The Magic School Bus Returns with ALL-NEW EPISODES!

The Magic School Bus Returns with ALL-NEW EPISODES!

[Music]>>M: Welcome back to Sourcefed, I�m Matt
Lieberman.>>J: And I�m Joe Bereta.>>M: Good news for fans of the 90s, education,
cartoons, and all things great! Netflix has announced that they are bringing one of the
most beloved educational cartoons of all time back to life: The Magic School Bus!>>J: That�s right, Matt. Contrary to popular
belief, the Magic School Bus kids didn�t grow up and become the Planeteers, they�ve
just�stayed the exact same age as they were when Magic School Bus was cancelled in 1996.>>M: For those who�ve never seen it – and
have no joy or spark of life within their hearts – The Magic School Bus chronicled the
fantastic adventures of Ms. Frizzle�s fourth grade class, who went anywhere and everywhere
on class field trips, thanks to their magical bus that could transform into goddamn anything.
Extraordinary!>>J: The new series, the strangely titled
�The Magic School Bus 360,� will be a CGI re-imagining of the original show, featuring
a modernized Ms. Frizzle and the class, who has a brand new bus packed with modern high
tech equipment, perhaps more at home in a CBS show about future crime than on our favorite
bus with a face. The 26 all-new episodes will be available to stream on Netflix in 2016.>>M: So why bring the show back now? Netflix
Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos told the New York Times that since the original show
hit Netflix last summer, it�s become the most popular educational show on the streaming
service.>>J: There�s still no word as to whether
or not Lily Tomlin will return to voice Ms. Frizzle, but gosh, we hope so.>>M: Now we want to hear from you. What 90s cartoon
would you bring back from the jaws of death? Let us know down in the comments below. I�m
Matt Lieberman.>>J: And I�m STARVING.>>M: Jooooeeee!>>M & J: (WE LAUGH AND LAUGH AND LAUGH) [Music]

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  1. I wish they'd bring back School House Rock.  That show taught me so much and now I use it to teach my kids.

  2. Animaniacs! It was the best show ever. It referenced the then current president and made fun of everything including itself. It created a generation of lovers of self-depreciating comedies. It gave us songs about the state capitals and the water cycle and history and and and…. happy-gasm

  3. @Shad0wAzzazzin: The magic school bus is not anime, nor is teen titans. More over, anime is not cartoons so in short they MEAN cartoons not anime. So yeah.

    As far as cartoons go? I used to be obessed with the megaman cartoon when I was 9, which lead me to be obessed with the games, I also used to watch Hey arnold, Rocko's modern life, Rugrats, Classic looney toons, that cartoon with the rabbit Buster Baxster…

  4. Uhm, I think these guys are clearly forgetting about the times the class got fertilized by salmon, and squeezed out of a chicken's rear. In an egg. Sneaky scholastic surprisingly got away with that one.

  5. I kind of hope that there will be an episode of when Mrs. Frizzle first became the students teacher and the first field trip. I always wondered what happened.

  6. Just what I need. One of my favorite cartoon shows being remade in CGI form and "Modernized". Usually those terms when applied to things I love do not end well. I'll keep an open mind though :/

  7. I would bring back Balto and make a series of him and his wife jenna and there family, id love if the show was called, Balto and Jenna

  8. Easy: Gargoyles

    And none of that "Goliath Chronicles" crap, the real – directed by Greg Weisman – deal!

  9. I suspect sooner or later, Nickelodeon is also gonna join in on all the 90s nostalgia, by bringing back an old show.  Hey Arnold! warrants a comeback, as fans never got a real ending to the series, and they still want one.  They may as well get one on netflix to try to avoid another letdown.  Nickelodeon isn't the same network anymore.

  10. At the end they were reverencing when Carlos makes shitty puns. Hell, I can list all eight students, and I wasn't even from the 90's. Arnold, Pheobe, Wanda, Carlos, Ralphie, Dorthy Ann (D.A.), Tim, and Keesha. You know, the only characters I recall the full names of is Valerie Frizzle, and Arnold.. Perlson? I dunno. (I don't remember what Arnold's last name is exactly, but I partially know it because of Chad from LewToons).

  11. are they really bringing back the Magic School Bus? because if they are i am going to scream and i mean it cause the magic school bus is my favorite show from the 90s and captain planet and if they birng the MSB back i got to get Netflix!😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  12. The 90s Cartoons they should bring back is Blue's Clues with Steve as the host and Corduroy as well. I will write and produce new episodes of Corduroy at Nelvana.

  13. One radio show / movie series from the 90's that I really miss from the more Christian media was Adventures in Odyssey. I loved the protagonists Mr. Whittaker, Eugene meltzner and Conney Kindle. I think the show could have huge potential if it was marketed to a more seculer audience but still holding christian principles.

  14. ITS 2016!!!!!!!!!!! NO TRAILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. ITS 2016!!!!!!!!!!! NO TRAILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. 2 but the first one is pretty much impossible, so first I want bill nye (and not just because of my YouTube name and profile picture) and 2nd I want them to remake most of the Disney afternoon

  17. First Of All The Magic School Bus Got Cancelled In 1997 Not In 1996 Captain Planet And PlanetTears Cgi

  18. I'd love to see Go Diego Go and Blues Clues come back (obviously modernized.) My sister would enjoy it.

  19. Is it just me, or am I the only one who does not know a single tv show that everyone in the comments section is talking about besides the magic school bus

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