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  1. I watched this, and seriously considered buying one. Then I remembered I have a nonminivan, and no money. Then I regained conscoiusness. I didn't even know I lost consciousness. Damn good commercial. If it can make me even think about buying a minivan, it did it's job.

  2. @circuitprotector Your comment reminded me of a time about a year & a half ago when I was talking to some people in there early 20's & they were talking about concerts they'd like to see, like Popa Roach, Vans Warped Tour & things like that. I told them that I saw Judas Priest & Whitesnake a few weeks before, & one of them said, "We're not talking about classic rock." CLASSIC ROCK? Bands that I grew up with are now considered classic rock. Thatone hurt just a little bit.

  3. Head to the dealership tomorrow! It is officially cool to drive a minivan when Judas Priest can sell a song to a Honda commercial. I guess Halford and Tipton wanted too much money to appear in it.

  4. Un… holy… shit!
    Worst ad i'e ever seen. It's like adverting a fat and ugly woman in underware… :S
    What's worse, it has Judas Priest in it, whoring their art. The world is poorer yet again…


  6. WTF?!?!?!

    Are we going to have to get Lemmy to stomp some sense back into Rob and the boys for selling out to the minivan crowd?

    R&R sure isn't R&R any more. The corporate world has made sure of that…

  7. A minivan where half the cargo room is taken up by an enormous amp? Hell yeah. Does the higher model fill the whole thing with subwoofers? Let's see the hip hop ghetto blasters top the heavy metal minivan, hahah. No one would fucking expect it, the sides pop out, and windows all around shatter with Rob Halford's howling.

  8. The panther is just the icing on the cake of an awesome ad. I want one. It would have been cool to have Halford on the screen pointing at me.

  9. Great song but not appropriate for a Honda Odyssey… Barry Manilow, Yanni or even U2 fit the car much better — there is nothing metal about a minivan.

  10. they should have had the dude paint it like an old metal shaggin wagon with the babe from Heavy Metal on the side. That would have made it awesome.. or if they made it into a chopper with halford driving it! pretty gnarly.. for a van commercial.

  11. @ThazuaBlackarrow

    I'll agree that all the best stuff is underground, but are you implying that Judas Priest is better than Pantera and Avenged Sevenfold? You are mentally retarded. Judas Priests main guy was gay, so they automatically suck, no matter what. You really must not know what TRUE underground music is, Racer X, Black Oak Arkansas, Robert Marcello, Tony MacAlpine.

    Stop talking.

  12. @ThazuaBlackarrow

    So how does Pantera and Avenged Sevenfold "suck" as you say. Judas Fags use basic chords and nothing special in the songs. AS has some of the hardest percussion things in their songs with pretty good guitar in it. Other than the fact you're a terrorist for not liking Pantera in the first place, they influenced many modern bands today.

    Judas Priest is a talentless sell-out anyway, as is proved by this commercial.

  13. @PGspeed88 uh, Judas Priest kind of invented heavy metal, dumbass. Their great contribution to the genre was the emulation of factory sounds (i.e. power hammers, smelters). Pantera and Avenged Sevenfold would not exist without Judas Priest. Not exist. Period, end of story.

  14. Me: Dad, can we get the new Honda Odyssey?
    Dad: No way son, our car isn't even a year old!
    Me: But it plays Judas Priest and has a Marshall Amp in the Trunk!
    Dad: In that case, lets get rid of that jalopy and get ourselves a Metal Wagon!

  15. 0:17 … look up "Dance of the Manwhore" and you'll know why I'm kinda terrified… he's haunting me.

  16. Fuck the metal haters and also the judas priest haters, bunch of dumbass ignorants, fuck those pussy bands out there, is not how complex is the music is the heart the intensity and the emotion what counts

  17. @colonialkeyblade23 The Hellion is the intro to the song. Most combine the two together under the main song like on Linkin Park's Meteora album with Don't Stay.

  18. @ PGspeed88 how stupid are you? Racer X was given Heart of a Lion by Priest , which they recorded on 87's Second Heat. Scott Travis( from Racer X) ihas been with Priest since Painkiller. Rob had Pantera as is band to record Light comes from Black for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie. Rob came on stage during a Pantera set on they Vulagr display tour and did 4 songs with them and the guitarists from Skid Row. You have no clue who likes or doesn't like anybody. Most bands would not be here or

  19. I hope in the last several months that you have exerted just a bit of your apparently fervent effort for something other than an old crotchety rock band. And perhaps your parents will tell you what the CAPS LOCK IS ALL ABOUT
    Also, you seem obsessed with man-on-man sex, please take that elsewhere.

  20. so my family got this car and we keep waiting for it to happen but……IT NEVER TURNS INTO A PANTHER!!!!!

  21. Have ya' seen or heard the New commercial featuring "You've got another thing comin'?……Please upload soon!

  22. People… it's a minivan. It will always be a minivan. Minivans are so 1980's. They're the ugliest vehicle on the road and scream "ooo baybee on board!!!" L-A-M-E. But I love laughing at daddies driving them, with the frown on their faces! LOL!

  23. This was the first time I ever heard The Hellion/Electric Eye, it would take me years later before I would find it again and listen to it in it's entirety, it's both funny and sad, Judas Priest rules!

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