The Nethercutt Collection & Museum | Vintage Auto TV

The Nethercutt Collection & Museum  |  Vintage Auto TV

My name is Skip Marketti I am the Chief Curator at the Nethercutt Collection I am in charge of the automobiles. Making sure the automobiles are displayed correctly and most importantly that their restored
correctly. The theme of this museum is functional fine art. Everything works, everything is restored to as new condition or is maintained in original condition. People come to visit the Nethercutt Collection and immediately are blown away. To see the opulence, to see the quality of the restorations, to see the
quality of the cars, they just can’t believe it. JB Nethercutt
was a very interesting man. he loved automobiles and when he and his
wife Dorothy were dating they would see
these wonderful automobiles in Santa Monica Calif JB would say someday I’m gonna have one. Well it turned out he had over two hundred and sixty. JB Nethercutt built this building that
we’re in today to exhibit his collection to the public. The big silver automobile is a 1933 Duesenberg Arlington Torpedo Sedan. Or nicknamed “Twenty Grand”. The black car is a 1930 DuPont. This was Mr. Nethercutt’s first ever restoration. He restored it himself, entered it in the Pebble Beach Concours
d’Elegance in 1958. He and Mrs. drove it from Los Angeles to Monterey, and won Best of Show. I had owned that call for about 4 or 5
years. Last year it sort of left LA and found it’s new home. And I was kind getting to know the car
you’re kinda cool. The fortunate thing for us was we lived
in Detroit where they were all made in those days

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