The Jeep is Being Replaced

The Jeep is Being Replaced

rev up your engines well for you Jeep fans out there it
turns out that Jeep is planning on electrifying every single one of its
Jeep models by 2022 you’ll be able to according to them by regular on the
gasoline engine by hybrid one by a plug-in hybrid one or by a totally
electric one now that’s what they say who knows what’s actually gonna come
down the line that’s two years now who knows fiat-chrysler Kujo the French
company who knows what’s actually gone but to say they’re gonna Electrify them
all of us that’s one of the real popular sellers that they still have the Jeeps
last year worldwide they sold more than 1.5 million of them obviously they’re
gonna push that to the hilt because they’re failing and a lot of their other
things Fiat it’s pretty much saying they’re probably gonna pull the Fiat ran
out of the United States and since the jeeps are selling it only make logical
to make electric ones they got a brand people are buying things and there’s
always gonna be a certain amount of people don’t want a Jeep that say oh
look I got the first electric Jeep and it can be a toy type thing so we’ll see
if it happens by 2022 but that’s what they’re planning
mad man says gonna granny driven 2011 town car be a good daily driver I want a
big body-on-frame crop yeah they’re actually great cob solutions her granny
was driving it you know they are full-frame big giant cars they’re decent
on highway guess miles I guess hogs in town but if you want a big body car
that’s an excellent when they had a Crown Vic and Grand Marquis they’re all known as has granny cars and Grandpa cars anyways and if you want something like
that you good price on one and a granny was driving what the heck it probably
doesn’t have this not beating out of it like if you buy one that would say a
yellow cab or a big uber driver they might have beaten the heck out of it but
it what’s a granny car could be a really good deal it’s a Ford parts that readily
available stole for those things oh you 702 say Scotty I got a 1990
audi ab4 I know in the USA it was sold as audi 4,000 were they reliable cars
here’s the thing you’re obviously somewhere else Europe somewhere not in
the United States the Audi’s here generally turned into
endless money pits back in a day 1990 they were better made than they are
today you’re a more solid cars but Americans don’t really maintain cars all
that well see you high tech European cars you don’t
maintain it they fall apart in front of your very eyes
I know European friends that I have they take better care of their cars in the
average American does so if you’re in Europe yeah I saw it he’s all over the
place in England people like driving mechanics know how to Oregon here know
they’re seeing us luxury cars the mechanics work on to rip people off the
parts cost a fortune and back in the day I had customers Claudia the ones who
really maintained them some of them had over 200 thousand Mazda happy the ones
that were regular Americans and didn’t do that much maintenance they fell apart
and hated and they said we never buy another one with the exception of one of my
customers who bought one he also bought an extended warranty yet like six
thousand dollars of work done and that was back then which is a lot more money
than I had done free because he bought this warranty and nobody’s gonna buy
another when you went to the warranty company and they said no we don’t cover
Audi’s anymore Martin says Scotty I got a 2003 f150 5.4
liter two valve 200,000 miles and when I started I smell gas so i’m getting
horrible gas mine’s like 10 to 12 miles a gallon okay well they are gas hogs but
if you smell gas when you start up when you start a car up the fuel injection
system automatically sends more fuel to the system odds are it’s just running
too rich now you want to make sure it’s not leaking cuz it depends where you
smell it if you open the hood have somebody out start and you smell another
the hood there’s something leak and fix the leak I got a video does your car
smell the gasoline and you can watch that it’ll give you all the tips of what
to check now if the gas smell only comes out to tailpipe then definitely it’s
running too rich and it could be something like one of your fuel
injectors leaking you got two hundred thousand miles it could be that you know
a fuel injector starting to leak and it’s gonna be running worse and getting
worst gas mileage in that case you could pull the spark plugs on if you see one
or two of them are black that means those injectors are bad and spraying too
much gas on if they’re all black then it’s often a bad MAF sensor mass airflow
sensor you could check that out too a lot of times it’s just fuel injectors
being worn out if you smell to come out the tailpipes but if you smell it under
the hood yeah then you got a leak somewhere fine where that leak is cuz
that’s dangerous Brian says what
makes your car knock I lose throttle pushing power in a gas my 1990 Honda and then it knocks lots of things to make a car knock you want to pray it’s
not worn bearing inside the engine that’s rod knock and when they’re worn
you got to rebuild the engine there’s no fix in that when you rev up the engine
it’s now on the other hand so car if the timing is too far advanced or the
engines built up with carbon then it’ll knock a little only when you accelerate
like you go from fifty to sixty they’re not gonna look you could have it’s so
old it’s a ninety you can actually adjust the time and you could retard the
timing maybe it needs a timing belt if it stretches it’s gonna make noises not
work right and lose it so check that it might just need a timing belt and also
on those Honda’s they’re manually adjusted valves on the engine most cars
aren’t anymore but those are have the valves adjusted I’ve seen those things
that’s a 30 year old car and I’ve seen them where no one’s ever adjusted the
valves and all I did was adjust the valves and went back to run and find
something that needs adjust to get all the valves adjusted if nobody ever did
definitely that could be a problem acorn says is a good
place to buy parts yes and no you want to save money they generally have good
prices but the problem is you learn something online
generally dont know where made what it is until it comes you open up the box and see
where is made and see what kind of a part is and you’re sending it away if
you’re fixing a car you drive every day and you got to wait for to go back and
forth and if it’s the wrong one you got to send it back and get another one you
don’t have a car for all that time I personally believe in buying local
because I get a relationship with local car parts they know who I am
we’ll return things immediately I’ll say what do you have
where are they made and they’ll show it to me in the store and I’ll look at it
and say not it’s a Chinese one I don’t want that one let me look at another one
and I can pick and choose when you buy online that doesn’t happen I’m not a fan
of online car parts mine for that reason that I would say 30 40 percent of the
time it was the wrong part or it was a cheap part that didn’t last long locally
there’s a lot of places you can buy parts in most areas and then you know
where the part came from you got a problem you can go back I had a bad
experience with Rock auto one time I bought hub for a customer sir
an older car they sent the wrong one and then they told me I was an idiot and
gave me the wrong information and I said I gave you the right information and I
said I told you it was a five star hub and they sent me a four stop hunt I kind
of stay away from online stuff for that reason they have to cut costs too so
they don’t generally pay their guys that much money to work they’re trying to
return stuff and deal with them I like dealing with people in person for stuff
like that you know it’s fine for buying books and shoes and stuff but you got
one car and if you gotta wait days or even weeks to go back and forth to the
parts a you’re not saving money on time then baby 24 24 says Scotty I got a problem I own an 07 Hyundai Sonata the door handle won’t open for the aughts bibo
comes for the inside okay well you’re outside handle is broken then it’s all
plastic crap the inside handle has a rod that goes on the inside handle that goes
to the back side of your door where the whole assembly is the latch assembly and
that pulls it and opens your door handle uses a different mechanism that pulls
that latch and odds are usually the mechanism itself and the latch is okay but
it’s usually the part on the handle that breaks cuz they’re plastic wrap I got
videos than that replacing the door handle just watch him you have to do it
from the inside you take the door panel out and you reach in there and get a
flashlight roll the window up all the way so there’s working room and you’ll
see probably a piece of broken off people’s piece of plastic broke off and
then you’re gonna have to replace the whole handle assembly and take my advice
usually the dealers won’t weigh too much money you can buy mighty Amazon and on
eBay cheap enough and it worked perfectly fine I’ve seen him where there
were $90 to the dealer and $15 on Amazon so it was nothing wrong with buying it
that way Bart Vulcan 74 says Scotty when I time my 1979 toyota
pickup Hilux why does it seem to idle better when I advanced the timing old
age if you advance my timing I idle better to get me a shot of rum or something that will advance me up a little bit I’m getting old you know
things are getting creaky same thing with a vehicle as they age everything
wears if you advance the time and makes it I know a little better cause firing a
little bit earlier so the fuel gets ignited a little bit earlier it’s not
gonna hurt as long it doesn’t ping bet if you
advance it too much and then when you accelerate especially up ears you hear
the engine rat rat around well that’s not any good then you’d have to retard
it back down see modern cars of course it’s an old dinosaur 79 modern cars the
computer changes the timing all the time automatically it’s all done by computer
so when you’re accelerating it up a hill and stop it’ll retard it a little and if
you’re going on flat level it might advance a little when you’re
accelerating it can do all kinds of tricks but that old thing no you know if
it runs good enough and it doesn’t Klank too bad when you accelerate you can
leave it there but when it clatters going out pillow a lot you still gonna
have to retard it a degree or two you can play with it with the time and like
till you get it a happy medium it’s just like old age old days is a happy medium
you know you know you realize that you’re not gonna be running 100-yard
dash anymore at any breakneck speeds are you
gonna fall apart MODOK says trying to buy a
newer car what do you think about of 2018 Corolla LE is the CVT a real
problem Toyota makes one of the best CVT
transmissions out there with one exception they brought back the Toyota
Matrix only they’re not calling it the Toyota Corolla hatchback originally the
matrix was called the Toyota Corolla matrix then they just called it 2 matrix
and when they started making them they had problems only with those Toyota
Corolla hatchback CVT transmissions stand to recall a bunch of if you’re
looking at one don’t buy the hatchback because of that just get the VIN number
and do this with any used car you buy it anyways get the VIN number going
internet and you can go to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Association
then you type your VIN number in it and it tells you if it’s been recalled in
the problems they have and if it’s got a recall on it don’t buy the car get some
good information nowadays you know everybody’s got on their phone so you
got on your phone you can type it in and write at the car when you’re looking at
it type in a VIN number and if it’s got recalls don’t buy it look for another
one so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos remember to ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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    ⬇️Scotty’s Top DIY Tools:

    1. Bluetooth Scan Tool:

    2. Mid-Grade Scan Tool:

    3. My Fancy (Originally $5,000) Professional Scan Tool:

    4. Cheap Scan Tool:

    5. Basic Mechanic Tool Set:

    6. Professional Socket Set:

    7. Ratcheting Wrench Set:

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  2. I ordered a radiator from rock auto it was supposed to be brand new I put it on the car and it sprung a leak that. Not just a a pinhole it was like someone turned on a faucet.

  3. so basically all these vehicle brands and companies are going mechanically/aesthetically transgender to suit current people's minds and fit the propoganda…got it..makes sense.

  4. 79 toyota – is also to age where the vacuum advance diaphragm fails, vacuum hoses rot, advance weights freeze or the advance weight springs rust off

  5. Back in the day the jeeps were good nowadays there garbage therer not built as well now they’re going to get worse!!!!!!!

  6. Hey Scotty – Merry Xmas from Vancouver Island.

     I have a 1993 Sentra 1.6, with 98k miles. Almost 30 years old now – who woulda thought.

    Two questions:
    1. I would like the tranny to kick down a little sooner when it is straining up a hill. There are no apparent vacuum leaks but it does not kick down near soon enough.
    2. This car takes Dextron IIe which I cannot find anywhere and I really, really want to renew some of the tranny fluid before it's too late. What fluid do I use?

    Any advise?

    Love your vids.. 🙂

  7. Grandpa gave me his 2001 town car with 39k miles on it last year, now it’s at 62k, I almost feel bad but it’s the best daily

  8. I would think that an electric jeep would not last long at all because most people that buy them are going off road which I think would drian the battery instantly unless they factor that in and somehow make it work.

  9. They’re not, they will produce what sells. They will introduce new Powertrains.

    They as in (FAC) sell more trucks and Jeeps than ever before and not just by small margins. They make more Powertrain options than before and soon some electrics. So what the issue Scotty. Is it bad for them to expand and hire more Americans and take market share away from other manufacturers such as Toyota, Honda and Nissan.

    Thinking you should stick to maintenance tips because you’re failing at economics.

  10. Hey Scotty, I would like to buy myself a Toyota 4 Runner or a Lexus GX 460 2012 or newer and I probably will have a 2nd vehicle that gets better gas mileage to drive ALSO a few days a week .. I see a lot more 4 runners on the roads than the Lexus GX which is why I’m leaning towards the GX

    Any advice on which one I should get ? Thanks

  11. Wasn’t the Audi 80/90 sold in the US in 1990. I don’t think the 4000 was sold in the US that year. I had a 1982 Audi GT Coupe a long time ago. It was fun, but not reliable. Luckily there was a VW, Audi, Volvo junkyard near my home back then. I spent a lot of time there looking for parts. Oddly, I replaced the door handles several times.

  12. Electric cars aren't selling well in Ontario, right now. The Provincial government dropped the rebate on them. Sales have dropped 55%! Sorry, Greta Thunberg!

  13. The 2019 JL is hybrid but it’s a hybrid that charges itself to get better MPG it wouldn’t be bad if every Jeep got that technology.

  14. I'm an offroader (got a land cruiser) and to be honest I'm pretty excited for an electric Jeep. Don't see the issue here. I would imagine electric vehicles being excellent for offroad due to their higher torque and the ability to control each tyre individually (if each were given its own electric motor, like in the rivian). You can also have a lot of fine grained control if a computer is involve, imagine what that can do with traction.. They just need to figure out the battery capacity problem, there's a good engineeringexplained video that shows that they need to double the capacity of existing batteries to get the same kind of towing performance as today's F150…. but I'm sure with time they'll figure it out.

  15. Let's face it…they one stand-alone model right now is Wrangler. The Grand Cherokee is a Benz-chassis. Everything else? Re-skinned FIATs'

  16. Having on three Jeep products in my lifetime , and dealing with all the problems, the thought of them being fully electric would be frightening.

  17. Electric cars are great and all (I hate them) but how about dense areas where the majority of people park in the street? Where do they charge ?

  18. Exactly Scotty, point on. I Drive a 2013 BMW F30 (it has 160.000 km…like 100.000 miles). I don't do many miles a year…but if the oil says 25.000 km or 1 year, because i drive it mainly in the city, i change it after 11-12k. I have friends that own bmw's 2014 and 350.000 km and it doesn't brake if you take good care of them. Sadly after 120k miles you have problem with the turbo (300$ recondition and recalibration over here) and the DustParticle (which is a consumable, like oil)……ouh and over here we have an oil brand called Ravenol(i don't know if they are selling it in the US) but it's far, far superior that the BMW oil…almost double the price

  19. Tips for Americans with BMW's: Buy Ravenol VMP 5w30 instead of the BMW brand made by Shell. You have to keep in mind that, in Europe at least, the first 5 years oil changes are free. So BMW naturally doesn't use the best quality ones

  20. first time i heard they were doing hybrid wranglers, i thought it was a horrible idea, then i started thinking more about it

    consider that 95% of wranglers never see a dirt road, they're mostly used for short drives, & don't get great mileage. it actually makes a lot of sense. most people who drive them probably buy them because they only commute short distances anyway so the mileage isn't a big deal, and short distances are ideal for electric, and even tho it's less ideal for off-road and hilly terrain, that still provides lots of opportunity for regenerative braking

    they wouldn't be doing it if they hadn't done some research and testing that shows it's feasible and there is market demand, and i doubt FCA's ability to improve their engines to be much more efficient to meet enviro demands, so it's a good alternative to that

    my issue with it is that I don't trust FCA to develop a solid reliable hybrid system, so we'll see how it turns out

  21. Jeep Cherokee XJ’s are coming back from the dead big time where I’m from. Been looking for one and the prices are jumping back up

  22. Hi Scotty you know that Puegeot (PSA) also bought Opel from GM. That was GM's European division and rhey sold their cars under the Vauxhall brand in the UK, and Holden in Australia. Plus GM in the US used a lot of Opel derived cars such as Saturn.

  23. Sometimes you have to listen to, or read, whole press release;
    “Jeep will offer an electric variant of “all models” by 2022, along with the V6 e-torque and V6 eco-boost diesel”
    They are not discontinuing the internal combustion engine in Jeep vehicles, they are just adding the “option” of electric.

  24. I've got a 98 accord (manual of course)
    Gonna research about adjusting the valves. My friend from work said it sounded kind of weird, like there was a ticking sound. Hopefully that's it. If not, oh well. I only paid 1,100 for it, and it's running fine otherwise.

  25. I just stumbled across this while searching for some info for my WK2 Jeep,Who is this screaming hand waving waffler ? and what the hell is he getting so worked up about,,,,still he might be worth following just to see when he does a vid on cardiac arrest !

  26. Rock auto. They used to be very good. You could call and a friendly professional knowledgeable parts person would help you and take your order. Now it’s on line only. No customer service. Last time I use them brought a vacuum power break booster. Upon installation I discovered it had a vacuum leak inside of the cab. I sent it back and resolved never buy car parts online.

  27. Scotty: bye Jeep

    me: bye Jeep

    Soccer mom with a pink 4 door wrangler that says “silly boys jeeps are for girls” on the back window: ☹️

  28. Scotty I replaced the 1993 Ford Taurus GL back in January with a 2013 Dodge ram 1500 outdoorsman 4×4 with a Pentastar 3.6 V6

  29. If toyota had of left the 70 series land cruisers in north america for the last few decades Jeep probably wouldn’t be around anymore. The rest of the world land cruiser are the gold standard, bullet proof engines all built on a 1ton truck chassis – Jeeps are built on a 1/8 truck chassis

  30. Electric is the future. No avoiding it. Soon there will not be a combustion engine that will beat an electric one. Remember steam engines?

  31. I would buy a jeep that is covered in military grade metal, also a plus would be a water proof interior. Also i'm a valet driver and every time i drive a modern jeep it sounds like it's going to fall apart.

  32. Remember the old Chevys with the 6 cylinder engines? You could stand right next to the engine and work on it. Those days are looong gone! I miss those days. Scotty do you have a time machine in that cluttered garage of yours?

  33. Jeeps do not get good reliability ratings. How is it, then, that they sell so well? The all electric Jeep just might kill the brand, or at least deal it a serious blow!

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