The Luxury Car No One Talks About

The Luxury Car No One Talks About

rev up your engines I’m just kidding guys this is my 2015
Lincoln MKZ hybrid and it doesn’t quite sound like a track Hawk this is what it
actually sounds like this car is based on the Ford Fusion platform and they
have to say it is the smoothest car I’ve ever driven I can’t think of anything
else that drives like this my Genesis was smooth as well but it was very boat
like over bumps the Lincoln just glides which makes it feel like you were in an
airplane at higher speeds one of my goals in life is to be different than
others this car is very rare in Canada and it looks very different from other
cars on the road especially with the bronze fire paint color I think this is
a very good-looking car and it gets a lot of attention from the public to back
that up the power trunk holds the 1.4 kilowatt hour battery which is hooked up
to the 2 litre inline-four engine the total power output is a 188 horsepower
through the front wheels not the fastest car out there but I do get 5.1 liters
per hunt kilometers on mixed driving if you want more power there is a three
liter twin-turbo engine that produces 400 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of
torque it can get you from 0 to 60 in 4.8 seconds
the interior is where the car falls short the quality that I felt in the
Genesis is just not here the fit and finish is not the best but the comfy
seats with the massage functions make up for it I really like the smooth
minimalist design theme that’s going on in this interior but I think they went a
little overboard especially with the stupid touch sensitive controls for
climate and volume Lincoln realized that many people did not like to touch
sensitive controls so they added buttons and knobs for the 2017 refreshed model
one of my favorite things about the interior is the multi-contour seats
I found the seats on my Genesis to be a little bit stiff for my taste
especially on a long drive the Lincoln seats feel amazing soft and
comfortable which is what you ideally want on a long road trip or a long
commute to work I think the MK Zed is an underrated
luxury car the car gets a lot of hate from auto journalists because it doesn’t
handle well and it’s not sporty enough but that’s not the point
Lincoln’s mission is to provide a comfortable luxurious ride without
pretending to be sporty you have to appreciate it for what it is I hope you
guys like my video please check out my channel for more videos thank you well
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  2. I want to win a free Lincoln MK Zed with this clean non offensive comment. If it's a money pit, i would also like a pit full of money.

  3. the biggest problem with fords are the wire and computer troubles I know a lady who had this same car and one day she couldn't get back into it and she had the fob in hand but the car decided it was the wrong one and it was only after she made it to the gas station lol I like the look of fords but there quietly has dropped to less then a dodge even work changed from ford to dodge it sucks they dropped there quietly for money I was always a ford guy but my next will be dodge im thinking because our work vans have 2 and 300.000 on them. to many people I know have picked up f150 or f250 and they said this is the last ford for me. my last new f150 was junk ford did try to fix it but it was so often i got to know them all by name so no more new fords for me and after 30 years of driving ford its like i lost a friend lol

  4. Totally agree with him on being different than others. That's why I am young and I am more into cars like that one.. nice and "for old people" hahaha

  5. I actually had the pleasure of driving this exact model year back when I worked at a dealership. It's actually one of the most underrated luxury cars I've ever gotten behind the wheel of. My only complaints were A) The push button automatic trans, and B) as the guy said, those silly touch sensitive controls… I wound up embarrassing myself on a test drive with a customer trying to show them off… Accidentally brushed against the volume after adjusting the fan speed and practically deafened the both of us. Beyond that it's an absolutely wonderful drive if you're looking for commuter/comfort/road trip cars.

  6. I have a 2011 MKZ Hyrbid and I love it! Looks great and has awesome fuel economy (I get about 40 mpg on the highway) 🙌🏻

  7. my best friend has the vehicle and has had no problems. it is totally reliable. I have the 2013 lincoln Mkt. I've driven it 324,312.7 miles and hasn't had one problem.

  8. Until the sunroof fails out of warranty and you gotta pay 3 grand to get it fixed… Or only drive on days it doesnt rain or snow, good luck with that, eh…

  9. I have wanted to see an MKZ video on your channel for SOOOOO LLLOOONNNGGG!! I've got a 2011, her names Gwen. 💜 Thanks for the quality content as always. Really enjoyed it. Can't wait for the next one.

  10. Honestly IF I absolutely HAD to have a Lincoln/Mercury I would look for a 2003 Marauder like the one I seen on Regular Car Reviews

  11. Ok my roommate had the exact same car, Lincoln Mkz hybrid but at 65000 the tranny went out, so stay away from these Lincolns

  12. Absolutely love this car and Lincoln’s… I drive an MKC, most comfortable vehicle I’ve owned. When I’m done with it I’ll buy another Lincoln in a heart beat.

  13. For comfort I would take a used Lincoln over a used BMW or Mercedes-Benz any day. It’s just cheaper to own a Lincoln. maintenance is cheaper, parts are cheaper and they don’t require any special procedures or resets for simple repairs like a 12v battery replacement. Some European products require a trip to the dealer which can cost hundreds of dollars to replace the battery, but you go anywhere and buy a battery for a Lincoln. (I’m not referring to the lithium hybrid units but 12v cranking..) Some cars I’d buy new, others I’d buy used..

  14. There have been a few cool Lincolns over the decades for sure. I am glad you like yours but resale value has never been a strong point.

  15. I don't know why people crap on these cars. The Fusion, Taurus, MKS and MKZ are all quite good and reliable cars. I have a 2014 Taurus Limited and it's been an excellent car. It's comfortable, quiet, has the 3.5 with plenty of power and gets good mileage for a car its size. If you don't need a full size, the Fusion is a great car too.

  16. My granddad said too much luxury makes you soft and you'll die sooner. He lived through 2 world wars and the great depression and lived to be 98. He lived out in the country in a house he bought before WW2 that didn't have electricity or running water, (he got that from a well) and he walked everywhere when he was too old to drive anymore, never used a walker or cane either so he speaks from experience.

  17. Those Lincoln cars value drop like crazy. No bueno. My daily 2013 RX350 F sport still holds its value while my wife 2017 MKX Reserve AWD value dropped bare thin.

  18. Canada has boring cars. Rare cars you find in the US can't be seen in Canada. Eg.the Evo 9!
    This car look beautiful in white I think (black maybe) red wine look , just ok.

  19. I work with a Hyundai/Lincoln dealer combo and I see a lot more luxury buyers picking up the genesis cars or new paladise suvs. Most of the customers who even show up to the Lincoln dealer are boomers driving land yachts who need some kind of basic service performed

  20. Scotty when are you going make a video on Ford/Mazda 3.5 & 3.7 where the water pump is driven by the timing chain & tell people not to buy vehicles with these engines?

  21. Thanks for the Video…..No Sale Here…..I'm glad he is happy with what he bought……Check back with us in a couple of years and let us know how happy you are then….. My moneys on its traded in and long gone……

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