The Most Reliable New Car to Buy for a Daily Driver

The Most Reliable New Car to Buy for a Daily Driver

Rev up your engines,
tony montana says scotty I’m looking for a newer car 2016 and up for an old man, looking
at camry optima and accords what do you think would be best overall vehicles are far as
value and reliability, on that the Camry those things are reliable as can be,
I mean and with that personally get a 4 cylinder, the 6’s are faster yes but the 4 cylinder
ones last long and they have less maintenance, they get a little bit better gas mileage and
they still got plenty of umph, I mean whenever I go someplace and I rent
a car, I try to rent a camry because they’re real comfy so if I’m going some place with
my 91 year old mother she loves them because their luxurious even in the front and back
seat doesn’t matter where you sit their comfortable and they get great gas mileage, when I go
visit my son in Nashville it’s from his house to the airport 56 miles, I can fill it up
where he lives and then when I drive to the airport in Nashville and drive 60 something
miles it still says full on the gauge so I don’t have to look for a gas station and you
can’t beat that you know, I’ve rented other cars and still had to refill
them but not with those because they get such good gas mileage,
Armando says what’s you opinion on a honda del sol as a first car, they were a funky
car, they were well built especially the ones with a manual transmissions, I have customers
with them and they still work perfectly fine, that said, your talking about a car that’s
probably pretty old anywhere from 30-20 something years old,
you want a guy to check it out before you buy an old car like that but if it’s in good
shape and you don’t pay too much hey they can last a long time, their solid built cars,
their hondas they make great engines and if you get a manual transmission, now if you
get an automatic before you buy it have a mechanic like me check it out, because if
he says oh the transmission is iffy don’t buy it because to rebuild the transmission
on that car correctly is going to cost you anything from 2,000-3,700 dollars, so don’t
buy it if the transmission is an automatic and it’s starting to have problems,
what new vehicle is good to buy they say the CVT transmissions suck my wife wants a subaru,
well if she wants a subaru don’t ever buy a subaru with a CVT automatic transmission,
that’s one of the worst ones out there, if you want a subaru get a manual transmission
and I’m not a subaru fan but if you get a manual transmission on a subaru I’ve had customers
get 200-300,000 miles relatively trouble free if they don’t race them too high and blow
the head gaskets, the engines are a little weak but customers I have that drive normal
and they just drive 65-75 on the highway and they don’t do burnouts they can last a long
time with a manual transmission, if you have to get a CVT transmission my advice
is get a Toyota because they make one of the better CVT automatic transmissions and that’s
because all these hybrid cars, they all pretty much have to have a CVT transmission so Toyota
has been making the CVT transmission in the Prius for 20 years now it’s their 20th anniversary
so 20 years of making that stuff they make a pretty good CVT transmission, they got the
bugs out of it where a lot of the other people they just started making them a few years
ago and they don’t have the bugs out of them yet,
Jimmy says I have a 2004 nissan sentra it’s running fine but I noticed the coolant is
rust orange in color, what should I do I recently changed it but it didn’t do much thank you,
a nissan shouldn’t be orange to begin with, what I would do is remove the thermostat from
the car when it’s cold, then flush it, take all the radiator hoses off, flush the block
using a garden hose, flush the radiator, flush everything all out until it runs clear then
what you want to do, is get the foreign car long life coolant,
you can buy any company, prestone, it doesn’t matter, to go autozone whatever place you
can find walmart and buy the best price you can get for the long life one and it will
either say 5 years and 100,000 miles or 7 years and 150,000 miles,
put that stuff in and then just live with whatever it does because the color doesn’t
mean anything it’s a dye, but you’ve got rust and stuff in there so you want to flush it
all out first and the way I said to do it and then don’t worry whatever color it is
then you know it’s going to be good for 5-7 years depending on which one you bought the
5 year or the 7 year, full gory one says what do you think about
the current alfa romeo should I consider it or stay away from it, well it depends on what
you financial state is, if your a rich man and you don’t care and you own a bunch of
cars and you want a toy, fun toy their fast cars especially if you get the v6 turbocharged
engines, but if you care about your money and your going to do it as a daily driver,
check into a insane asylum, because the alfa romeos are just as fall aparte as they ever
were, look at fiat, I don’t know fiat owns them
or not I think they own part of them or something but whatever,
the fiat 500 fancy one is called the fiat abarth,
that’s got an alfa romeo engine and their pieces of junk, they just fall apart, they
don’t hold up over time and you pay too much money, fiat is even considering pulling out
of the US with the fiat brand because their so low in sales and they were ok in the beginning
but then people saw what pieces of junk they were and they stopped buying them,
anabolism says I got a mark 1 ford focus, the clutch isn’t slipping but it engages at
the very top is that bad, it just means that your clutch is starting
to wear out, as long as it’s not slipping it’s still there and working fine, it just
means that it’s wearing out, that has a self adjusting clutch, the hydraulic fluid takes
up slack as it wears so as long as it works ok just live with it, it’s just a sign that
it’s worn and eventually when it slips then it’s time to put a new clutch in,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring
that bell!

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  2. Scotty what do you think of a 1998 ford ford expedition with 114000 miles it should i buy it for $6000 .it had 3 owners

  3. Your moms 91!! Wow, what's your diet and daily routine like? Your always full of positive energy, Scotty. I'm 37 and feel like I'm ready to retire already.

  4. I have a Subaru Forester 2009 and had the head gasket blown at around 85,000 miles and I'm about as easy on the throttle as you can get… couldn't believe that happened…wish I'd never bought it….Toyota next time…

  5. Me: I wanna get a Honda which is the most reliable one?
    Scotty: Toyota Camry.

    Lol. Great videos as always man😁

  6. My 2011 Camry has been a pretty good car but my 06 Silverado has almost twice the amount miles on it with less problems and almost has twice the amount of miles on it. Toyota kinda builds junk cars that run ok.

  7. The mercedes A and B the main reason I don't wanna buy them is because they look "ugly (I don't afford to pay their price)"

  8. Soooo wrong!
    This guy is a great experience mechanic and he knows whats best
    And camry is best in every single thing cant beat it!
    In my country every 3rd car is camry
    Coz its so reliable no matter how bad you push it it will be still going and going.

  9. Scotty, You told people to flush a cooling system with tap water. This is a terrible mistake. The purification chemicals used in municipal water corrodes the radiator. If you ever put water in an automobile cooling system it should be distilled water. With all the good knowledge in your head I was shocked when I heard you say that.

  10. i wish Scotty would do more videos on the major truck manufacturers. Comparing reliability, durability, build quality, etc.
    Also, large SUVs, minivans, etc. Not everyone wants a sedan or coupe.

  11. If you want a Subaru get a standard manual transmission and have the engine replaced … Trust me .. I made that mistake .

  12. Good luck finding the foreign car coolant at Autozone! I traveled to four Autozone's looking for that stuff, they say they don't stock it!

  13. I like Toyota and camry’s but what they aren’t is comfortable they’re anything but but I still like em lol 😂.

  14. Can someone recommend me a good car, that will be my first big investment and i am a student, please just a type of car which I don't have to tow to a mechanic cause i dont know much about autos. I am looking for a used one, better if it won't skid off roads on the freezing roads of Regina(-20 degree).

  15. I have learned so much in 2 years from you scotty and i used to be a nissan fan until they teamed up with crapy Renault i like old nissans before 2000 but the best car and truck is Toyota

  16. This dude will always endorse a Camry 🤦🏽‍♂️🙄. Dude the Kia Optima is a great sedan & so is the Accord

  17. For us our most reliable thing was the accordion! We still play some today from 1919! Made in Chicago USA!

  18. Hey Scotty what’s the most reliable car for daily pizza delivery?? Thank you 🙏🏻I’m using a V6 Honda Accord 2012 and I don’t want to keep putting miles on it,

  19. hi Scotty- love your presentations- i have a 2012 used Chrysler Town & Country mini-van. its got 285,000 miles on it- ALL Highway MILES at a tech company in California- i live in Oregon- and it runs fine and most of the controls feel like new! BUT the automatic tranny is clunking a bit when i shift between park/neutral/reverse/forward- is that a sign its about to go?? and to slow the degradation should i shift into those positions slowly instead of normal/quickly?

  20. This is advice? Buy a camry for dependable transportation? Yeah, drivjng camry is as fun as having sex with a woman married for 10 years

  21. What is the reasoning behind your statement that 4 cylinder engines last longer than 6 cylinder engines? If you drive a 6 cylinder engine normal, it should outlast the 4 cylinder engine because is not working as hard as the 6 cylinder engine. Please explain why a 4 cyl lasts longer than a 6 cyl.

  22. Scotty always says good things about toyota, but never the bad lol how bout the crappy design for the Tundra and Seqioa! VSC light on n check engine light on for that dumb emission air pump design and will cause vehicle to go into limp mode! Dealer wants 1500 to fix pssshhhh fuk that bs!! lol

  23. And I want to ask you a question if someone had offered you two cars a BMW Z4 and a Toyota corolla wich one do you choose ?and if you hate every car you see then what cars do you have at home

  24. Lotsa good info. Too bad its geared towards the short attention span retard culture that social media has nurtured to perfection in our society. Quick cut editing to create a non stop hyperactive stream of consciousness ramble, infantile flashing photos, its all there. Could be really good without all that. Oh and maybe consider laying off the caffeine, you seem like a prime candidate for a heart heart attack, I felt stressed just watching you.

  25. Scotty, I have a Subaru Outback with 150K miles and the CVT transmission still working like the first day. I never had a single problem… but I can tell they are boring to drive.

  26. Really, your not a Subaru fan? Huh, imagine that.
    You claim that Subaru CVT's are bad because they are made by JATCO, except that this is not the case, Subaru makes their own and they come with a 10 year warranty.
    So, admit it Scotty, you just dont like Subaru's and are willing to piss away some credibility in the service of that prejudice.

  27. Listen my 03 Camry was far less reliable and had more a lot more major repairs needed than my 2000 bmw323i manual . Both with similar mileage

  28. Sorry but toyota is no better than any small car. You could take all major small cars apart and they would all be identical parts. Same with the cross overs. There is more differwnce with actual SUV & Trucks still. They are all made with parts from china put together by robots made is china.

  29. Does Honda make CVTs as well as Toyota does? I’ve got a ‘19 Honda Fit with a CVT and I’m wondering if it will last forever. I drive SUPER conservatively and I average 41 mpg

  30. I think that amount of free postive publicity Scotty gives Toyota, They should gift him a free Toyota Camry

  31. I bought a 2011 Toyata camry i am a daily commuter to work. It is 2019 and my transmisson is 85 to 90% damaged and I also had to replace the water pump I have 250,000 miles on my vehcile so do you suggest i turn to a Honda for a better commuting car instead of sticking to the Toyata brand i had my whole commuting life which in my opinion is not reliable

  32. Reliable …yes
    Good gas mileage ….yes
    Luxurious …..nah …it has the worst interior in its class ….unless you buy the 6 cyl or sport trim
    Even Korean cars has better looking interior and exterior
    Comfortable …..come on Scotty …all Toyota's has a very stiff ride and hard suspension
    It should be the first thing you look when buying a car but you know you are buying Uber/taxi targeted vehicle

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