The Joker DELETED ENDING You Never Saw + Deleted Scenes

The Joker DELETED ENDING You Never Saw + Deleted Scenes

The explosive ending of Joaquin Phoenix’s
origin story for the Joker will have fans debating his version of the iconic comic book
villain for years to come. However, the original ending was even more
chilling and had a brutal connection to Heath Ledger’s Joker. On top of that, over 30 minutes of additional
footage didn’t make it into the final film, meaning there are lots of deleted scenes missing
from the theatrical cut. Yippee-ki-yay, movie lovers, I’m Jan and in
this video I’m revealing all the deleted scenes from 2019’s Joker and explaining the alternate
ending you never got to see. There will of course be spoilers, so take
care if you haven’t seen the movie yet. In the film, we watch Arthur Fleck pass through
multiple breaking points on the way to his transformation into the Joker. One of these is his discovery of the abuse
he suffered as a three-year-old child, but the original screenplay delved even deeper
into Arthur’s troubled childhood. In a scene scrapped from the final film, Arthur
revealed to Sophie that as a child he’d been bullied by other children who mocked him and
nicknamed him him “Happy” because of his affliction. By the time he was ten years old, Arthur was
so sick of it that he took a razor to his mouth and cut a smile onto his face, telling
his bullies: “You want happy? Here, how’s this for happy?” The childhood injury left Arthur with scars
around the corners of his mouth and brings to mind the stories of how Heath Ledger’s
Joker claimed he got his scars. “You wanna know how I got these scars? My father was a drinker
And one night.. He comes at me with the knife. ‘Why so serious?’ He sticks the blade in my mouth. ‘Let’s put a smile on that face.'” The original ending for Joker was going to
revisit Arthur’s horrific childhood self-harm in a scene where after the police car crashes,
Arthur escapes, grabs a piece of broken glass and uses it to carve a long smile into the
corners of his mouth again. Although Joker is R-rated and obviously violent,
it feels like this original ending would have been even more shocking and brutal. It’s possible the filmmakers or studio considered
showing Arthur inflict this injury on himself too gruesome to show on screen. There is a nod to this original idea in the
final version of the film though when, during the riots, Arthur takes the blood in his mouth
caused by the car crash and paints a bloody elongated smile onto his face with his fingers. It’s also possible the studio decided they
wanted to avoid any suggestion that this Joker could be connected with Heath Ledger’s version. “So I stick a razor in my mouth and do this
.. to myself. Now I’m always smiling.” The filmmakers have stressed multiple times
that the movie is not connected in any way to the DCEU, and the screenplay also states
that the “story takes place in its own universe [and] has no connection to any of the DC films
that have come before it.” Arthur’s facial scars would have also made
the scene where he meets the young Bruce Wayne even creepier because, originally, young Bruce
was going to stare at the scars around Arthur’s mouth and then reach out to touch them, foreshadowing
the future connection between the two characters. “You.. You complete me.” The very final scene of Arthur in Arkham State
Hospital was also going to be quite different. Originally, his cut smile was going to be
all stitched up and the scene with the hospital doctor played out a little longer. In an earlier script, she asked him if he
was keeping up-to-date with his journal and if he’d written about his episode. Arthur nodded and said it was how he remembered
it, but when the doctor looked in the book it was full of empty pages. The movie then ended with an orderly walking
Arthur back to his cell while he danced to the tune of Frank Sinatra’s “That’s Life”. In contrast to the theatrical version, in
the original screenplay, Arthur doesn’t appear to kill the hospital doctor, nor does he seem
to be about to escape from the ward. On top of these changes to the ending, there
are numerous deleted scenes from the first cut of the movie which, according to director
Todd Phillips, is a solid half hour longer than the final version. There are some key moments from the trailers
such as these which didn’t make it into the final movie and I’m going to go through the
screenplay and footage from the set to tell you what these deleted scenes are. Arthur’s relationship with Sophie is imaginary
in the final version of the movie, but originally that wasn’t the case in the script and all
of Arthur and Sophie’s scenes were real and did actually happen. There are also several additional scenes between
Arthur and Sophie which were deleted from the final film. After Arthur stalks and follows Sophie to
where she works at Gotham Savings Bank, there’s on set footage of Joaquin Phoenix coming out
of the bank meaning there was an additional scene inside. In the screenplay, Arthur went inside the
bank and walked up to Sophie who worked there as a teller, and pretended he wanted to open
an account. In this sequence which was scrapped from the
movie, Arthur saw Sophie visibly shudder when an older bank manager put his hand on her
shoulder. Later, when Arthur and Sophie are out together,
she tells him she’s been fired after filing a complaint about the manager harassing her
and trying to sleep with her. And there’s a deleted scene in the trailers
where Arthur is carrying his wand of flowers as he walks along the corridor of his apartment
block. He’s wearing his full Joker outfit and is
on his way to the Murray Franklin show. In the original screenplay, Arthur leaves
the flowers and an envelope full of money at Sophie’s apartment door, together with
a note asking her to watch him on TV. This scene changed in the final film with
Arthur simply exiting his building without taking anything to Sophie. There’s an interesting deleted scene after
Arthur is sacked and returns to the talent agency to collect his things from his locker. After Arthur leaves, there’s on-set footage
of Randall chasing after him and the two of them arguing, then Arthur taking off Randall’s
clown nose and throwing it into the road. The original screenplay explains that during
this cut scene, Randall is annoyed that Arthur mentioned that he’d given him the gun. Randall warns Arthur that the cops are all
over the subway murders, are now looking for a clown and that they’ll eventually track
him down. Arthur denies he had anything to do with the
killings, but Randall seems to know the truth and he goes on to tell Arthur that a lot of
people in the city are happy about what happened to the Wall Street guys. Randall also tells his ex-colleague that masks
are now being sold based on Arthur’s clown face. A cut scene teased in the trailers shows Arthur
getting thrown out of Wayne Hall after his run-in with Thomas Wayne. The screenplay describes the scene in more
detail and that Arthur, as a performer, “knows how to take a fall [and] plays it up in front
of [the protestors] for all it’s worth. He rolls to his feet with a bit of panache
[and the] protestors go crazy, cheering and applauding his act [with Arthur taking] a
deep dramatic bow.” This deleted scene together with Randall’s
scrapped scene definitely play up even more the sense of how Arthur’s actions are igniting
Gotham’s citizens to rise up against the rich. A really interesting fantasy subplot that
was cut from the final film involves Arthur’s ginger cat. In the original screenplay, the cat appeared
to Arthur whenever he was in his apartment, purring or staring at him and generally observing
whatever he was doing. And as Arthur slowly transformed into the
Joker, he began talking to the cat. The final scene with the cat happens just
after Arthur kills Randall. We see it sitting on a window sill though
the script makes a point of saying that it has no reflection, suggesting that all along
the cat was just another manifestation of Arthur’s delusions and lack of grip on reality. At that moment, he lets the cat out of the
window, telling it to go be free, indicating how Arthur was finally setting himself free
to embrace the personality of the Joker entirely. This imaginary cat could have been an intriguing
subplot that paralleled Arthur’s descent into madness, but instead it looks like in the
final movie, the filmmakers took the fantasy element of the cat and merged it with Sophie’s
storyline instead. The scene after Arthur kills the three Wall
Street guys on the subway was originally quite different. In the original screenplay, Arthur runs into
the Public Bathroom and ends up trying to shoot himself in the head before hiding the
gun away, then washing the clown make-up off his face. In the final film, this scene was completely
changed, with Arthur dancing around and seemingly embracing this side of himself. In fact, Arthur’s dancing was something Phillips
and Phoenix gave more prominence to in the final version. Phillips said in a Q&A that he always thought
“that Arthur had music in him” and that they added the dancing to the bathroom scene to
“show that [the music is] fighting to get out.” Another deleted scene had Arthur personally
going to Thomas Wayne’s offices to hand-deliver a letter from his mother to her former employer. There’s on-set footage of a scene we never
saw in the final film of Joaquin Phoenix outside an office and running up to someone with a
letter before falling over. In the screenplay, Arthur also goes inside
the office and asks to see Thomas Wayne. But the receptionist refuses and he ends up
getting thrown out of the building by security guards. After Arthur’s mother is taken to hospital,
there’s a deleted scene in the screenplay where a doctor and couple of nurses come up
to Arthur and ask him if he’s really the guy from the clip that was played on the Murray
Franklin show. “When I was a little boy and told people I
was going to be a comedian, everyone laughed at me. Well noone’s laughing now.” “You can say that again pal.” Arthur tries to deny it, but the doctor and
nurses are convinced he’s the guy they saw on TV and they begin to point out how unfunny
he was and that Murray made a fool out of him. Arthur ends up really mad and tells them to
go before he strangles all three of them with a stethoscope. Later, after Arthur has killed his mother,
there’s a deleted scene from the trailers which shows Arthur alone outside. This looks like the scene from the screenplay
where Arthur is at his mother’s grave in Gotham’s Potter’s Field Cemetery. Arthur was the only person who attended his
mother’s funeral and the two detectives tracking Arthur were also watching him from a distance
at that point. Another curious bit of deleted footage from
the trailers has Arthur walking down the corridor with a set of flowers. This is when he’s on his way to Murray Franklin’s
show as he’s got the full Joker outfit on, but for the same scene in the final film Arthur
doesn’t have the flowers. One of Joaquin Phoenix’s favourite scenes
ended up cut from the final edit. The scene was part of the rant and monologue
that Joker delivers on the Murray Franklin show just before he shoots the host in the
head. In an interview with The Associated Press,
Phoenix explained that he experimented a lot with his performance, how in some scenes he
would cry and in other versions of the same scene he would make jokes or be angry. The actor claimed that his best take for the
rant Arthur gives on Murray’s show couldn’t be used because it didn’t work when it was
put together with everything else in the movie. According to Phoenix, the version used in
the movie isn’t very good, but it worked best in the context of the entire film. So, what did you think of this Joker origin
story? And are there any deleted scenes you wish
had been included? Leave your thoughts about the movie in the
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  1. Hey Movie Lovers, what did you think of Joaquin Phoenix's Joker?

    And would you liked to have seen him do the Heath Ledger smile?! 😱

  2. This makes me love this even more.. hard work really pays off, and this movie really shows proof of that.. Heath Ledger is probably always going to be my favorite because I grew up with that one, but this Joker was just as brilliant. And I appreciate that because this is so different then what we usually see in a typical Joker character, that they made this a stand alone film and that it won't connect to the DCU. I don't think it would be a bad joker at all to have in Justice League or Batman movies, but because it's so different, the style of all the other characters would have to change as well I feel, and I think it probably wouldn't be a good idea because there's been enough experiments with the DCU movies so far… there's a reason they are remaking/ restarting with some new directors and cast for heroes and villains..

  3. @ 9:22 I just remembered that scene in the trailer and just realized we never saw it! Makes you wonder if the previous movies you watched were the scenes also used in the trailer. But then it also makes zero sense that they would use delete scenes for trailers? Isn’t it when you’re finished w the film is when you then make the trailer or they make it in the middle of the film making OR they had deleted scenes that they know would get attention

  4. In all honesty this movie was such a masterpiece I could give two shits about any deleted scenes. Case in point, the scene where he stands on top of the police car and wipes a smile on his face. Simply chilling along with the bathroom scene with him dancing, Bravo Joaquin and Todd Phillips

  5. 02:12 I consider this more of a reference/homage to Rob Zombie's "31" where the killer clown in it uses his own blood to put a red smile on his face.

  6. Do you think there will be a different version of this movie released later on? Like a 'final cut' (Blade Runner) or a 'redux (Apocalpse Now)

  7. The movie was meeh tbh. Haven‘t seen a trailer and went with the expectation of a heath ledger type of joker full of psychopathic murders. Nope. 3 scenes of killing people and one or two good scenes. The begining was powerful tho. But for a 2h movie(i think) it was realy streched out like an old chewing gum.

    For an deep-dark storyteller about the joker and his mindset that we could follow throughout the movie on how he became from broken to insane was intresting but just intresting.

    Phoenix played his role as the joker in how this movie went absolutly perfect.

    Best moment/scene:
    When joker was invited to the show were he knew, he was there only to be made fun of but still went to confront murray and everyone.

    The most chilling speech/rent i have heard in a long time with that eering sound intensifying and immens build up reaching his peek from start of the movie until that moment where he lost it completly and shot him infront of everyone.. absolut madness

    That scene deserved an oscar.

  8. i was actually fully expecting to see joker carve the amile on his onwn face, was very dissapointed when it didn't happen.

  9. I think I might be alone in this but I wondered if there was more to it with Sophie. I was certain that the scene when he walks into her apartment and it's revealed she doesn't really know him was real because he does self grounding techniques of patting the walls to determine reality (as he does when he's on the phone to Murray's assistent) It also ties in with his delusions. But Sophie appears to be quite a troubled person herself (if the elevator scene is real). Many people have said 'what mother would let a man like that into her child' s vacinity?' but consider the parallel between Arthur and his mother letting a bad man abuse him (not that I think Authur abuses the child). It also seems like they are setting the scene for a bank robbery given that Sophie works at the bank.

  10. The only qualm I had is it spent too much time showing him BECOME the joker and not enough AS the joker. I know, I know it's a prequel or origin story but still. Also it wasn't violent enough.

  11. the smile he had before murray said “you can say that again, pal” absolutely broke me, knowing he felt like he actually did something great for once. but murray just made a joke out of him 🙁

  12. I think if Pheonix’s joker gets more movies Zazzie Beats should be his Harley Quinn. I’d love to see a black woman take on a Harley role and Zazzie as Harley would be so interesting !!

  13. Weird I thought it was canon… By the way Thomas Wayne was a corrupt guy and Arthur was really his kid, so Bruce and Wayne are brothers!

  14. They need to stop worrying about how it will scare people an what’s too much for people like bruhh make the movie how it supposed to be if you don’t like it or it scared you turn it off not hard you the one paying to see it lmao

  15. Cool to hear that info about the rant at the end. That part was the only part I thought felt out of place and did not make sense to me. As Arthur had already delivered the “my life is a comedy” line, it seemed odd that he would backtrack and find himself angry at his past circumstances instead of laughing at it.

  16. I guess I'm only the person complaining about the fact that they don't actually show the so called deleted scene. Lame.

  17. 6:10 I was so confused when the movie ended without showing this scene. I kept telling my friends that there was something missing from what I saw in the trailer!

  18. What if the entire origin of the joker in this movie wasn’t real and he actually broke the fourth-wall, making everyone believe in his story, therefore continuing the undefined past of the joker. None of it actually existed, and it was just some sort of fever dream.

  19. i watched this movie more than 10 times, and I still cannot stop watching clips and analysts on YouTube. It has a unique charisma

  20. If Joaquim thought that the version placed in the final cut of the movie wasn't very good, man can you imagine how good his favorite take was? I NEED TO SEE IT!

  21. Some people say, that this movie is violent, and that’s why its bad. But it just showes the real world and its problems, unlike all of those superhero movies where they kill without any emotions. Here you can realy see the reasons for his actions and emotions that drive him to do such things. It is a masterpiece that showes what our society needs to change.

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