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  1. I love my Mitsubishi Mirage. Over 42k miles and it's fast with the 5 speed but I'm sure the idiots at consumer reports don't know how to operate a stick shift or even know what budget people want. They couldn't comment on the mirage reliability or consumer loyalty because the fact is the mirage is reliable and has high customer satisfaction. I want a second mirage!

  2. All these cars mentioned are horrible. Sorry. The Escalade isn't bad but the rest are terrible/mediocre cars. Who would spend their hard earned money on any of these? Do people who say Fiat Chrysler products are good actually drive other cars in the segment?

  3. You complain about the small luxury vehicle, the CLA to be cramped inside? what do you expect?

    You complained about the base engine of the Chrysler 200? Since when a base engine is known for strong power delivery?

  4. the days of unbiased car stuff here are gone. you cannot claim that a model is unreliable when it has a brand new engine design and hasn't been out for a year (discovery sport). CR just wants to sell you an American product that isn't a FCA vehicle.

  5. You people are nuts! I have a 2015 Escalade and have had no issues with it. Not one! Neither have either of my two previous Escalades been problematic. As for the CUE system, it's only a problem if the driver's IQ is less than or equal to his shoe size.This review just confirms what I've suspected all along: CR reviews are WORTHLESS!

  6. The Mercedes Benz CLA is without a doubt in the category "Wish we never bought this car" as the MB CLA's exhibits a service, service constancy; Simply not the build quality associated with Mercedes Benz automobiles of yore. A former MY95 W124 E Class 320 sedan's, (neu to 10 years/74K mi.) ownership was tier 1.  Not this model year 2016 Mercedes Benz CLA car.  Big ownership er,,service P.O.S., regret.

  7. CR only likes the mundane. "Sure, it might seem like vanilla, but vanilla happens to be the best-selling flavor of ice cream"

    No, vanilla sucks. Drive your Kia Sorento 300,000 Km's into boredom

  8. I am extremely happy with my Mitsubishi Mirage. Very reliabale, good crash test rating (contrary to what is mentioned in the video). I do not care about bling bling. I just want comfortable, economic, reliable transportation that is good in city and on highway. The engine underwhelming? Never noticed that. Why buy what I do not use?

  9. Seems like people who bought the CLA didn't understand the purpose of it. It's not supposed to be a family sedan, it's supposed to be an affordable classy and sporty car. The only relevant complaint is reliability.

  10. so basically FCA in most categories. fiat chrylser, u need to pull yourselves together. it's a shame cz u have some respectable legacy that u need to live up to (that said, it has nothing to do with the reliable subaru legacy). i mostly hope that alfa romeos r built better than fiats and chryslers.

  11. So in other words, this is a list of their least favorite cars.  Notice how they fail to provide quantitative evidence to back up their biased "reports"– Consumer Reports is such a joke.

  12. Sad to see so many Chrysler products on this list. The list did forget the 2014 Jeep Cherokee with 9spd transmission.

  13. A family member had the new Escalade for a time as loaner and loves it! I know people that have had all 4 generations say they only outdo themselves & get better with each model, and I agree. CR will have you thinking the Asian & Germans are unbeatable they're wrong! Don't be fooled! Judge for yourself. Don't miss out on great cars because CR & auto magazine bias.

  14. wow. my 2016 200C V6 awd does 5.7 to 60… fwd coll. warning, lane asst., adaptive cc, 8.4 navigation, panoramic sunroof, mocha brown leather, deep black, awd. auto parallel perpendicular park, no issues at all.. if you'd pick an accord, camry or passat etc. over all that? you're nuts.

  15. hey consumer reports I love what you guys do! looking our for the little guy. I was wondering if you guys can look into the mazda cx7 2008+ they seem to have alot of engine issues and mazda tells it's customers that the noises and knocks are normal but other dealers say theirs something wrong with the ending. please look into this alot of people are expericing the same problem

  16. hey consumer reports I love what you guys do! looking our for the little guy. I was wondering if you guys can look into the mazda cx7 2008+ they seem to have alot of engine issues and mazda tells it's customers that the noises and knocks are normal but other dealers say theirs something wrong with the ending. please look into this alot of people are expericing the same problem

  17. no nissan ?is it because nissan is still slightly better than chrysler? nissan should really be on the list , own one and you will know why .

  18. Good grief; the Chrysler Town and Country only gets 17 combined?!? My 1994 Mercury Villager with 348,000 miles on it gets 19 combined (yes, I do track nearly every tank).

  19. My 2015 200C is the best car I've ever owned, and that's everything from a Pinto wagon through a Cadillac DeVille, and on to a Mercedes S class. (My 1990 Sentra was also great.) The 200C V6 has power, great sound, awd, looks good, and returns 27 mpg. While I agree that overall FCA is the worst (my "lemon" 2013 Charger R/T, for example), the 200C is just fine.

  20. These reviews are complete bullshit. Skewed and biased…. the Lincoln MKS for example. A 4 door sedan with 365 hp all wheel drive and safety rating that outclass almost all other vehicles? Furthermore, they are a great deal s a used car. Just because a media idiot can't figure out the sync system they give it a poor rating? Your options are shit.

  21. Subaru should be on this list .They are completely rebuilding the engine of my Imprezza for the second time . The car has been at the dealership for a total of almost 3 months … Fuck !

  22. I've driven Chryslers now for over 40 years never got a lemon.  Don't abuse a car and maintain it and your problems will be few and far between.

  23. Dodge journey is a piece of junk…I owned one in the 1st 2 years of owning one with only 20k on it had to replace battery, starter and alternator and the a/c would just turn off for no reason. ..best thing I did was get rid of it in exchange for a Kia rondo

  24. the licoln mks has been replaced by the continental and the mkt in 2019 will be replaced by the aviator, aka the licoln version of the explorer like the one in the early 2000s

  25. My 2014 Mirage is actually pretty damn fun after some tweaking. H&R springs and decent tires on 15" rims makes it handle great, a custom intake actually makes that little 3-pot sound pretty mean, and I never see less than 45 MPG (unless it's wearing winter tires when the weather is bad).

  26. Are these dumbs biased against FCA?
    because, Fiat and chrysler are one of the most reliable car brands in Brazil and some place sof south america…..

  27. Chrysler had the nerve to call the Chrysler 200 Americas import…yea right!!! Cadillac should be embarrassed to have a $90,000 SUV on this list.

  28. I own 2 2011 Chrysler town and country and I have had zero issues with the cars, and another point is they get way better the 17mpg, so I'm not sure where they are getting that information from. AT ALL! Plus the car drives smoothly and has extreme power.

  29. Everytime I see a dodge journey on the road I go ewww because to me its the ugliest car on the road! So, when I saw it in this video, I laughed.

  30. They call it Chrysler cause once you buy one you’ll start crying cause of its poor reliability. That’s why it’s called CRY-sler.

  31. I've been driving a Grand Caravan a lot for my job (rental company) and I've averaged over 20 mpg with city and some highway driving, I like it a lot more then the new Toyota Seinna.

  32. 2:41 They sound like the want to take a huge sledge hammer and Destroy the Cadillac Escalade and want to kill it. Seriously I fell really bad for Cadillac about this. F*ck CR

  33. I Don’t think that all these Cars Sh*t. The cars that I don’t think are Crap
    Mercedes-Benz CLA
    Chrysler 200
    Cadillac Escalade
    Land Rover Discovery Sport
    These are the cars I think are Crap
    Chrysler T&C
    The 2 Mitsubishi’s
    Lincoln MKS
    Dodge Journey
    Fiat 500L

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