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  1. Okay but I remember watching this so much that I was proud I watched all the episodes in the intro
    I loved this

  2. That moment you realise the shows you have been watching in your childhood are better than you think

  3. You're just lucky, Arnold. You get all the fun field trips while we suffer at school with all the boring and hard work.

  4. The Magic School Bus: Digging Deep

    “Off the bus carefully everyone!” Miss Frizzle called out.

    One by one, every slowly aborts from the immerse talking bus. They start to walk towards something that seemed to be a seemingly endless crater. After walking quite a distance, the kids glare down in awe at the sight before them.

    “This, kids, is the world’s biggest hole!” Miss Frizzle announced enthusiastically.

    “It really is that deep, isn’t it Miss?” Wanda exclaimed.

    Miss Frizzle turns to her and nods. Behind Miss Frizzle Arnold was on his knees, peeping downward. He focuses his glasses to try to see if there was anything down there.

    “Miss Frizzle! I think I see something!”

    Miss Frizzle turns around, but only with shock on her face.

    “Arnold, you are too close! You are going to fall down!”

    Suddenly, Arnold’s spectacles dangle from his head, but is unable to keep its balance. It drops down, making a little bang as it drops down the eternally deep hole. Arnold gasps in shock. However, Miss Frizzle was ready for this situation.

    “Class, quickly jump onto the Magic School Bus!”

    Everyone rapidly rushes to the bus, and clicks in their seatbelts.

    “Buckle up, because we are on a journey. Journey to retrieve Arnold’s Glasses!”



    The bus zooms by in a flash, eventually halting to a stop.

    “This, class, is the crust of the earth!” Miss Frizzle said. “We are about 30 km down from the crust, and reaching a temperature of about 35 degrees.”

    “Wow! It’s getting really hot in here!” Tim called from the back.

    They continue to go down, when suddenly, Carlos yells out.

    “Miss Frizzle! I see Arnold’s glasses!”

    “I’ll go get it!” Wanda yells.

    The bus swerves over to the side, and Wanda reaches for the glasses. Suddenly, it drops, down further.

    “Wanda, sit back in your seat!” Miss Frizzle yelled.

    Wanda lunges off the bus in an attempt to snatch the glasses out of the air, but just screams as she plummets towards her inevitable death.

    “Just close the door!” Miss Frizzle.”We have no time!”

    They rocket downward, continuing to get closer and closer to the glasses.

    “We are now heading towards the mantle, and it is reaching a whooping 330 degrees celsius!” Miss Frizzle said. “Liz, activate the super air conditioning!”

    A whoosh of air blasts from all over, relieving the kids from the heat. Everyone sighs in relief, and lies more back.

    “We are 1300 km from the surface of the hole, just about between the upper mantle and the crust!” Miss Frizzle said. “Does anyone know what this is called?”

    “Ooo! I know Miss Frizzle!” Keesha says.”It is called the lithosphere, a rocky layer of the earth comprising of the upper mantle and crust! It can be broken into a dozen tectonic plates, and it extends to a depth of about 100 km!”

    “Well done!” Miss Frizzle exclaims.

    She glances out the window, just to the sight of a dead end. Blood red lights start flashing and sirens start to wail. The bus was going to crash!

    “Liz, brake the bus! We are going to crash!”

    The bus halts to a sudden stop, and everyone’s heads fling forward.

    “That was a close one!” Miss Frizzle sighs in relief.

    The bus had passed through the ground, and they were continuing to go downward, but there was nothing to see as they were underground. They started to rocket down at a more rapid pace then they did before.

    “We are 2700 km and in the mantle now!” Miss Frizzle said. “The temperature is an insane 700 degrees!”

    “Wow!” the class gasped in shock.

    Liz started to nod his head, as he flicked up and down many levers.

    “Liz, what is wrong?” Miss Frizzle said.

    He continued to nod his head and say nothing.

    The machine started to beep again, and the lights were even more violently flashing than before. The bus was overheating!

    They continued to plummet downwards. Suddenly, electric sparked, and there was a loud bang from outside. The bus was on fire, as it was too hot. Everyone started to sweat aggressively, clenching onto the seat for dear life.

    There was no hope.

    The windows imploded, and glass shattered everywhere. Heat leaked in, and everyone on the bus had passed out from the excruciating heat. The bus lets out one last smile, before erupting, leaving nothing but a show of flames.

  5. Wow this is the vid me and my friends watch at school like years ago when we were kids and now I’m a teen wow time past so quickly it’s like just a blink of an eye

  6. Is it true that the magic School bus
    Was suppose to be a line of horror storys the original show was called
    Horror is alive

  7. seat belts, everyone!
    please let this be a normal field trip.
    with the frizz?
    no way!
    cruisin' on down main street you're relaxed and feelin' good
    next thing that you know, you're seein'
    wa ha ha hoo!
    an octopus in the neighborhood?
    surfin' on a sound wave swingin' through the stars
    yee haw
    take a left at your intestine take your second right past mars
    on the magic school bus navigate a nostril
    climb on the magic school bus
    spank a plankton, too
    take that!
    on our magic school bus
    raft a river of lava
    on the magic school bus such a fine thing to do
    so strap your bones right to the seat come on in and don't be shy
    come on
    just to make your day complete you might get into a baked pie
    on the magic school bus
    step inside, it's a wilder ride!
    come on!
    ride on the magic school bus!

  8. Frizzle: Seat belts, everyone!
    Arnold: Please let this be a normal field trip.
    Everyone: With the frizz? No way!

    Cruising on down Main Street
    You're relaxed and feeling good
    Next thing that you know
    You're seeing (wahoo) Octopus in the neighborhood!

    Surfing on a sound wave
    Swinging through the stars(Yee-haw!)
    Take a left at your intestine
    Take your second right past Mars

    On the Magic School Bus
    Navigate a nostril(Achoo)
    Climb on the Magic School Bus
    Spank a plankton, too(Take that!)

    On our Magic School Bus
    Raft a river of lava
    On the Magic School Bus
    Such a fine thing to do(whoa!)

    So strap your bones right to the seat
    Come on in and don't be shy(Come on)
    Just to make your day complete
    You might get baked into a pie

    On the Magic School Bus
    Step inside, it's a wilder ride!(Come on)
    Ride on the Magic School Bus!

  9. 90s lyrics were so creative and clever and plain fun.
    Those were such golden years when learning was fun. Scholastic and Book Fairs

  10. My ninth grade biology teacher was like Ms Frizzle. She always had wacky outfits like her, and she was like her in the way she taught. She was one of my most favorite teachers. I miss her so much. I wish I could have had her again.

  11. Ok, now i wasnt born when this was new, but it still brings nostalgia because, well, school and the fact that it was still on tv, so i still love it.

  12. In 1st i had to watch an episode of this while doing some easy sheet i didnt finish while everybody else played outside, and i cried.

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