The Most Important Person in Car Repair History Just Passed Away

rev up your engines, today I’m talking
about the best do-it-yourself repair manuals, but before I
do we have to mourn the passing of John Haynes, the man who started the Haynes
manuals, he passed away recently about a month ago at age 80, he loved working on
cars, he went from a young man who made his first book, sold it out in a few weeks
and ended up selling over 200 million of
these Haynes manuals, now John had a great idea, his books are based on a complete
tear down and rebuild of each individual model, yeah that’s a lot of work just
look I’ve been fixing cars for 51 years, that’s been a lot of work but you know why
not share it with the world to help people out, now being an Englishman his
idea of DIY is often about his in-depth as you can get, look at this I mean
they’re showing you how you can pull an engine out of this Toyota Matrix and
rebuild it, that’s what amazes me about these Haynes
manuals, he was a true Englishman, when an Englishman says, oh I’m an amateur well
let me tell you they’re amateurs are sometimes a hundred times better than an
American professional, I swear some of the Englishmen I met you could give
them some scrap metal and a few pieces of electronics, throw them in a shed in
their back yard and about six months later they come out with a rocket ship
that will go to Mars, now I was worried that this
was gonna be the end of Haynes manuals now that John’s gone but his son has
taken over the company and he’s following it up they’re gonna continue to
be making these things, cuz really these books are awful lot of work, not only
simple stuff like brake jobs, but look, they got the whole wiring diagrams
of the vehicles in them too, you want to get serious about finding electrical
problems, and just like everything else these days they’re going on the internet
too, I talked them at the company and they said, oh they’re continued gonna
make the books but they also have the online version, so it’s like 29 bucks for
the book and 20 bucks for the online version, all right pretty good deal if
you ask me, the only thing I’ve really got against Haynes
books is this, it’s so much work to do of course they can’t do it for every car
out there, so there’s cars out there that they
don’t have any books for yet, I was kind of curious about how they went around
figuring out which books to make and how many to print up, and hey I said well you
know they study the markets of how many people have certain cars and how many
they sell in certain areas, so how many books they should print out, because if
you look at the book it’s got lots of pictures in it and with all those
pictures hey at least with present technology they can’t just print these
things on a machine automatically on demand, my book how to buy a used car
that thing doesn’t have any real pictures on it, so it can be printed out
fast on the machine you can buy one where Amazon prints it up somewhere in
Kentucky someplace, but this thing no it’s got to be published by an actual
publisher, but as I said you can get them online too, only I asked him I said you
guys gonna stop making these and just go online, they said no because a lot of our
customers they want the book so when they’re working on a car, like this
matrix hey, take a look at the picture they look at the car, they can see it
right in front of them, where it’s not on a computer screen, books are really handy
when you’re working on cars there’s no arguing that
granted you can get on online one and print out the pages you want but hey really
when you got a book you know there it is and if something happens throw it in the
trunk so if you need a reference if something breaks down the road, there it
is in the trunk and you can look through it, now as you can see here it’s a lot of
work making one of these manuals, these guys are taking the matrix apart, body, the
engine they’re giving you some serious information here and really it doesn’t
matter if you’re an American DIY that’s doing a brake job or
you want to take the dash apart, or if you’re a British DIY and you’re
gonna take the whole car apart and put it back together again
like he did, let’s face it John didn’t sell over 200 million books for
nothing, he’s got a very good system here that helps people out, now I never
personally met John, so I can’t say what his real personality was like, people are
saying Scotty oh people like watching you because your personality, well maybe
yes maybe no, I mean people are always friendly to me when they ask me questions,
they smile and say hey Scotty aha, but then
invariably comes the, hey I got a question about my car, and I say go
ahead ask it I’ll answer it for you people want to talk to me because they
want real answers about their cars, and these Haynes manuals they give you real
ways of fixing your car, yeah sure maybe you’re not gonna be taking the engine or
transmission apart, it’s gonna cover anything that you’re interested in, in
this case hey the antenna there kept hitting a tree, well you wonder, how
do you get that whole assembly off not just the little top and the whole thing, hey
he’s got it in his book, to replace the antenna base remove the rear upper
quarter trim on the driver’s side, then remove the rear headliner retaining
fasteners, the headliner will drop down enough so you can access the one nut
securing it and get it off, you can’t get more clear and concise, he didn’t waste any
words, he didn’t waste any of your time he even told you the trick was, you can
just drop it down some to reach in you don’t have to take the whole headliner
off, there are so many jewels in these books, maybe John’s looking down on us saying
hey I’m still helping people out, and I wish his son good luck on continuing
making these things, I hate to see good things go away, and since this is
mechanic Monday I’m giving away a Haynes manual, to have a chance to win just
place a clean non offensive comment on the youtube comments below, and a winner
will be chosen randomly by computer to get a Haynes manual for their vehicle
and of course put your vehicle make and year, so we can make sure that they make
one for your car, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair
videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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