The Internet of Cars: Unlocking the Value of Vehicle Data

The Internet of Cars: Unlocking the Value of Vehicle Data

Smart cities has been bubbling along for
a number of years now Cars, transportation, mobility, is
fundamental to the smart city. We’ve got cars driving around the road network
gathering loads of data. What are we doing with that data? Nothing. So Streamr can come along and unlock the value of that car data and also via its
Network, help cars to talk to other cars to talk to roadside units to talk to the
infrastructure that’s running the road network. And then what were also doing is demonstrating the value of a data economy and how a data economy can
actually work on the road network. So the first thing is we need a real electric
vehicle. And the way we use it is we have accessed the CAN bus which is the central network of the car to be able to access the complete data which the car is
producing and since Bosch has real real deep knowledge of all the systems and
all the components in the car we really can make sense out of that
data combining it to maybe new use cases in the future. So as you were driving
around Zurich, the car has been generating data and it’s the data you
can see now. This is just raw stream and if you open now the Streamr canvas we
can see the data in a more visual way so we can see charts for the speed, steering
wheel angle, steering wheel angle velocity and also we can see our
position here on the map. So cars are effectively computers on
wheels, applications gathering lots of data. Streamr’s part in all of that is
the hub so it interconnect all this data whether it’s an IOT device, whether
it’s a car, multiple cars, and also the infrastructure running the city. So
imagine if he had all the cars driving around Zurich all connected and all
talking to each other and actually getting all of that intelligence out.
What you can then do is actually make people move around the city more
effectively. So what we are going to show with this app, it’s that any car, even an older car can join the Network and benefit from other drivers’ data. On the app I can see that there’s an obstacle on the road, which is generated based on the data from the car ahead of us. Now I can slow down and avoid it safely. This app it is a bit like wAze but everyone gets paid for their data. Even older cars can install this app on the tablet or on the smartphone. What really excites me about this app, is that it’s unlocking the potential of the data that wasn’t utilised until now and it also enables drivers to earn money for their data. I think at the moment we have really that challenging situation that we do not really have fair and open markets with data as it was planned in the beginning of the internet. What we see today is we have more and more monopolistic platforms I think we have the chance now to change that situation a little bit. We’ve had the web of data, data interconnecting. We’ve now got the Internet of Cars We can create something very collaborative, very open where all sorts of car companies could connect, and all sorts of organisations. But the point is, it’s collaborative and it’s an open ecosystem underpinned with a flow of real-time data, very fast with very fast decisions. So that’s what I’m excited about because we’re now actually taking the web, the web of data, to the next to the next stage and bringing cars which are amazing devices, into the mix.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Bosch and Jaguar are both using a platform designed specifically for the Internet of Things called IOTA. The native token (MIOTA) running on IOTA is used for value transfer on the network. There's ~2.8 billion token hard cap on the number of tokens available on IOTA. The token price right now is about 41 cents. It's predicted the token price will go up 1000x in the next few years as more devices are connected to IOTA including smart cities around the world. I believe this predicted price target is achievable.

  2. Love it! I can imagine taxi companies, bus companies and even (e)bike rental companies apply this in large scale.

  3. am sorry but you need to fire your head of communication.. what does he to do communicate this unique project to the work.. he posts stuff that are not even important on his twitter… Henri please re structure your marketing and communication team.. Shiv am sorry but you not good for this job.

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