The Most Outrageous Options for Your Car – /ROAD TESTAMENT

The Most Outrageous Options for Your Car – /ROAD TESTAMENT

ALEX ROY: Today on the “Road
Testament,” I replace Spinelli, there Farah replaces
me, we find someone that actually knows something about
cars, and we discuss the master class [BLEEP] down problem with car shopping,
which is options. What are the most expensive and
outrageous options you can option for a car? “Road Testament.” MATT FARAH: Follow us
on Twitter @Drive. Follow us on Facebook/DriveTV,
and follow my ass on Twitter @TheSmokingTire. All right. Tell me about options. ALEX ROY: Well, my favorite car
journalist, Jack Baruth, whose the Danny Trejo of car
journalism wrote a great op-ed last year about the history
of options. Back in the day, in the ’60s,
any car you bought had a laundry list of options that was
colossal, and literally, any car you bought was
absolutely unique. MATT FARAH: Which is why
Barrett-Jackson today, it’s like, this was only one of three
cars built on a Tuesday with purple interior, a 426
Hemi, a four speed, and standard fitted picnic
baskets. ALEX ROY: Which is why you can
buy an entry-level, piece of crap vintage car, and
think that it’s actually special and unique. MATT FARAH: Right. ALEX ROY: In the ’70s, the
Japanese brought in good, better, best option packages,
which annihilated customization and the
uniqueness of pretty much all cars. MATT FARAH: The EX, LX
model designations. ALEX ROY: SX. MATT FARAH: Yeah. ALEX ROY: And then you
have options today. MATT FARAH: It’s all packages. Everything’s a package. ALEX ROY: Except for one
particular manufacturer we’re going to get to. MATT FARAH: Yeah. But if you want heated seats,
you have to get– ALEX ROY: The winter kind. MATT FARAH: –The leather
seats with the sunroof– I was out looking at a car, and
you had to get navigation to get heated seats. ALEX ROY: And navigation
is the ultimate [BLEEP] down of all options. MATT FARAH: Yeah. It was like a $2,000
navigation system. ALEX ROY: Farah, you’ve
owned a lot of cars. MATT FARAH: I have. ALEX ROY: I’ve owned
a lot of cars. Let’s go through what you
learned when you researched the most outrageous
up-option options. MATT FARAH: Well, in my own
life, the most expensive option I have ever paid for
is actually navigation. ALEX ROY: What car was that? MATT FARAH: In my Raptor. Because Ford’s navigation
happens to be very good. ALEX ROY: Really? MATT FARAH: And Ford’s
dashboards, when you order them without navigation,
are very bad, so I figured, what the hell. Navigation. ALEX ROY: And also, doesn’t
navigation also come with a back-up camera, which you
kind of have to have? It comes with a back-up camera,
and it makes all the other interfaces and
stuff work better. ALEX ROY: Let’s get into
this the fun away. MATT FARAH: Well, my
favorite game– not my favorite game, but my
favorite game when someone says, Matt, you should come
be on “Road Testament”– is to go online and option
up cars to absurd levels. ALEX ROY: I literally spend an
hour a day configuring cars. MATT FARAH: Yeah. ALEX ROY: I have
100 saved cars. MATT FARAH: The online
configurators have made car shopping fun. ALEX ROY: Although, there
are some seriously crap configurators out there. I’m deeply offended if a
manufacture doesn’t have a good configurator. And without a doubt– MATT FARAH: Well, some
manufacturers, as I learned this morning, General Motors,
for instance, will let you overlay options without
adjusting the price accordingly. ALEX ROY: [INAUDIBLE]. MATT FARAH: Most– yeah. Most manufacturers, if you have
to get this in order to get this, it will adjust the
price if you click– ALEX ROY: In real time. MATT FARAH: In real time. General Motors, if I order– ALEX ROY: [LAUGHING] MATT FARAH: If I go on their
configurator and I click the 19-inch wheels and then the
20-inch wheels, it will just add both of them to the price. ALEX ROY: Wow. And if you get a Maserati
today, you’ll find their configurator doesn’t
even work. Let’s roll into the cars. MATT FARAH: OK. ALEX ROY: Let’s roll
into this. MATT FARAH: Mini. Now, Mini prides itself– when you go to their
configurator– of having 10 million
combinations. ALEX ROY: Because you can get
a base Mini, super stripped. MATT FARAH: Base MSRP $22,450. Now, oh, this is a Countryman. This is a front-wheel drive
non-turbo Countryman, so the most entry-level Countryman. Base price– $22,450. I was able to add– ALEX ROY: $22,000 of options. MATT FARAH: –$22,000
more of options. So you could actually have two
of these for the price– yeah. A $44,000 non-turbocharged
Mini Countryman, not John Cooper Works or anything
like that. ALEX ROY: What’s outrageous
about this is that Mini has an absolutely crap resale
value unless you get the John Cooper Works. So if you get this car– MATT FARAH: Right. ALEX ROY: –And these options,
you are going to get– MATT FARAH: You drive it off the
lot and you have a $22,000 car in one month. ALEX ROY: And it’s not even a
good car to begin– even for 22, it’s not that good a car. MATT FARAH: I don’t mind
the Countryman. I had a Countryman S
all-wheel drive. It was not bad. It wasn’t great, I wouldn’t
buy one, but it was acceptable. ALEX ROY: But for $44,000,
you could get an Audi A4. MATT FARAH: $44,000 is
approaching S4 money. It’s about $1,000 shy
of a base S4. And you’re talking Mini
Countryman, right there. ALEX ROY: And there’s someone
out there driving this car. MATT FARAH: Oh yeah. Now, not to– ALEX ROY: [LAUGHING] MATT FARAH: Now we have to look
at, probably, the most heinous Mini Cooper. ALEX ROY: Is this a 65% mark-up
of the base price? MATT FARAH: I went and I added
basically everything you can stick on this car. And what’s crazy about Minis
is– because there’s other brands where you play this game
with other brands, but you’ll never really
see that mythical, crazy-priced car on the road. No real person actually buys
this crap, but Minis, I see every accessory all the time. ALEX ROY: Does this have the
John Cooper Works package? MATT FARAH: No. This is a non-turbocharged Mini,
but with every cosmetic enhancement you can
put on Mini. And it is a $50,000
base Mini Cooper. ALEX ROY: If I recall correctly,
are not the wheels for this car a $1,900
option [INAUDIBLE]? MATT FARAH: They are. And the brown steering
wheel with black interior was about $600. It has a John Cooper Works wing
on the back of it, the John Cooper Works body kit,
which is like $2,500. And what’s crazy is
I see these cars. In LA, I see John Cooper Works
body kits and these wheels and the checkered flag mirror covers
and all that crap on base cars all the time. ALEX ROY: This particular one
really highlights one aspect of optioning up cars, which is
that the actual GPS system in this car is still a really
small screen. MATT FARAH: It is. ALEX ROY: But it’s a very
expensive system. MATT FARAH: And in Minis in
particular, is possibly the worst GPS I’ve ever used. It is an absolutely
horrible GPS. ALEX ROY: I almost don’t want
to buy a car made after 2004 because modern GPS systems are
so expensive, they’re packaged with so much other crap I don’t
want, and they’re not upgradable. MATT FARAH: And they
do get outdated. Well, Ford’s is. ALEX ROY: It’s upgradable? MATT FARAH: They charge me $300
to upgrade [INAUDIBLE]. ALEX ROY: My 2000 [INAUDIBLE] BMW, which is still
CD-ROM-based nav– MATT FARAH: Oh, that’s– ALEX ROY: The DVDs to update
are like $500. MATT FARAH: Yeah. It’s insane. ALEX ROY: It is insane. MATT FARAH: I could
either like, buy a new iPhone or like– and when you spend the $300 to
upgrade my Ford one, they send you a USB drive. You’ve just spent $300
on a USB drive. But what are you going to do? ALEX ROY: Next car. MATT FARAH: Let’s see
what we have next. BMW. BMW, no stranger to options. See these are all– here’s
an example of packages. Mini has individual stuff. You get the checkered mirrors
and the roof graphics and the brown steering wheel
with black leather. These are all packages, here. So you’ve got Cold Weather
package, M Sport package, Driver’s Assistance package,
Driver’s Assistance Plus package, Dynamic Handling
package, Lighting package, Premium package, Technology
package. It’s absurd, the number of
packages on this car. So this is a BMW 328– 4 cylinder, the entry
level 3 Series. And I have optioned it up,
and this is totally realistic, by the way. This is totally possible to
do this. $61,000 3 Series. ALEX ROY: Just out
of curiosity, an M3, with no options– MATT FARAH: Was 57. ALEX ROY: So $3,000 cheaper. MATT FARAH: Than this, yeah. ALEX ROY: And it probably has a
lot of these things, just– MATT FARAH: It will have
some of them, yeah. But what gets even crazier
is this is the 328. And I specifically, for all
these cars, have chosen the base engine, just because you’ve
got to start as cheap as possible. If you build this car but use
a hybrid 3 Series and you build the same car, you end up
with a $70,000 3 Series. ALEX ROY: Well. All right. Let me say this about BMW,
though, because I’m a BMW guy. Yes, this is outrageous, and
it’s a 40ish percent markup over the base model. MATT FARAH: The base MSRP is
38.5, and I got it to 61. ALEX ROY: However, I am not
offended by BMW’s option list because there are a lot of
permutations and the list of options is not that long
compared to manufacturers we’re going to get
to in a second. MATT FARAH: That’s true. ALEX ROY: So this is ridiculous
and stupid– MATT FARAH: It is. ALEX ROY: –But it’s not as
offensive as what’s coming. MATT FARAH: Well, there’s one
thing, before we go to the next one, that I find– I checked it off because I
checked off everything. What exactly is BMW
Tablet DVD System? ALEX ROY: I don’t know, but– MATT FARAH: You have no idea. You’re completely stumped. ALEX ROY: I have no idea. MATT FARAH: And also, what is
a BMW Bluetooth Speaker? ALEX ROY: It’s obviously
a speaker that goes like on the– MATT FARAH: Why would you
have that’s speaker? ALEX ROY: It’s $19
on 14th Street. MATT FARAH: It’s $99. ALEX ROY: On 14th Street,
[INAUDIBLE]. Let’s go to the next one. MATT FARAH: The next car,
the Mercedes C250 Coupe. This is also the smallest
available engine, base car, and I have managed to option
it up to $61,000. ALEX ROY: What’s
the base price? MATT FARAH: The base price on
this car was $37,000, $1,000 cheaper than the BMW. ALEX ROY: This is where
things start getting offensive for me. Because Mercedes has a pretty
big option list, but they have ridiculously expensive
packages. MATT FARAH: Yeah. ALEX ROY: I mean, I think there
are some packages that are $6,000 or $7,000. MATT FARAH: The Driver
Assistance package is like $6,000. Yeah. ALEX ROY: Then you have the
Designo packages, which, even if I wanted, I wouldn’t want
to get it, because Designo. It’s just– MATT FARAH: It does make you
sound very stupid if you say you have a Designo package. And all that stuff– you drive this car off the lot,
right now, and in six months, it’s worth $32,000. ALEX ROY: Yeah. If you look back at the Mercedes
C230 Kompressor. MATT FARAH: Yeah. ALEX ROY: Remember that thing? MATT FARAH: Terrible car. ALEX ROY: You can’t
give it away. MATT FARAH: No. ALEX ROY: And there are people
who bought that car fully optioned out. MATT FARAH: I know people who
put those Kompressor badges on other cars. I’m looking at you, Joel,
with the Corvette. Get rid of that badge. ALEX ROY: All right. What’s the next one? MATT FARAH: Now. The American car-makers are
really no stranger to this, and the most egregious offenders
in terms of options are the trucks. Now, the good news is a lot of
these options are actual functional stuff. It’s not color-matched mirror
caps as much as it is the locking differential, the heavy
duty alternators and batteries, and that
kind of stuff. But I have some experience
in this car. I drove 2,000 miles in a
GMC Sierra Denali 3500. And it is for $66,000, which was
the price of my demo car, has the worst interior– ALEX ROY: And this is the
rear-wheel drive model? MATT FARAH: No. It’s 4×4. It is 4×4. ALEX ROY: It says– MATT FARAH: Oh no,
two-wheel drive. ALEX ROY: It’s rear-wheel
drive. MATT FARAH: Well, I didn’t
even add four-wheel drive to this one. So, yeah, you can add
a couple extra grand for four-wheel drive. But this thing, this had one
of the funnier options. So the base price of a GMC
3500 truck is $38,000. ALEX ROY: I was going
to guess 35. MATT FARAH: Yeah. And the MSRP of the
Denali is 47. I’ve optioned it up to 66
without even checking four-wheel drive. ALEX ROY: Just out of curiosity,
the Escalade, when it first started, was
literally a Yukon. MATT FARAH: Yeah, with, like,
body stuff on it. It still kind of is. ALEX ROY: And I think you
literally just added $10,000 to the price and– MATT FARAH: Yeah. ALEX ROY: Yeah. MATT FARAH: Yeah. But this interior– this is a mess. But it’s got an Allison
transmission and that kind of stuff. But the trucks get
really, really expensive really quickly. The funniest option box I
checked on this was one I seriously don’t understand. It said door handles, $175. ALEX ROY: What? MATT FARAH: Now, that might
mean their chrome or something, but it just
says door handles. ALEX ROY: What’s so offensive
about this is that anyone that really needs a truck– MATT FARAH: Is not spending– ALEX ROY: –Literally can spend
37 on the base model and get exactly the truck
they need. MATT FARAH: Yeah. Because your guys are driving
it, it’s for work. This is crazy. ALEX ROY: Outrageous. MATT FARAH: And Ford, no
stranger to huge markups. The Ford F450 Platinum,
$73,000. ALEX ROY: But hang
out a second. How did you option this up? MATT FARAH: Well, I got the
quick heater, which is literally– ALEX ROY: How much is that? MATT FARAH: –A space heater
built into the cabin. It’s like $500. The Platinum automatically goes
from $50,000 to $67,000. ALEX ROY: That’s all
cosmetics, though. MATT FARAH: 100% cosmetic. Oh, wheels, which I suppose
are somewhat functional. ALEX ROY: What functional items
did you add to this to get it to $73,000, that make
it a better truck? MATT FARAH: The Off-road
package, theoretically– ALEX ROY: $300? It’s [INAUDIBLE]. That’s free. You spend that in,
like, two nights. MATT FARAH: It is. No. Navigation. There’s like a contractor’s
computer that goes with it. ALEX ROY: You know, you can
buy a TomTom for $99. MATT FARAH: I know. You pay for the diesel, the
diesel engine is expensive. ALEX ROY: Well, that’s
worth something. MATT FARAH: Of course. Yeah. And the heavy duty transmission,
the heavy duty suspension– ALEX ROY: $73,000. MATT FARAH: –And axel. But this is a $73,000
Ford pickup truck. And it’s– ALEX ROY: And luckily it has
incentives for $1,000. MATT FARAH: You do save $1,000
with incentives, yeah. Imagine spending $1,000 a month
monthly payment on a pickup truck. American trucks, pretty crazy
with the options, but not– ALEX ROY: Crazy. MATT FARAH: –Not the
most outrageous. ALEX ROY: Not as crazy as the
one we really could do a whole episode about– MATT FARAH: Of course. ALEX ROY: Which is Porsche. MATT FARAH: Yes. ALEX ROY: Now, I should add that
I have been a victim of Porsche packaging. Everyone knows Porsche option
lists are the longest and they can be incredibly expensive,
but I actually paid. Because my mother, when she
turned 65, said that her whole life she wanted a Porsche
convertible, and the last car she might ever own should be
a Porsche convertible. And so I took her
to the car show. She saw a Boxster, a 2007
Boxster, and she loved it. And I told her my brother and
I would buy it for her. And at the time, the car
was about $50-ish. MATT FARAH: 50-something,
yeah. ALEX ROY: And then she went back
to Germany and went to the dealership in Frankfurt
and called me and said she really liked it, but she really
liked the one with the red brake calipers. And so– MATT FARAH: Now, but that’s
pre-ceramics, so how did you get red brake calipers ? Just as an option? ALEX ROY: Well, I called up the
dealer and said can you maybe just paint the base
Boxster calipers red? They said no, but you can get a
Boxster S, has red calipers. And next thing you know, that
car that my brother and I were going to buy my mother– maybe
the last car she’d ever own– became literally the last
car she will ever own. Because that car went from 50 to
literally to about $80,000. And I will never– I mean, God bless my mom. I hope– MATT FARAH: Your mom is cool,
but you bought her an $80,000 Boxster because– ALEX ROY: S. MATT FARAH: –She wanted
red calipers. ALEX ROY: Yeah. Because she wanted
the red calipers. MATT FARAH: You know you could
have just bought her the car and then painted the calipers. ALEX ROY: There’s no way. She would have known
the difference. She actually said if I can’t
have a Boxster S with the red calipers, I don’t want
a car at all. And she was going to keep
her ’96 Z3 which was– MATT FARAH: That would’ve
ended badly. ALEX ROY: Yeah. So. Porsche configuration,
arguably– MATT FARAH: Probably the
most fun configuration. ALEX ROY: The most fun. MATT FARAH: Yeah. Because the range of things they
offer– because they’re the last company– well, Mini as well, I’d say. Mini offers equal levels of
customization, but Porsche will customize really
weird stuff. ALEX ROY: But Mini,
what do they have? They have literally– MATT FARAH: Plastic things
they stick on. ALEX ROY: 40 to 50 options. But Porsche– MATT FARAH: You can get– the example that we always use
is the leather air vents, which you can get, and I have
included on our example. So this is a V6 Cayenne. The base– ALEX ROY: Manual or Tiptronic? MATT FARAH: Tiptronic. Yeah. You can’t get a V6
with a manual. As we can see, the base
price is $48,850. I have optioned this
car to $110,480. There are $60,600 worth of
options on this car. ALEX ROY: Without even looking
at the list, let me guess. Porsche Active Stability
Management is $6,250. MATT FARAH: It’s ridiculously
[INAUDIBLE]. ALEX ROY: The air suspension
is $4,950. MATT FARAH: Yeah. the Burmeister stereo
is $5,600. Lighted door sill guards. This red color is like $3,000. ALEX ROY: Porsche crest– MATT FARAH: Crested
head rests. Got to have the crested
head rest. ALEX ROY: Wait. Seat belts matched
to body color. MATT FARAH: Yeah. I’ve got the seat belts, I’ve
got the carbon dash, they heated carbon steering
wheel in it. These wheels are like $5,000. But this one is interesting. The electronic logbook, which I
clicked on all my Porsche’s. It’s $650. I don’t have the first
clue what it is. ALEX ROY: I think it’s
like a tracking– it’s like the free tracking
app for your iPhone. This The Porsche app is $650. MATT FARAH: And then the
Telephone Module with Cordless Handset is– ALEX ROY: $930? MATT FARAH: –Is $930. ALEX ROY: Absolutely
fantastic. MATT FARAH: But the question
with Porsche is the options, the level of customization’s
crazy, the amount they charge for the options is crazy. But do you think that money
comes from the annoyance of them having to build
that car just for you rather than packages? ALEX ROY: It’s not annoying. It’s a profit center for them. Why do you think Porsche is
the most profitable car company in the world? MATT FARAH: Oh, because
of this. ALEX ROY: It’s not
only because– wait, it’s not– yeah. MATT FARAH: It’s because
of this. ALEX ROY: It’s because
of this. In defense of Porsche, and I’m
going to go back Jack Baruth, the machete of car journalists,
is that Porsche is the last manufacturer where
you can actually have an absolutely unique personalized
car that’s yours. And I was that kid when I saw
a 911 driving by when I was like, 10, who said, some day I’m
going to order one that’s just for me. And then I found the price that
was also just for me. I mean, that’s outrageous,
but– MATT FARAH: But what’s
crazy about this, is that in two years– let’s say someone actually
spends $110,000 for this car. In two years, this car is
literally a $30,000 car. ALEX ROY: No. It’s like $18,000. Because you can get an ’04
Cayenne Turbo for like 15. MATT FARAH: Yeah. All right. The next one, which is still a
Porsche is your mom’s Boxster. Now, this is not an S. This
is a base Boxster. And have a look at that
price, would you? ALEX ROY: $61,000 in options. What did you do to this car? MATT FARAH: Everything. There is stuff in this car that
is really, really stupid. Like there is a leather-wrapped
navigation binnacle you can get. These wheels are $6,000. ALEX ROY: Are those the
ceramic brakes? MATT FARAH: It’s got
ceramic brakes. This lime green color
like $3,500. ALEX ROY: Is that the
full leather– MATT FARAH: Full leather
everything. ALEX ROY: Full leather
interior. MATT FARAH: Leather
everything. Matched seat belts, leather
vents, six-disc CD changer– ALEX ROY: $670. MATT FARAH: $650. ALEX ROY: It’s $84
on 14th Street. MATT FARAH: See, and this one,
the Cordless Handset for Telephone Module is only $665. ALEX ROY: Unbelievable. MATT FARAH: It’s got
PDK, obviously. These roll hoops are optional. ALEX ROY: What– no. I think they’re leather
optional. MATT FARAH: No, they’re
optional. ALEX ROY: [INAUDIBLE]? MATT FARAH: No, they are
totally optional. ALEX ROY: It doesn’t come
with roll hoops? MATT FARAH: You can get no
hoops, optional hoops, leather optional hoops, which I have. ALEX ROY: In defense of Porsche
once again, badge deletion is now a free option. MATT FARAH: It is. ALEX ROY: But when my father
bought his Porsche in ’71, it was like a $400 option. MATT FARAH: They charge
you for less stuff. ALEX ROY: For adjusting for
inflation, that’d be like $2,000 today to remove
the badge. MATT FARAH: Yeah. Well, for as much as I enjoy
driving their cars– and I do enjoy driving their cars– they
are known for giving you less for more, like the Cayman
R, which is like the Cayman with less stuff in it
that costs more. ALEX ROY: Yeah. It’s the only manufacturer
that charges more for the hard top– MATT FARAH: Yeah. For the removal of stuff. ALEX ROY: [INAUDIBLE]. Unbelievable. MATT FARAH: So, yeah. You can, actually, make
a Boxster $111,000. But the big winner here
is obviously– ALEX ROY: The Panamera. MATT FARAH: –The Panamera. ALEX ROY: No way. MATT FARAH: It’s a
V6 car, Panamera, 300 horsepower, $178,000. This is $1,000 shy of the base
price of a Panamera Turbo S. ALEX ROY: And if you buy the
Turbo S, just stripped, does it have most of these options? MATT FARAH: Actually, no. ALEX ROY: Really? MATT FARAH: If you buy a
stripped Turbo S, it will actually look fairly basic. I drove a Turbo S press car with
a few options in it, and it was 197. But that was a 550 horsepower,
dual clutch, launch control, crazy suspension. This is a V6 with
ceramic brakes. ALEX ROY: So what is the
warranty on a new Porsche? Is it two years? MATT FARAH: No, it’s
got to be 3-36. ALEX ROY: OK. MATT FARAH: Someone in the
comments, I’m sure, will– it’s a good warranty. ALEX ROY: The Porsche
CPO program. MATT FARAH: Yeah. ALEX ROY: I’ve never bought a
Porsche CPO, but BMW will give you five years on top
of whatever is left. MATT FARAH: Yes, you can get
extended warranties, yes. ALEX ROY: So my [? E39, ?] I literally had 7 years
worth of warranty. But, Porsche, I just
can’t see– MATT FARAH: The same thing. In a year, this is a $45 or
$50,000 car regardless of how much crap you put in it. ALEX ROY: And if the Gran
Turismo like special super cool next model comes out, this
will be a $16,000 car [INAUDIBLE]. MATT FARAH: Yeah. It’ll be worth nothing. So all your money on the
options over the 84– first of all, $84,000 for
a V6 Panamera is insane. ALEX ROY: Well, let’s
be clear. If you were going to do this,
you absolutely can only do it if you’re going to keep the
car the rest of your life. MATT FARAH: Forever. ALEX ROY: The rest
of your life. MATT FARAH: Or if you have
so much money you really don’t care. ALEX ROY: And as you know, the
majority of people who buy high-end cars like this– MATT FARAH: Have so much
money they don’t care. ALEX ROY: –They don’t
keep them. In two years, it’s gone. MATT FARAH: Yeah. I mean, can you imagine like,
leasing something like this? For $2,000 a month? ALEX ROY: [INAUDIBLE]. You’ll notice that Porsche has
not included a real-time lease calculator on their
configurator, and it’s a good thing they didn’t. MATT FARAH: So that’s an $84,000
car with $93,000 worth of options on it. But there is still– ALEX ROY: I have a pretty good
guess what’s coming. MATT FARAH: There is still
one more Porsche, and it’s not a 911. The 918 Hybrid. ALEX ROY: How did I know? MATT FARAH: $850,000
super car. ALEX ROY: What are the
options on this car? MATT FARAH: Well, let’s go
through them really quick. You could get magnesium
wheels for $32,000. Liquid metal chrome blue
paint, $63,000. For blue. You could get liquid metal
silver paint, also $63,000. For $26,000, you can have
authentic leather. ALEX ROY: What are they
putting in this thing? MATT FARAH: I don’t know. Fake leather? ALEX ROY: That’s insulting, to
spend that much on a car and it doesn’t have real leather. MATT FARAH: In a
two-seat car . ALEX ROY: That’s insulting. How could they not have real
[INAUDIBLE] leather as stock? MATT FARAH: If you want the
front end to raise to clear bumps– looks like you might
want that in a car like this. ALEX ROY: Let me
guess, $16,000. MATT FARAH: $10,500. But the lift system they sell
aftermarket is $2,500. The Porsche Speed Charging
Station, $22,000. ALEX ROY: Wait. That’s the module you install
in your garage, connect to a power line? MATT FARAH: Yes. ALEX ROY: $22,000? MATT FARAH: $22,000. If you want a carbon dash,
that’s $7,500. ALEX ROY: That’s not so bad. MATT FARAH: Electric
comfort heating– but you say in the ’80s like
heating and air conditioning were optional? ALEX ROY: Actually, on my ’87
Targa, the upgrade heat option, which is literally
like a heat exchanger, is totally separate from the rest
of the ventilation system, was like $1,000. MATT FARAH: Yeah, well– ALEX ROY: And AC was
like $2,000. MATT FARAH: In the 918, it’s
$6,000 if you want electric comfort heating. ALEX ROY: That’s actually
not bad. MATT FARAH: It’s not
bad, I guess– ALEX ROY: As a portion
of the car value. MATT FARAH: You can get
six-point harnesses for $3,600, which would be awesome,
except I have six-point harnesses
in my Corvette and they cost me $600. ALEX ROY: $200– right. Of course. MATT FARAH: And 918 Spider
luggage set, $20,000. ALEX ROY: What? No. That, now, that, is offensive. MATT FARAH: $20,000
for her royal highness’s matched luggage. ALEX ROY: That is
truly offensive. That’s the only thing that
really shocks me. MATT FARAH: $63,000 for blue
doesn’t shock you? ALEX ROY: $22,000 for luggage? No. That’s not right. MATT FARAH: Yeah. ALEX ROY: Well, that pretty
much sums up the most outrageous option packages
I’ve ever seen. MATT FARAH: I think we should
pose a question to the people out there. We should have them, in the
comments, see how high they can build a car. ALEX ROY: Actually, I
have a much better and more direct question. I would like to know what is
the absolutely most awesome option package you picked up in
a used car that you didn’t pay for because it was
depreciated already? MATT FARAH: That’s
a good question. ALEX ROY: Because I bet you
people are picking up amazingly optioned
cars for nothing. MATT FARAH: Yeah. ALEX ROY: Started with a
Maserati Qattroporte. MATT FARAH: Amazing might
be a stretch. All right. Follow us on Twitter @Drive. Follow me on Twitter
@TheSmokingTire, and follow us on Facebook/DriveTV. ALEX ROY: Farah. MATT FARAH: Go to and get these amazing shirts. Man breasts not included. That was gross. ALEX ROY: I love having you
with the knowledge. I love your knowledge. MATT FARAH: Ohh. I love your head. ALEX ROY: Until next week.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Infiniti G35 came out at about 40k you can get one now for 7k…the CND 2003 Car of the Year…used cars are the best way to go

  2. Most common package people can find in used a car in Europe that was an option they would have never bought : The back seats media option like the two DVD/TV systems. Also the phone at the front even when there is bluetooth.

  3. I prices a standard boxer to cost as much as a 911s cabrio once, didn't know anyone else had fun doing those things… haha

  4. Just bought an '07 s4 with nav, heated rear seats (even though they are completely unusable), s4 badged calipers, trunk liner, and the best most outrageous option that came along with it: ski sacks. Seriously, vinyl bags to store your skis in.

  5. I've bought a 2004 bmw 120i ,6 speed manual at 5800 euros (all taxes included) and it has
    -sport leather interior, electric and heated seats, 
    -driver handrest
    – iDrive business sistem with GPS and aux
     -folding, heated and  electrochromatic mirrors 
     -lighting package: with xenon, angel eyes, door handle lights, front and back ambient lights, dome lights and map lights (the ambient and the door handle lights are a nice touch)
    -PDK sensors
    -double climatronic
    -light,rain,moisture, tire pressure sensors (i don't know if it has other sensors…)
    -tinted windows 
    -aluminium package i think (aluminium pieces in the cabin) (nice but stupid)
    -matte black door pillars (stupid and not nice)
    -sport suspension 
    -leather steering wheel, shifter and handbrake

    So it doesn't have a sunroof, the M-pack, and the pack with professional iDrive, usb, bluetooth (i don-t know how it;s called but it would've been nice to have it)

  6. Seeing videos like this reminds me that luxury cars in Australia suck. Base price for a Cayman in Australia… $107,000. FML.

  7. Worst picked up option on a used vehicle. I bought a 95 Land Rover with a 6 disc cd changer, sunroof, and abs… None of the options worked. The good thing was I only paid a grand for it and ragged the shit out of it.

  8. I built a Porsche Panamera Turbo S Executive. Base price $200,500. I put $82,000 worth of accessories; bringing it up to $283,495.

  9. i bought a minty 90 bmw 325ix, awd of course, fully optioned out, only thing it doesn't have is a spoiler (bought one anyways and gonna install it) and the premium sound, but i have i really good sound system anyways… all for $1400, thought i got a steal, but the transmission went out, which was $3000 to have it replaced

  10. If people have the money… Why not spend it? Why buy a brand new tahoe for 60k when you can buy a used one for 5k? It's all about status.

  11. Im sure no one that buys a 918 spyder really cares for the price of the upgrades. In relation to the base price it still is a better deal than all other cars presented lol.

  12. I got a 2005 Mustang GT Premium with every option except the shaker 1000 audio system, it has the shaker 500, with 4500 miles for $13500 in January 2013. Had never seen snow or rain and was literally only driven by a little old lady that took it to church and grocery shopping on Sundays. Beat That!

  13. And for the craziest options, my Father's Ford Flex, has a $1000 refridgerator, inflatable rear seat belts, air-conditioned front seats, automatic windshield wipers (also has auto parallel park, auto cruise control, and auto headlights and climate control but those aren't as ridiculous), and a 365 hp twin turbo ecoboost v6 that makes the 5000lb awd beast go 0-60 in under 6 seconds.

  14. i went to the toronto autoshow and there was a g class with an "alien green" paint job and the paint was 23 thousand dollars!

  15. I drive an 02 ex-l v6 Honda Accord . I think it has almost every option expect navigation. Probably a $28k car back then paid just over $7k.

  16. Having bought my first brand new car, I wish I would have optioned it out and got a fresh one instead of just snagging one off the lot. 2015 VW GTI w/o the sport package. That like the best 1500 dollars I could have ever spent and I didn't

  17. "If I can't have a Porsche Boxter S with red calipers I don't want a car at all"? I would flat out tell my Mom her lack of appreciation just cost her a gift.

  18. The best package one can pick up in a used car is a package you can't get in a new car: the police interceptor package.
    You get better brakes, better ABS, better ESP, better engine cooling system, heavy duty shock absorbers etc. That's something.

  19. car manufactures don't know to make cars anymore so they let you build your own because their basic model wouldn't sell, what happen to the common sense the premium options in this year should be included in the next gen model? why should 4wd be extra in a truck? why should a truck have 2wd what is the point, if u don't need 4wd then u don't need a truck… options should be color exterior, engine, 3 trims of interior trim and wheels, and if any one wants custom then pay a custom price 2 x the price of the car…

  20. Interestingly this is MUCH more common in the US and Canada. Forcing people into 10 other things if you want one. In EU it's much more piecemeal most of the time.

  21. The LaFerrai is insulting in the options just go and check it out you pay ONE MILLION DOLLARS for a chassis and the rest of the car is basicly optional they say but you have to buy some options like the engine bumpers etc. or they won't give you the car basicly you'll end up with more the 2 million dollar car the least

  22. This is one of the best videos talking about cars. It really show how stupid people can spend 2 times of money for these options. When we drive in the city, we should concentrate on driving for safty reason. Many vehicle owners with fully loaded options, most of them doesn't even know how to use their complecated options. That's why I bought 2015 vw Golf TSI basic model. Not only save money also get less troubles in the future. In fact, most new German vehicles comes with a lot of standard equipments already. The only option I may choose is tire-&-wheel upgrade. Be smart, you just need a simple good car.Drive Carefully!

  23. I purposely buy my new cars with NO options or factory add-ons. It keeps the price down…and I like to customize my cars anyway. My last car was REALLY bare-bones, but my new (2014) Dodge Challenger R/T came standard with a LOT of nice features.

  24. There's a guy at my school that owns a fully customized Mercedes-Benz Class A. Everyone I've talked to that knows anything about cars thinks is an idiot. 

    So the lesson here kids, don't be THAT guy.

  25. I've shopped around for a Bimmer before. A lot of those options you never really pay for, unless you are dumb and do zero negotiation. The sales people will use them as a marketing tool to wow you into all this money that you are saving and they are taking off for you.

  26. I was interested in a european car – my special wishes were A) sunroof and B) manual shifter. They wanted to sell it with the sunroof only if i add

    -heated steering
    -leather seats
    -heated seats
    -all-wheel-drive (nice, but no need for)
    -backup camera
    -high class audio (would be ok for me)
    -dual (or tri-zone?) clima
    -metallic paint
    -chrome package
    -bigger rims/wider tyres
    -high class floor mats

    and a bunch of other stuff. With that crap the car entered automatically the higher lineup and was only available with an automatic. I didn´t buy it.

  27. Whole lotta mis-info at the end !! Local Motors will custom design and build the car of your dreams! You actually build your own car… like a kids model… but check out..Rally Fighter.. for a car you build with experts … the funnest looking car.truck,,whatever!!

  28. I bought a fully loaded (with useful stuff, PCCB, PASM, PDK, burmester stereo, all leather interior and,… wait for it… leather air vent surrounds, $148k off the lot) 2011 997.2 Carrera GTS for $85,900 on Craigslist. Guy was a bit of a rich moron who just wanted to get rid of the car to give him another parking space for his over-optioned next car and I was more than willing to pay $60,000 less than for what he paid for the car new. Best purchase I've ever made in my life, especially since it was the most powerful Carrera model with hydraulic power steering, so water-cooled guys love the 997.2 GTS and it's stable (what I mean by that is barely option cars are going for around the same I paid for mine).

  29. all of this "options" talk is under the assumption the person buying the car is ALREADY an idiot and buying a "new" car. Any person smart with money would buy a car a year used with 12k miles on, barely broken in, with options, and immediately save 25%-35% off the price of the car. But then again they did mention alot of these people buying new cars and optioning them up have so much money they simply dont care

  30. Bought a 2013 Mercedes C300 4matic loaded to the hilt. It had 830 miles on it. A guy bought it, and upgraded to an E class a week or 2 later. Sticker price on the C class was 54k. We paid just over 37k for it, plus a few dealer options. We financed 41k
    2 years later we owe just over 30. It's worth 24k at the most….FML

  31. I'm surprised that this video went into so much detail about manufacturer options when my worst experiences have been with dealer options. My dad just bought a Nissan Murano, and he had to drive practically to the next state to find a dealer that didn't have 5k in mandatory 'dealer options' like tinted windows. The man is 65 years old, wtf does he need tinted windows for.

  32. The only "option package" car I have bought is a 1997 Mazda Miata M edition… Which really didn't matter since the previous owner was ignorant and repainted it. But, the dealer didn't know it was a special edition, so I got it cheap.

  33. I managed to get a C160 (4 cylinders 1.6 petrol with 130hp) to 70.000 euros. Absoultely unbelieveable. If you don't believe me try it yourself on a european mercedes configurator.

  34. My current ride is a 2004 Cadillac Deville DHS, the everything and the kitchen sink model. I picked it up 3 years ago for $5k.Cdn. Looks good, everything works, runs perfectly, luxury and for $5k/3yrs it owes me nothing…so far all bonus!

  35. Just built a Panamera.  3.6 V6 (310hp)

    $78,100     Base price
    $111.120    Price for Equipment
    $1,050      Delivery

    $190,270 Total

  36. Hah, I have an 1985 Chevrolet C10 pickup with every option you could have gotten (or very close) back in the day; I can understand a 4 speed automatic tranny as an option, but it came with an analog Quartz clock as an upgrade…gheeetttttoooo….80's GM bro.

  37. I just bought a 2014 chrysler 300s with every option for 23,000 Canadian the car is 60000 new and only has 20000km

  38. Porsche and mini have the most options you can add. you can pay 30,000 in options for a base Porsche Cayman. it is just offensive that mini can charge that much for a piece of crap car. I understand Porsche because they are a niche brand and are trying to stay exclusive.

  39. Do they not have heat in that studio?
    Why the jackets?
    And nothing, absolutely NOTHING, says "douche" like wearing a shemagh around your neck, unless you're in the desert.

  40. For 5,000 dollars i got a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited with every option available, but the cool thing is it still has the 4.0 and with 100,000 iI see many more to come.

  41. You need to record the smoking tire podcast and post it to YouTube. That would be so fun to watch. I know you guys are already doing a lot but you don't need to edit it or anything. Just record and post. I'd watch the shit out of that. Thanks for all the content. Cheers.

  42. i picked up an 04 WRX in late 05, with the Premium Package(Heated Seats, Upgraded Sound, Moon Roof..ect) for less then 18k.. looked it up it was 27-28k when new.. i got it a year and a half later or so for 10k cheaper, only had 35k in miles(I know that this a lot for a year and a half or so.). not too crazy a drop but I thought I made out pretty good

  43. I had a customer (@ SD Porsche) who did a S/O Euro delivery Cayenne Diesel with EVERY option I think you can get on that model from the leather covered a/c vents & deviated interior stitching to the Ceramic brakes & trick factory weels, in the neighborhood of $130+k. Couldn't fit them all on one window sticker Needless to say Very Nice

  44. Bentley has some crazy options too.. On the 4 door models, for a low price of just $12,000 you can have a couple trays for the back seats. And if you pay an additional $16,000 you can also get an illuminated cooler with crystal champagne flutes

  45. I built a 50k chevy camaro lastnight online it had the zl1 supercharged v8, performance brakes and exausht, 19 inch wheels, 8 speed paddle shift transmission with black paint, black badges, black wheels and a red side stripe

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