The Last Car Made Before Nissan Became Crap

The Last Car Made Before Nissan Became Crap

rev up your engines today I’m going to
talk about one of the last really good cars that Nissan May 2001 Nissan Sentra
se-r this car was made before Renault started runing Nissan yeah they had
bought the company but they hadn’t really changed anything
yeah and in this case the SE R stands for more than just putting these redline
bucket racing seats it’s not what was under the hood SE R had a special engine in it for 15 grand to get over 200 horsepower made it to a 6-speed standard
transmission this baby is quick been a relatively small car to get off the line
and because they’re four-door so you can put a few people in it now yeah time has
been kind of this car Nissan paint jobs weren’t so hot back in the day but this
baby got one hundred and fifty two thousand miles on it it’s still going
strong and you have to add in the fact that the customer who owns this drives
like a maniac he’s keeping this as a toy because he just bought a brand new Civic
type-r he was thinking about replacing this
with a nissan or infiniti till I talked him out of it and said the way you drive
get a Civic type-r he loves the car he’ll probably have it the decades like
he’s had this thing but back in the day this 2001 was a deal for that price
decent suspension solid six-speed tranny and a four-cylinder engine that’s still
got good gas mileage if you didn’t drive like a maniac the centerpiece of this
car the engine doesn’t have one of those flimsy rubber timing belts like a lot of
cars did back in those days it’s got a timing chain their get up will as you can see here this has got the brace so you don’t get any body flex when you’re cornering
let’s face it if you saw this thing today
going down a road looking like this Nissan Sentra you know I think oh what a
clunker till it goes blowing by you it still has get up and go this car bypassing Nissan’s horrendous 4-cylinder automatic transmissions those jatco Junkers in
favor of a standard that’s extremely reliable and the 2.5 liter 4 cylinder
engine they didn’t have head gasket problems like all the modern centers
have realize that historically Nissan’s been a good engine building company they make the first real reliable zippy sports cars the two forties the two
sixties it’s a shame that they merged with Renault and started to make a bunch
of crap I got customers with modern sentra and altimas are horrible car
as they age I mean you can buy one brand new them to put 50-60 thousand miles on is
probably okay but it’s not gonna hold off for four decades and 150,000 miles
like this thing is and still be running strong without working on the engine or
the transmission or the electronics and sure it’s like any modern car plastic
wrap the handles broken but if you reach in it got still work a little car like
this with front wheel discs rear wheel disc and a tight suspension systems
they’re still fun to drive and if it were my car I take off the se-r emblem
and just leave the sentra and people would think oh look at that crappy
Nissan Sentra they could blow right by them now for those who know about cars
the car that was this cheap but in a six-speed manual transmission hooked up to a limited slip differential means this baby can handle corners fast you
don’t find cars in this price range in this size then have a limited slip
differential it is a killer on twisty roads it’s so sad that they ruined the
cars after they merged with Renault because they had a good thing going here
a four-door car that you can fit a reason a lot of people in but still have
serious driving experience are ones that have rear seats that you can fit tiny
little people in their babies and baby seats but full-grown adults are gonna be
groaning after a little while on those back seats and a suspension system is 16 percent stiffer than the stock it really corners well but doesn’t ride that
now you know as far as I’m concerned was one of the last good Nissan’s
that were built when they are making these r series sentras they had a good
thing going it’s a shame they let it go because just try finding a zippy
little car like this for $15,000 today it’s an impossibility
even if you pay eight or ten thousand dollars more doesn’t have the quality
that this old thing hand what the heck with a little loving car and a lot of
paint you could bring this thing back to New blowing people off the road with
Nissan Sentra, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair
videos, remember to ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. I have a 2001 SENTRA GXE 1.8 manual 130K AND I BEAT THE HECK OUT OF IT paid 800 bucks had it over a year and a half so far. still going strong. started up my construction business then i bought my cargo van. ITS A BEAST. QUICK. SMALL. AND DAMN BULLETPROOF

  3. The Sentra and Altima got redesigned in the early 2000s. I remember reading in Consumer Reports Magazine that they complained about Nissan's poor quality – fit and finish and hard plastics

  4. I have a 05 SPEC V with 180K
    6 speed, still driving like a maniac. I like it a lot.
    Las Vegas, NV 89110
    if interested let me know.

  5. I've got a '99 Nissan Pathfinder w/215,000 miles, it still runs great! I even use it to pull a small camper around.

    The guy I bought my '99 Pathfinder from replaced it with a '14 Pathfinder which has had endless problems! I think my old one will be on the road longer than his new one 🙂

  6. Well I’ve been beating the balls off my ram 1500 and it got 160k thing is still running and driving strong 🤷🏼‍♂️ ig dodge isn’t to bad after all Scotty

  7. Hey Scotty i have a 2002 Nissan pathfinder 4×4 v6 Le top of the line! Shes immaculate only 95000 original miles leather is still stiff no tears smells like a new car. Question is any info on these pathfinders motors, transmissions, anything. The only complaint i have is i only get 180 mile to a 15 gal tank. Thanks!!! 🙏🙏

  8. My folks had a 92 Nissan Stanza way back when and it was indestructible. A few years ago my mom was looking to buy a new car and since her former nissans were great she bought a 2015 rogue…she’s in for a surprise, it’s basically a ticking time bomb.

  9. Thats funny, i still have a 2001 Nissan Sentra just sitting in my garage with 155,000 miles on it stick shift and still has the original clutch. Damn good car, dont drive it much and we dont want to get rid of it because they dont make them like this anymore

  10. Still driving my 01 maxima se around @ 190k miles. No metal chips in oil, or transmission fluid. It'll rust apart before it stops running.

  11. I'm willing to bet that is NOT the original engine and transmission. My SE-R from that year had the 2.5 engine that had oil consumption issues. The catalyst material inside the cat converter on the exhaust manifold was breaking up and getting sucked back into the engine and scoring the cylinder walls. This was a problem in thousand and thousand of Sentras and Altimas that came with that 2.5 engine. My SE-R also had the 6 speed gearbox. The 3rd gear syncro started going bad and it would grind every time I shifted into 3rd. That was also a common problem in this generation. Nissan ended up replacing the engine and transmission under warranty. The car had ~30k miles on it. Quality is not a word I would use to describe this car.

    Scotty knows cars pretty well, but unfortunately doesn't know everything about cars. I'm also guessing that he doesn't do any research on these cars that he features. I would stay away from Sentra SE-R from this generation. The previous generation Sentras were much better cars with the better 2 litre engines.

  12. This is a fun affordable tuner car but the 2.5 motor they had problems with the Catalytic converter breaking up and being sucked back into the motor.. this was a problem for the Altima as well… gotta take the good with the bad

  13. What about one of these band new simple cheap Nissan Frontiers? Have Nissan trucks gotten the Renault treatment too?

  14. Bought my son the 2005 model of this same Sentra R. It has the same 2.5 I-4 but with the auto trans. First owner was using synthetic oil in the engine and we are doing the same thing now. Kid is happy with it and so am I. Thanx for the glowing review, Scotty. 👍

  15. Sadly, I only owned the GXE 02. Loved it. It was reliable. Had to sell it with 125k. Still ran beautiful. I tried to hold out for the 02 SE-R, but I was young and impatient and relying on friends for transportation. I still miss that GXE, but long for the SE-R from back then.

  16. I had a 2000 maxima se. it had the 3.0 v6 with a 5 speed. It was a fantastic car. My brother also had a 2002 maxima with the 3.5 v6 5 speed. Which was also very nice. They a great cars.

  17. I bought a 240sx on shepherd. Took it to California and dropped an rb26dett engine. Turned it 4wd. Cherry blossom conversion. Got 980hp out of it all for 10k back 1999. Fast and furious messed the prices up. My dad brought supras to Houston. He bought them for 3 to 5 k a piece back then.

  18. I'm still sporting a Nissan Maxima 01 dont know how long it will last but still runs like a champ with good maintenance. Currently sitting at 148k.

  19. Gee Scotty – our 2007 Nissan Maxima has 200k and runs sweet – a friend of ours had the same model that dove 300k

  20. Loved my first 3 cars, a 1981 200SX Datsun, by NISSAN, 1985 Nissan 200SX, and a 1987 Hardbody V6 pickup. No Nissans since those and currently rolling with a 2008 Toyota Highlander Limited. The best of them all.

  21. Scotty those QR25DE engines were hot garbage. I had a 2005 Altima with the same engine. Catalytic converter started to go at 80K miles but because of how some genius designed the engine the damaged catalyst substrate got sucked into the intake manifold and into the engine, scoring the piston rings. ANY Nissan with the QR25DE is junk and I’d be shocked if that thing is the original engine with that mileage.

  22. Have a 2001 nissan maxima se with an auto tranny with 254k its my daily driver and starts right up and just took it took the beach a couple weeks back. Love my maxima. Hopeful to get 300k out of it. All thats been replaced since ive had it was the cooling fans and a alternator

  23. That year of SER had 170hp, and equal or a bit more torque. Years later the SER SPECV had 200hp but the body style changed which looked worse (like squished from the sides)

  24. 2.5 liter had major oil consumption problems
    Cat would melt and get combustion chambers scoring the wall then oil consumption
    Owned one that’s why I know
    Was overall very except for this issue
    The fix was take out the first cat

  25. I humored myself and drove a new and fully loaded Maxima in 2018. It was total crap. I was giving everyone a fair chance across the board before choosing the vehicle I did buy.

  26. Wow never thought I'd see an ser on scotty videos
    I actually had an 02. Syncros was bad. So sold it. Besides that the car was sooo fun to drive. I miss it honestly. Extremely hard to find one 2012 and below with good conditions.

  27. My dad had 2004 with a 1.8L. Totally bulletproof engine. Never opened it once in over 450,000km. Not even a VC gasket. It just ran and ran. What finally killed it was rust from all the road salt here in Eastern Canada. Otherwise he’d probably still have it. Engine and trans never missed a beat.

  28. Scotty, my son has one of these Sentra SE/R with the Spec V motor and 6 speed manual.  The car is FAST ! ! !   The Spec V has variable valve timing and we have some aftermarket headers on it so it breaths better, Fun Car

  29. I have a 2000 Nissan Maxima GLE with over 150k miles on it. Fun to drive, but has a terrible oil leak that I have yet to resolve. Replaced valve cover gaskets, oil sending unit, erg valve gasket, and a couple other things including using the gasket rejuvenator, but nothing seems to help. Seems to be coming from the are where the engine and transmission connect towards the rear, but can't see exactly where. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

  30. Hey I have a Renault.. 200k miles on it. But yeah I re did the cylinder head to keep her going. It's had like 10 coil packs over the time.. so yes I agree Renault is a load of crap. The electrics are awful and always need fix them. Not to mention I swear they made these cards compact to make it as difficult as possible to do as little as possible to swap parts out. Changing the clutch plate was a real pita..

  31. Working on a 2006 Sentra SER Spec V project car. Still runs perfect and a blast to drive. Putting a little $$ into it to make it faster!

  32. Old Nissans are the best!! My Maxima 2000 is about to reach the 300,000 miles!! And is running like a champ!! No leaks , no oil burning!! Love it!!

  33. Not every new Nissan with a CVT is unreliable, that's anecdotal hyperbole. Most run just fine with many miles. If you dont take care of the CVT with OEM FLUID CHANGES EVERY 30K MILES and auxiliary cvt filter changes every 60k than yes, your transmission could fail prematurely. Ill bet my left nut the majority of these issues was owner neglect.

  34. 2000-06 sentra looked ok in the front, sad in the rear. shopping car looks. sadly built in mexico. we had a 1.8 gxe 2001, wasnt impressed. liked motor but nothing else. rust started appearing in all the wrong places after 3 yrs old problems with crankshaft position sensors on it, and poor build.

  35. My Dad bought a brand new 2001 Nissan Sentra and it lasted almost 300,00 miles before it started to make really awful noises and shutting off while driving. That little 2.0 engine had a lot of power and was very nimble.

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