The Most Reliable Cars of 2018

The Most Reliable Cars of 2018

Rev up your engines,
today I’m going to talk about the 5 most reliable cars of 2018, and before I start talking about
those 5 cars, realize that it’s based on my personal experience as a mechanic about cars
and research that I’ve done that’s based on a study of 500,000 vehicles, so this isn’t
just some random thing that’s made out of the blue,
now number 5 on the list is the toyota corolla, they’ve sold millions of those things and
they continue to be extremely reliable dependable vehicles, they come in a range of models and
funny enough for me because I like this old 2007 matrix, they now have a toyota corolla
hatchback and the hatchback to me looks exactly like a toyota matrix and anyways this 07 is
basically a toyota corolla with a different body stuck on it anyways,
even my 94 celica, hey that’s pretty much based on a toyota corolla, it’s got the same
engine, transmission, corollas are dependable cars, their comfy and their even getting sporty,
my oldest son recently bought a new toyota corolla s, the s really is a sporty car, he
was even surprised at how fast it accelerated with even the CVT transmission and strangely
enough he’s even getting better gas mileage than the rating was which surprised me because
he kind of drives like a maniac, next on the list is the mazda mx-5 better
known as the miata, personally I like them best with the manual transmission then their
much sportier to drive but they are increasing the horsepower in them, they’re increasing
the horsepower from 155 to 181 horsepower and that’s pretty zippy for a light little
car like the miata, they’ve always been known for tight steering, they’ve really perfected
the suspension on them, and their quality built little sports cars,
because not often do the words reliable and sports cars go together but it certainly does
with the miata and it has over history, hey I’ve got a customer with one and he’s a judge
and for fun he races miatas, they have circuits where these guys race miatas against each
other, they have various rules and they have to follow them and it’s actually kind of fun
racing them, they go to the actual races, he’s been to the grand prix track in Austin
Texas, guy have a lot of fun with those things, now number 3 on the list is the toyota prius
prime, these things get insane gas mileage, 55 mpg in town, yeah their backwards because
they have regenerative electricity but they have a range of 640 miles, and since their
aerodynamically designed so they get the best gas mileage, they also have very responsive
handling, now I know people say, scotty you’re not a hybrid fan, well I am personally not
but I’m talking about people going out, buying a brand new car and seeing if that car has
quality in it, and strangely enough number 2 on the list
is the toyota prius c, two priuses on the top 5, they are well built I’ll give them
that, now the c isn’t a plug in hybrid like the prius prime is, so is costs quite a bit
less and it still gets good gas mileage, now yes the toyota c is a little more of a noisier
car to drive around in because it’s smaller than the other one, it’s more of a sub compact
car but for a sub compact car it’s really well built, the toyota prius c has a pretty
big carrying capacity for it, you can put a lot of cargo in that thing, it is a sub
compact car theirs no arguing that, but it’s probably the best built sub compact car, being
the most affordable and getting the best gas mileage of any non plug in hybrid makes the
prius c a good bargain for somebody who’s looking for a hybrid car,
and here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for, the most reliable car of 2018 is the
lexus gx, now we are talking the most reliable here, we’re not talking about gas mileage,
compared to the prius these things are gas hogs, their giant vehicles that have big v8
engines in them, and get pretty low gas mileage, it’s rated at 15 mpg in the city and 18 on
the highway, and your only going to get that if you drive conservatively, if you drive
it really hard in the city, I got customers with those things and their getting closer
to 10 mpg in the city, but their the number 1 in reliability, their
fast, their smooth and they can tow 6,500 pounds if you really want to, and of course
they got tons of space inside, theirs a lot of things that have space inside but let me
tell you a lot of those big old SUVs over time they are not reliable like a lexus or
toyota, really it’s the same company, and judging from my experience of working
on these things for decades, hey this may be 2018 I’m talking about but I can just about
guarantee you that if you bought one it’s going to last for a long time, I’ve got customers
driving lexus suvs around that have 300,000 miles and their still running pretty much
trouble free, with very little maintenance, unlike some like Cadillac, their digital displays
systems seem to work forever, they don’t break down after a few years and cost a fortune
to repair, they’ve got legendary toyota quality behind them,
now yeah your paying between $52,000-$63,000 for the fully loaded gx but for that kind
of money at least your getting quality, and quality that should last over a long period
of time, unlike a lot of the expensive suvs, they got all kinds of stuff loaded, some of
them have more room, some of them are faster, but in the long run your better off buying
a lexus if you want to keep your car for a really long time, now if your really hooked
on the styling of a BMW or a Porsche suv or even a Lambo suv hey my advice, if you want
to get it out of your system lease it, and then when your done you give it in, and you
won’t have to deal with repairs, this is my wife’s 17 year old lexus that I
paid $4,000 for, does it look like a 17 year old car, it doesn’t ride like 17 year old
car, it is smooth as silk, you want to keep a vehicle forever, pick the right one in the
first place, so now you know the top 5 reliable cars of
2018 and if you’re in the market for one, now you know what’s going to be reliable,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring
that bell!

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. I like the Mazda Miata but my wife cannot use a manual transmission because of limited use of her right arm/hand. Although Mazda's automatic transmission isn't good quality, does someone make an automatic transmission that can be installed in the Miata?

  3. Scotty, I am pretty sure the 1994 Toyota Celica is the 2018 car of the year as a previous comment States. I love your videos.

  4. Which is why I choose a 2018 Civic Si Coupe, I picked the right car in the first place. 🙂 Now, that Corolla Hatchback looks nice but, no Android Auto, no thanks.

  5. Scotty, you should create a checklist for longevity in a new car. Review all the parts close to the hot engine and tell us if they are plastic (Boo!) or long-lasting metal (Yay!). This would give us a chance against the blood-sucking bean-counting corporate weasels who want us to buy a new car every three years. Hey! I WOULD buy a new car every three years if made 20 million a year like they do! Checklist please!

  6. Hey Scotty I'm a new subs, love your video , Toyota is always my favorite brand cuz I don't like drama, what do you think about a 2019 Subaru WRX? Are they reliable?

  7. How is the 2018 Corolla reliable when they just had a recall due to the cvt?
    But in saying so my 2001 Corolla is still going to this day 350,000 kms. I’ve had it since new, with a standard automatic transmission not cvt rubbish

  8. Please tell us how to find a reliable vehicle with less than 65k miles AND less than 6k price AND not rusted out. Please, I need a vehicle. Where are you getting these cars?

  9. OMG, every time I see your videos I just want that damn wife's 17yr old Lexus LOL. SO nice! Scotty.. I have been watching all of your videos and a HUGE fan! I just bought a 2016 IS 200t. (I used to have a 2015 RX350 but got sick of it) wanted something more "fun". Now, I am all scared about the turbo and reliability. The car has 23K on, and good dealer service records (CPO car too). I intend to keep it for a long time (7+ years) and I drive about 8K a year in Miami. Do you think this will be a nice lasting car.. or.. is it going to be a big money pit as the years go on?

  10. Let's be real for a second Scotty… You threw that mazda into the mix just so it would not look like a total commercial for toyota right ?

  11. Debate on Ram vs Tacoma here. The Ram is full sized but the Toyota still gets it in reliability. One is full sized while the other, mid. But what good is room if your truck won't always run?

  12. To all those who don’t agree and think Scotty is biased : DO YOUR HOMEWORK. The UN’s go-to vehicle is the Toyota Land Cruiser ; the most reliable pickup truck that can outperform even a military vehicle, is the legendary Toyota Hilux (Speaking with Newsweek, Andrew Exum, a former U.S. Army Ranger and fellow at the Center for a New American Security, says the Hilux…kicks the hell out of the Humvee.”) ; the No. 1 car sold around the world, the Toyota Corolla. Must I go on? Tell it like it is, Scotty!

  13. Toyota's is the best cars for gas mileage, cheap to buy, value for money and fun to drive too. Amazing cars just amazing !

  14. Hi Scotty, I am thinking about buying a car: brand new, medium price, sedan or hatch or SUV. What car should I buy?

  15. Surprise, surprise! 4 out of the 5 on Scotty's list are Toyota products. How about you do a list of reliable vehicles that aren't Toyota? We get it…Toyota has good vehicles.

  16. 5 toyota cars in top 5.. hehe scotty.. know i have to admit i have never owned a toyota car, so i can´t talk about how good it is.. but Toyota is the biggest car company for a reason i guess?

  17. WHAT? Bs back in the seventies Toyota's where the worst thing to get. The vw beetle or bus /vans where better !!! 🙂

  18. Kinda weird the list of reliable cars are the ones you own ? Actually jd power ranked Porsche 2nd to lexus🤔 but yet scotty shits on it?

  19. Why does he say the 07 matrix looks like an 18 corolla hatch. I have a 2010 matrix. But the 18 corolla hatch looks wayyyy better to me.

  20. 🤣 "650 miles" range on a Prius? Haha my 2011 Volvo S80 D3 has a range of a 1000miles! And in town I get 38mpg!

  21. Only 3 ppl appreciate toyota celica
    1. The man who was the head of Toyota celica project and his wedded wife.
    2. Scotty kilmer

  22. GX has a bad mpg, because it is a true SUV, not some crossover crap. Outside America it is called the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, now that name speaks for itself. The capabilities that the GX has, other so called SUVs can only dream of.

  23. Japanese cars are more reliable. American have more character . Which would rather drive a Carolla or a Mustang

  24. bullshit toyota toyota blah bla are u sure toyota now a days are tough.mazda a rotary engine ..hahah hahaha blah blah …look at u.. blah blah get lost.

  25. Give a European/American top 5 Scotty. I lost a great uncle and a cousin in Pearl Harbor so we don’t drive Japanese cars out of respect.

  26. Scotty, what do you think about the 2018/2019 Toyota Camry XSE model? Is that just as reliable as a 2018 Corolla, please give me your expertise!

  27. I respect scotty but i feel like he gets paid to trash talk other companies or vehicles and hype specific vehicles just for sales. and i dont think hes speaking from experience i think hes reading a script or a article and generalizing the facts.

  28. Is disgusting that he's a Toyota sold out boy… I wonder where is his shop. Is he a mechanic in from of his home wtf?

  29. What about the Mx5 mk4 transmission failures? From what i've read they are on version 5 of the gearbox.

  30. you like Toyotas, Scotty. But they are cheaply made. No aluminum is being used! By the way, your wife's lexus looks like a 17 year old car.

  31. Hi Scotty
    I'm thinking about buying a 2016 RAV4 as my first vehicle. I am a new driver. I prefer a smaller SUV. What are your thoughts? I thank you and love your videos!!💕💕💕

  32. Yeah, I think I'll keep my 2018 Subaru Outback 3.6.
    Thanks anyway Scotty.
    P.s. and also my 2005 Legacy wagon 5 spd.

  33. Young people should not be driving 4 door cars!! You will NEVER look cool in one! When i was a teenager, i was driving my mom's 4 door & all my friends were laughing at me. Could not WAIT to get my own TWO(2) door.
    4 doors are for cops, taxi & limo drivers & geriatrics. Period.

  34. Wrong! The Japan built Mazda3 should be #1 on the list. Those Toyota’s he had on the list are a joke. They’re disposable pieces of crap. The Corolla is based on a 20 year old engine and chassis. Boring!!!

  35. I had bought a Hyundai Xcent petrol inJanuary 2018. I had done 20000 kms mostly on highways. Surprisingly I get gas mileage of 23Km per litre with AC on which is more than the rated mileage of 19.2.. how is that possible.. pretty uses a 1.2 litre Hyundai Kappa VTVT petrol engine…kindly reply on this..

  36. 2018 Tundra SR here with 17k miles. Runs like a champ! Which is more than I can say for my Durangos.

    Sorry, just wanted to fit in here with the rest of you that have high mileage Toyota's 😉

  37. Buy a Corolla. Get the oil changes when you're supposed to. Change air filters when you're supposed to. Laugh as you easily break 300K miles on the odometer.

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