is a diesel engine, if you rev it, it doesn’t sound all that bad. in fact, it sounds a bit sporty and thanks to all that torque flat torque the Ameo is been giving us 14kmpl in city. which I think is really good. Now this engine is mated to a 5-speed slick-shifting gearbox it has nice short, precise throws it just falls to hand as if it were designed for me and so ergonomically, it is really well done Now the Ameo also does well in driving dynamic departments but that something that almost every Volkswagen that we driven does well. The Ameo’s steering its a little heavy, but it precise , it’s quick and it gives enough feedback to keep you engaged So when you turn into a corner, you know exactly how much steering input to put in and the front end bites and there is a bit of roll but not enough the interest away, it just keeps you quite involved It’s also quite planted in a straight line, and that’s a really good thing because the way it gets to three digit speeds in such a hurry that you don’t even notice that you are there. Ameo feels planted even if you want to make quick quick direction changes at speed, it just stays flat, it wont get its rear moving and thats a very confidence inspiring feeling The Brakes again, good bite and good feel good progression so dynamically well sorted. The Ameo’s multimedia system isn’t anything exotic, we will give you that. But, it’s the touch interface that has us completely floored. The response, the lack of delay, and the exactness of the system makes it lovely to use. And of course there’s apple CarPlay and android auto as well. Now, I am no expert at sound quality, but I think this system does well in that regard as well. It plays my Punjabi playlist at a high volume without cracking or destroying my ear drums, and it has voice control. The Ameo has an acceptable wheelbase for its class. But, it is narrower and not as tall as its competitors. Also, the space utilisation inside isn’t the best in its segment. So, not only does it have a comparatively smaller boot, it also loses out on useable leg and head room compared to its competition. Now whether you are an existing Volkswagen owner or not the general perception is that the brands after sales service is not all that good. And like they say there can’t be smoke without fire, so there has to be some amount of truth in that. Now VW says that its working towards improving its after sales network and infact it has been at it for a while. Has it improved? well I don’t Know. But, it’s definitely worth looking into. So there you have it, the good and not so good about the Volkswagen Ameo. Now if you agree with what we said. do like, comment and subscribe And even if you don’t agree do comment and let us know. Thank you for watching.

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. I watched this video not for Ameo but for the host. He oozes class and is very precise on the aspects of a car review.

  3. I have seen couple of your videos, you seem to be a good host! I like your style. Keep up the good work!! 👍🏻

  4. Don't know about Ameo. But important spare parts of Vento got a long waiting & arrival period in some major cities of India. One of my friend at Bangalore faced this issue. So, despite having being heart for a Vento Diesel DSG, I recently purchased an other compact SUV.

  5. Who is that guy in the review Give him a medal. The way he narrates is lit❤️🔥. Overall video is superb ❤️❤️❤️

  6. most of the buyers of the car ignore for mainly 4 reason which makes Volkswagen a little dull 1. Spares price is exorbitant, very expensive 2. resale value is dull. 3. exterior design looks plain, doesn't provide a attractive looks, just another car design. 4. more expensive than peers (Should be cheaper by at-least 1 lakh to make it attractive).

  7. worst car dont buy guys ..recently i brought this car from tirupati wogesvagen worst experience PPS motors is one of the worst car dealers and very sensitive engine not made for indian advise as a friend plz plz dont waste your money in biying wogesvagen cars..seriously for yoir sake..

  8. Awesome car. Solid build. Punchy motor. Puts cars twice thrice the price to shame on highways leaving a huge smile 🤣🤣. If you love driving this is the one to go for if you looking for sub 4 metre compact sedan.

  9. पोलो हायलाईन गाड़ी चालु करते समय जब सायलेसंर मेसे पाणी क्यो आता है

  10. Though I was never a fan of this model from VW, just watched your video due to your presentation style. I loved the way you did it. I wasn't very keen on the diesel engine due to pollution norms that we have in india. But as i see the petrol engine, it's a 3 cylinder 1 litre engine mated for a higher mileage. It's our mistake that we want best in india at the same international quality but at the lowest price tag. Manufactures who wish to keep their price low will tradeoff on quality n we complain that the build quality is not good.

  11. Regarding after sales service thing, I own Polo for the last 2.5 years and I have not faced any problem whatsoever with VW.
    Build quality is above all. Looks like only TATA is serious about this among all car manufacturers in India.
    Regarding maintenance cost, I think most people have a misconception about its very high cost but in real, people forget to consider the service interval which is 15k kms or 1 year WIE. I have never followed both of these but still no problem at all, it working perfectly fine with no changing spare parts.
    VW should be considered everytime you purchase any car.

  12. All VWs are underrated and sales figures don’t do justice at all. Just the doors build is amazing and all the little things VW engineers thought through 👌🏻👌🏻 hope sales and service improves in India, spare parts get cheaper!!!

  13. This car is love, you have urge to drive it, I have i20 too but this car is way ahead in terms of engineering. Buy it if you appreciate quality.

  14. Hello Sir !
    I just admire the way u present the video with lots of information,pros n cons of the product as well…i bet even the CEOs or the GMs of the particular manufacturers won't be able of present their products with so much of ease n Liveliness…take a bow SIR !!!

    Would like to see u present the Ertiga 1.5 ZDi.

    Waiting for the video impatiently as i do have plans to buy it in near future.

  15. Owned Polo for 7 years, it's good and known for quality but, space is not enough for even small family, and services are costly which can't be affordable by normal Indian families, It looses over here.

  16. Proud owner of VW Ameo. All's good. No regrets at all. The only point regarding space inside is to rectify. Hope VW would consider this for forthcoming models.

  17. Yes i am driving the ameo since an year… it has excellent built quality than any other of its rival… even safty and material used for door is heavy than others. It feels safe. Thats much important

  18. I have to agree with other comments here: good review, the presenter has a pleasant voice, and he covered the essential points in a straightforward manner.
    BTW, I found it interesting that VW's after sales (non)performance is dismal in other countries besides the US.
    I will look for and view the videos about this car's competition even though they will never be offered here in the US. A review that I saw about the Maruti (I think) that was on a South African channel made me wish that we could buy them here. The seem to represent a smaller, cheaper, alternative to a Subaru.

  19. I own a polo 1.2 petrol, and thinking of upgrade, the new ameo comes with a 1.0L engine which is low on torque than my polo, should I still go for it or do you have a better suggestion?

  20. however good it is, if even 4 people can't fit in then it's a not a good buy unless VW are positioning it as a 2 seater sports car which it isn't. I have been in the backseat of a Polo and would prefer a Nano over it anyday

  21. Ameo's Diesel Automatic version is the best in the market. You kinda did injustice to the review by not even mentioning it….maybe you haven't yet driven this one yet. Please do get your hands on it to see for yourself how beautiful it is…..

  22. One of the better videos seen recently.should cover how many cylinders,and what about dsg gearbox, price,top speed,airbags,abs,esp etc.

  23. The music the presentation and that 260nm torque sound of the engine gave me goosebumps. Too bad I can’t buy it as I’m 6ft tall and I also need space in my car.

  24. What an excellent Host you are. Fantastic review, Beautiful camera work, Short and crisp explanation makes it all. Wonderful job.

  25. Yeah yeah ameo is a grt car but why the hell would they put a ugly and bland looking boot in a good looking polo.
    They could have elegantly designed a better boot for the cool looking Polo….

  26. I am glad I got myself the TDI Highline Ameo in 2016. The reviewer is spot on.

    It’s just a pleasure to drive this car. It’s a perfect blend of engineering and classiness. None of the shiny nonsense but rich in features that truly makes it a cut above. I have taken it to 170 kmph so far and it just stayed planted without any wobbles wanting for more speed. The intercity commute is not tiring anymore with the cruise control feature and the armrest. Overtaking lazy buggers in the fast lane is as easy as breathing. Build quality is just awesome. You feel like driving a car and not a compromised structure with 4 wheels. Interiors are premium in quality.

    Potholes are not an issue unless it’s a nasty one which can eat the entire wheel.
    Yes the suspension is a bit stiffer but it takes all that Indian roads have to offer and you don’t have to worry about damaging the undercarriage unless you mistake it for a SUV.

    The hump of the transmission tunnel makes accommodating the third healthy person a challenge. Rear seats accommodate 2 occupants comfortably.

    Enough boot space for a weekend trip. The space available in the doors and the cabin are enough to store the usual stuff during the commute.

    So if fuel economy is more important than safety and/or the family comprises of 5 healthy members, look for other options.

    If you love driving and/or have upto 4 family members or 5 fit ones, trust the review by the gentleman and my experience with the vehicle. Get a test drive, compare and choose what suits you better. Spend Wisely!

  27. I m existing Volkswagen Ameo Diesel Owner… believe me i m total satisfied with this car.. only the cons. is low rear space for middle person and service and spare parts cost is too high. That's why i m giving 8/10.

  28. Hi VW AMEO owners, please join the Whatsapp group to discuss on various topics

  29. Great car to drive but digs a big hole on Ur Wallet…as I own and from experience service cost is pretty high compared to japanese be frank…15,000 KM's for 18 K . .. definitely not value for money

  30. I own an AMEO diesel DSG automatic, and I am fully satisfied with it. It has a very solid good feel to it. The DSG is a very smooth gear change over and a big plus in Bangalore's chaotic traffic. The VW after sales network (in Bangalore at least) is very good, no complaints at all.

  31. I have an ameo tdi dsg. This car is way way better than the so called competition. Solid and safe car in case of a crash, well built, wide tyres, sweet automatic gear box with dual clutch, stable at high speeds(170 kmh feels like 100kmh in other cars), laser welded roof adding to the safety list and increasing chassis stiffness, anti perforation body warranty, paint warranty, gearbox warranty. Loaded with features like auto rain sensing wipers, auto dimming rear view mirror, cruise control, hill hold assist, esc(electronic stability control). The competition can't even dream of offering this.
    Best service: having owned the Ameo since 2 years and before that 6 years of owning the polo, and having serviced the cars in 5 different service centres I can confidently tell you that it's the best service experience I've ever had. And we have owned maruti and fiat in the past and they could never solve any issue with the cars. Vw on the other hand, after servicing feels like a brand new car. Also the cost of servicing is very reasonable at about 12 to 13k per 15,000 km. That translates to less than 1 rupee per km. And they use fully synthetic oil. Spares are also competitively priced. In the polo had replaced the brake discs(rotors) for 5k a pair(made in Czech republic) ,engine and gearbox mounts were 2500 rupees each.
    Warranty: 5 years
    Friends, can confidently recommend this brand as well as skoda to all of you. Much safer cars than the competition.

  32. Neat review, two vital points missed, which most of the auto journals do, NVH levels and headlight performance on highway.

  33. Very good car.. I already had a vento..N now gifted Ameo to my wife on our 25th marriage anniversary. I love VW like any thing. As far as Ameo is concerned..It's giving 27 kmpl n the power is amazing. Overall purchasing a Ameo is not a deal..It's a steal in this segment. Feel Proud to own 2 VW cars

  34. Proud owner of Ameo TDI DSG. A driver's car. Great 4 seater and good boot. True that service and spares are costlier. But it's worth it.

  35. I own VW Ameo TDI DSG and have Clocked 25k kms in 9 months without any performance, mechanical or after sales support issues. Nice review !

  36. Hi sir,, your body language and style is awesome… few months ago saw your skoda kodiaq review and bought it…. now buying VW ameo as well after your confidence installing review

  37. VW ameo diesel is very noisy, steering is hard , i dont know why we should shell out extra money .
    Swift dezire it best

  38. 0:50 given how much we are dependent on our phones even for driving & navigating, the placement of AUX & USB is pretty odd. The wire dangles around over the AC controls causing inconvenience and also looks cluttered when a phone is connected. VW should move it down around the cup holders. Like i20 & Baleno have.
    (am not comparing this vehicle with Baleno & i20)

  39. Great Opinion, pros and cons both covered under a single video, it shows the transparency for the opinion. Only I request you to kindly use a better mike cause in video, when car was running there was much disturbance in clarity. Otherwise 5 out of 5. Great work CARWALE.

  40. The review is actually very close to the real world performance. I own a vw polo and would say exactly the same for the polo as well… Both are almost the same car. One particular mention, if driven well and used along with the cruise control, the polo can give u a fuel efficacy comparable to a Maruti, no kidding, i get 16-19 in city and 23+ on highway always. Noteworthy mention, the music system performance is best in class even till today. But this is a car for just two people.. Not even 3…no one wants to sit on those cramped rear seats.

  41. I am the owner of TDI HIGHLINE+ DSG variant!! He forgot to mention it is the only car to offer Dual clutch transmission in the range of cars. Which VW makes it fab with DSG! Before i buy VW there is a saying it costlier to maintain!! But it’s not!! I see it as myth definitely. Price to the performance, safety, built quality, german engineering,features,brand value!! It’s definitely worth it

  42. Good review and agree with all your points. A big turn off for most prospective customers is the lack of space at the rear. But other than that, it's hard to fault the Ameo. Even the petrol engine has enough pep to be called good. It maybe low on figures but drivability is decent.

  43. I would like to comment the after sales part of your review i am a proud owner of a volkswagen polo and i bought it from pune BU BHANDARI and it has amazing after sales and the wakad work shop is amazing as well so answering your question VW does have improved their selves in terms of after sales from BU BHANDARI DEALER shared my personal experience ✌🏻

  44. Dear Sir, I have a frequent viewer of presentations of your prons and cons of the cars. I have a subject to discuss you more of these topics. May I have an opportunity to meet you in person. If so, let us know. Regards, Vinodh

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